The fourteenth chapter of the sunny rain

    Midnight is the silence, Admiralty large conference room is brightly lit, since the supreme commander of the Warring States Marshals, three generals, twelve lieutenant general staff several staff, senior generals all together.

    Half an hour ago, Admiral kizaru informed the Warring States marshal, marshal office that enable advanced warning, receive messages of Navy executives regardless of what is being done immediately suspend the current back to the Department to attend the meeting.

    After the Warring States period, slightly raised Marshal gestured, there is room personnel will be distributed to the secretarial information before each participant then table the head of the navy commander didn't say what, just pick up the bow of his hand, began to look through.

    The long table on both sides of the temporary exit back in an emergency meeting of the admirals look solemn eyes, but also with a few strands of suspicion, after all, really... Too strange ~ when is a sign of the evening rush no, recently pirate camp also restless, how to quickly dawn suddenly received advanced warning.

    Return to the Department, to enter the meeting room and see the Warring States marshal, three Navy generals, together with the two member and flying squirrel ghost spiders will have to sit, and apart from the Warring States marshal, five remaining more or less look slightly gloomy, like a tough battle is to be set in.

    But strange to strange, confused generals also began to focus on the convergence of mind records content.

    The meeting room is more quiet, only a thin ring rustle page.

    General kizaru elbows on the table on the table, hands a spire shaped, half block face, eyes narrowed slightly, in front of the stack of data without moving.

    Because he didn't need to see, read all the information from the conference room of the science department, and also all finishes speculate the worst kizaru will it informed the Warring States marshal, required to start advanced warning, to prevent the sudden accident, derived a disaster.


    A few hours ago, the science department and office area of intersection zone of vicious / event, those strange attackers can regenerate all died, the wreckage was brought back to the laboratory of the Ministry of science of anatomy.

    The original visit Anna kizaru they frustrated, the person in coma is not good, even kizaru could not bear force, only to take care of the test results on the stump.

    Since the medical office building where the troops back to the science department, kizaru will immediately receive bad news.

    His expectations were disappointed.

    Collect the wreckage of limb suspended in a sealed container, operating at the researcher has not yet started the mechanical arm to take cells, muscle tissue with unbelievable speed decay decay, blink of an eye into a heap of dirty pus, leaving glowing bones limona.

    Along with fellow hurried to the laboratory, then kizaru saw the pile like dug from the cemetery... The residual bone have been buried for many years.

    The container closed operation, testing showed that only the remaining bone in useless hard honeycomb calcified substance is not available, a tiny bit of soft tissue, bone marrow cells, proteins, and even effusion corrupt, not to the time they are volatile completely in a few minutes.

    Strange and bad situation, and worse still behind.

    To confirm the identity of the attackers, the heap in the laboratory within the Ministry of science and skeleton, the navy...

    General sakazuki and aokiji, together with the flying squirrel ghost spiders, separate four and kizaru immediately after investigating the results before they go to war, somewhere resident anomalies reported that more than a dozen naval barracks resident unaccounted for.

    The number of missing and the attackers just meet.

    The garrison personnel read submitted information, and confirm it is flying squirrel ghost spider attackers were beheaded.

    These are low-level generals, after investigation confirmed that they were on the quarter science cruise ship, the frigate Fleet Escort research defense forces.

    It turns around actually together.

    Poison, theft, night, contact all kizaru, will have to think of the Navy Department has buried in the unknown crisis, and very bad is the navy have no clue, a few things to survey does not exist, at least on the surface.


    The meeting room is quiet badly, each meeting of the generals are frowning, watch hands, and more and more people look dignified, understand what these records mean.

    The strange power of regeneration, leap, completely solve the puzzle before it can be temporarily shelved, the key is the attackers.

    On the purpose of trying to do can also be set aside, but what is the Admiral how to become a risk factor? They are the Ministry of personnel, each one is elite, up from the base through a hail of bullets after the selection of the mind except qualification, has also been recognized.

