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    Lying on the ground was a Tingshi half a month will suddenly sakazuki again resurrection...'! No, it should be "awakening" movement over a startled me.

    Although I have been deeply believe that evil live for thousands of years, oh no, should be the Admiral so tough character, no matter any accident can even turn calamities into blessings into a toy, and it is temporary! In any case finally will be safe and sound...

    Although I am very confident sakazuki will, however, for such a long time to see if he was lying there motionless, uh, wake up time, how long the results did not fall again... Uh ~ although very confident, but it is always worry ~ right?

    Then, he will have happened, I still couldn't believe it.

    Well, maybe not dare to believe, but forgot what to think? Say, do not know what is my bad luck, or his bad luck?

    Or touch me, his luck will become very bad?

    Digression aside, in short...

    I had the habit of him is not appropriate to look at before walking away, after all the red dogs will now become Er toys also lose consciousness without the ability to protect themselves by lying on the ground, I don't watch it in the event of an accident how to do?

    This place is like a large underground dump, didn't find what mouse like rodents, don't worry about the Navy will leave in my time to be chewed or towed away, but there are no absolutes, always pay attention to not harm.

    Then, I checked him lying near the small corner of the re cleaning a determined temporarily without what big question turned on previously intended to find some place far safer to export what.

    The underground is obviously artificial built, according to my observation recently, although the entrance is very high as placed in the side of the dome is a few honeycomb like caves, but I want to... It should be more than... So these days I occasionally go to farther places around the hammering through picking up...

    Uh ~ anyway, this is the plan to look for the distance, only a few steps away, the eyes will catch a glimpse of the corner to no movement... Keke! Not today, anyway, there was a sudden movement:

    The body matter as if tin not observable twitch... Then came again.

    This action is not obvious, caused by the illusion of vertigo.

    He finally found a response, I immediately turned heel back, after a look, then give up plans stood waiting for the start, of course, can not come too close to the sound did not dare to disturb you pleasantly surprised at, quietly staring at the moment, my heart is very happy.

    When he woke up once, just not long after I lost consciousness, or to pull back in the original position... At the close, and sometimes help blowing dust what, though not too well, but in the end put a lot of attention, so ah

    This is the beginning of a wonderful, stay in the depths, quiet and boring, so I even time sense began to blur, and now he is getting better, I feel better with the course.


    In all eyes I watched, the generation of the tin toy quality movement started to become more real? The adjective probably wrong, but anyway, in short, is from the elephant was giddy as subtle move up a little.

    A moment later, his dark eyes seemed to open holes are injected into the expression, inorganic glass eye deep lights a little bit star, then the lifeless body was slowly toys invisible fill.

    The process of silent and slow, the last no signs of recovery, this time witnessed the scene, call me to determine their own feeling:

    He is a complete return -- even if human eyes can not see, in the imaginary circle for many years and their blood in Guizu told me, lying on the ground with the empty toys are endowed with vitality to the soul.

    No sense of violation and gas and toys invisible itself very fit, even if the process is slow and difficult, as long as the quiet waiting, finally, he will be able to 'real' recovery.

    I know this scene in which reason is happening, even if not seen, I am sure -- and not lose consciousness, no movement of his time, because here is the real shell.

    Perhaps what is the special place that the ability of devil fruit ability, also has what is probably the unknown reason, the ability after sakazuki in general into a toy, strange is his soul missing, I can't leave him too far this is why.

    One worry about the underground dump a strange environment there is what aggressive creatures, if I go far before the visit, with the hunting animal, he into a toy body will attack damage.

    Secondly, I also worry about this with no soul will be another alien occupation...

    Do not say impossible, I myself is a cross faker, if I feared has come true, let alone big fun, first of all, I can not pay a sakazuki general to Navy camp.


    Fortunately, that did not happen, just waiting for the time of boring, but now OK ~ sakazuki general security regression, in this way, he and I will leave here.

    I think to leave from this bleak dark underground space, depressed for quite a period of sunny mood instantly, then, stood not far not near the location, see the ground continues to sakazuki general several eyes, then I quietly turned out a distance, while he is not fully awake, pretending not to choose the first time find out about this.

