The author wants to say words: ah ~ update

    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    At night there ah ah ~ ~ the old rules

    The distant horizon is when a white fish maw in accordance with the agreement, I am GHOST under the leadership of Mrs. Baby-5, quietly left the courtyard girl.

    This will be four o'clock or early, non typical summer / Island climate Dressel Rosa has the night will do, the sun rises from the sky the stars fade, but there is some time, well, just is a good opportunity to slip away, so starting.

    Before departure, the ghost asked why choose such a time to start questioning, when opened his eyes wide, bright eyes full of curiosity.

    I don't want to answer, although in general, night - time high is the good chance to come, with the odd "after twelve people absolutely are not allowed to go out" the ban, Dressel believe Rosa after midnight must have happened not to be divulged.

    This time, most of the palace within the armed forces must be concentrated to somewhere -- is a good time to escape.

    The ghost sang troubled, I know but will not be responsible for the interpretation of what.

    Because the answer is more difficult, it is my long night wandering in summary, Ma Linfude's experience than the night, in fact, really easy to slack in dawn.

    The night is long past, long time tension under consciousness will produce a false sense of security, this period of chaos and night dawn intersection is the real time, defensive mistakes.

    If want to escape, but you have to pick the point.

    But ~ I don't say this to a pirate listen to tips.

    Even if his eyes really make you feel good, male temptation is not up to me to the extent of color wise, omega = =.


    Next, go (fog!).

    Xu was worried about the accident I distracted, the ghost chatter without stop one night no longer from the mouth of a word, previously asked questions are not answered did not show any discomfort, occasionally go back and make sure I was not keep up, he even didn't do the extra action, translucent body with floating suspension float, speed is not very fast but it is definitely not slow.

    In this regard, I am personally very happy, in addition to the other understanding (fog!) Is pleased, more also to his ability is very satisfied.

    The ghost was indeed died many years (fog!) Don't spend too much time, avoid clever hidden corners secretly to more peripheral stealth sentries.


    Before the dawn of time quiet and beautiful.

    The sky with beautiful ignorance cage courtyard, corner inadvertently caught a glimpse of a wild profusion of vegetation between half buried in the fountain sculpture, on both sides of the road branches swaying crimson brocade white petals between coagulation and dew, called stunning scenery, but I have no time to enjoy them.

    I can only hire a ghost as Mr. wizard, I must watch him from accidentally lost, must also be alert to the situation around, in order to avoid the other subconscious because others are invisible, reckless action.

    You know, he is a ghost nobody see, but I will certainly be found ah

    In a word carefully without mistake.

    In addition, I found that really started to act, Dressel Rosa in the palace guard, than originally expected so many.

    Especially the heart of the king and the cadres who live, in fact, each seemingly in smooth water, high ground are hidden with surveillance of snails, each channel are also equipped with patrol and keep alert.

    Fortunately, as I predicted, on top of the distribution of Mr specter guards in the palace, under his leadership they can be just perfect the plug / network and monitor the dead guard into the gap, almost relaxed from the core of the palace.

    And then --

    To go out like a spider web like complex and intensive surveillance network, time consuming as much as previously planned, the way I was a little wary of peace of mind, look at the front lead ghost figure, although not very obvious, but a few lines tight relaxation points.

    So, he is probably relieved, I think.


    Leave the core zone, the first step to the completion of the project, then:

    A marathon with my ghost Ke continue to avoid being seen, took the time to turn into a look not so obvious luxury, even some shabby... From the king and the cadres of the family home is not near, but absolutely does not belong to the core zone of the region.

    He asked, well, I agree, must first perform before leaving the agreement -- to call his family, of course, for he is hiding in the area call snail.

    As for how he can call for a ghost hiding insect body, no need to care about the small details, I don't need to worry about other tricks, even if there is not that what he said, what I hear, at the same time...

    I hold his future.