    If that is the first naval mutiny, regardless of the Ministry of supervision has always paid attention to the unstable factors in these forces, the attackers investigation from various aspects, the conclusion is that they have nothing in common.

    The attackers were born in different islands, experience is not the same, in the station belong to different team, no exchanges on weekdays, in addition to the last quarter with the fleet escort ship voyage research task, they basically no intersection, a few people even in the different ship escort mission, of sorts in common is the landing of scientific research the destination of the ship.

    They set foot on the island, an island located in Saishener, no wind.

    Because the field is special, doldrum, Sechel of the island only use charts, exists in the Navy, no residents on the island, there is no adjacent islands, lonely sea, the Navy dispatched Science Department of scientific research ships, for the investigation of Sechel island environment, determine whether it could become naval secret base.

    If the attackers change from Sechel... The last quarter of the voyage, all personnel...

    This is why senior warning start tonight.


    The first time in a long time, the table on both sides of the generals have put down the data of the participants, to focus on the top of the Warring States marshal there.

    The supreme commander of the same Navy frowning eyebrows, a hoarse voice before opening, "can not determine the source change?" When talking to the left position of the eye slightly partial general yellow apes, "Ministry of science do?"

    "Yeah, can not find the available cell analysis." Kizaru general low sigh, look not Henan, paused, a hand picked up front data flipped at will, then said, "Saishener Fleet Escort troops, each must overhaul."

    "At the same time and focus on these change action soldiers, according to a specific record voyage task, this batch of regional people have come close to that island."

    "Just from a sample of blood." Looked up at the conference table on both sides of the generals, generals kizaru downcast eyes, cold voice speak, "at least we must determine their body without exception."

    "If it is infected with what foreign body landing island... Unable to judge the case, we can not guarantee that it will not be transmitted."

    Here is a moment of silence, kizaru general sighed, "of course, the situation is not bad to irreparable."

    Finger than than thrown on the desktop, kizaru said slowly, "these mutated people have in common, they have yet to learn the Navy six for various reasons."

    Navy six, beyond the physical limits of human body.

    Each theory promoted this part six generals are able to learn, and these attackers for their qualification or other reasons, temporarily can't master the secret to the navy.

    If... This is the difference, then, general kizaru think it is good fortune.


    If the strength of the navy in Pyramid to distinguish between personal strength, Navy six is the iconic watershed, familiar to master it on to the strong talent shows itself, the peak of the road.

    Because the Navy six Cuilian body, let the user and then began to master the domineering.

    The world's power system is divided into two blocks, devil fruit and domineering, devil fruit belongs to external factors, domineering is everyone innate strength, just because of his different qualifications, some people can become strong, some people spend their lives cannot be activated.

    There are various ways to stimulate the domineering, the most dangerous degree of uncertainty, the navy is currently the only six have perfected a method, step by step to stimulate domineering stability.

    When the survey results show that the attackers have not yet mastered six, kizaru that is not able to surmise that isolated come from the navy to six for the promotion of the ladder line?

    Take the Navy six, regardless of whether all of its master, each aspirant born have the potential to be mobilized, excitation is only a matter of time.

    That is, the human innate domineering, when recessive into dominant, those who do not know the name of different substances to human body corrosion.

    "If there is disease, and infectious is domineering boundary barrier." Slowly raise the line of sight, general kizaru to calm close to the cruel tone said, "at least the Navy loss can be limited to a certain range."

    Attend the meeting of the admirals in silence for a long time. There is no ugly look exactly who speak retort, kizaru general conclusions from the overall look indifferent, but no ground for blame.

    If the lesion, navy camp will pay the price, some people save more people sacrifice, even... It sounds very cold, but it is not so.

    Because the variation of risk coefficient cannot be ascertained, the Navy Department executives must ensure that in addition to ordinary soldiers' lives, more Ma Lin de town civilians, in addition... The spread of the virus, the world price... Who can't afford.

    Of course, everything is just speculation, there is no definite evidence that the general kizaru decision is very mild, only blood sampling, analysis and detection, rather than a more brutal secret detention and even executed.

