The thirteenth chapter of the sunny rain

    For a moment, ghost spiders feel the heart tip again, do not ache, just sting hemp, the man fell down, he instinctively step, put out a hand to want to help but let her daughter first step.

    "Mom?" A young girl whispered to be caught off guard, the words have not been answered, would look down to see, then paused the whole person with soft down, apparently frightened.

    The man holding a coma, her daughter fell in a few seconds, dull suddenly screamed out.

    Young children sit on the floor, his hands tightly holding her shrill crying full of uncontrolled frenzy, like a burst from the depths of the soul, shrill and mourn, into the sky, to the stillness of the night with a few silk so panic.

    A moment later, energy-saving first step back to God, go forward, on hand to help, he tried to calm down voice, "Nana... Nana, calm down."

    "Don't touch my mother!" The young girl shouted down before Didao hands, supporting arms people wouldn't let touch, raise eyes, eyes with resentment and anger, "go away! You are not good! Go away!"

    Ghost spider back hanging in the air, watching two people sitting in a mess in the flesh, curled the corners of the mouth, but there is no quarrel with a kid's mind.

    The thin body limp in her daughter's arms, eyes closed, originally tied chignon because previous unrest spread, lined with a few strands of hair is messy, pale dark grey wall face.

    Just fainted, ghost spider thought, she was very timid, he knew, originally afraid lest badly, previously in the banquet there, she looked at his eyes full of fear has never been leaching.

    At that time is to scare her, he had strong self restrain temper, who knows...

    Shouldn't let her go, at least wait until the end of the feast, to several of their counterparts, who can expect? The Department of the Navy high safety factor within actually attacks.


    "Nana, Nana, don't do this." Energy-saving is still trying to sink into the comfort young mad girl, speak softly and with some regret, "there is no one will harm you."

    Two young people, energy-saving helpless, Nana cried helpless eyes is unusually fierce, see ghost spider veins forehead jumped, the reason he knew that her child was young, did not experience what the young girl is overwhelmed.

    It is only sixteen years old child, just ended a treacherous tragic killing, followed by relatives in front of coma, no matter what the reaction under confound is normal.


    It is not a pressing matter of the moment and cry? It is important to the people sent to the Department of medical treatment!

    The man looked pale face, the ghost spider suddenly clenched his fists, a step - with anger has shouted to the mouth, but do not want the next second, screaming suddenly disappeared.

    Extreme anger and despair in the face of solidification, the young girl slowly close your eyes, lost consciousness of the whole people soft fall.

    "Hey? Aye Aye? Nana?" Energy-saving is confused, hold the unconscious Nana, look more panic.

    A moment and decisive shot the man in a leisurely manner to the back of the red suit behind her, but did not speak, just moved to the side and took a step back, then run the flurry of neat sound.

    The dense shade, the navy soldiers carry loaded guns with rescue tools, and the medic, silent and quickly appear.

    In order to all, soon, the man and her daughter were being carried on a stretcher, let the medical corps rushed away from the scene, energy-saving hesitated for a moment with Nana lying on a stretcher on the edge, hurriedly left.

    The medical team watched disappeared in the depths of the ghost spider pursed his mouth, behold it looked at the end of this mess the initiator of evil.


    Admiral Sakas Ki, the red dogs still stand in situ, serious and steady momentum.

    A general sakazuki won't look like, but drooping eyes, lips pursed in a straight line, is a bit unhappy, let him clean up the mess in the joint as soldiers near the silent, action more and more careful.

    Not for a long time, kizaru aokiji and Boru Salino were together into the scene, looked around one eye, governing science department kizaru raised eyebrows, tut sound, hum, "Yeah, it seems we have a problem."

    Navy soldiers are called the flesh mud to clean the scene, four broken bones scattered stump, thick greasy Xingshan straight nose, but... Several admirals stood here, wrinkly tight eyebrows do not have.

    A run out and back, sakazuki and aokiji no shot, but this does not mean that they are two navy general found no abnormalities.

    Cut stump can be connected to automatic healing, regeneration speed and strength are improved to a certain extent, this strange situation... Tonight is witnessed several admirals life first.

    While... No matter what the attacker is, obviously, the past never appeared strange characters, they are located on the opposite side of the enemy Navy, even if only temporarily, for the Navy, is in trouble.

    Over a period of time, the scene was scattered fulgurate thick black plastic bags of income, by soldiers to Naval Science Laboratory, after a moment, wearing protective clothing into the science of the Ministry of personnel, began to use this instrument to carry out thorough disinfection.

    The first time arrived at the scene of the soldiers, under the office area defense force chief lieutenant general J TORO Berry, a flying squirrel attacked, near the patrol had perceived changes, and in the fastest time to see.