    ~ that killing awe inspiring say something no more right? So, I would like to believe that the ghost is out of the marathon Mr. Ke premise of voluntary cooperation, a wonderful prospect plan.

    He and I agreed on the plan last night, ah ~


    In order to secure to rely on state of mind, I chose a less prominent position stood a little rest, Mr ghost looking for him that only an unsettled state of mind. phone snail.

    Do not know what is the telephone stocking snails, which will he find, from time to time went into the bushes, and floated into the air from time to time to look around, anyway...

    Wait, he will not find within a short time the way I look up the environment for transfer to:

    Compared to the core area of courtyard exquisite gorgeous, trim clothing seamless day / every tree and bush, he took me to this area is poor, or the rough?

    It is said that here is located between the servants and laborers two residential areas are rarely to the semi public area, full of flowers, green flowers extend to depths of cobblestone winding path...

    The scenery and atmosphere are small fresh, is supposed to be the garden?

    He looked at the place, I silently surmise.

    Is a good place to enjoy the cool air and a palace, if a master, or what... A ruler of this place and time, estimates often caught wild mandarin.

    Keke! Don't blame me for flying brain hole, it is, here is the atmosphere of garden ancient European palace, wearing a skirt ladies ladies in the middle of the night and the smell of roses filled handsome lover secret private...

    Well, I thought, he immediately turned away to the winds of some can't be described, in the heart of TUT sound.

    Look at this to cover the lush grass path, plants and branches grow wild, fallen leaves of the pavilion bench, estimated for a long time nobody care of it, it is no wonder that can call the snail stocking.

    The arrow up arrow is straight to the ghost of flowers drill, which will follow behind the... This.


    Have been waiting for a moment, I even have to open the brain hole I silently back a flying self pumping pumping mouth, rather sigh not far away at the scene:

    The ghost can't touch anything, he can only be careful with behind it - odd is the snail looks nothing like the wild, carrying it for communication equipment, this is not wild creature the wrong things.

    I had thought it was found in the garden of wild call snail, he took me to come to think of some way to get caught a communication device to use, because of the palace's communication network is / / listen to the risk of unsafe.

    The results, it seems not?

    There are --

    Oddly, I always feel that the phone is in the ghost of Mr. snail along designated routes to move.

    Drill out from a dense Bush to climb pebbles, straight towards my direction, from time to time and the twist in the past, with two small tentacles... Like some of the information that the contact field, it is the object behind the Ke marathon?



    Staring at a leisurely two for a moment, seeing the snail speed is really worry, I had to take the initiative to meet up, it stopped at the overgrown trails, and also by surrounding vegetation found here may fluctuate block line of sight.

    Then, the squat and this little head, looked at it for a few seconds, I raised his eyes, looked at the same seemingly squat down and the snail's united front Ke marathon, "you have?"

    We are asking for a closer look found that some small things older, than those who use relatives on the market, it has become old, originally the retirement, but it is on the back with the communications equipment, is more than a dozen years ago version, rusty, a perennial exposed to the weather without maintenance it will be scrapped.

    The snail telephone communication network is borrowed from the biological special radio equipment, precision or not largely affect the use of it, more than a dozen years ago now had to withdraw from the market version...

    In addition, the communication device in front of the more I do not have any signs of the style, ordinary, is a civilian version of the market, it should belong to private property.

    If the phone is originally the snail mrs.... About the previous scene is not illusion, I think.

    The human eye can't see the soul, other creatures may have special field to respond to it? Small things to be aware of the original owner, so he continued to be.

    In my eyes, Mrs. nodded, "well, it is my."

    After the opening paused and whispered, "it was here one day somehow ran into the garden, I finally found it..." Speak up his hand, fingers painted com volley small things back, "it is only..."

    I do not know how here suddenly silent, this translucent ghost ghost, painted lip mouth into a straight line, face to the complex look, in the end did not continue to say what.

    After a period of time is quiet.