    The soldiers nothing strange is the best results, and vice versa... If it is cold decision can hardly be avoided.

    ............ Split line............

    An emergency meeting to close before the end of the morning, after the meeting, the generals somber left the meeting room, immediately dispatched to their camp being deployed to strengthen the defense, town is the priority among priorities, then is the frontier defense line of islands.

    On the voyage of the fleet Saishener quarter, the garrison secret into a state of alert, then each ship general soldiers list by Warring States Marshal office, Ministry of science, medical units, ready to start sampling after dawn.

    In order to ensure the stability of the body to the morale of the troops, on the grounds of detection.


    Leave the conference room, general kizaru met there deliberately ghost spiders in the office building downstairs.

    Two quietly on a spider ghost face of the ever-changing several times, finally about to speak, but saying nothing a little bit, eyes dark sink, also did not say what, suddenly turned and walked quickly away.

    The spider ghost disappeared under the distant dark color, kizaru away sight, silent sigh, shaking his head.

    He knew the ghost spider in this cause, I know the reason for leaving is finally not to utter a single word, the Ministry of health remain unconscious.

    For the ghost spider Anna tried to say what, but what do not export.

    The daughter of Anna, intern Department of science, but the last quarter with the ship set sail.

    If unfortunately is to distinguish whether the domineering mutation, researchers have a research vessel... If the cause of the infection caused by attackers and geography, with forays into specific areas to survey the terrain, and later protection researchers spent some time there.

    Several factors, if unfortunately, the Ministry of science also suffered heavy losses.

    General kizaru walking alone on the road to the science department, without being seen at the moment, on the surface will emerge out of pity and slight pain, he is not the heart of stone but not favoritism.

    Even this time also accept the energy-saving detection list, not to mention the intern.

    Even if the worst case to regret, kizaru also had to make a decision.

    Is a fresh life ah ~ how could he be completely indifferent?

    Both sides of the street lights bright path, general kizaru momentum is low, on both sides of the trees, the day night there was quite a wild profusion of vegetation, ferocious, the wind blows the claws, as if... The Department of the Navy hidden in the monster.

    The hand rubbed his forehead, kizaru low sigh out of breath.

    Science intern Nana, the young child was sixteen years old, originally with her body qualification at this time should be still military study, unfortunately, kizaru thought that the child is extremely talented in biology science department to advance included her.

    If the... The child is really a pity.

    Wish all people involved, nothing strange.


    The Ministry of science to midway, general kizaru wants to go and turn to the seat of the medical corps.

    The data collected after confirmation before the start of the meeting, kizaru ordered Science Department of mobile forces for all blood samples by the researcher, and troops stationed in medical analysis laboratory testing.

    In order to ensure the accuracy of detection results of 100%.

    In addition, energy-saving... General kizaru back to his descendants, the children and all people the same treatment, and intern Nana, emotional control remain unconscious girl by his secret surveillance personnel, she stayed awake, again with the same excuse to draw blood test.

    The reason for the child to special treatment, kizaru think is pity for the child's mother?

    After all...

    Moving the foot with a stop, kizaru quietly looked at not far from the medical corps office building, Zheng Leng for a long time, finally taking the pace.


    The building is very quiet, most of the staff seconded to the Ministry of science, kizaru all the way to the destination, a hand sketch to hear to come to see the soldiers back.

    These are hidden in the dark forces immediate kizaru people over here, in addition to monitoring, also has the meaning of warning.

    Pass when placement room intern, kizaru stand at the door and looked inside the eye, the little girl did not wake up, near the monitoring personnel also not return after the transaction, and ordered to continue to pay close attention to, he went upstairs.

    Anna and Nana, two people were housed in a building on the stairs, all has not been determined before, for that was a serious violation of the woman... Even if the heart chilled, can take care of the place, kizaru would not hesitate the compassion.

    To see the man lying in a special ward, quietly, Greg explained. The medical staff will reply left kizaru Moorhouse to the Ministry of science, her vital signs were normal, may the natural recovery time.