    But the soldiers of the action is still slow then fast, ghost spiders them for a while, the angle between the shade between science department and office area, is the two station intersection area, the science department security mechanism has always been tough, but lead to other garrison patrols on routine patrol rarely stay.

    Tonight, a flying squirrel attacked it in time, card replacement patrol and science department of defense for a few minutes.

    The attacker is able to regenerate, the selected time is Naval Station defense flaw in the plan blind spot; timing so delicate eyebrows three general makes two, coincides with its will deep lock.


    Looked down at the foot of the muddy blood, kizaru and laughed, "Yeah, it seems tonight no way buzuibugui ah ~"

    The office area defense force and the Navy Science Department of mobile troops rushed to the woods, fighting almost ended at the same time, kizaru ordered to clean up the soldiers all debris all transported to the science department, and before that, he has ordered several research groups.

    Things to immediately analyze, no matter how much time and effort, at least to find out the cause of the different material strange regeneration.

    "Ah ~ ~ I can drink a drink at any time is nothing." Aokiji lazy smile, also looked down on the ground, paused, and then said, "the head is the key?"

    Kizaru hums to smile a rhythm, slowly, that is unknown, "Yeah ~ it needs to ask Mrs. Anna."

    A moment of silence and voice down, kizaru turned to shade, lifted her chin, casually picked to pick lip slightly, "the date not hit, went to visit the tender lady?"

    "The visit of Mrs. Anna, I will leave tonight ah ~" look up at the sky, kizaru wry smile, "then there are many days to busy, thought nearly time can break."

    With a very highfalutin excuse, general kizaru slowly turned towards the medical corps area started, the other four stay still look at each other, then quietly chose the same and kizaru direction.


    The Navy Department, medical units in the immediate area of science, although it is an independent unit, and the science department, the two departments are inextricably linked to each other, drugs used by the Navy, clinical trials, are supporting the science department, so the two department office is very close, but ten minutes.

    Kizaru a line of five people, three generals, two lieutenant general, the Navy also appeared executives make health ministry some tension, to come, with a few generals told the night staff, they want to visit the person being tested.

    "Yeah, not just a coma?" Kizaru surprised the pick high brow, "how do you work the highest executive?"

    Listen to the medical staff said, two from the Ministry of science, Nana has settled, only the natural recovery of coma, on the right, and the other lady Anna... Just do not work in the medical corps responsible person is for her to do precision inspection.

    Greg Moorhouse, the Department of Navy Medical Corps commander, devil fruit ability, he was dispatched to...

    The mind flies to turn yellow, I looked at the ghost spider monkey, brow slightly shaking, "is not what went wrong?"

    The lady was very weak, but none were injured in the attack, this kizaru very clearly, will be frightened is faint... May also be open / gun after mental stimulation is too big.

    The medical staff responsible for the reception of visiting generals asked three know, of course, several visits of the generals also know asked what not, looked at each other, then let people go to the examination room led.


    Through the medical department of the reception hall inside the building, turning down a corridor, guides the medical department members pointed at the end of the door, that is the destination of.

    A little while, a pedestrian in the station closed examination room door, leading the people to raise the knock on the door, get a response after gently open it, then quietly retreated aside position.

    Kizaru exhaled breath rate, go first.

    Indoor people listen to action looked up to see them, frowned, then fill the instrument around the bed, pulled down the curtain of the mantle, he went up, "what is it?"

    Greg, Moorhouse. A strange move, which will look slightly kizaru flash, mouth laughed carelessly, "Yeah, to visit the coma Mrs. Anna ah"

    The Ministry of science and the medical department on weekdays so many exchanges, governing science department general kizaru, and medical units responsible person is very familiar with, Greg. Moorhouse was the henan... Kizaru also see, most of the person the right rear curtain.

    "Maybe some things she can explain, easy?" Kizaru bluntly, although able to guess the doctor to the patient's psychology, but they need to race against time tonight...

    Greg. Moorhouse frowned, no more answer to look into the door, then angrily, "said no problem, I will inform you to visit?"

    The crowd watched the indoor energy-saving, the whole face turned red, I shouted, "father." At the foot of rooting like refused to go, staring at the inside of the eyes is very anxious.

    Kizaru to look at their own children, heart straight sigh, energy-saving the child apparently before being chased away, they found several generals coming, also want to know to follow... The girl.

    For their own children's disappointing birth will sulk, kizaru will still love watching children grow up, and then asked, "Yeah, the lady really wrong?"

    For the question, Greg. Moorhouse was silent for a while to answer, "you personally see it ~" do invite Taishou, immediately turned pale said, "young people don't know these, go out, shut the door."

    Energy-saving face hesitation finally slowly shut the door, then the Navy Medical Corps responsible person turned and opened the curtain, inside a few generals toward rear curtain went, look is sank a little, because everyone knows, if not what is the special case, Greg Moorhouse would not say such a metaphor is not good words.


