The author has something to say: Well, the text.

    Dressel Rosa, the second half of the new world is located in the great waterway, called the "love and passion and toys in China".

    Non typical island / summer climate makes it the annual sunshine time is higher than that of other types of islands, but also makes the rainfall more than a typical summer cool summer winter Island, mild rainy weather, making the island rich products, plus some can not be the reason for nearly ten years Dressel Rosa has become the second half of the new world famous kingdom of trade.

    From all sides of the merchant ships docked at the port into a booming economy and bring large commodity output for the country, the authorities ruled with an iron hand to bring a certain degree to the national security.

    This national prosperity, from the spacious and clean streets and well-dressed look happy crowd, we can draw a conclusion.

    Whether it is the world's media government, or the private nature of the various magazines, all of the second half of this high "love and passion and toys in 'evaluation.

    I remember a trip, Dressel Rosa once described in detail:

    Open bright flowers everywhere on the island into a pub, any street restaurant can taste the delicacy delicacies rare elsewhere, the complex and P dance tunes, girl * * beautiful dance, it is the love and passion for life island natives.

    Even out of the deep underground hiding terrible truth hate anger, I am not in this country as the current king.

    A single rule, Dressel Rosa is now King, the king in the palace of seven Wuhai, Quixote. Duofulangmingge is really with the heart in the care of the land.

    Of course, it is just this.

    Behind these blooming witnessed after dark, I can't agree to the king: "everything is not what must have died", can say that people must be 'sacrifice is not his will, "none of my business talking.

    The facts in front of me at the moment, there is a "victim", Admiral sakazuki Sakas Ki, he was the ability to become iron dog toys, according to him, the ability of the ability of the original is: people and become the toy related to all the people of memory, and toy related things will be all forget.

    The effect of sakazuki general body of deviation, forget him rather than me, but other toys? No mistake, forgotten by the rest of the world, that sort of thing... How terrible.


    Well, a digression.

    On the merits and demerits of Don Quixote. Duofulangmingge, nor a person can comment on, everyone on the attitude of the seven Wuhai the king, in fact is based on each person's own position.

    At this moment, standing in the bright and spacious streets... The edge of a small square, the central fountain of I, just down the eyes and think of some or not, with a feeling,.

    After all, this time than before, it is Rainbow Night.

    Sitting on the side of the pool water stone railing, I silently bare teeth back at first before the way of suffering, not simply melancholy.

    Well, into the secret passage previously unable to see what the nine turn eighteen bend run bumpy makes me want to vomit what, eyes closed, can not see the results odd smell pungent taste what the sewers along the way, there are rustling mice and cockroaches of a kind of biological a strange sound... What... All in the past well!

    In addition, it said... I have been taking good care of it.

    Akainu would require I close my eyes, and I did it, the results -- thought the secret passage inside is what can let me know the deployment of organs, did not expect...

    Akainu will he... The real reason that called... In fact, it is... I found that he is not willing to take me into the sewers?

    Okay, I must admit, compared to those with high dome shaped honeycomb pipe is not easy to leave, a secret passage in uproar, Dressel Rosa after all is the pirate sites, sakazuki will have no reason.

    Plus... In fact, I and the country's ruling class and festering, then in seven water, the conflict and the Donquixote family, a group of people is not the end, now change to our home court, some caution no harm.

    In addition, it really care.

    Red Dog generals back I flew all the way, when from the other end of the channel, opened in the town some distance away somewhere quiet coast at the exit, I was clean, but with some taste, even the hair no messy one.

    And those strange taste as early as he and I went back to the town on the road by the sea breeze blowing away, but he... Along the way the two of them went into town, he was no less at all.

    In addition to ER was strange, there was a feeling of reason.

    Previously almost by street patrol as a suspect stopped, those Camo shirt black pants dress uniform, and the water was met the same one pirate costume, Quixote pirate group members, in Dressel Rosa, they are holding / method, very funny phenomenon.

    Of course, the camouflage T-shirt is unlikely to stop the Navy's red dog generals, just because it does not want to cause uproar, I explained in a kindly manner, which will, the red dogs will ablaze with anger buried in fountain refused to come out, probably a reason...

    Uh ~ I too conciliatory attitude to the pirates?

    Although he didn't show anger, ah ~ with his now iron qualitative face even if you want to just have, also incapable of action, angry, I can still feel da.

    Well, man ~ face lining lost light, if you do not want to really make an enemy, or dumb woman this time better.