    Of course, I did not intentionally reason ~ what attitude away outfit did not see him really woke up again 'surprises', that is to protect my own life safety.

    Because it is... How to put it?

    Although early accustomed to "yiyanbuge crossing", also do "dressed in a habit of" psychological preparation... But when the real face, often still very difficult.

    Such an imaginary circle met Wa Stott, long life hit the death of captain, decades ago more unfortunate, I can see the young woman into general sakazuki! So the ups and downs of accident prone life is enough to cool acid.

    And then this...

    Stay in this typical horror background environment, even if there is no room syndrome, another intervention "admiral sakazuki zarcas base in the life most unforgivable distress incident, my psychological shadow area, at present has not proving.

    Try to think about it ~ a person witnesses you in this life do not want to know the embarrassing scenes by others... If empathy, if I will certainly remember sakazuki, a meteor volcano poured directly to the witnesses shiguwucun!

    Then, in addition to the individual, only know that he had become a woman witness, once again I see him into toys... What action is not harmonious, and what the limbs, climb up the results did not keep a good balance face what the fall...

    Numerous person said above, each one is worth me by the red dog generals served with large meteor volcano with a lava hell fire, sauna, ashes to ashes shiguwucun is simply the best choice.

    So, in fact, I'm still alive is not to kill, is also a very unbelievable thing?

    Came behind him, the eyes can not see I do not know the local waves let people get what face to face. I try to go back to look for the impulse, stood silently together, and shivered.

    Although the scene look estimation can make me laugh to the next life, but... If you go to look at, I probably will direct the next life and reincarnation?

    Admiral Sakas Ki, sakazuki joke, is sure to watch life to live, I have not enough, her daughter did not find a son back filial mother, life is precious, see what the joke would end Xie Bumin.


    Stand still for a moment, behind that weird movement was gradually reduced, and then converted to normal points, not what kind of fall is stuffy to hum a, or what angry hit low roar...

    Uh ~ this is absolutely will be of them rhythm ah - I once again quietly into the sky, wished I was deaf, really, if you could not see well fed! Such a worry sound ah ~ it is ready to go to the hell entry coupon.

    And then, half half thriller is patient and waited, sloppy voice finally settle down, I finally heard the most normal, slowly approaching footsteps behind.

    Slap slap slap -,,, not heavy and light, very regular on the floor go sound.

    Hear the approaching footsteps behind, I was not willing to imagine that what is a scene of what, what the patter... It is... What the Fed too!

    Uh ~ just think feel life worrying ah ~


    Come not near the position of the footsteps around a few times, then stop, motionless and words stood there, well, if real eyes on my back, my nerve endings bring extreme horror of oppression.

    Waited and waited, finally, I sighed, compromise turned, chose to face the tragic life coming, "you wake up, general Sakas Ki."

    The other is still no answer what, sitting there quietly staring at me for a long time before starting the pace, step by step, slowly walked over, blunt went flipflop paws on the ground.

    Seeing this, I suddenly gloomy toothache --

    That tall man at the appearance of replaced metal dog appearance, deep red neck position with a small flower pattern is estimated according to the time of his clothes, red suit and shirt Hawaii fenghua.

    - I thought I could not help but laugh, but when the witness now, I found that in fact not what.

    Even if his action is not harmonious, even occasionally one or two steps will go together with the foot... He walked slowly towards me like it's not funny, even called my hair stand on end.

    Although the toy looks also quite lovely, but! It is only the appearance of blunt blunt round seems harmless, in fact, the atmosphere is really... As the next second will destroy the world of the devil!

    Look at the coerced almost visible black gas, slowly approaching the Admiral (animal), I said the viscera are shaking, and not to be able to run and embarrassed.


    He spent some time came, he silently staring at me, he... Carefully squat, squat when approaching my shoulder height, a magnified several times, the little boy love tin toy dog upturned head ah ~

    Posture is very standard, the momentum is very serious, very serious tone, "I came back."

    I: _ (his / _: 3)

    Always, always feel where Maomao is going on?