    The supreme commander of the medical corps had her judgment, special stimulus conditions lead to backtracking, cell memory is only temporary, the brain more than the limited time will be forced to recover, and then wake up.

    That is to say, after a period of time, she will continue to forget it unsuspectingly opened his eyes.


    Special ward soft light, her hair spread out on the pillow, eyes closed, to dream of what bad things, between the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, looks weak and unbearable.

    Standing on the edge of the bed, listening to the medical staff report left quietly, kizaru frowned, suddenly the hand of pause, a moment later, and then turned to the direction of the door lift his chin.

    The medical staff received signal, silently back out, and close the door.

    Fine sound disappeared after the general kizaru turned to the other side, see ward by the window wall, thought, and walk past, open the window, then poured into the wind, rolled up the curtains swaying by vision.

    You re closed the window, turned back to the window, the mouth hook the hook, "Yeah, it really is..."

    At the moment along the open window into the room, suddenly appeared in the shadow of the bedside, kizaru narrowed eyes, "Sakas Ki."

    He said the strange, ferial indifferent guy will take "to be beneath the human character by this nonsense sounds" reason and aokiji together go to the science department of plantation.


    Li did not speak at the bedside of men, even as attention kizaru semi ridicule semi satirical gaze, and stood still for a moment before slowly down on - side shot

    Kizaru pick out the tip of brow, eyes hidden in a few silk surprised.

    General sakazuki acts simply tonight... Be strange.

    The man carefully opened a quilt, then sit side will lay people hugging leaning on the arms, gently untie her clothes.

    Hello! Over a few seconds, kizaru corners of a smoke, have not had time to look away, but to see that people's back half faded clothes... Not see the red skin more pale with those bruises odious terrible.

    The man is full of traces arranged in a crisscross pattern on the back and extends down to the lower back... Make a general called the impertinence sakazuki, fingers on her back carefully, like to check what.

    Not for a long time, the answer seems sure to stop, draw back, fast for her good clothes again.

    People will be settled, under the covers, kizaru found down looked at the man his lips moved, small volume was almost impossible to distinguish, buzhuohenji the inexplicable words.

    General sakazuki said, "originally, you are on the side of time."


    The hand not observable Fuguo human facial features, red suit man turn slowly, the colleague went to the front, kizaru move sideways position, let each other to open the window and disappeared without warning.

    For a long time, the window overlooking the dark night sight back, back face, kizaru looking at the bed without knowing the man, a sneer at the throat overflow.

    To say, he really is... According to a banquet at that time, he was on the admiring Mrs. Anna.

    Akainu Sakas Ki so it was for her to appear.

    Thought, kizaru hums to smile a, his hands / into your pants pocket, slowly toward the bed across and that even if he had no interest to interest.

    It is really very curious ah ~ the lady what are the rare charm.

    Some steps forward, there was a sharp run close, stop, look around to see the room closed the door.

    A moment later, the door suddenly opened, Ministry of science intern look panic rushed inside, but she soon had to chase the guards stopped, kizaru held up a hand to stop a mess, put people in.

    The children rushed to the bed and other young dodge interception, "she did not wake up, but also."

    "Just who else?" The young child looked up, eyes open without fear, "who is the man who just left?!"

    Tiny tiny one Leng, pick out the tip of brow, kizaru narrowed eyes, first seriously looked at standing in front of the girl, for a long time, deep voice speak, "you are born in color?"

    The appearance of Sakas Ki and leave the building, apart from the general kizaru, this should not have third personal knowledge, he's the more eccentric intern.

    Even then how keen senses, to achieve such a degree is in practice with a domineering color master, while the Ministry of science to advance included interns are not even Navy six contact.

    If it is domineering, can not be run in color kizaru this level of strong notice, only one case:

    Born in color.

    Only the innate knowledge of color, its owner will avoid other strong induction, because of the very small part of the people, running in color PA weather as natural as breathing, untraceable.

    Naval Science department... It was a genius worthy of the name.

    Quietly watching the young children, and to take the man kizaru Yu glanced at the close behind the eyes, a time I did not know what to think.
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