    - so, even if he is buried in the water wash for a long time, even if it was passing pedestrians with all kinds of strange and contempt in the eyes of speculation... I still sat motionless, waiting quietly in the water to let up.

    As for the passers-by on the face, eyes, for "in public during peaceful times fountain shower ', so immoral behavior condemned...

    Well, I broke the case, where to find a hotel to live in a bathroom!


    Now until after quite a long period of time, the distance came to dance tunes from the beginning to the end, and then through a short note after the transition from the start to play...

    A crowd in the center of the stage high heels girl clack, skirt out of a circular piece of dahlia... Enjoy the perfect dance audience with admiring cheers.

    However, behind the fountain water thorn sound relaxed dial.

    Aware of this, I take back far Staring at the street dance scene of the eyes, head offset a few degrees, eyes fell to the rear:

    - grey granite center of the square pool, the depth is not too high, to my thighs about visual depth, inside the water now being stirred ripples four, brilliant sunlight, the tin toy crimson in the water floating half submerged, while swimming slowly toward here, while wet stare I.

    Well, a mess that previously had washed clean dirty water, may be washed in good mood, his pair of black glass beads in the eyes, eyes are flat and many.

    At least not the kind of ferocious, yiyanbuge to bite hostility.

    And after, he sat around the edge of the Shitai, a forelimb railing at the edge, then, glared at me, full of anger, "turned to" said this overcast.

    Well, I quickly put his head back, no longer continue to stare at him without end.

    Obviously, the red dog generals since awake, temper is bad I do not know how many times, do not know is turned sequelae, or his nature so previously because the old have convergence, and now return to old habits.

    Er said, years ago that I first met, remember he is just very gloomy and calculating character, barely enough to peace? How would this eat fried drug like?

    In a word, he so irritable and bad temper...

    Previously I still want to follow him out of fear of water washing, was he saying "are you going to water wet clothes by innumerable people free to watch? Idiot! " Give your back, so I firmly sitting at the pool, and the "devil fruit ability will force under the water off and drowned in the fountain can be" behind this fear.

    The up arrow arrow so tongue hot tempered man ah ~ not to blame for this age still can not find a wife can only spend money on entertainment wine museum is really Liao Ji, too bad no woman is worth?

    The Admiral's wife, so the original let the girls rush seat, if the husband is a bitter tongued person, bad temper, often a word not just Biao murderous, force value of TM burst table man, lest believe the girls shunned.

    With a little Tucao, I straight back, looking ahead, the ear came the sound of water splashed softly, a moment later, the stone surface side on the water slowly spread open.

    A crimson piercing light, with water vapor and metal taste in the air dispersed.

    Red Dog generals after the pool up next to my station, then, is the standard shuaileshuai A: Uh, no hair, is short of spring and metal parts joint construction issued crisp sound, then splash water on my face and body.


    The appearance is animal, so the action like animal, get rid of the water shaking hair what, behaved like a child.

    After finishing, he exudes a pleasant smell is still called, sitting posture, and I looked at the same direction, the distance is on the stage with the sprightly rhythm and dance dance beautiful girl deduction.

    Xu is clean and be dried? Red Dog generals became quiet, and I watched the dance, bathed in sunlight and wind, the atmosphere become peaceful.

    Until every time, the body side of the opening once again break the calm.

    "That woman." His gentle tone, like the sun today is very good, "the woman dancing is violet, plum in the Donquixote family's killer, ability."

    Hey?! I am stunned, but even surprised still remember no partial head but keeps the original position behind the music and the sound of water fountains overlap, to some extent, disrupting the hearing, but the distance between the human voice came clearly.

    "Superman series stare fruit, to see through everything, even to see through the heart."

    Here a few seconds, he seemed to hesitate, after will once again open, "violet has another identity, Violet Dressel, former king Rosa III's daughter, force base."

    "Remember the woman look, if what is difficult to solve unexpected difficulties, can threaten demanding her support to the Navy will wipe out the name of the Donquixote family, let her cooperation."

    Hey?! I could not help but turned, "a threat?"

    What is a listen to Xu, from my side of the middle voice heard, sakazuki will sneer, "of course, is not how to handle the threat, master ask for cooperation, especially in the situation she had allegiance to the pirates."

    He was still staring straight ahead, a pair of what was happening, and staggering, tone is dull billows out of fashion:

    "The old princess became a pirate, or allegiance to her out of the palace arch-criminal, so it is hard to imagine that she acts by, of course have other reasons, isn't it?"

