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    To wait until the distance between the face of the chisel grab things past, I was feeling of hindsight is a helpless... Nana Peter Rabbit, right! It is only with Nana with a limited edition of Peter rabbit.

    I was forced to back again and again hit the locker here.

    The next moment, anger against weapons, soft Kirikou chisel in rabbit soft of unknown substances... By this man too close not dodge but raised no hold wand hand, then -- in a pool of liquid claws out thick, sticky at the top of the Peter rabbit.

    By the way... A blurry spread over a tentacle like deformation like slime, curling of the blink of an eye on my wrist.

    Peter Rabbit was also a limited edition with adhesive card back into the hands of like that, a sliver of the paste in my hand tied Peter rabbit.


    This... What is so terrible feeling ah!

    Cold as a kind of biological soft squid Octopus slide without leaving the hand feeling, stick also slightly...

    Hello! Let go of me!

    All of a sudden feeling of attachment was wrist sick scalp, my dead struggling, tried to rip off the wrist adhesion... This should be a human finger... ?

    The devil fruit ability, this guy.

    I was here with bumps, when efforts to save themselves, this man! Very shameless the continued post!

    Mouth teeth are all a hideous mess... Well, not teeth -- as children have incomplete nutrition physician qualification license I said, is to make it more spacious teeth, the overall look is sparse, it is not for a good time for small...

    It is a tragedy, appearance is very strange, a mouth is crooked, let him laugh very humble and /!


    Your mind is a momentary slip trumpet, at the same time, I heard the slow close again opening:

    "Na Na ~ is really the new maid? No one told you, do not allow the family to disobey the cadres?"

    Suspected gas shortage sounds very sticky, sounds worse than general kizaru, speech held the hand cross over the gold scepter, a plum blossom shape top poker fillet top on my throat...

    Compared with salty tone, Zaoxin mouth addiction habit, the behavior of people is vigilant... He and I will close, he put the weapon in my throat, is a waste of life.

    Or should I say, is not how to fit and appearance, cautious pirates.

    "I said I said, you can be really bad tempered"

    "But you have violated the authority of criminal ~ puncture"

    "Like this, right through your neck ~"

    Arrived in the throat the gold scepter, metal touch cold not heavy and light -- said terrible things, this man did not continue to do what was bad, put a slow to come together like, "the rabbit race but meticulous collection of dolls ~ nihoul"

    "You will be doubly punished ~"

    Then, while he spoke, I desperately turned his face to the other side, the man leaned to if not close, the nose also really want to drop on my face...


    The urgent situation was ten.

    Caught scratching lung temper, now in the bedroom first came the sound of the door being opened, followed by a resounding scream:

    "Ah --!!!"

    "You how Trevor bohr!!!"

    The voice of Ada, the range of loud tone, shrill, indeed let spectators think of her mouth "Trevor Bohr adults were killed.".

    Wipe! I was up one hundred thousand points out of fish eye, said the Zaoxin on time.

    Now 'how' is me, not only good humanoid slugs! Are you blind?

    Ada's tragic scream music came, far from the immediate uproar -- is probably outside the pirates were screams alerted, and hurried over to see it?

    In short, this also is Ada like humanoid slugs. Surprised, perhaps she sparked interest? For a moment, the adhesion on the wrist of the shackles of no release, it is moving quickly on the personal physique slugs.

    His ability is probably can break up the whole into parts sticky unknown, or tied to my wrist and Peter Rabbit, his body is slippery move toward Ada there:

    "Na Na Na Na ~ ~ I how"

    May be used and no matter who spoke to you in this dead near death, dressed in blue color purple spiral quilt (= =) pirates slowly up arriving at the door of the Ada front, "Na Na ~ you worry about me? Na na ~"


    Although escaped the really make people happy, but... I look at the past from this angle, and then into the back just happened, it is... This life is not willing to experience the terrible images of second ah!

    A humanoid slugs, hunched, hanging to fall, do not fall into the nose, Zaokang pole / Suo Wei temperament, in quilt, sticky women stuck in between the wall and the threshold of his own, sticky style seemed too hot a little melted wax, the volume is huge. More make blocked woman look frightened face stiff -- it is terrifying cartoonist Itou Jun's plot two.

    "Na Na ~ I said, why don't you answer ~"

    This guy is still only at the sticky, looks like actually happiness within, "Na Na ~ Ada, are you jealous of? Match Niort brought a woman back, also allow her into the bedroom, you will be sad? Na na ~"

    I continue to:............

