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    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    Although open sight, at will, I did not hold back and took the corner to go quietly, because... Ghost ah ~ really very fresh, it is my curiosity is full, have no interest in other things a little while.

    With dark rubbing at unbelievable event mood, didn't look at the steal... Uh ~ except in my house there was no one found the ghost, mr..

    - Black Velvet feather coat, a clown makeup, with horror attitude like a wall burglary, the larger version of Mao Group in the dumpling well, probably also feel that no one can see, so he was a bit as a pleasurable occupation.

    The first is to hunker down, left and right slap slap their shoulders. Not for a while, and stretched himself yawning, narrowed her eyes and a pair of sleepy look straight to overwork...

    And then sit and get up, a floating state, the feet do not touch the ground, just walk to float in front of their own Diamante, raising his hand poke each other's forehead, probably want to revenge? It is because the virtual shadow, the whole arm into the head, uh ~ and the focus of instability? Almost directly across the man fell outside the wall...

    Almost face planted into the wall, not easy to rush to stand, silent breath of several tone, hand wiping off the sweat on his forehead, there could be a silent giggle, then, may be playing enough lying in the air break, put a royal lying posture, light small radian swinging...


    With a variety of performances like ghost move Mr. mime, my wood face as waves of fashion, in fact, the heart of Speechless choke, and mood surge high and sweep forward.

    Uh, really lively

    As a ghost, he was too naughty, is alive and kicking all, fortunately only looks like I see, otherwise it is...


    For the existence of ghosts, to tell the truth, what did not surprise, met. After stark and Lili Ketai, Nate, those years of my life all imaginary circle is a ghost, whether it is false or death, is another form of human body after death ah ~

    There is reasonable.

    So no need to specifically what ah ~ anyway, we are not entangled, people (fog!) Who is, who can not abandon (fog!).

    The key is to live in a world that Anna, ten years did not say, the ordinary people, strange events and my insulation, anyway I certainly did not see what the whenever and wherever possible.

    After the blood completely dissimilar awakening, and today this time in Anna's world, I have only seen three times... Non existence:

    One is the consciousness of isolated back to Marin Clifford, I see the causal chain tangled like half Island cocoon, do a thing like that is Nana... The soul -- bear children alive, just sleeping soul away.

    One is together into the plane cracks and small freckle La Bergerie sauce, who were friends of Habach took the Cenotaph to appease the soul -- with profound regret not going to stay geist, they were bound, perhaps this is called protected in knot.

    There is a time - how fresh!

    This ghost chest can not see the causal chains, consciousness is not caused by the ability, he is really dead, in addition, I do not perceive him to have psychic powers, Dressel Rosa no more... A class of special enchantment crack force field.

    So, how fresh!

    A living (no!) Ghost.

    Anna's world, in my understanding, probably like friends of Habach said, virtual ring and soul society after the collapse, not to bury the soul of death, the human soul to become a mystery.

    Perhaps, is the world's consciousness to generation rules makes the soul the way home... Er, no longer need to use the power of death.

    Originally the corpse soul and imaginary circle are not the soul finally went to, there is a large transfer station.

    The soul is not immortal, whole, death, false, or not possess spiritual powers, will eventually die and die; for a spirit, again after an unknown program, Reiko recondenses, will eventually return to the world.

    This is probably the so-called "reincarnation".

    The "unknown", is the beginning of true divine spirit, even kings have no right to interfere, operating procedure, power, or call it fate, or called the consciousness of the world.

    Pianti, in short, my original cognition is:

    After the corpse soul imaginary circle collapse, the consciousness of the world soul to rebuild the rule, dubbed the "world village", does not need the death force of soul burial, human death, the soul or spirit dissipated into become part of all things, or to enter the town.

    I'm not dead in Anna's world, so I don't know how to correctly interpret a hell of a way to go, of course, also not seen can stay in the human world lingering ghost - like this room now, really, is the first time to see.

    Dust to dust return to the earth, has always been the laws of the world.

    Even if Anna's world is inclusive, basic rule, but still can not shake, but at the moment, I thought this might not stay dead, actually have a very free existence... This is a really unbelievable.

    Neither like no soul as power dissipated, has not been the obsession of erosion become empty, or evil, he is normal, even if it is a lively point also has the reason, and here is the world.

    Whether or not one thousandth of the accident, he must have what special place.


