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    They were mine ~ message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    No more tears will have all of that moment, too many perplexing feelings, when they are running slowly with tears, all out of every little bit of orbital... The rest of the... Is cool.

    With the silent wail do not know how long time, such as the old newspaper in his hand clenched, be thorough penetration of moisture erosion into a mush, i... Uh ~ no way continued to cry.

    This group has conveniently lost waste paper scrap, and filled with colored snacks from tea and newspapers on the desktop to find a napkin, it wiped clean face, after -

    I opened my eyes swollen eyelids, with a pair of sure like fish bubble eye swollen eyes, tightly pegged to the top of the desktop, open the sepulchral:

    "I said, when people are sad, you can not swing aiyan?"

    Here I cried up up up tears awake is ashamed, you are living in a result meter less than the distance, suspended at the top of the desktop, like eagle-eyed, is obviously to I just see crystal clear.

    Don't know what the 'death is the fastest who knows most "?

    Voice down, suspended in Tasikmalaya over the desktop about a meter high figure was the black translucent a stiff, even his eyes could not see Liu Qi from the face, raised his hands clutching his cheek for paintings [shout] like reaction, to know that this is a scare.

    Thriller a few seconds, suddenly he scrambled to swim away from the table above the plane, flying like pull to the side, then landing on his feet and take big legs covered with confusion run, quickly from one side of the wall directly wear out.

    The room should be to escape out well

    He walked through the wall is the exterior wall of the building.

    I stared at him like a dog chasing behind as people fled, seated no words, just sneer at.

    This ghost has come for a moment, I was reading the newspaper previously empty talk to him.

    Probably think that no one can see? From there he aisle wall wear in, was first, then came in the inside and outside look, and found the room I was the only one, just as relieved as curious full up, look left and right, also do not know what to look strange.

    During the trick on me do many faces, not a bit funny.

    The last is floating like princess lying... In the table above.

    I can't see over.

    Originally should not see if I were a person, unfortunately, I have not (fog!) In addition, it is a pity that I feel extremely bad.

    So, what anger no pressure.


    Not long after, I sat in the chair and even posture did not change, the ghost escape back through the wall.

    The first is a head out from the walls of the central half, sneaking into the house, I found that Peek (deliberately look away) without looking at him, he hesitated to retract head, and separated, again carefully through the wall into the interior of the whole people.

    I squint, sight was emptying, wood face sitting down.

    Corner corner, a black fluffy coat shrank into a ball into the house next to the wall circling around for several laps, and finally could not help but like a curious cat, trembling towards the sofa near here.

    Step, step, step, wrapped in the black coat with ruffled feathers like plush to shake shake ah, believe that if I do what, the ghost will immediately turn out.

    Up arrow up I won't give him a chance, so, before he entered the control range, I was quiet as a sculpture.

    He approached the dilly dally, when up to two or three step distance to stop, head cocked at will, then a small voice whispered, "I see? Is an illusion?"

    To answer it, and then tried to arm out in front of me, with more than a dozen centimeters position waved, against the blind man, seems to want to try what I can see.

    A moment later, probably think I eyed look like not visible, he withdrew his hand and was relieved, and then did not hold back to take two steps forward, leaned over, lowered his voice, "Hey, don't really see me? Miss?"

    Strange and clear tone, voice is soft, with a shallow tone of disappointment.

    This time he got close, let me see much of his face clearly - strange clown makeup, lip gloss bright outline pick Saibian mouth, while under the eyes painted a clump of inverted thorns like pattern, color like a tattoo.

    Lennon Li. Cover the young face through the pale golden Weijuan hair neat bang gap, a pair of eyes...

    Flung up his hand, seize the distance between this ghost arm, I accurately looked at him, seedpeople liekai the mouth, the next second, suddenly turning the wrist.

    With my palm on the force, the temperature there is no wipe empty light...

    In a three hundred and sixty degree rotation...

