The third chapter primrose

    To the drip Riga ratsbane plan useless, because last night the little sumo wrestler energy-saving captain, led to my hatred of the ghost spiders will fall to below the horizon.

    Bid farewell to the guests, Nana and I want to play a rare night sleep, two people when she Piwo drilling in my ear would say is the school and the Ministry of science can reveal something.

    That tired of her firm and secure asleep, but I keep your eyes open until dawn, one night love.

    Nana's friend in school, because she is a girl, in the almost uniform / Navy man elite by the eyebrows and distinction.

    The girls had less physical than boys, not to mention Nana's skill was not physical, but these can be ignored in the ticket is only a small defect, love fists, talking to people's eyes became useless and drag.

    The school is a bastard of discrimination, in science department beginning is not very smooth, biology talent is rise above the common herd predecessors squeezed motionless naturally or half unconsciously, for her...

    No brain muscle type than male, engage in research Indoorsman are more willing to use cold violence.

    The war began with Captain peach pill eyes squint Nana later, something happened in the process of practice, his attitude began to change, as to what happened, I also did not ask Nana remain silent.

    Anyway, anyway, really small wrestler bullied my child.

    At this I decided not to see him, even if he had to stay under the water blocking my house repaired, is not enough to dissolve my heart initiation bias.


    Early in the morning, two people eat a meal, Nana as usual to go out, later I packed my home with the door to work.

    Go to the hospital not Xieqi and heard the nurse gave the good news in the morning ~ ghost spider discharged before day left, his adjutant just formalities the luggage left foreleg.

    Simply... Pleasant to the extreme.

    I didn't sleep last night against the students out of the black eye, expressionless look nurse girls not regret whispering, but let the nurse patted the shoulder, I am sure the excellent performance at work.

    It is in the evaluation of ghost spider, "is a sensible woman.".

    Someone said TM is nonsense, I (had) married with children. The nurse, the job is not to take care of the patient, do not have to climb into bed is not?

    These days, visitors who don't have the profound meaning of the eyes looked if it is enough, don't think I don't know what the ghost spider thought, he thinks I'm sure to find opportunities to seduce him?

    Now I was discharged without any action, so happy?

    However, in the group of senior generals of the Department of the Navy's eyes, a woman is how there ah?!

    Didn't get a chance to add ratsbane sorry.


    Cause the hospital patient leave no vibration, what changes in the next work, these years I've done hundreds of times, even last night lethargic also not go wrong.

    Time soon come to work, the head nurse suddenly took me to pass a written note name, look kindly old, she advised me to go blind, last month said, her husband is a colleague, now just in return is to rest.

    This date I actually met a few times, Marin de side imbalance is more serious, around the neighborhood colleagues are eager to hold the line, but always settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

    Nana is afraid I remarried to leave her, so I never thought to find, sometimes it is due to human face and to the past, a few times are because I don't even let the man changed his mind.

    Before the world chaos badly, life expectancy is not long, this also led to what efficiency.

    A meeting as long as not too hate, often ran to the hotel, so jump in for me this day / towards the background of the people too much.

    After the man refused, will change the target, is probably not willing to waste their time? The battle for the line of life and death, they also do not have much thoughts on women.

    Unfortunately, I extremely hate chauvinism and objectify women thought.

    So ah ~ 10 years down, I won the "blind date" in the hospital rankings ranking.

    In recent years, along with the old matchmaking is less, I do not know how many ears clean, the neighbors always love my brain colleagues because of Nana and the children of her father was single, I actually do not know the day of love.

    Of course, not sexual orientation is different, three.

    I have always felt that the woman is a man if you want to maintain the confidence of tragedy, but here many men believe that women in addition to children, is probably only the bed can relieve physical and mental function.

    Three is how to love? I would rather be single but also comfortable.

    But... Rejected a month, today I really hope, the head nurse advised me to go see sincere words and earnest wishes, she said a chat when making ordinary friends.

    The nurse is a warm-hearted man, a matchmaker nickname in the hospital, she reportedly brokered without a pair is not successful, no one to not happy: Uh, she is my boss, however, refused too thoroughly offend people?

    Don't offend the boss, I only took her for her kindness, and I own my own understanding, it will not be successful, take a look at it and see.

    Slow work, replace the overalls, I according to a note on the address of this morning, Nana said she had recently had a big experiment in follow up, every night will not come back, she will sleep in the dormitory for the Security Department of science.

    So, a person too lazy to cook or eat out occasionally.


    According to the address of head nurses to grope in the past, the paper stated the meeting place is located in the town business district a food village, I am a bit surprised, to say that dating site selection is a certain degree of performance.

    The blind man to the attention or not, and his quality of life.

    However, it is less so high.

    The best food in Marin Zhuang agreed within the consumption level of the whole island Clifford. Of course this is not on her nightclub street, but single refers to ordinary leisure venues.

    The nurse said someone saw my picture, well, as to why my photos can be read by others to It is without rhyme or reason., this is the small details not be held, as his own boss too enthusiastic.

    Arrived at the place after the door had to store the service way, I call the two navy man who appeared graciously led away.