    "Revenge?" I said he was stunned for a moment, then again look back to the girl that is still in the stage of central spinner, watched, frowned, "she is a princess?"

    If you are a princess, as one reason, in addition to revenge... "She is protected against what people in their own right?"

    As a princess, when Wang reduced to hiding the identity in the original state, it is impossible, you know, the princess was sand Vicki similar circumstance, also joined the pirates, Vicki is away from home after becoming of Baroque studio cadres in other countries...

    Vivian is to expose sand crocodile conspiracy, the preservation of her country, knowing that the identity of sand crocodile Princess pretended ignorance, finally lead to nearly killed vicki.

    This way of thinking, the violet in sea rogue nose... Is the exchange? As a Chinese princess, give up self-esteem and pride, yield in the pirates under the command that she can abandon all reason...

    "Force base III is still alive?" - I can only assume.

    Because long time I live once, it will, to Adventure (embarrassed) as the main line of this legendary hat a no end.

    Uh ~ because the serial too Moji, as the party's weekly update animation I was waiting all the eggs into the pain, then simply endured, and tolerance to straw home every adventure over will go.

    The original is save to save the small high tide drama / over again, the results I know who died early?

    His cartoon really become been forgotten but then, through a series of Weng, become a part of this world, in addition to see ah ~ after ending happily, there is occasionally fey install stick.

    Then, a straw hat and has nothing to do, I do not know.

    Dressel Rosa, the king of Wu seven sea rogue sites, the hat will also as can be imagined, one of the BOSS brush... Uh ~ when didn't see the hat brush sea rogue ah

    So, here I was absolutely ignorant of guesswork.

    Red Dog generals said, violet, Violet, the former king's daughter, the family from the cadres, I can only assume that she is for some special reasons, such as "in their own in exchange for insurance under someone's life." he only bent pirates don quixote.

    Don Quixote. Duofulangmingge is what? The king of Wu Hai since seven to the former king ousted, and within ten years of his reign that man must be as strong as iron, means of unpredictable, where there is room in the territory of the old royal family life was, there must be some what / scene.

    If my guess is correct, the reverse inference, these are the pirates Princess violet, because if it is in her own body?


    The side of the silent, for me, he did not give any answer, just -- the distance between the eyes, fall in the body, such as a substance like become sharp.

    At will, look uncomfortable for me, watching the former Princess far away eyes, mouth slightly drawn, a few degrees of eye gaze on the red dog generals, "are you really stared at me ~ Sakas Ki general with hair standing on end."

    A pair of black glass eye toy is also good, not to utter a single word wrong stare, there is too much pressure, like being evil eerily like peering, but more is on tenterhooks, all the hair on the back.

    Smell speech, mouth lift sakazuki general several degrees higher, showing a sharp metal dense white teeth, and after the opening, "you are very clever, according to scattered clues can be inferred that most of the facts, it was more than I expected."

    In addition, you are very smart, even know than the hidden corner, now in fact here is more suitable for the exchange of confidential information, the square cover to People are hurrying to and fro. from all over the fountain is peep, acoustic conversation, this place can make eavesdropping and surveillance also useless."

    "Even the unconscious behavior, it is enough for you to become a Naval Intelligence elite troops."

    Speak with strange eyes, and slowly looked at me for a moment, then he said thoughtfully as if like, "but you don't seem to have proper training, who have no military background and some of the temperament."

    "If my intuition not hing alert, you look is not smart enough to hide me lurking in the spy... I ought first to doubt your identity."

    Here, he once again look sideways at one eye over, do not give me the answer time just grunted, and tone is not identified, "well, you don't have that kind of can let the man entranced beauty beauty plan implementation enough."

    I:............ W (_ ~ ~ W), just praise clever is you? This will also Tucao I don't smart enough to play the role of the spy? This interesting promise and then deny in succession mean anything interesting?

    There are long enough, the enchanting beauty really sorry ah! The beauty of what, to do a thousand sails slept I do not know how many women you, I even in a beautiful, is not enough to see the right right right?

    "What is your expression?" As people began to transform the vagaries of the red dog generals, vaguely as if side edge teeth, angry voice cried, "if my arm, the questioning of executive performance, will let you get the most severe punishment."

    I raise the amount, total feel under torture, this man, temper than the great waterway weather change constantly is going on? To menopause?