    Then, I beat the wrist sinking, then loosen the shackles - he fell to the ground on the soundless and stirless.

    Back hand, sight several degrees lower on the edge of a chair on the ground, I hum the sound, open it slowly, said:

    "I see, you said is nonsense."


    Xu is very suddenly? This ghost hit back on the ground, the pad fur coat, flat on his back, staring eyes.

    Previously a real mess / let him some panic, red heart shirt with wide body and flipped several breaks, it will open the tight muscle / skirt storm shows.

    Uh oh ~ ~.

    The small red hat also wrong, with the hat dropped, a head of curly hair was messy, Liu Qi is more dispersed, revealing a pair of stare round very dull eyes.

    Such as deep brown eye color warm, bright eyes clear, if autumn zhan.

    I stared at him from heart, tut sound, children's eyes, no shadow is bright, so the eyes of adults... Must chest without dust, pity.

    He is dead.

    It looks like he has not recovered, I do not worry disturb him, even to the eyes, so it is worth.

    I know he will come back.

    Because he is dead, here except me, no second people are able to find him, to his eyes -- I have had similar experiences, so empathy.

    Then on the doctor, kiriu Cang son's funeral in the ancestors of Anna, and Hezekiah with white tiger dragon club birth of the child, I had a such as dead as the existence of time.

    Who can imagine the kind of lonely, the real world grand lush, countless people lived belong to the living of ordinary people can not grief at separation and joy in Union, aware of the alien existence has just bystanders.

    This is unique to the living world.

    Lingering souls, but lonely die, no other way to go.

    In the game there. Peake found Niort this ghost, I know that he has been lonely for a long time, up to many people in the room, with a grimace, doing all kinds of fantastic antics, as the... It is hoped that someone found it?

    But because no one knows too well, but as a pleasurable occupation.

    No one can see, no one can hear, not found... No matter how long the time is extremely lonely.

    Very lonely?

    So that I can see, how can he not come back.

    Like a drowning man will tightly hold the hands of the straw, even knowing that it brings is not only to save, the emptiness of hope, will not let go.

    I'm sure this ghost reaction of the others.

    Because, even if the situation is similar, at this moment, I also like a drowning man -- even if it is just no reason to guess that a bit of hope, is not willing to give up.

    I have something to him, this ghost confirmed.


    For a long time, in my time waiting, lying at the black hairball woke up to God, was a quiver, then back up and rush out several meters, staring blankly staring at me, don't talk.

    Every will, he didn't go to the body east west touch not touch the board and pen where writing writing, the written word for small highlight to me:

    [iieee?! Really see ah! ]

    A heavy brow shaking, I did not hold back out loud line, "you don't speak dumb stupid idiot!"

    I yelled at end, his shoulder is shrinking, then again to face low, hand brush - and again for primary school board:

    [............ ]

    "What to write and write the ellipsis!" I bared shark teeth, he is directly holding the tablet hung his head, even the ellipsis doesn't write, direct silent, as if be scold become dejected and despondent? A head around the mammoth is Alice stay out of spirits, vaguely as if a little depressed stickers clothes.

    The fish glared at him at a long time, I finally sighed, for he had, but was said to me two angry voices and hard words, put a lifeless look, uh

    It's not because angry beat him? He is dead, although I can touch him, certainly can beat him black and blue, but interesting? He is dead.

    Where the need to care about what meat / body hurt, he even solid wood has, and I really didn't have the heart, look into those like children clear unbelievable eyes, murderous anger choking in the chest what.

    Not to mention I also hope to lure / turn ah no, actually is not cheating! Should be the hope that both sides can peace an honest talk 'well!

    Think, think again, the first is a straight face hengrou, then I try to kindly smile and said softly, "is not in the habit of talking? Okay yo ~ I can hear it "

    The up arrow arrow into a float for many years, no one can take it, then forget how vocal pronunciation? It is possible that Kazakhstan

    Although I don't feel like, because carry paper and pen to write what the board... It is also time living habits? Because too ingrained, so that even the dead are... Uh ~ switch over.