    Dressed in a cloak, a stitch is the rank of lieutenant, another young soldier costume, two people not strict attitude and polite, simply called the gas.

    Not long ago, three people entered the food inside the village.

    Turn a hanging flower arch, eyes see and lobby decorated different style, back shaped wooden hallway around the courtyard, Zhu Hong is exquisite garden railing, Nagareizumi deer, Anxiang floating.

    A mapping of shallow water extends to the porch, gently shaking a few beautiful tail Koi swimming leisurely.

    When the night is coming, the hospital and the lights, apparently in full.

    Walking in the corridor on the wooden door, across the paper, three kinds of pure indoor line quiet music, mixed in men and women laugh, is not yet come night Yun shallow ambiguous atmosphere.

    Look at the next one step ahead of the Cape Paojiao Dangqi twists and turns, I silently silent toothache start.


    Walk on one side is entirely absorbed, and the house maid opened the door, we just passed a pedestrian, a glimpse inside the eyes I saw several men in Western dress and leather shoes.

    Uh ~ vaguely as if... But soon after the room, I immediately put some children just saw a familiar figure behind, probably is an illusion... ?


    Painted four flowers paper door gently, guides the closed hands straight upright in the side door, I glanced at the small steps forward, indoor, heart suddenly settle down.

    Not for anything else, for I know tonight is the success rate of blind is more than expected to reduce many.

    Kicked into the room, behind the door quietly on the Xuan paper, I smiled politely, gently motioned to sit in the position in accordance with each other, thanks to today wearing dress, otherwise it really is rude to.

    The room is not what strange things, shallow blue tatami, Zhu Hong made, and the style of decoration led to the guests to sit, I'm wearing a dress skirt is better than good, at least not exposed outside the thigh.

    A man sitting at the side of the white cloak hanging behind the winding generals on the ground, looks very formal in Western dress and leather shoes.

    Two people on each other look a bit at a loss about what to do, I do not know why the stiff, perhaps a bit disappointed? I looked at him and then looked flat, determined never earlier than him opening.

    I forgot, the head nurse has now cut home sit to brigadier general position, her mouth 'husband colleagues' is brigadier general, men rank badges embroidered I think, by the way of horror.

    The nurse was given a "big surprise".


    After a while, the man hissed cough broke the calm, see I looked at the past, he raised the corners of the mouth, smiled a gentle smile looks very difficult.

    I am also very difficult to smile back.

    Seeing this, he coughed again, like the sound of choking astringent said. "Caroline and Fritz. Saiernier, you said?"

    Er, it's not, I don't wear a black line, nor nod nor nurse shook his head, really didn't mention his name, she also did not say what, I don't know that I forgot to ask her to leave, or busy.

    But... I smile, "Anna, is a nurse, home..."

    "Hey ~ I know I know." The man softly interrupted, received a close look, seem to want to laugh, "miss Anna might forget that we had met before."

    "This is I asked Caroline about the meeting." When speaking he reached over and gently shook my hand down on the table and then quickly recovered, but sincere tone, "I believe that miss Anna would understand my sincerity."

    "Eat first? Miss Anna must be hungry, is really rude."


    Say, the Commodore, quite demeanor.

    Well, not all his lingering momentum to kill it, but I believe that some young girls don't mind, men can not rely on appearance in women in the very popular, so I am very confused.

    I had seen what? Listen to his words, actually I don't think the nurse matchmaking interest broke out, but the man requested the meeting?

    I don't remember you seen the Commodore, not to mention what people will remember doing entranced.

    Really remain perplexed despite much thought.


    Confused to confusion, today this meal was quite relaxed atmosphere.

    Brigadier Fritz Mr. said he was not good with words, so eating when he said little, staring eyes told me not to hate, at least... Not what desire / hope / bone exposure.

    Out of courtesy, I even drank two cups of wine.

    Wait until the end of the main meal, maid dishes served cautiously without any noise, the new tea house, another two people alone, look relaxed Fritz, "said Mr. low opening party the other party chatter without stop smiling without a word, that is no chance."

    "Miss Anna..."

    He has not yet finished, someone whispered to disturb paper outside, "commodore."

    Then the door closed open, has been waiting outside the lieutenant hands raised in carrying things, "below from Physalis, commodore."

    Yubi, agreed to put a lieutenant into the interior of the basket gently put down a few, after the exit to go fast.

    Perhaps because of the trouble, Brigadier Fritz away impolite behavior was repeated changes, finally looked like hide embarrassments in a basket, "new world produced fruit is very delicious."

    He also go through a few from the inside out a pass me, then said, "to make the juice is also good, want to have a try?"

    With downcast eyes looked at the fruit near, I froze, perhaps I did not respond, his hands stiff back, Sese said, "I'm sorry I just miss Anna..."

    He stammered an apology, for just behavior is not very clean, but now my attention is not on the side, I keep staring at the basket on the desk was a berry, is very scary.


    The hand pulled the basket inside the rapid rake few, scary determine hidden, I suddenly looked up and shouted, "don't put it into his mouth, this stuff is poison!"

    A man of action, a look of surprise.

    Suddenly, the door was flung open the paper, "Commodore?" Lieutenant.


    The following is a mess.
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