    When determining not below, I closed his eyes and began to open, ""

    The voice falls in the moment, nothing in the translucent shadow shuddered, drooping eyes by raising shock like, speak not agile, "i... I..."

    "I'm in a hurry!" I categorically interrupt him choking voice, the distance between the blind eyes quickly gathering dismayed and uneasy, quickly grabbed the hand, he couldn't back the wrist:

    It is called "! Now! Immediately!"

    Buy a set from hand did not have to go back, isn't it?


    Hold in the palm of the sense of nothingness with stiff for a while, that in me even more ferocious eyes hesitatingly, slowly began to toggle the little snail on the back of the digital communication key.

    Then, I looked to the side at some, do not want to see him very Zaoxin expression.

    I know what he wants, even his struggle to guess eight / nine out of ten, it is more important to the decision, compilcated, to face the more shilly-shally, this is It's only human., I understand.

    However, I was really in a hurry, no patient, he struggled talking about, just tough for him to decide.

    Last night on a good deal is simple: I helped him to contact his family, he helped me escape the palace -- as he lost more than 10 years of father suddenly received calls will frighten son out somehow...

    I don't care.

    I will tell him the truth, such as "call that caused the accident received the" summer version of ghost stories, he is not responsible I persist in wilfully and arbitrarily!

    It will not be frightened the old man.

    This wonderful very great channel boundaries do not represent, lost contact with anything in today's world that run amuck pirate, which is not completely lost contact with my family?

    Even through the update to make sure is not alive, it is not absolute.

    At least after the arrest of secret detention examples.

    People only Gore.D. Roger that can lead the world has the accident, death will be well known to all the world government deliberately promote.

    Ke Moumou pirates ghost marathon this year although the cadres, perhaps a little fame, but definitely not to his life, the whole world knows the extent -- because I was not impressed, embarrassed.

    His family may not know that he is dead?

    The up arrow arrow so all this ghost complex mentality, I won't be responsible, missing more than ten years are suddenly able to reconnect with various family and worry about the germination of hesitation sad, and I never mind, I am in a hurry --

    So, this poor foot Rimmon by me.



    JJYY dial the phone number of Mr. specter shaking like shaikang, several hand slip and return to the wrong number, I don't have to quietly clutched his wrist while waiting to complete the contract.

    In fact, there is not something to tell him, through my hand can touch things, his voice does not need to transfer, other means, this is a heavy security.

    I played the mind, after all, is not completely trust him.

    As for the perfect communication income slightly, he will not regret the problem... Well, I wasn't a bit worried.

    There is a saying that good: desire / hope is endless, but people are always more than.

    The fact at the beginning, how could not follow.


    The quiet time waiting, after a long time, finally through call relatives phone dial out smoothly.

    The old phone snail opened his eyes wide, grinned with fine teeth, a PRR waiting tone sounded in silence.




    But the waiting time is long than I expected a lot.

    The distant unknown the other side has not picked up the news communication.

    Mr specter of silence in my back, he painted the picture full of exaggerated tattoo lip gloss clown makeup face, thick Lennon li oil powder can cover the forehead and look forward to.

    Gradually, with a little bit of time in the past, and slowly become restless and anxious.

    Then, for a long time or no movement, the little snail cried hoarse, until his eyes dim light at this moment, the last line of light almost disappeared, almost to be treated as no one answered the waiting tone suddenly stalled.

    The unknown distance, finally someone pick up this phone call.

    I Mi Mi eyes, gaze on the phone to the snail slowly face, long waiting for this moment finally -- if the ghost play me through any pirate communication, so...

    But if it is ordinary family, so...


    Mind flying, I once again aware of the confines of the palm ghost Ke marathon starts shaking, compared to previous shaikang, communication on now, he is like a certain high attack violent shaking, apparently unable to control emotions.

    But strangely, the microphone that car and no sound from the quiet, badly, call Snail expression didn't completely anthropomorphic, just stay in a strange reaction.