    It is weird like Kazakhstan

    The heart will not stop all the speculation and Tucao, my face is still well ~ even smile radian did not change, thought, and the opening and trying to "the words, what's your name? I always feel that the 'ghost' is a bit rude "


    I'm so gentle and amiable, this ghost actually gave me a tablet, or a string of ellipsis, he held it high in half face, a pair of eyes exposed from the edge, quietly staring at:

    May be I really found his eye, eyes stared round the moment, followed by flat flat, at will, "mrs.." Draw out the word voice across the board, with some distortion, stuffy, low...


    ... Ke marathon? The name or designation? At the moment, the word he will give in the brain thought several times, I received a close mouth smile, "Ke marathon, heart? Red? You are the Donquixote family cadres."

    The Red Army Corps of cards? This ghost?

    It really is... Surprise.


    Found this ghost is likely to be the Donquixote family cadre, I immediately smiling.

    Got up from the chair to the table, a bunch of things packed in to find the Baby-5 girl left behind cigarette and match boxes, holding them, walking in front of this ghost.

    He looked at me from ignorant circle smoke bag pop-up two cigarettes, take a turn one handed out - he just took it the habit of holding in the mouth, I smiled, turned back hand, polished a match lit himself this, then blow out the flame.

    After that, he reached out to pick up other consciousness, and handed over the match box at this moment, I release the finger - print a small nightclub advertising match boxes fall through the soundless and stirless hanging in the air, the moment, the palm of his hand.

    Was a soft sound, match box fall among the two people on the floor, my hands take the cigarette mouth bite, slowly spit smoke, smile.

    He was stupefied, probably did not return to God, a moment later slowly looked down at the foot, paused, and looked up, eyes with extremely unbelievable, the pupil not observable tightening.

    The conversion between the molecule and the spirit of the son is a senior scholar, said you do not know." I put a stick face too profound to be understood expression, neither fast nor slow said, "you only need to know the world, all things, as long as through me, as you can come into contact with the ghost."

    In fact, the "spirit of mutual conversion and molecular sub" theory, I don't know, Ketai ya. Taught me how to run.

    Well, people said that only Washi Todd estimates cannot use the academic language overview, it is instinct, is carved on the bones from birth that day, innate instinct.

    Dissimilar dragon's inheritance, Guizu strength, and the imaginary circle similar creatures and death, is the spiritual power.

    So, through the smoke of my hand and held it to the hands of the ghost Ke marathon, he can get it in the mouth, and when I release the finger, falling match box, behoove will penetrate the ghost shadow, fall on the ground.

    The up arrow up this is my facts tell a ghost... Absolute / confusion - induced through my hand again to contact this things, like living like that again...

    In fact, he has seen a few minutes ago, only temporarily did not react ah ~.


    He just stared at me, messy curls let his face exposed after the small red hat crooked drop, now pick up the brow, eyes full of surprise.

    After a short silence, he took the cigarette mouth, and the finger clip that supported the things of this world one eye immediately up high eyelids, asked softly, "so?"

    "Ghost sang really clever ~" I smiled to smoke cigarette mouth back corner, leaned that is not lit, for he borrowed a fire across the smoke curled up, eyes narrowed slightly, "let's make a deal ~ handsome."

    "We smoke, drink a cup of tea, slowly, how?"



    Then, by year from stark learned skill (= =), I managed to turn the corner to Mrs. ghost house guests sit down, ah ~ I was sitting in the original position, then the next trick I Baby-5 the girl out on the chair.

    Dressed in a black fluffy coat, long legs. The seats filled to overflowing ghost sang, after sitting down like a hyperactive children, didn't stop to touch out of order on the table.

    I do not worry, is on the side of smiling at him -- hand through the teacup, teapot, snacks, newspapers, and I just put out the cigarette in the ashtray...