    A moment like a tsunami like Hurricane heart choking out a sense of pity, not Tucao, etc. counterattack, then I think the red dog generals past evils and acting style... Rumors of meteor volcano magma tide after the big fire, the enemy shiguwucun.

    Then, I will calm down, no other end opening a dislike for his courage.


    For a while, until the card in your throat this old blood hard swallow back belly, I pulled out the Navy General Hospital for more than ten years of service type, with eyes staring stepped in regarded as hopeless. coffin of terminally ill patients, medical personnel should be patient and gentle, bright smile.

    Then, toward the unblinking eyes or staring at me the red dog generals, said gas and gas, "thank you for your trust, general Sakas Ki."

    Men are like children! Bear children for no reason but I am full of experience, can not cope with the vagaries of his.

    Presumably, the red dog general character mutation, and he was very experienced some relationship, the devil fruit ability into a toy, and the emergence of memory loss, alone in our camp, only around me such an unidentified person...

    Numerous, he tongue and fierce is excusable.

    Furthermore, he probably also... Some worry about it? Worried about the ability bias emerged only in the sugar I and him? I remember his amnesia, and the outside world, others really forget his existence...

    If that is the case... Admiral Sakas Ki, sakazuki are forgotten by the world...

    It is because of this uncertainty, just let him Taishishuizhun, behave like a child, the subconscious, he needs someone to always pay attention to, and now the others, only I.

    Such a thought, it seems, is poison tongue such a thing is not difficult to endure?

    The red dog will just chatter like a heap, call my blood pressure surge in the spy's notorious theory, and then deducted despise my IQ actually, the rest of the promise and then deny in succession, are all very useful information.

    Let's just say he did for me is to trust, otherwise, the Navy confidential information, how could the out to share with me?

    Big pirates era has more than 20 years, they will sakazuki these generals in the battle of life, will have long been blood and fire Cuilian than steel hard soldier, don't say I previously that care is their own heart, sometimes you won't be trusted, let alone share top secret information.

    About Dressel Rosa's intelligence, the country began to occupy Duofulangmingge. Don Quixote, his Pirates of the personnel information, the navy to survey, action will not put in the shadows, after all, is king of Wu Hai's seven world government, based on considerations of balance, will not allow unauthorized investigation of one of the three major naval forces balance power.

    Don't look at the red dog generals talking attitude lightly, a few pieces of information he has given, sugar childlike fruit, violet stare and helpless before the fruit of the princess, want to get these / act, the Navy intelligence forces must be hardships.

    So, sakazuki general, Barbara is... Uh, calm down and think about it, it is really overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, um!

    = = = to give yourself a plus not pulled in a calm mood, he ripped into the pool to drown the reason, I continue to smile.

    However, my reaction, let red dog generals... How to put it? There seems to be some unexpected? He... Staring his dark eyes look like glass beads... Hey? How to view a few seconds suddenly put the head to the other side?

    Not shy? Is not it?


    Silently staring at the side... Well, in a standard dog crouch to sit in the side, it will head to the other side to the left sakazuki general, a long time, my mouth slightly drawn, "that"

    Dry? Should we do what to do what to feed?

    So for some time, the fierce sun on the square, one of the wet had dried well, so, we are not also the starting, or to contact the Department of Navy, or to find the ability to kill her.

    This is what I think, however, it was said just a beginning, sakazuki generals on the cold to hum a, replied, "your lukewarm character, said before" kill her "is really unexpected."

    He took the back of the head in front of me, I only saw him on the head of a metal triangular ears... Well, quietly folded back off, act like cats, folded into the plane ears, then quickly put up.

    Then, he said, "you see, right? In the end."

    "Ah -" I nodded, thought, deep voice answered, "yes, I know." The ground truth --

    However, behind the words to say, this moment, in the air across... Like a sharp blade cut cold fierce feeling of tranquility, and he also made me a cold.

    This topic then.

    The red dog will suddenly back to the face, and I looked at each other, and both eyes to stagger the sight, strange place.

    There is a square, edge, adjacent blocks entrances to the fountain Street Plaza is located in several road interchange, the square people exchanges, near commercial street noise lively, and one lane street, a few seconds before the sense of oppression.

    Like gossamer uncertain, but it is impossible to ignore.


    After a while, it is slowly through the digital look comfortable pedestrian sight, after the street was not observable thin ring.