    Lively and fresh are not enough at the moment my heart suddenly broke out... Uh ~ curiosity.

    Unfortunately, the room soon, other people do not give me to observe dark rubbing ghost free time - this will probably finally came in from the accident?

    Get a slap in the face by the way was a blood paste paste face terrified, for a moment, neural reflex arc dull game. Unbelievable, Buniaoer Peake suddenly stepped forward to stop looting... Uh?

    He raised the hand hanging in the air, I thought this moment back to fight back to beat a woman angry ah, and to hear the sound of the thin, like what is the sound of lasing crashed into the target?

    [] sneer - in an instant, this season. Peake pirates Niort block in my sight before the arm, black suit sleeves on the cracked droplets... Flowers, small flowers, blooming moment, splashes of blood by soft cloth absorption, only have a few shallow, not the police's bloody escape.

    He was injured。

    At Niort. Peake, the one hand stopped... Without warning the lasing in hand, almost pierced my... Line?

    "Little lord." He's not looking at me but looks to another, the sea rogue's direction, the micro smooth lips, look with a few silk... Strange means, "little lord."

    As before, the two opening is only a title -- and, again, after a previous tone more, vaguely as if, almost pleading tone.

    Lengleleng, my dull eyes away from the pirates, turned to the injured arm, then he looked at the man.

    Sea rogue, Duofulangmingge. Don Quixote stood not near distance, slightly raised his wrist, as is the habit of putting out a subtle gesture...

    Then, the index finger and middle finger not observable move.

    With the sea rogue that's not good describe gestures match. Peake Niort violent shiver in the air suspension arm, was what was scratching, instant and staggered backward, left arm slumped down on the side of the interval for a moment, a slowly expanding deeper and more bloody in the air.


    The next match. Peake's consciousness on Buniaoer oozed a scarlet cuffs, my eyes narrowed, watching the film spread across the soundless and stirless blood, will slowly lift high the eyelids, looked back to the one who suddenly shot.

    He was once again the use of devil fruit ability, but the line was stopped. Peake nihoul game, if you have not been intercepted, from the point of view, now my eyebrows is estimated to open a hole, or simply cut off the head.

    Oh ~

    So, the previous is not my illusion, and seven Wuhai, sea rogue indeed played a kill, but was stopped two times, match Niort. Peake, block army cadres to be aware of his Lord not murder, it speaks to you?

    To spare my life?

    Oh ~


    "This case was furosemide furosemide ~ also protect her ~" at the scene of a dead sea rogue in the mouth is open, the sound becomes more a bit weird, "this woman is more important than your life? Niort game?"

    Already went to a distance, at the moment and went back, no disease not Xu Mai to him, like a condescending like that upper body slightly forward, purple fashion glasses above the eyebrows together a vertical stripes, mouth, smile with a malicious.

    "It is dangerous, but early acquaintance confused my cadres."

    "Furosemide furosemide furosemide ~ a woman, what's your name?" With a clever speech rhythm of ups and downs, hoarse voice, just behind the surface is frivolous, cannot be hid the surly.

    I stared round eyes, staring up to near here... Uh ~ odious ghost face, on the one hand, because of what he said, on the one hand, but also because of his attitude -- this time really determined, since at the foot of the alley caught. Peake began to match nihoul, pops up where the sense of disharmony.

    The situation is too weird.

    Sea rogue. Duofulangmingge Don Quixote attitude, the seven king of Wu Hai is too weird.

    What's wrong?!

    How a first meeting? Don't recognize it? Can not ah?

    Although Anna looks ordinary, but it's not a glance to forget a passer-by, especially in the premise of a feud: the water all the islands at that time, the Donquixote family often and often tends to disadvantage, in accordance with the sea rogue domineering temper, how to hate.

    Not as Alzheimer's disease, or, like the red dog generals that had intermittent amnesia?

    There -- thought, I slowly turned to move somewhat, sights on side of the game. Diamante and Peake nihoul, the farther the window (the name?).

    The two army cadres and the guide is square, previously I wonder why meet, at the beginning, Dressel Rosa's match in Niort alley. Peake is also a never met, this man Diamante reclining window is to look clearly looked at the stranger.

    A sea rogue may Great wits have short memories. a game, Peake suddenly lost heart. Niort may mad, but not... All at the same time, dementia intermittent amnesia.

    What... Where is the problem?


