The eighteenth chapter of the sunny rain

    Accompanied by the sound of cicadas, Marin Verde in summer.

    The great Channel Islands climate more original and become an independent school, my common sense can be called conflict with each other, with Marin Clifford, here known Shichun Island climate, pleasant weather throughout the year, winter is a sweater and jacket problem.

    Then, summer is not unbearably hot, at most sunshine time.

    I didn't study on the natural climate, living here for many years, the conclusion is about... Cool in summer and warm in winter, the average rainfall, the so-called "Spring Island", similar to the temperate climate.

    Anyway, these are not important, even if the world does not have the earth but on mars... I can't fly back to LAN-STAR?

    First, I want to say is summer...

    Probably dry, and some hormones is also quite badly.


    I changed my job.

    Exactly '' for the work.

    From the Department of naval hospital to the naval academy medical department, is still only a nurse... All of a sudden from the eight pole could not beat the edge of the periphery, many people want to come to crush the head of this, the treatment is simply my bowel (hair) dynamic (bone) (song) (although million points).

    As for the reason to be so good, said Nana asked the three I do not know, bear children like clam like mouth closed tight, I had to beat others, the result is not clear.

    Because inside the Navy headquarters, I was unfamiliar with the ~ bear children asked about the topic on the flat mouth to cry, love come to a small meal and sumo wrestler Nana has been the lead, other people... I don't know.

    The file is transferred to accept with profound respect and humility, led to the Navy medical department recognized a familiar face, back in the afternoon, another surprise hit on the head.

    I... (be) move, is located in the Marin Clifford urban residents somewhere, apply to hard military residence, for the Department within the navy... Adjacent to the senior generals... Suite.

    Look at your business for a dozen years home great Shift of the universe, all kinds of utensils sundry furnishings, complete on the in situ, the shell is changed... I can again, finally did not hold back by the young soldier guides, asked him to let him out clearly to me sir.

    Since everyone is asking three I do not know, then out of a talk, to explain.

    I again how anxious is bite buns, okay?

    Then, a young soldier face I can speak, not to know chalk from cheese dawdle, sir, the supreme commander of the science department, general kizaru.

    Kizaru general said, because of an outsider to reveal military secrets, transfer and removal, is the protection system of the Navy, as "he science department hope Nana seedling" nepotism figure, i.

    A story around me dizzy.

    Then, kizaru general on the edge of several kinds of strabismus in general with eyebrows a face, the affinity of the patient explanation, numerous rhetoric, summed up like this:

    Or because of military secrets, I can't in Nana's dormitory, because there lived science researchers, staff need a variety of complicated inspection etc..

    In addition, the spirit of love men's psychology, general kizaru Mr. very selfless surrender, his personal authority allows for general quarters, which is now filled with all kinds of debris in my apartment.

    Kizaru general said that although there are private homes in Marin Clifford, he leave no stone unturned overtime work, too tired to go to sleep in the dormitory will now for men, let out, he really is a good boss, must praise.

    I have a lot of rhetoric qiatouquwei thought and then throw away rubbish, epiphany:

    That is to say... I took the Admiral personal quarters?!

    Cheating! No, my hair bristling, kizaru general like what all know, showing high (a) the wind (ISO) bright (Yin) Festival (insurance) smile.

    He said, "really love a woman man, will not care about any of the Anna do not have to worry about Weakness lends wings to rumours. tattle and prate,."

    Department of Naval Science governing general kizaru, a zhengyilinran, I have more lining the ordinary people of the Wei Suo / dark.

    What can I say? In addition to shed tears of gratitude stay, almost no second way.

    No objection is that "what I love narcissism, kizaru in general personal quarters", "general mobilization to kizaru favoritism", this! Some! All! Is! The protection system of the navy!


    The Ministry of science and the supreme commander of eloquence is not good, the reason is very persuasive.


    My son...

    Of course I could not because of his unrealistic brain supplement and can ignore the rumors, so called stubborn child to worry about, so ah ~ also had the cheek to stay, I began to work.

    I know, that night sleeping sure what had happened, Nana refused to say, I will not ask, can even change their children don't ask, how could the mother didn't know?

    Not to scare Nana, how will increasingly bear all, simply changing the law to strive for progress with determination.

    It also estimates general kizaru a "credit", the man will attempt to put in his face, like jiangtaigong fishing take the bait, if not comfortable, I can't stop him.

    ... It is not necessary.

    Kizaru general, although I do not understand this reality, I had seen two dimensional plot... Hehehe

    Even if you don't remember those vague long story, in Marin de ten years, senior naval headquarters, these little people too high to be reached of generals, handed out deeds, but also ruleiguaner.

    Although rumors elusive, impression in my old, how much... Uh ~ point out close to the real thing.

    Aokiji, surface with tough inside.