    Like what is softly paved streets, brick, look, look, very regular, wonderful... After the sound from far and near, for a moment, the other end of the street slightly deserted out of a person.

    But after the show, I just did, whether the voice is going on, striking a movement, out of the person holding the hands of the cane, he lit the foot in front of the road, walk slowly, but it is a blind man.

    A country style and costume, moving the hands gently guide them neither too fast nor too slow, the streets of masonry, seemingly blind, but also often targeted to avoid the crowd.

    In addition, I Mi Mi eyes, he seemed to see the blind, it is laden with oppressed people, form in the outside momentum even in convergence, but in the end still... As interest in the bag cone, unable to hide.

    Silence, the man slowly through a central square direction seems to be the other end of a seemingly very busy street entrance, the strange thing is, when he was after the fountain pace slightly paused, then calmly move on.

    Just stay out of ten meters, it will, then it stopped, standing a little time and turned back.

    "I'm sorry, excuse me," and the strange attire man standing at the edge of the pond, facing my eyes... All is white, obviously, he did not see, and the eyes and nose - cross the scars to show him a pair of eyes, if it is destroyed by the trauma.

    For the disabled to take care of my emotions, slow voice, opening, "what I can do for you?"

    "Ah, I'm really sorry." The man nodded again, compared to the slightly wilderness appearance temperament, his attitude was, "Ms. refined and courteous, for you... Who else?"

    Uh ~ I am stunned, quickly saw the side sakazuki general eye, mouth pumping: someone, but... How can I answer? In addition, the man suddenly move back... Some strange.

    This short period of time the Zheng Leng, see the man does not see the "line of sight" offset a few degrees, empty pale eyes, accurate to sakazuki generals, and the dumb speak, "I saw the color errors, but it is strange..."

    Uh! I suddenly recovered, loud interrupted the man, "Sir, you will go into the fountain Oh ~" paused, deliberately deepened tone unhappy mood, like a temper tough woman, said, "you to my family what is Jim Leite's opinion?"

    Just don't know where to, in the mind came out of the name to the edge of the red dog generals, then, I hate that Chi hum, "sir you need a guide dog, go to the store to buy, Jim Leite is my oh!"

    Voice down, the eyes can not see the old man his tone is very stiff, unbelievable, "a guide dog? The dog?"

    Well, I haven't had time to speak up on the edge of the trap, "the dog" ferocious lunged, with full force, even with me to scream together hard into the water.

    Behind the fountain.

    He just had a bath.

    The results of his own clever standing on my shoulder, to jump back on the Shitai side, condescending, murderous stare at me, but did not speak it.


    Thump in the water several times, before the weak drowned, I stretched out my hand on the edge of the Shitai basin, like the Wraith sepulchral climb, wet to sit back in place, a melancholy face staring at...

    Even if the war like the statue in front of the stiff, this man cannot use the eyes.

    "Well, Mr. Jim Leite was angry, you happy?"

    "Hey?" He looked a single issue.

    My mouth off, "still do? Don't go, I shouted molested oh!"

    "Ah!" This man stunned, then after her footsteps, some confusion of the two steps back, after some hesitation wiping open, "sorry, sorry!"

    He turned away, faster pace than previously, it seems a little taste of huangbuzelu.

    Gloomy watched him until he disappeared in the crowd soon shoulder, then I turned, "a good return kindness with ingratitude evil for good! Jim Leite."

    I have been complaining, sakazuki threatens meaning full low roar, heavy range from his throat, like a real beast, will attack before killing stern.

    "Believe it or not I shout out your name, that will immediately go back?" I laughed Sensen, "who is the people you know? What color never makes a mistake, he recognized you."

    None of the Navy man, even a blind man, are also extremely powerful, of course, if not the Navy, maybe not the enemy, but the devil fruit ability, I believe that the general sakazuki must do not want to be recognized by the enemy.

    So ah! Help him to hide, the result knocked water, can not return kindness with ingratitude evil for good?


    Waited for a moment, wait until the blind breath really disappeared, loaded into the animal without a word of the red dog will have cold to hum a, finally willing to speak, "shut up!"

    "I didn't speak up." Brave white eye in the past, I tried to wring the water hair, while continuing to melancholy, "then what are you doing? See you look, seems to me to plan a contemptuous disregard "

    Try to sneak into the palace, found that the ability of sugar, kill her, completely restore everything -- the plan, look at the red dog general appearance, he seemed uninterested.