    Perhaps I did not respond? Silence, tin toy head tilted, bare teeth re opening tone down a few degrees, some children do not seem to be happy, "what? Was it a surprise?"

    "No, that is..." Mouth beat, I silently look to the side from a few degrees, momentarily speechless badly, simply words can not say it embarrassed.

    What, really easy to laugh so or not to see him, lest someone so angry.

    The other is -- always think is wrong.

    Thought, I put my hand scratched his cheek, pretending to be not far away, I change the subject, "you wake up, then we leave here." As for the rest, all content after the meeting Kazakhstan

    My proposal has been the navy general silence, he does not agree nor disagree on silently put air conditioning.

    Until after I could not help but to look back a little tremble with fear, on his line of sight, this talent Chi hum a, opening commom;cynical tone, "you think I look is offended, or think I'm funny to see?"

    Talk between a pair of black glass beads like eyes, vaguely as if wolf like green across the cold, to cruel and violent feelings, "and what is your personal or other reasons?"

    The contents of commom;cynical tone, said not to the point... Is to stare at people's eyes is very stressful.

    "No," my mouth is a smoke, thought the truth, "I was worried about that you want to kill me..." After all -- so you face lining is lost, he murdered normal ah ~

    Of course, behind this sentence I said nothing, just over his eyes, silent describes heart unspeakable melancholy.


    Then there was silence again, this man with dark eyes looked at me for a moment, then asked, "are you from? Spy? Or the revolutionary army?"

    Huh? Say what? I am stunned, then he was heard to cold hum sound, gloomy liekai the mouth, said, "since it is not, you worry is superfluous."

    "I should help Embun yishenxiangxu, isn't it? Or say, in your opinion, I return kindness with ingratitude evil for good people?"

    The tin structure on his face. Not too fine face, but he is very sarcastic tone, accurate expression he wanted to express, "keep those too rich imagination, not only will you have the so-called burden."

    "Although not completely think of who you are, but those memories tell me that you are the very important person."

    The head lifted to a pair of extreme disdain, then said, "I remember you said, I fully remember everything will get to the bottom, before that, a re understanding of it."

    I:............ (~ ~ _)

    This semi satirical ridicule half tone, words like this, finally tin toy dog collocation appearance, it is...

    In addition, the most important thing I said was wrong, this is the local sakazuki general amnesia, the light hidden chatter is fifteen plus tongue?

    The similar content like that of love or revenge, will certainly become enemies, is also a kind of ability ah!

    Of course, this moment one can plug in the chest to Tucao because I deeply believe that surge high and sweep forward, if this laugh or something extra action, and the estimated sakazuki general Qiu really big.

    Especially now, well, he tilted his head with a straight face, eyes bright brightness than before several degrees, asked in his eyes hidden hope, Admiral Akainu: Sakas Ki, do you? What's your name?

    The up arrow up if I laugh really is too authentic right? Although, he did not know is not with the shape change and produce habits shuaileshuai... Tail... A small spring is connected, just... Poof ~ keke!

    Bite the bullet, desperate to endure to smile an idea, I sniffed, but will only speak, "Anna replied."


    "Anna?" He repeated the little voice in my name, the moment eyes like trance, but also recover quickly and stared at me, and then stood up and walked over to me again, "you said, leave here."

    "Well," I nodded, trying to put the mind back to the beginning, "hiding in here for a long time, since you are now in recovery --" of course is to leave.

    "Then?" He then asked the attention is not on me. So, first look around in a circle, finally will gaze to a distant point, seems a bit absent-minded, "after leaving the plan?"

    "The ability to find and kill her." I answered without thinking, devil fruit ability caused by effect, ability of death will restore everything, so - kill the ability.

    I don't know my answer too quickly or how, sakazuki will Wenyan turned to this moment, his eyes seemed strange, did, like some surprise, but in the end did not say what.

    He waited, to turn away your eyes before the opening, said it is another thing entirely irrelevant, "what else living here? Except for me and you."

    "Well?" I picked to pick eyebrow, thought said some uncertain, "continued to fall off of some people, but they will soon be on the hole down the glue go." According to my observation is that at least.

