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    Before the storm, is extremely calm.


    Stand in the player Rest Area, I looked down from the height of the building two, Dressel Rosa bullfighting arena visibility is high, several of the travel magazine mentioned it, almost as the country's landmark buildings.

    I don't want to have some day in the future, the magazine had an "excited" gladiatorial games identity here.

    I'm just unbearable.

    Maybe someone will feel very funny? For a two dimensional figure into the feelings, Lianlianbuwang for many years, and now he is against nature.

    The feeling that lengnuanzizhi people such as drinking water, even when just active in the screen and on paper figures, the original story is my fascination with over ten years of legend, because reality there are too many things have to compromise, so we yearn for the dream of freedom.

    Potter Castro D Esther, as an idiotic powder, wait to be Anna, and that those characters live in a world, that dream become a reality feeling, I can not find the adjectives can describe.

    But he died, died at the time and place to.

    I can only see his death -- I can't stand from the old newspaper.

    See the burning fruit in the promotion game outside the screen, like the TV shopping program as commodity sales pitch by innumerable people today, a moment of anger arise spontaneously prompted me to enroll in the competition.

    Burn fruit is Potter D Castro EIS devil fruit ability, is something freckles.


    Exhaled a heavy gas, under the pressure of mind disturbed those thoughts of reason, I turned around at the floating on the railing of a ghost eyes, could not help but also sighed.

    This is a situation full of bad guys.

    Donquixote Rossi Nandy, the sea rogue's brother, the son of Warring States marshal, Navy undercover... And the room painted on the strange costume, and I've seen a few eyes in Post Bar tidbits of information, before the dragon people ah

    Look at this identity complex, enough books for vertical spread?

    At first I just want to get some information to cheat a ghost, the results actually provoke a big trouble /, is really unexpected.

    Although he does provide a lot of / scene secrets, or trouble.

    But since it has been brought out, before the fall of human, I hope he will not be what is wrong.

    What Earthbind spirit is bound for years suddenly empty -- I won't back that "because of excessive contact power that soul virtual variation of blame".

    One Piece made a virtual dimension to... This is not fun, but a tragedy.

    Wanted to think, and then it was many more complex events to be solved much head spasmodic pain, so I put my hand rubbed his forehead, always feel very bad.

    A word not just through this thing, I have a habit, who knows this is buanpailichupai it?

    It was careless, so long I have no sleep.

    If confirmed from the strange attitude of Warring States marshal, I still can't believe my guess: This is into another world, rather than originally thought to be only from seven of water fell into the other islands.

    To determine the truth of the feelings of the moment, almost inexplicable.

    More annoyed, I still silly sakazuki will leave indulgence.

    The Anna distance is two years later, the same background of world top war is already over - I was not sure, sakazuki general body is not more strange things happened.

    With the information collected and comparing separately before his attitude will be able to see that there must be what is wrong, but I can't find him, no way to confirm.

    I think the red dog generals should be hiding from me? If you know what the man, in his character will take advantage of make a surprise move, even if this is not our world.

    The man can not change the world because of different intention, Admiral, sakazuki Sakas Ki, first met that year until now, the slightest cold style evils have not changed.

    He can't stop, I know, because I find it too late, no matter what he would do to deploy all has the first step now, unless he offered to contact, I cannot even find him!

    Cannot use reason Island fruit, also in the "truth in the Warring States Marshal did not recognize Anna 'announced a moment out -- this is not the Anna of the world, even if the same background, there will be different in detail.

    Shimashima Kami, here is afraid of someone else, that is why I cannot use ability.

    It also is not here because I and his world, sakazuki's sugar into toys will be sequela, his memory confusion, instead of the original "toys and related will lose all the memory about toys.".

    These kinds of errors, is colliding with the paradox of law.

    The failure of the devil fruit ability, Dressel Rosa disappeared in the country are bustling streets in the depths of the red dog generals, of course I can't find.

    The most Zaoxin is from the point of view of sakazuki general response, he is likely because of the error caused by the collision rule... Know some dont know, after all the world 'zarcas based' is there, now the body is for admiral.

    With a different world... The depths of the same time when the two sides have what strange intersection, perhaps not unbelievable.

    Now I have a headache very much.

    Than likely 'know the future' or 'possessed' admiral sakazuki Sakas Ki, now I'm on the edge of the "Navy undercover before Tianlong" Quixote Luo southwest Di, is a little small problem, not what trouble.


    Unfortunately, once again think of those problems is very Zaoxin, sore head immediately become more and more serious, even a little towards the development trend of migraine.

    After, silent to a wave of pain, hand rub down my brow, raised his eyes toward the "disease" caused by ah ~ increase another reason to see the past.

    Have a headache in addition to psychological factors, and environmental factors.

    It's too noisy, quiet is not the heart.

    The game hasn't started, players have to burn in the racket, fruit, lots of odd shape characters stampede in, everybody's face is full of prize winning overweeningly ambitious.

    From my admission registration, and then to now, the contestants in a continuous line gradually increased, it looks like it will complete the list of previous stadium entrance that seemed to miss.

    Today the competition is expected to exceed five hundred.

    When the distance from the start time is early, I got the number is No. two hundred, etc. for a long time and in the players continue to join... A person is very noisy, even small conflicts occur from time to time.

    A few minutes ago I looked outside hanging on the top of the arena audience time display screen, and from the start
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