    Like... The other side of the unknown, someone picked up the phone and it aside, hold your breath?

    This is what happens?

    Is beyond the expected development not have an inkling of me, not wait until the news had raised his eyes to the marathon ghost Ke, originally wanted to sketch him to speak I let the voice in the past, but do not want to see his eyes rounded, actually! Give me!

    Silent crying tears ah!

    Cry cry! I want fried instant.

    You did not hear the voices, if not your family? If you dial the number off was revived now is someone's home number?!

    The same moment accumulation to Tucao blowout in the throat and mouth to go, when I open my mouth, trying to spray a face that ghost cry haw salt soda, but the next second, suddenly heard a voice on the other side of the microphone be long in coming:

    First, carefully, can't believe it, close to the dreamlike whispering, "Rossi?"

    Then, after a few seconds the voice tone increased somewhat, "Rossi!"

    = = = ghost Ke marathon why is called "Rossi" or "Rossi" is not a ghost's marathon real name, I don't know, I didn't have time to see his reaction, because!

    Hear the microphone that car sound, for a moment I only feel the people are not very good, in order to accurately describe the moment I feel it -- it is:

    At the moment the clouds above an irresistible force!

    Fog grass! Listen to listen to! This voice!

    Really, Ma egg! How do I feel now, you won't know too much longevity?!


    However, I only have time in my mind to detonate tons / fried bomb, suddenly flung and woke up to God, because the car shouted twice, I was suddenly broken here Mr specter clutched the wrist, and tightly fastened moment reversal, my hands.

    "Help me!"

    He stayed in my Leng Leng looked over time, the disease said, "let him hear my voice!"

    - originally, he also knows... I reserved the means?

    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, I looked at the distance between the ghost in the eyes of Mr. sharp Mouguang in vain, tut sound, then took out already prepared props, a piece of paper, then it was attached to the snail in communication, shell.

    In an instant, with his telephone and snail as the center, the halo halo spread in the air in the shallow layers of outline pattern.

    In the gate of V2.0.

    Keke! See not much difference between effect and expected, I received a hand, the time is touched by his wit -- it is what, because a general kizaru began using the correct souling inscription, so I am inspired to write the modified version.

    Can be filled with fish and not worry about the secret, it is clever ah!

    Tinkling se, smile scissorhands.


    Light light up the moment, Mr. ghost seemed to react, but he quickly recovered, eyes staring at the wrong good vision, with the pale lines accumulated in eyes, and a large slit, looks quite strange.

    Seeing I hum the sound impatient to wake him, at the same time. In the little snail shell on the hand, then lifted her chin, with her eyes to tell him "can speak freely", that is what...

    What's Rossi Rossi... Really...

    Second, the rapid transfer of Mr. specter of receiving attention, attention turned to the little snail in communication, lips not observable shudder.

    I took the opportunity to take out the mouth, mercilessly.

    It is no wonder that emotional ~ ~

    Whether the ghost or microphone over there, it will certainly have the excitement, I really understand.

    His father died ten years ~ ~

    I was broke!

    Waited for a moment, perhaps finally calm excited mood? Ghost Mr. has received his face the tears face, dumb voice, open mouth, "is i."

    Don't let his voice calm mood is distorted, "small gamigo."

    To hear him speak, the other side suddenly came a microphone sharp gasping sound, through the phone can see the snail, the people there face distorted, mixed with joy and shock, grief and pain.

    Complex emotion unspeakable, strong to this moment of violence / dew.

    "Here..." After the opening stop, if the other side of the spread choked micro can not be heard, a moment later only voice sounded again, "is the way."


    Then no more, can use emoticons to express all directly:

    Ghost: blood, blood Ke marathon them them

    The microphone over there: (:::: epsilon, 3)


    Over the phone game like a snail, on both sides of patience than a silence, a more than a day, don't cry.

    I continue to:............