    It is determined at the entrance of the dome.

    From the height of lift a finger deep hole to him, then continued, "there are some toys thrown in, but also from the entrance, but I think the other should be gathered in the pipeline, so as the network distribution."

    So, choose the entrance, perhaps we will encounter a lot of Chadao, unknown circumstances, it is the only person to go to a certain thing, I can not give more exact answer now.

    In addition, "and here is not something else, as we encounter survivors, I is not confirmed."

    Although occasionally can hear the trivial detail of the sound - however, for security reasons, I did not go through, here is a strange environment after all, suffered the same sakazuki will completely lose consciousness.

    The most important point is that I did not intend to fully disclose to his point: in addition to Shimashima Kami unable to start, in fact, Guizu blood is limited, it is never met, believe in this world, is a problem.

    In unfamiliar territory, with no ability to protect themselves the red dog generals, in this case, I'm crazy will take the initiative to determine if there is someone there, if encounter the enemy?

    And even... The people who know it is difficult to predict, deep underground confined space inside the guy, psychological health.

    Compassion or joint enemies that thought, for whatever reason to move ready in no circumstances, is simply stupid.


    But no, digression aside, there is a pressing matter of the moment to leave.

    Countless distractions away the mind the moment came, I started going toward the distant place is like the central zone, the distribution of high entrance position to go -- the next moment, the red dogs will soon step to stop on the road ahead.

    Well, move quickly, even if a toy dog he is agile, blink of an eye to sway in front of me.

    It is gentle tone, eyes will be soft, he said, "the wise, easy to trouble than other women."

    The arrow up arrow tongue attribute attack, it is three words called people shouyang.

    But he did not give me hands-on opportunities, then turn head, but the body fell down, then throw out a thriller called me, "come, I take you out."

    Hey? Up... Go... What? I stared round eyes, looked at him for a moment, mouth beat, "it is not too good, I go there is no problem." Really, what the shame of the ride a little big.

    "Shut up!" He suddenly turned, ominous growl, roll up!"

    I:............ (~ delta ~;) in addition to tongue attributes, this man's character is also wrong, really not be through?!

    Well, whether or not he was through, anyway... This is a red dog will not allow others to question the nature, this is reflected in his action:

    I shouted as soon as he finished, impatient channeling over, action is not too good to describe, in short, a lift let me face down the lying on his back, and he cast the four claws start sprinting.

    The first is the rapid run-up period, then, are several longitudinal leap into the air... Walk to the air... Not my direction, but another unknown location.

    Because the body in the air, and face down because I see that he is with me to the other end of the edge of grazing to disease.

    The ears of the wind roaring, mixed with the sound of his voice, "Dressel Rosa, the ground was originally built to prevent war shelters for food storage warehouses, underground harbour, and escape."

    "Dressel Rosa was occupied after the pirates underground space greatly after transformation, the approximate position is the same, for example, here is the original warehouse, built fortifications figure shows, in addition to the door, there is a secret passage as a last resort."

    Spend a little time, he led me through the huge space from the air, then slow down, in a thick wall like a towering mountain land, before the barrier and said, "and then close your eyes, if you trust me."


    He did not look back, never let me down, keep the original position, four see it. A scurry to next to the mountain stone, it is not completely cut out half a wall itself, the volume is not large, very humble, red dog generals around it then carried into the rock claw foot gap with a few.

    This rock is soundless and stirless, indented rock, open a crack in the eyes.

    For a moment, deep breath blew out the bleak, as is closed for a long time, really do not know how to describe the taste, look inside to see... Well, visibility is not high, tens of meters after a corner, inside completely invisible what...

    "Close your eyes." He said, then without waiting for my answer to go running in the channel.



    The dark Pumian but at this moment, I close my eyes.

    As for... Dressel Rosa, the king of the seven Wuhai occupied islands, secret underground building fortifications, how such a thing would fall in the hands of the Navy, and even, how can the red dog generals like back to their lair so familiar...

    This kind of thing, he said there is no need to ask.

    He and I have to keep it a secret, isn't it? Not completely honest, very normal.
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