    Until he was sure that he was originally the only entity can not through the wall, after the shadow, and found the fact that he withdrew his hand, but leaned back in his chair, looked up at the ceiling, not to utter a single word.

    It will open, I smiled, "and Mr. now determined ~ Ke marathon?" Speaking at the same time on the hand out, with a new cup of tea a cup of tea, handed over, "try this Black Tea, taste good"

    Upon hearing this, he bowed his head, staring at the blank handed to the front of the cup, the mouth pursed her hand for a long time, to take over, but did not drink, just staring at the cup of orange red tea, gently said, "Nuovo Le Eli Jerzy tea, family meetings have been using it for more than ten years or did not change."

    Clear voice, tone in indistinct strange mood.

    "Well," I pick out the tip of brow, while he looked down and sipped tea of the moment, you are the harbour evil designs asked, "what year died?" The statement was... Interesting ~

    More than ten years did not change the family meeting special drink style, meaning he died ten years? This than Dressel Rosa fell into the sea rogue hands for a long time...

    Then, he is to die outside later followed to Dressel Rosa?

    If this is -- my plan is estimated to make changes, after all, the ghost can know many things, but also should be more personal privacy / private, other... Unable to contact this ghost of all things, but not too many channels to obtain information.

    My questions have not been answered in a ghost Mr. tea turn a deaf ear to look, I understand this, asked about the dead, the parties appear resentment, too normal.

    Thought, I changed the subject, "we talk about transaction ~ Mrs. mr.."


    My car voice down, and then to see a ghost action mr..

    He put his glasses a bit low, turned around, but not to speak.

    Seeing this, I stand stand hand, come up with one hundred thousand sincere, "don't worry, don't let what you do not want to do." Previously I asked him whether he was the Donquixote family leader, he did not deny that, so, this premeditated uncovering secrets can be omitted.

    And, had been considered "out of sugar do her thing, on the" red "marathon is not Mr. Ke, reveal the slightest wind, lest the New problems crop up unexpectedly.

    Even if he has a pair of childlike eyes no shadow, after confirming his identity, how could I expect... He is the same, he and I are suspicious of the other two people each other.

    With a sigh, I speak to (one), "take me out to the palace, you can do it, right?"

    Since he can match Peake's courtyard. From Niort went to Baby-5's home, is enough to prove that his action is not restricted, more than ten years time enough and he took Dressel the king of Rosa and visited many times.

    For me the way, take me safely away, this thing is absolutely easy for him, only willing to do.

    Since the request, of course, I must also be most willing to let him, so, flash chips:

    "Both parties of course must pay what I can give to his hometown Mr. ghost oh"

    "As long as you are willing to."

    = = = if he will send him to his hometown, I can do it too.

    Open eyes at the same time, the wrong is good stared at him and found him look indifferent, I'll throw out another chip, "of course, if you have to leave here, you can also change the other conditions."


    The following is a period of silence, no ghost Ke marathon that attitude, just staring at me for a long time, for a long time, for a long time that I almost no patience and smiled, muttered, "if I refuse."

    "You have no need to continue to exist, especially like you without power integration." I not take it seriously the shrugged, eyes narrowed, looked at him, smiling, "you may not know, the soul also can be killed."

    He was startled, and looked at me for a moment, and then find out what like laugh like, said, "eyes can really match nihoul, where you are harmless woman ah"

    "You care so much." I am a foxy smile quick answer, a hand lifting somewhat high, let him see clearly, at this moment the palm are little by little from blue light, "I go or not, if can be intercepted..."

    If you have both hands to intercept...

    At this moment, what I see is probably from a face of ferocious expression, ghost face up Mrs. strange smile, replied, "I can take you away from the palace, the condition is"

    Here a few seconds, eyes over a few silk struggle and sorrow, then like courage like down and said, "I need to make a phone call to my father, he... I must be very worried about ten years."
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