    Akainu, paranoid and harsh, strict with others, more yanyilvji.

    The only uncertainty is kizaru.

    At the beginning of the era of big pirates fame, until now the world's highest combat force, the Navy three general situation, an important weight on the scales.

    One of the balance of power in the situation of the Navy, the Department of war machines, sakazuki led the Hawks most lethal, volcano lava destroy everything, sometimes hurt yourself, aokiji is more moderate successor force, but not all the frozen ice age, devoid of life.

    The Yellow monkey... First look at the story when I told him the most profound impression, because he... People can not figure out, seemingly certain principles to act rather baffling, but always gives people a strange feeling.

    Everything is under control, besides being condescending.


    When people see the ants don't feel good, but... As a small people, I really need to know.

    General kizaru as men, with him playing hard means can rest, but I am not asking for trouble.

    As long as the 'love men' kizaru generals, not to bear children Nana from my mother's "baby", to become his "little darling", then no matter how.

    Uh ~ well ~ I own too sporadic, brain hole into a honeycomb.

    Should the general kizaru... Not... Shameless to... To that extent... ?

    Anyway, as long as it is not strange to spur my Nana make efforts, I can do a background.

    Strong, it is not a bad thing.


    Accept the arrangement, life slightly few soon turmoil, well.

    New job, new homes, new environment, and then bring new trouble.

    The Department of Naval Academy, the Naval Academies of the world [] college students, very chatty.

    The Naval Academy is all levels of College collectively, since the naval Cadet colleges, Cadet colleges, professional technical college, Naval University, is from the selection of outstanding talent, training to complete the general system.

    Nearly twenty years of war has not stopped, life is expensive and common consumables, navy camp currently well-known generals, they crawled out from the pile of dead, embroidered badges rank is to take life to spell, serious did very little.

    But this does not mean that the Navy does not focus on the new generation of culture, in fact, the navy camp for successors attention and tense, sometimes even more than a part of the attention of pirates.

    Marin Clifford the military academy, Naval Academy primary school students, the students inside is good seedling.

    Some are all enlisted recruits base is recommended to enter, some are Malinfudeben Island town children, a small part of another... Is the younger relatives of generals.

    Malinfudeben Island town of children born into the military, mmm ~ waterside pavilion reading, the qualification is not enough will soon be eliminated.

    Then the rest of the elite reserve mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, who... Their respective future struggle.

    Other things aside, I want to say is, to work in military medical departments, obviously receive special care, new colleagues to get along, most probably it did not actually happen subtle.

    The room has a medical doctor, assistant two, belonging to the Navy medical personnel resume military establishment, I was hung in the Naval Science Department (staff), the official work is also a half a month, the doctor and assistant, three people together, and I did not say ten words.

    Look on the bright side of my province social disorder embarrassment, on the other hand also cause I have been isolated.

    Of course, this two days before the change, because I was the boss, the Department of naval hospital nurse Caroline told the doctor through to two, it is the first time to alumni, into the Navy headquarters, I still get to help Caroline to return the books as an excuse to touch Nana.

    But all kinds of accidents, the book also named Dr. Stokes.

    The doctor and nurse long way to call, I got to go, is through the third party (Doctor) and former boss for a variety of safe, because the "military secrets" to reply from the nurse said he was very worried about me.

    The end of the phone, doctor strange eyes looked good in quite a while, it did not say what is the attitude of becoming less strange.

    I thought the nurse may... Say something about my fear of death all solitary house traits?

    In short, in the Department of naval hospital more than ten years, a bunch of old colleagues know, so I only, from head to foot from the inside to the outside, a tiny bit when others are not qualified mistress.

    Look not understand ordinary communication mouth poison has love to stay at home, not the same nadechushou.

    These days privately pass is definitely a misunderstanding.


    A slightly lower and new colleagues, let me get a little bit of melancholy mood soothing, although can ignore also can not explain, however, I began to move into a new house if real weird spy, is called the origin of rabbit toward me very uncomfortable remain in a proper sphere.

    ............ Split line............

    Enter the Navy medical department, actually... Take all kinds of external factors, the rest is ordinary day.

    Nine - five per night, work, and time as By no means retrievable.


    Today... Is one day soon.

    The trees outside the window to hide the cicada, start early in the morning call endless, afternoon towards evening is hoarse, make more hot weather.

    I want to hold direct stick on the eyelids, endure the sleepy feeling, Navy medical room, rather than busy without touching the ground heel Naval Hospital, few people can kill time flies.

    Because it is the elite reserve me ~ to strengthen the physical culture course, teaching tactics... These basically and accidental injury does not pull the causal relationship between instructors attention ~

    The doctor and his aides often do nothing to apply back to the medical team to look for a new job abuse, half a month, I have ten days to become the only person left behind to prevent accidental.