    After a short silence, perhaps I did not dare to see the reaction of distracted looking around and commanding overlooking the sea rogue and laugh a few times, then said, "courage is not small"

    Talking and suddenly grabbed my finger on the hand, chin, slightly force forcibly put my head turned to him, then he leaned somewhat, particularly sinister tone, "furosemide furosemide is really bad eyes ~ fu."

    At this moment, the vision is filled with smile amplification... Lie to the cheeks mouth, dense white teeth, I try to raise eyes, trying to avoid looking on the face too close.

    Then... I looked from the king of the seven Wuhai under half a face to the bridge of nose deep purple glasses height, then, and raise some, then God must have...


    This is really unbearable!

    The man flung away the hand pinched my chin's fingertips, followed by rapid down, I buried my face in my hands palm - jump on things is a get out of hand, his face smile almost revealed the secret directly split hide.

    If this laugh, I estimate will be sea rogue on the spot off the feed line by!

    But... A good laugh... Puff!

    The ghost did not know what time it is actually channeling over, will stop at sea rogue's head.

    Is probably too lively? The phantom rises from the sea rogue's head over there with Altman curl, Ultraman flying posture, hand pinch fist straight up, slowly lifted off to out of the upper part of the body height, then make a variety of fantastic funny gestures.

    I did not look to a crystal clear ah!

    Sea rogue board devil face, a pair of mad tyrants pull cool handsome momentum, like "cold days overbearing president Wang Po", the one is behind with eye rolling, grimace, tongue, nose picking ghost background?!

    This solemn moment, are you doing what ah ghost mr.!

    Not only the ghost -- almost alive and kicking into my mind all of a murderous roll, what do not want to, I just want to beat the ground laughing, how do ah!

    A time to endure all over shiver, shoulders shaking like shaikang.


    Then, no then.

    I cover the face did not look up, of course can not see other people especially the sea rogue reaction, the strange thing is, he is not directly what strokes did not speak, but is it, very noisy voices in the ears.

    The Donquixote family leaders like to ban, or as the picture has been suspended press start, all sorts of gossip noisy moment:

    "Little lord"


    "Your majesty!"

    "Calm down!"

    "Na Na Na ~ ~ really bad temper"

    "Hello! Match you back from nihoul, where such a bad woman?"

    A "change, let the Lord take it off!"

    "Baby-5, do me a favor"

    As the market noise, a sudden chug [--] machine / off / shot noise... After re quiet.

    A gun / mechanical air full snapped, "shut up!" This sentence, I do not know how, suddenly a strange tone turned Yang volume a few degrees with nine point bending waves turn eighteen?

    "Eh eh ~ nihoul match, you need my help?"

    This is "I need?"

    Up arrow up this gun shot before the humanoid / girl, "Baby-5, do me a favor --" -- this is really a match. Peake's voice nihoul, however... The maid girl's reaction... What's going on?

    "Say that. What do you want me to do?" The girl / DOLL gun sounded very pleased, can't wait:

    "To borrow money? By how much? To subscribe to a newspaper? To help take care of you downstairs four women, do not let the other guy bullying them? To help kill any dislike guys?"


    Results -- by questioning what aspect need aid match. Peake seems to have been a Niort under, silence will slowly replied, "take her back to your home, help me take good care of her."

    He paused and took a deep breath. Then, once again opening, "little Lord, I want to talk with you."



    Stunned, I suddenly raised his face, he saw the gun armed humanoid / girl face floated obviously flush, a hand put a OKOK gesture, "absolutely no problem!"

    She is a dodge in my side, and then hand - great effort! I like to put my hand like a bag of rice in the middle clamping arms, followed by a turn suddenly appeared in the window to feed the parquet!


    The up arrow arrow is carried away from the window, by the way, the sunflower leaning against the window wall type headdress tall, Diamante is only if have be like without a glance over, blue eyes look chaotic within cold and gloomy.

    Just don't stop, revealing a cynical mean full smile, then get out of position.

    At Niort. Peake, the pirates remained indoors, before leaving a glance, his eyes on me, he seemed to hook the hook angle, smile more ugly than cry.

    It is...

    On the windowsill / mechanical doll gun jumped out the deep blue night blowing.

    I looked down, tut sound.

    Thought, in this girl with me several times over large palm trees from the longitudinal belt, into another courtyard, while she went to the yard of the building to catch the opening this moment:

    "Hey ~ help, I want to see the most recent period of the newspaper."
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