    "Brought a woman back", and "allow him to live in the bedroom", the humanoid slugs are not very clear sequence of events? Just say what the new maid? Malicious sell stupid?!


    That guy is also a Zaoxin tease a woman to distraction, next to the locker for a while I quietly move, ah ~ is behind the cabinet top lobe ache a bit old waist, embarrassed.

    However, in view of the bedroom door was a lump and a woman for blocking, I want to walk not only to endure, but soon there are new characters to solve all the troubles.

    The first is that open the slug into window and darted in person, action is very agile, from the bottom up to the window jump height, it has power lady standing in the room, and I parallel position.

    Is a woman, very young, well, I only see the silhouette from her so little information.

    Then, she supported on one foot, another leg side kick out a big split - up in the air of the two odd belt leg so silent illusion... A machine gun gun / off / / / bar, embarrassed!

    Palpitate palpitate: -

    Violent gun / ring flung over all the noise.

    I stared into the room suddenly terrified of the young girl, with her legs turn out / off / machine gun was a sudden sweep / shoot, smoke, plugging in the door of the Ada and the humanoid slugs, on the edge of the wall was shot cartridge. Sweep out a row of neat Qi gun hole.

    The dark, finger size, neat.

    Embarrassed embarrassed embarrassed.

    After the wall and shot a minute, the girl playing in the air leg back, landing has been restored into graceful texture symmetry, the human female calf.

    Another person.

    After the girl recovered, the house will echo with gunfire.

    It is probably not react, the echo will dissipate, the house did not open all straight -- who stared at the girl until her cigarette dangling from his mouth moved, vague to the sentence, "ah ~ so alive, Trevor Bohr adults."

    The up arrow up a little hoarse voice, with a unique young girl full of vigour.

    I once again:............ I thought, stay a little ah this adorable girl, really not intentional? Heels on / off / machine gun / scan / shoot what, and after a God to it.


    Sigh (or surprised?) End, the girl took a turn, the eyes of me.

    I stayed under the clear picture of her - black long hair to the waist with a body, and Ada's maid, little black dress, fluffy skirt length, waist, thigh, outside wearing white flounce apron, wearing a turban and white lotus leaf, five officer is also very beautiful young... Is...

    Then, and this girl look a touch, without me "is" why, the girl took a cigarette dangling from his mouth, outlet gas injection, once again after the opening, "ah ~ this is game Niort brought back a woman?"


    At this moment, I and the young girl followed by two people at a loss about what to do, and then they turned on the line of sight, not boring, but the house appeared again in odd development.

    A bulging buns in humanoid slugs "soundless and stirless Trevor Bohr '? This is probably the name? On the edge of the wall, just by machine gun / / / off / sweep shot that block, almost a man height, bulging buns.

    Is a contraction, the screen is strange and disgusting.

    After a few seconds, a long wall wart [pop / touch] fried, a heatwave wrapped wall ash and crushed stone four splash, dusty, blasted a hole in the outside wall into a person.

    A long and narrow shape, a black waist coat, wrapped up, his face still wearing the same color dust mask mirror, smoke filled with gravel on the waltz debut, looks like a mob.

    "It is still alive, Trevor Bohr adults." Glancing at the audience, and then turned to open in a low, muffled voice, through the lens, stared at me in the eye, paused, and then said, "this is the game nihoul brought back a woman?"


    Such a coincidence degree of up to ninety-nine percent and the content of speech, what is the matter?!


    One after another the turn of events, the room is destroyed as post disaster scene.

    Quiet for a moment, we return to God is Ada, who is the first card of the throat like was panting several times, after use are a huge shock voice said, trembling, "Lord Baby-5, Guiraudie."

    Hear Ada say, I silently stare, squinting,

    Quietly down several call one at the past: these a debut, it is indeed a member of the Donquixote family, can be called "adults", is Pirates of the cadres.

    From human to humanoid slug gun / mechanical / bomb to human bomb... The ability of the Legion?

    Also, these guys are a stage of cold jokes like behavior and speech... Sure is the notorious Donquixote pirates, rather than what GAGMAN Gang?

    I was only able to silently conjecture, Ada also said that sentence, followed by the other half of the remaining walls intact was outside and I do not know what to destroy, boom, the whole wall simply to collapse.

    Left a door crumbling in shock waves.