    I have to is not long, because the cadets... Very... With the spirit of exploration.

    This does not, someone knocked at the door of the energetic.


    Silent spirits, a look back... Open the door medical room three young people, leading the laugh especially coquettish, "nurse ~" lift hand small radian waved, a pair of casual and elegant bearing appearance, "and to trouble you"

    Face up, only three I stared in the corner with a smoke.

    It is' a ', yesterday, the day before yesterday, and today, the face of three consecutive.

    The formal work, cadets' accident 'occurrence rate of a small peak, the total take "headache" and "pain" and "weak" and so on, the young medical department were fantastic reason small.

    As migratory salmon, fought.

    For such a warm atmosphere, my personal understanding, the army three years not to mention me ~ sow match Diao Chan Marin de sex ratio imbalance originally to extremely brutal.


    Half a month time buffer is enough hormones to restore balance, so I only a small chest waist not characteristics of married women, soon disappointed people divert attention.


    At the moment three young...

    Quiet door three students inside, the people groan and moan lying in the couch, I go past, quietly opening, "your classmates how?"

    In recent days, the three door is diligent, all kinds of reasons, I think... What is quite subtle.

    "I don't know." three people inside seemingly led by young people 'sad', while large thorn sits at the edge of the nurse to check ah ~ he looks very good ah"

    This is of course "." Raising his hand from his pocket export mask, I moved forward a few steps, then found the guy lying clutching his cheek... Eyes out... Harbour evil designs。

    "And" toothache?" Thought, I reeled back to the desk, opened the drawer, carrying a prepared tools, turn around.


    Three young faces face some stuck, eyes staring at my ambition... Hand.

    Silent for a moment, led by young people on my hand pointing to objects, mouth vaguely twitching, "nurse... What is holding?"

    The extraction tool." A stern face approaching, I whispered, "don't worry, don't hurt." With Nightingale like compassion, hands raised the vise, "it is good."

    A pliers down, give it to postmenopausal patients with permanent, lest you three always take a mouthful of teeth that.

    "And so on!" The young man sitting at the edge of the opening sound.

    When I stopped, with a thirty degree angle shadow mask behind the smile.

    Look at my hand tools, and look at me, three young people were very honest, "ah ~ what... See the nurse, suddenly the body is full of vitality ah ~"


    "Aye Aye ~ my teeth suddenly hurt ah"

    Lying on the bed sprang up nor groan and moan, sit cross legged bed stand is not forward, his arms folded watch did not look lively, three people look at each other is not quick to go outside, "the nurse!"

    I stood slowly, take off the mask lest stuffy sweating long eczema, by another hand Dianzhuo vise, gentle smile, ha ha ha.

    Originally not so simple and rude, even if the three young always only when I left the house alone, as the medical staff, I should like spring warm and hard working to increase performance for the medical room of patients.


    Unfortunately, the three army exude a sense of superiority. The two generation is inside the second grade students led by the elite, is the leader of the second grade.

    More unfortunately, the second grade my son Nana military academy this year.

    Then... Hehehe

    Some time ago a night with drill bed, Nana said she made the school a strong hands classmate and contempt, especially points out that the second grade leader very much... Certainly she drag "accomplishments".

    Although the military side no one I know is Nana's mother, but... As a parent to eccentricity creakfossa to revenge, not very normal thing?

    The boy who bullied my Nana... Almost heaven have road you don't go, (` # ').


    The second grade in the two generation of elite, who swiftly ran out, fast like dogs in the back.

    As three students disappeared, then I looked a little a few degrees of translation, silently quietly standing near the door, just a few minutes ago stood in the school doctor mr..

    Apparently from the medical department back doctor mr.... Expression is very subtle, eyes staring blankly staring at my hand vise, then, opened his mouth to say, "Caroline... I teach you to use pliers tooth."

    A face embarrassed phase after a good doctor Mr. dull, then turned to a walking amount, with the same hand foot to walk behind after the burst of autumn leaves.

    Wait until the doctor even Mr. left, I put the pliers to recover the drawer, the corners of her.

    Nurse Caroline... In fact, Mr. doctor want to fork.

    Pliers tooth is not really the Navy nurse hospital line, but a very clever.

    In the beginning... The source in Nana.

    My son to listen to the bedside story, because remember ~ my story more or less entrained contraband, forget the story is me in impressive detail people to fill.

    So, Nana successfully fooled, think for a long time:

    The correct version of the doctors and nurses, either her teacher Stokes that "medicine is right and proper for the future on the operating table, or poke enemies' I said 'pliers tooth surgery death nursing handsaw' Court thirteen times four captain unohana that.

    A year later, Nana was too obsessed with the candy to eat bad teeth, I took her to the Department of Pediatrics, the...

    Nana muzzled shame cry, wouldn't let was not a nurse Caroline her teeth.