    Although I don't know what he wanted to do, but... His eyes fell away in the direction of the blind man just...

    At will, sakazuki will only take one look at me, sink a track, "he is fujitora." After a few seconds of silence, then again said that the words "turned out to be rather baffling, this time?"

    Who? "This time" is what time? I raised one eyebrow, but did not wait for the following, sakazuki will jump from the pool of Shitai jump, back again, "wait here, if I didn't come back to try to hide Green bit north of the island."

    As he is not assured, to go back a few steps, raise a pair of forelegs ride -- when I thought he was going to say what word and then leaned tilt this moment close on my knees...

    The red dog will suddenly... Uh ~ tin mouth texture... Uh! Wipe my mouth, embarrassed!

    "Remember, to Green bit time, must be there after a fierce battle, the country will soon turmoil, just happens to fairy forest."

    Hey? Aye Aye Aye?!

    My mouth with a metal touch, plus a head volcano chaos, and unknown so stiff as sakazuki will quickly disappear in the crowd back clearance.

    He is to catch the blind man? What you want to do?

    The key is, before leaving the information and what is going on? It's endless!

    In addition, the most trouble is... Why, generals Akainu gave me the feeling... Not ah!

    He should not really be what people through?


    Uh ~ thought for a moment, what about general sakazuki is not this problem, and the assumptions followed after, if passed, why style has not changed much, just a little weird mouth poison, a little talk business point...

    This is the details remain perplexed despite much thought.

    Results no results.

    Because the original and the red dog will not very familiar with, even if the understanding is a lapse of years, until he from major general, which experience many things, the character changed much, I don't know.

    So, is this thing through, still need to observe.

    However, the parties need to be observed at the moment seeing embarrassed.

    I can only stay quiet here, and see whether he will come back.


    Next, we previously run on bottom is just empty, until the shadow wested, finally it will have to go and talk to the suspected sunset, red dog's gone for ever.

    Noisy bustling streets gradually become the shadow depression, with sunlight convergence, pedestrians on the street gradually reduced, then shops have closed, like a signal around the square becomes deserted down.

    Dressel Rosa, the residents, the sun began to return to their home, very strange behavior, the last wave of the odd pedestrian disappeared in the street door closed after the bustling town during the day, this time is illusion, become empty.

    Sitting on the side of the pool water, already dry a wet, black silence.

    Say... On that day, it is unfortunate fall on that day, when, with a sakazuki Duolu flee to the general, four stampeding I seem to have found this phenomenon, it is not the rich city night day, night just like the city, the streets do not see a pedestrian, even the lights are scanty.

    The curfew?

    Dressel Rosa had a curfew system? Some special period like Marin Clifford?

    Such a thought, I was more depressed -- if I broke curfew, can escape to where? Back to the ground? But... That horrible place, not to cannot but, I don't really want to come back.


    Horrible place -- the underground was full of broken toys and toys, love and passion of the country, Dressel Rosa has been the world praise the characteristics of humanity, the one and only, living toys.

    If the red dog will not say, if there is no sugar, see... Unfortunately, I know!

    These toys are all caused by the ability of the toy is supposed to be human, and deep underground heaped up rags, this time to my hiding place.

    The countless... Is... Ah!

    Think of that fact, who can identify the country's rulers.

    Even if he brought prosperity to the country, even if he gave the national stability, everything is built in the depths of the endless mountains above the bones.


    Closed his eyes, I took a deep breath and went toward the North ambush pace.

    Green bit, on the north side of the island, although not to the red dog generals said the time... Compared to the underground... Or...

    Toward the direction selected out of a short distance in front of the empty street, the other end is coming around the corner... The sound of footsteps, and the young woman's shallow smile.

    At the moment of the bleak and empty, more people to make comfortable.

    Unfortunately, this group of people is the way I want to go, not surprisingly, a moment later, the two sides are a hit with.

    This is a camouflage shirt black trousers, a member of the Donquixote family, to protect personnel attitude... Uh ~ Yuanjialuzhai, red cap, sunglasses, pacifiers, fat, dressed like a variable / state, by four a pretty young girl surrounded in the middle...

    Is a senior. Peake?

    The Donquixote family in the square cadres, I was catching up intelligence the Silva soldiers, seemingly abnormal man Sunglasses ability, in addition, in the night once met, he was also the fish young people said, he and I like the dead wife.

    Embarrassed embarrassed embarrassed!
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