    I Mi Mi eyes, just feel the moment of a dark shadow -- "forced to near Xi'an lu!"


    Second, the whole person was Tasikmalaya picked up, my face hit in a new suit on the front, senior black cloth, soft touch, and I smell a very delicate fragrance.

    It is men's perfume? A smoky woody amber, elegant and reserved atmosphere.

    Uh ~ was faintly disappointed under the hook smell of God, then I just wake up, grabbed the hand near the man's mind, a back to a little distance.


    Raise the eyes to see the nipple sunglasses It is as expected man face, now he didn't bite the child pacifier, and even put on a very formal suit.

    Still wearing sunglasses, through the lens... Straight looked at me, eyes soaked to overflowing with pain...

    That night I have ever seen... It is... It's terrible.

    Should immediately get rid of, or even a slap in the face call past let him sober -- I think of these, but falling boulders like millions of tons of weight, do not lift even a centimeter.

    It is... This is the distance between the eyes staring straight into the... It is...

    This man had very severe emotional trauma, perhaps the time has passed for a long time, placed from the locker of those old toys can get a glimpse of clues, there are more than ten years time?

    Xi'an Lu, Jim Leite... His wife, his son... Are all dead? Only the wedding in solidification, even death could not bear to forget the happiness.

    He looked into my eyes, with the pain of regret.

    - but I can't even be "by mistake", Anna's appearance and no resemblance to Xi'an with a tiny bit, perhaps dissimilar dragon instinct.

    This is how I say?

    Of course I can't because of the sympathy and even the strange man have what special mood, let me explain how? Or do not need to explain just a slap in the face?


    ............ Split line............

    The heart is put into action, this is the moment I lifted the evil hands, wrists increase, suddenly hurtled the face close at hand scraping past, uh ~ plan in accordance with the woman in such situation when some of the normal reaction, trying to give the man a Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings here.

    I hav'e a wrist up arrow was previously humanoid slugs used sticky stick ability -- and Peter Rabbit tied together, but there is a free hand to beat Da, Playboy well!

    Then, the hand wrist Yang high was also in the moment is like what... The touch line should be? From the rear to the lasing, soundless and stirless is tied to the wrist, straight, tighten, abnormal effectively stop my attack.

    But take a look and see what it is, it just around the wrist to feel very sharp, very thin, a little cut into the meat inside skin Le trend...

    So I did not force the break, a second, more strange things:

    Is the line taut pause in the air of the wrist began slowly toward the target, face to match nihoul... Not many left in the past, but slowly, gently, as if to touch it, close to -

    The indoor suddenly quiet.

    A time no matter what sound is gone, what the humanoid slugs, what Lord Baby-5, what the ancient radius of adults, the maid what Ada, whether it is original in conversation or sticky at this moment, all stopped, all people have ambition, bright eyes staring at me. Hand.

    Ciqingcijing speechless -- big guy with great interest and perhaps don't mind, enter the state theatre.


    Eyes rounded, the hand of a face of horror staring somehow suddenly out of control, I watched it softly falls on the destination side of the pirates on the cheek, fingertip soft caress...

    Uh ~ this man on the cheek with a thin blood, should be the first to come to the road I hold flower nail scratch...

    But now, I'm using hand gently touch it ah ah ah! Like a lover that very distressed her wounds, how harenchi! The guy to do such a thing...

    At the moment is cast, all means difficult clear eyes quietly pegged, at that moment I realized what is injustice like the deep sea, man said, snow in June are not enough to express my mind at this moment, an old blood choke.

    According to the perspective of the presence of other people third party, this is my family in the box Donquixote molested them. Peake nihoul cadres, match rhythm?!

    Fog grass!

    A dark blue, then, suddenly react exactly what is happening to me, feel your blood pressure soared to the extent of the moment in jeopardy.

    This kind of strange, ignoring the parties of neural control, automatic spontaneous behavior! My hand was suddenly not troublesome! Is the wrist was winding the invisible thread to manipulate!

    The manipulation of people of the opposite companion sword, or manipulate others suddenly do fantastic things (such as jump jump jump into the sea / clothes in the Navy), these internal widespread abuse, it is not the most, seven Wu Hai Wang of the notorious repute?

    Duofulangmingge Don Quixote!