    Later, when the Department of naval hospital a flower Caroline, with a pliers handle tooth away countless suitors, finally let her husband now home to marry audacious in the extreme.

    Then, just look at the medical response of mr.... I am tempted to speculate that, Mr. doctor is also being scared?

    This is really a mistake and accident, = ~ W ~ =.


    Then again until the end of the day no one disturb.

    With the disturbing quiet cicadas is low, and the doctor said Mr. polite, and I always like time, from the Naval Academy, through the office, back... General quarters.

    I went to the kitchen and changed his clothes, going to grab something to fill the stomach, then... Time to go out.

    Today about a good girl, the Ministry of the Navy nurse hospital a few days early marriage, Caroline said to me, a woman will have a bachelor party tonight.

    I don't love to go out, but... Melanie is the bride and I have a kind of friendship, work for nearly six years, no bestie friendship, there are colleagues who love incense.

    Moreover, after the wedding of Melanie will follow the new husband was transferred elsewhere, do not know if there is no chance to meet each other.

    Even if I die also want to see the house, at night, a few women gather a piece of fun.

    In addition, in fact I bored.

    After the move, Nana has come back a little, she always because of various reasons stranded in the science department.

    General kizaru is a... Hate the man.

    I admit that I have a bias, although the man seems very optimistic about our kids, and I in training but I still hate her.

    His behavior to hide, even if not say, also let me know him... Is a little bit of my child to a new world.

    The children grow up will leave their parents, I know it is inevitable, when the real face of the mood is still very depressed.

    Nana grew up, little one child I have not well prepared when the wings, struggling to fly into the sky.

    I can only watch, want to reach out to protect her, worried that too much love will make her weak.

    No one can stay with another person, especially a child, I now support airtight, when I die, who will take over without complaint, protecting her?

    I know that this time the slightly open, but...

    Or hate!


    Absent-minded filled stomach, and go take a shower.

    Finally, I wrapped a bathrobe back to the bedroom, started to change clothes to go out.

    One bedroom suite, the original pattern and the home is not the same, and Nana's dormitory is not the same, Cuoceng space, small downstairs hall and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

    The French outdoor terrace, more outside vision.

    Nearly seven o'clock slightly dim twilight, did not turn on the lights in the bedroom, I stood at the bedside, her bathrobe solution tie, while some did not think a little.

    Compared to the Navy headquarters in other areas, especially deserted dormitory generals here.

    The generals have their own private residence here, the platoon building occupancy rate is poor, probably because I rule to rest, and busy busy executives up a murky sky over a dark earth lead a gay life is not heavy, no frequency?

    To start, basically not met what else who is at a time by the sentry, or road patrol, inspection time passes, the soldiers look ah

    I guess they brain up no less than ten kinds of ups and downs of the wonderful story.

    How do the two generation military or several elite run medical room? Want to know, they heard the small range of spread that what.

    Kids do not conceal eyes.

    Not because of instinct interest, but a casual tease tease.


    For a good personal underwear, shirts with good doukai, is beginning to buckle up, I do not know why suddenly feel... Air...

    Under the action of a stop, I look to the side of the bedroom is on the bed head wall -- the white wall is soundless and stirless, out of a central red color, then a moment... Zhuoran temperature rise.

    A central wall melted out of a big hole in the red liquid lick brick, they wax like collapse, then melt into gas.

    Coke hot queer, unspeakable taste.

    Twist transpiration arrogance rear, a burly figure standing in the outer wall.

    It is behind the bedroom next door, the lights, the light back to the man could not see it, but the micro lift arm, black gloves cortical elements has not been restored.

    I only feel stiff, heart almost choking in the throat.

    The two connecting wall collapsed melt faster is the other end of the way be taken by surprise, the lights suddenly poured down.

    The flue gas with space to expand soon spread, the vision has become clear, my eyes:

    A man wearing a fruit, a hands off not wearing black leather gloves, a muscle, half of his chest tattoo tattoo falling Sakura, hidden in the shadows of a pair of eyes... If there is a real eye... There is a fear for no reason...


    "Ah ~ I forgot that you go out this time, Bolusalinuo general quarters, now lived --"

    Footsteps come again and again, the man from behind, paused, a man turn out, "late."

    With the scar man, eagle-eyed tone, "the lady is a faint smile on one's face, the new neighbor is not a suspect, Sakas will."

    Three people, a mess.

    I bow dumb as a wooden chicken for a long time, the dull look is magma dissolved whole wall residual stains, then raise some eyes, two strange men Leng Leng looking at next door.

    For a long time... The bath is also good in the two wrong line of sight, I heard the mind taut line of reason popped off.


    General? General amazing ah?!

    General can only a pair of trousers to the wall at the door wearing bras vaporization time fat woman?

    General can bullying it!
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