    Waited and waited, and waited, until I run out of patience almost mad angry a moment ago, silent tears two finally return to the topic.

    Is there a microphone to break the calm, although his mood is not calm:

    "Rossi, where are you? Don't deny yourself - "fierce questions before the second, the voices became excited," Rossi, come home, no matter where you are!"

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Ghost Ke voice is some helpless marathon, only not stop crying apology, "I'm sorry, can't go back, I'm really sorry -"

    "I love you, father." This bite shouted, his face crying very ugly, and put my hand to pull the microphone end communication -- but at the side of where I will look at fiercely as a tiger does as his wish?

    The microphone was I eye to grab their hand, glanced at the face stuck the specter of one eye, then the tentacles on the little snail's eyes, gloomy smile, "good day, Warring States marshal."

    With the microphone was sold, my greetings convey out, the little snail majestic tears miraculously disappeared, anthropomorphic expression changed... Extremely solemn.

    The car's admiral oh no, according to newspaper reports, the former marshal of the current Navy large inspection, deep voice tone openings, tight, with open hostility, "who are you?"

    "Anna." I honestly zibaojiamen, after a pause, look carefully at the anthropomorphic reaction -- then sighed, "you don't know me, is really good."

    I then got together with the microphone over there on the edge of the ghost Ke marathon, both revealing the expression response is obviously rather baffling, don't understand my promise and then deny in succession.

    But never mind, they don't understand is really too good!

    This is the moment since altitude fall, until just for me, the most exciting news: the Warring States Marshal don't know 'Anna', really! Excellent!

    Guess the indistinct have been answered, what tell me to relax?


    Thought, the mood in my tone are much better, "the Warring States marshal, I can't answer any of your questions now, if you are interested to come ~ Dressel Rosa"

    With the rapid completion of the ghost Ke blocked marathon movement, smooth and clean off the phone.

    I raise the eyes, smiling in front of her stupefied ghost said, "if you are lucky, when I arrived in the Warring States Marshal still, you can see a father."

    "Just as I."

    "Hey? Aye Aye?" He is more sluggish, issued several meaningless onomatopes, then stuttered opening, "why would you..."

    Listen to the voice of the former navy commander? I pricked up my forefinger against the lips than a calm action, that is not a secret, I know the Ke marathon identity, previous hostility vanished, but now also not explained when.

    Because... A few minutes ago there appeared at this time is approaching.

    Obviously, the ghost to calm down quickly also aware of this, he glanced at me, then got up, went straight in the air, overlooking condescending.

    I put on the phone on the shell of a snail paper torn down, destroyed, then picked up the spirit of gas become very good small things, originally wanted to release it, then I changed my mind in their own pockets.

    Up arrow arrow but this link to the com ~ in the Warring States Marshal released a pirate site is how Bo Tim Tin Mat move, still received, in case... Um ~

    I'm here to collect snails, and stood up and put a pair of heaven Peace reigns over the land. The appearance of ghost also falls back down to the ground, apparently also saw my actions, but he did not oppose, but at my eye and look at another direction:

    This overgrown plants is deserted area, some nine and eighteen in a curved path, to the position of people.

    After a short silence, and a ghost of my eyes, it was hidden from here slowly go out.

    Originally expected to run into what people, so:

    The resourceful.


    After a while, away from the central path full of weeds, some went to the open position when I saw this person.

    Early in the morning from the servants went to here is the residential area... Ada, moving direction is the square of army cadres the courtyard, seems to be to start the day's work? After all, is a personal maid ~

    But she saw I was very surprised, the two sides face to face, she immediately went up quickly out of the way, and said, "Mrs. Xi'an exposed you in this game, very good, you are looking around for nihoul adults!"

    Look and tone are... The speech is very normal, and on hand grabs me, not to refuse the momentum, take me away, "Lord commanded, see you to take you to see him at once, please come with me, Mrs. Lu Xi'an!"
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