    Suddenly, my heart is like response teeth shout the name of a very iconic strange laughter just rang:

    The furosemide furosemide furosemide furosemide furosemide "

    Judging from the direction of the sound, or the fan parquet glass windows, humanoid slugs and humanoid gun / mechanical is got to come from there - is a really unlucky position.

    Uh ~ Trevor Bohr slug? Sticky, I peeped his home bishounen yard, so this building is located in the rear of the courtyard, the meat bikinis / playing fun girl with beautiful courtyard, is the king's residence.


    Don Quixote. Duofulangmingge, said everyone to speak of the devil, is really very Zaoxin ah!

    In a room of other people a moment of silence suddenly broke out at the same time, the "little Lord!" , "Duffy ~" and "O king!" The characteristic and so on, as one falls, another rises calls pleasantly surprised at me silently, teeth, dead back force, trying to recover also sticking to match this pirate Niort face, touch off hand.

    I was holding him curtate holding the hand, Peter Rabbit against his shoulder, so as not to lose his balance I directly attached to him - - now another touching his face, others see it properly is molested!

    The firm must hurry away!


    Peake did not seem to match nihoul back to God?

    I do not know is the AIBA diameter before and after the move made Daizhu, I was now a ferocious ghost face twisted face, but doing his lover like sweet and greasy action, the quite different frightened, in short, his eyes staring at me, he did not attend a little Lord coming to such a let other people excited (embarrassed).

    I didn't want to bother other people, whether it is again noisy up all sorts of gossip in the house, the window is neither too fast nor too slow coming footsteps, I just want to get rid of the wrist line undivided attention.

    Unfortunately, the lack of success.

    Around the wrist line invisible but if real, tightly rolled my wrist, I made a few component back pull, it makes a few component offset, like a hatchback tug of war, pull over a centimeter cm clenched back deadlocked.

    Not for a while, my wrist was more and more tightly stretched the line cut a few hole, little scar, because the line is fine, but it is also very sharp, originally wrapped tightly, which I will make power struggle, it will cut the skin, cut into thin meat inside with radian.

    Thin scars neatly around the wrist in a circle, a circle, a circle of Thorns - cutting pain after the split skin out a bit thin blood.

    Then, the blood sinks into a wisp of rolling beads, and with my action splash... The palm also put this face clothes on.

    May be bloody alerted, also perhaps is blood heat, Peake. A fierce game nihoul realized God, evidence is across the dark glasses lenses, his eyes suddenly tightening, holding a joint Tasikmalaya my hands are slightly stress.

    However, the pirates came in a moment awake, may be found under excessive force will I pinch out somehow, tighten the fingers burn like a loose, and I almost got lost in the second before the people to cut back.

    "Little lord." He removed the eyes staring at me, eyes fell to the front is behind me and gravelly voice, pause a few seconds once again open, "little lord."

    Surprisingly, two said the same content, after a tone is a little more what.

    He looked at the position of the rear, laughter immediately from the sea rogue.

    The furosemide furosemide furosemide furosemide furosemide "

    The king of Wu Hai in seven when I stood in the thin rivalry, not nearly far, with a hard to ignore the aura, coldly looked like.

    At the moment, can block the military cadres opening, head of the pirates Don Quixote gave strange laughter, and laughter tone does not distinguish, neither too fast nor too slow stride pace, staggered to... The parallel position I turned my face just to see.

    Immediately stop, open, that a sound strange gas said, "furosemide furosemide ~ game that you forced nihoul, back to the palace of the woman? Looks like a very bad temper Ah Fu Fu "

    "A woman or listen to some good"

    Speak his hand finger...

    Look at the past can only see a pink fluffy ball from my point of view, the sea Er ~ Duofulangmingge rogue powder coat, and he's never stand straight bandy hairy legs -- suspected because of the lack of height, regardless of my match. Peake Wang Xiaqi nihoul, Wuhai stands close to the handful of non human well, people over two meters high what...

    Then, the sea rogue hand / hand into the pocket, empty fingers bend a bit elevation volley point... This action is just visible.

    But also can only look at it -- in an instant, with the fingers moved around the wrist line suddenly tighten, at the moment the blood splattered, is rapidly sliding thread cutting was badly bruised from flogging.

    I was a sound, then suddenly pulled away in the thread, the wrist to get a moment of freedom, backward fast overstating, and the suddenness of a thunderbolt heavy fall, arch-criminal dumped a slap in the face, bloody paste his face.

    Match. Peake nihoul.