    The rear curtain is a simple bed, placed on the edge of the precision instrument and silent running, Greg. Moorhouse around to the other side, facing several generals, hand gently pulls up the high side of the coma sleeve.


    Quiet room sounded gasps of fine voice.

    Including kizaru, few people were surprised to see a conscious breath, and see clearly, the presence of several generals instantly released a murderous rage.

    Her arm rested on the bed, white line wrist bruise is more obvious, the edge with black, dark red is central to the snake, serpentine disc in wrist and forearm.

    It is a long time to bruise / bundle... It is bound for too long, because the blood circulation to the skin has been slightly necrosis.

    A moment later, lifting the sleeves to cover the back, Greg. Moorhouse turned to untie her neckline first and second buttons, her loose collar, can see the skin carved odious traces.

    Tiny spots bruises on the clavicle... Even the depths of shade cloth.

    Finally, the medical corps responsible person hand hanging at the top, fingertips appearing slightly awn, a shallow green arc slowly forming, slowly to bed she shrouded from head to foot in.

    "She has a lot of similar marks on him." Greg. Moorhouse said, "whispered examination, doctors found that her tell me."

    Kizaru severely wrinkled eyebrows, cold voice said, "she has not been alone today."

    Look around the talk between migraine remaining four beds, kizaru It is as expected from four people in the eyes to see the shock and anger, they are men, do not know where the traces represent what.

    But very strange, at least today, Anna is not alone in a chance, did not see the abnormal daytime saw her, but her ghost spider first accused after each.

    What's more, before being sent to the medical department of coma, her Gunners / wrist to reveal a skin, no bruises.


    Greg. Moorhouse got high eyelids, humming sound, "I know the precise examination found no abnormalities." Then, a faint smile on one's face eyes skim over the five highest level to the general man, "if you... She is so thin as dead."

    Although the situation right, three generals and two members will still invariably smoke pumping mouth, want to have a cough, the person in charge of the medical department to look away in embarrassment at.

    Cough as one falls, another rises a while to stop.

    Restore a quiet room, Greg. Moorhouse sank a voice to explain, "these are the old wound." Paused, and then asked, "do you know her? And who are more familiar with her?"

    "She has no close to the opposite sex fierce reaction?"

    Then, the yellow and Red Ape dog, aokiji, together with the flying squirrel, several sight suddenly go to ghost spider body.

    Ghost spider eyes wrong well rested on the human body, a hoarse voice, with indescribable anger, "in addition to relatively shy, she... She always love wearing masks."

    "It is a subconscious reaction to psychological trauma." Greg. Moorhouse stared at the eyes of several nearby people, look that is unknown, "her memory may have some forgotten, you see, she had suffered serious violations."

    "Judging from her healing on several bone fracture after the time from fifteen to twenty years."

    Age has entered the elderly medical department if there seems to be no sigh, brow to pity, "the human brain will activate the self defense mechanism in the damage beyond the limit, if she is usually normal, that is likely to forget the experience."

    "Memory can shield damage has always existed, they are physical records, and some special conditions..."

    "There will be back."

    "If you really need what she said, I don't want to stimulate her too."


    With Greg Moorhouse silent, indoor in silence.

    For a long time, kizaru hoarse voice said, "is not what she must answer, let her rest."

    Closed his eyes, then re open, eyes fell to coma of the man, kizaru frowned and sighed, eventually put down the questioning intentions about the attackers...

    The speeding regeneration, unidentified strange characters, the Ministry of science to solve, nor is it necessary to explain her.

    She now... There is no one to.

    The man lying on the bed... It is... Rao is their veteran, looked at her so had to take pity on.

    Greg. Moorhouse is Superman series devil fruit ability, the ability can do precise detection, if not sure, the medical department responsible person will not make judgments and warn them.

    Presumably Anna coma sent to the medical department, medical personnel inspection found abnormal notice of Greg. Moorhouse began to hurt her most misunderstanding within the navy is what... So the only medical department responsible person personally dispatched.

    This is the first kizaru anger as' suspect ', but to listen to Greg. Moorhouse said, unpleasant emotions had not yet risen.

    The old wound? So many years later, her body stubbornly remember the hurt, can be seen at the time of the disaster how terrible.

    Greg. Moorhouse said the special conditions, kizaru that refers to today is mostly continuous accident, finally, and superimposed flesh mud field recently, stimulate her too deep, will let the old wound recurrence.

    From fifteen to twenty years, thirty-two year old Anna, her sixteen year old daughter, reverse calculation... Encounter such a terrible thing, she was a little older?

    At the age of fifteen? At the age of fourteen? Or less?

    Was a child.

    To do that to a child, really the hell!
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