    Injustice has a head with the main debt -- you so-called Lord hurt my account, I will remember to get back, a code, can not you carried me back to the palace, I will not hurt.

    So - called off against the spot is the right way.


    A slap in the face of the past, this man's face down force to one side, seems to stay away, I took the opportunity to force free his hands lifted, slipped to the ground back to open two, the firm after overstating the volume, "when people get a fool!"

    "I have seen you in the photograph on the bedside table, where like?!"

    "You are insulting your wife?"

    There is no dew, Xi'an and Anna a tiny bit similar I think the pirate game. If Peake nihoul profound friendship of his late wife Lianlianbuwang, he should not take similar as an excuse to pick up women sick guy...

    He didn't need to, isn't it?

    The Donquixote family ruled Dressel Rosa, as the national senior cadres of the ruling class, what kind of woman, the four young tender little beauty is an example, another example of personal care of adult Ada.

    Presumably, and Marin de there, those who stand in the top of the Pyramid man power as long as there is a need, there are many people on the following tribute scorcher to prepare them to choose.

    Perhaps, is dissimilar dragon hunting instinct confused him, let him have a cognitive confusion.

    I hope it can play a slap in the face to wake him, at least I don't want to be confused after the unfortunate day died in my hands.

    Eat flesh, devour life, is Guizu instinct, even if not human, I do not want to lose their 'heart', to one day become cannibals.

    What's more, due to similar empathy... Is a kind of blasphemy for me personally, the Pirates of the deceased wife affectionate, is regarded as the most beautiful feelings, so -- don't insult that beautiful light pollution.

    Even in the name of love.


    To make complaints about spray belly done in one vigorous effort to stem the box the military cadres on the face, then, I raise the wrist, licking the blood still overflow, humming sound.

    Now go away, I know, here is the center of the palace, the Donquixote family cadres who ran better over seven, even the king of Wu Sea rogue appeared -- after going on, it is hard to say.

    However, the situation is unfavorable for me.

    There are seven water islands and the sea, I am Mr. rogue played to confront, plus general kizaru and general sakazuki also present...

    The king of Wu Hai. Duofulangmingge Quixote seven was originally a flat to a three foot wave nature, this changed into my own home court site if pirates, but also to get out is strange.


    When I started, with silent luck, to cover numerous kinds of situation is likely to happen next, but it is actually a surprise, then...

    How to put it? A strange silence.

    The scene became very quiet, but Ada was panting sound and immediately muzzled a grief stricken face, other people's face is strange, do not know is not seen by a woman friend slap in the face, eyes round, face ~ not too good to describe, anyhow is all distorted the face, stare or not to utter a single word, in the hit what reaction?

    Quiet, quiet, quiet,

    I slowly turned around at a circle, then his eyes in a strange place, this moment... What is forgotten, even odd. Don Quixote did not care about the Duofulangmingge reaction time.

    See what I see?!

    The door or unlucky parquet window has come into a humanoid slugs, a man / a gun armed, sea rogue, this window inclined sunflower type headdress face two thin vertical stripes, a pair of well water like a faint smile on one's face, all the islands are also seen... Diamante?

    The Donquixote family in the box and one of the highest cadres.

    He is not the key.

    I look terrified is embroidered window, a translucent floating in midair, partly hidden and partly visible figure, like a faded color, but also can see that:

    Black Plush coat, and the sea is a rogue with different color, with red heart powder shirt, funny story inside Green's fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood little red riding hood that hat on a golden head, cover the eyes of Liu qi... Mouth painted bright red lip gloss, into a clown makeup, her lips stretched to the cheeks.


    This strange translucent silhouette floating in the air, before half of the body in the room, a half legs also stuck in the wall, is estimated through the wall and I do not know how it stuck?

    In a word, he is like the dehydration of goldfish as half a figure inlaid in the middle of the wall, struggles, dancing

    Then, in my right eye, he worked hard with hands and feet played for a while before finally being walls spit it out, then to face down position the whole people to fall on the ground.

    It was silent, I should say, no second people found this scene in the room.

    This evidence is the debut of the new strange shadows fell on the feet of Diamante.

    Really, is the virtual shadow, he fell down, the head and upper body smashed into Diamante's legs, at first glance like to step into the army command box body like that... Uh

    Scary scene, eyes slightly drawn, I rush in the figure rose hunker down for this moment to look away -- is actually a ghost, the debut of the new.

    How fresh, this man who ah?
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