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    Opened my eyes, first printed into the eye is the white ceiling, the air was filled with the smell of disinfectant and shallow... That news immediately fast to rush to the front, who subordinates pleasantly surprised at the face.

    "Marshal Sakas Ki!"


    The following is a period of chaos.

    He was leaning on the noisy voice in half sat up and around the bedside henchmen action be careful and cautious, like a bomb fuze has ignited / bomb, immediately after the completion of consciously retreated to the side, so that the person responsible for his medical examination, at the same time, to rely on personal aide, a report to him what happened.

    About him - he was found unconscious in the office immediately hospitalized... This has been more than ten hours yesterday to wake.

    Of course, the news is pressed down, in addition to people who know the body at the moment in the wards of a confidant and digital medical staff, the rest is in the Navy a few right temporarily for marshal to perform the duties of the central figure.

    The report of the adjutant as in the past is simple, the performance was also stable, but he is very clear, this suddenly lost consciousness, even let his support of these people by no small shock.

    To understand that, Lieutenant after listening to the report, he just nodded, did not explain what the opening.


    After, check the medical department for the top of a face for decades on a serious look, gloomy warning:

    Marshal Sakas Ki, the body of your data without exception, but --

    Judging by your coma time, suggest you recently admitted to the hospital, in addition to training, also need to do a precision inspection...

    The up arrow arrow that Sakas Ki did not put a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in my heart, because of the impression that this medical department is responsible for the Admiral people for every accomplishment are impatient after admission has been suggested.

    And finally, the precision examination conclusions are often "consumption caused by excessive body burden", in addition to "thorough training for a period of time... Probably no other solutions.

    Where can he can rest for a while? The world situation is now changing raging like a storm in an invincible position, in order to ensure that the Navy, where these people to "rest assured" power?

    So, listen to the medical department responsible person, since Sakas Ki cushion on branch up again, trying to turn a deaf ear, however, his hand has just opened a quilt, eyes suddenly swept through a thin air pressure.

    The action is tiny, he raised his sight, the tall figure glance toward the moment to stand near dodge.

    Yellow and white striped suit man slit eyes, Admiral kizaru Bolusalinuo, previously standing in the corner without moving or speech, at the moment the moment approaching, a faint smile on one's face staring at him, "Yeah ~ zarcas base"

    "Listen to the doctor's words"

    For decades on the slow speed, deep tinted lenses if there is a leakage gap, deep eyes, "you are my stay in the hospital for several days, still want to be holding a seastone shackles lying a few days?"

    A joke words, people can not were genuine.


    After quietly and his colleagues worked for many years and the same period, students see a short moment, Sakas Ki leaned back on the pillow, cold hum a, in the end did not continue the previous move.

    Known for decades, other people may not tell, but he could not see where Boru Salino is joking or serious.

    Kizaru Boru Salino has proved elusive, but Sakas Ki could see that... If he is the current general they persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the Navy chief of staff will be -- be seastone irons in bed what, forget it, he wasn't interested in playing the game.

    He no longer insisted on bed again instead of leaning back, his classmate to hook the hook angle, again opening tone seems quite satisfied, "Yeah, so, in order to ensure that the military stability, how to let the science department deploy staff physical examination? Marshal Sakas Ki "

    Bend the tail is rippling, talking hands / pocket, or that side out of tune.

    Look at the past, but Sakas Ki nodded, agreeing to the decision, "two days." Compromise at the same time, given the deadline.

    The two day, and today there is a day, although he did not think his physical problems, but Boru Salino's advice... Another aspect is that.

    In addition to his own, also give an account of the meaning of the other generals.

    Admiral coma, this thing even for repression, hide not to a certain level among Navy General soldiers, in the old roll month after month and year after year in the teeth of the storm generals, has a keen instinct for abnormal, and which will be kept in the past.

    So this attitude is guaranteed.

    His body is no different, the conclusion from the Naval Science Department, nature is the best shortcut of stability.


    Promise, Department of Naval Science governing general kizaru is no longer entangled, shrugged, the man then turned toward the door slowly, while leaving the sentence:

    "Yeah, you look at the marshal ah ~ don't let him lying in bed also must leave no stone unturned document processing."


    A moment later, the door opened and re export closed, kizaru Bolusalinuo leave, medical department, followed by the rest of the indoor Sakas Ki and several of his henchmen.

    He watched the back sight, I look to stand on the side of the adjutant, he received a hint, loyal aide immediately, "marshal Sakas Ki"

    "The recent meeting of the world union meeting, responsible for the protection of King Rosa Dressel accompanying the fleet will set sail..." Sakas Ki lowered his eyes and gaze in his hands, mouth... Start word for word and sentence for sentence orders.

    It is a waking second decision, only give a confidant, a few things can be assured:

    "Few people arrange ships, Rosa arrived in Dressel after a secret search."

    This is half a month, he once imagined, before finally see her appearance, is a dream or reality, he wanted to go to Dressel Rosa, the local, perhaps to find clues.

    "Dreamland, the man from the illusion he stripped to the fingertips, the last is still missing -- a man like that, how could he be mistaken as a mirage, how could he have no memory?

    There was a problem.

    Closed his eyes, a strong self pressure heart instantly rolled the tempestuous waves immediately, re opened his eyes, he looked to the adjutant, sink a track, "take a pen and paper to."

    The man didn't even leave a name, he absolutely ignorant of her.

    There is no clue of the situation, also can use other means.


    Took the side goes to the notebook and pen, Sakas Ki bowed his head, attention began to depict:

    Soft contour, gentle and delicate brow, moist eyes, lips slightly smile not language...

    Delicate gas body bone disease, slender arms, thin waist...

    His strokes as having self consciousness like that, smooth outline that people like, even when he doesn't have any memory of the case, as engraved in my mind, only to have previously been blinded by the fog, at the moment, he...

    Familiar with her... Body lines, skin, hair, eyes, smile, all the details.

    How strange, also behoove.

    He even knew that the man at the back, there is a hidden place... If the scar marks, narrow, sad red, like blood still flowing wound.

    Illusion, this moment, he heard her voice, clear and smooth, "not hurt, is born."

    She in the fire, the red flames silhouetted against her nearly naked / exposed body, transparent crystal droplet coagulation in the soft skin, by the light reflecting Lingling's.

    The man slightly side face, tail eyebrow tail hidden winding shy.

    The nib fiercely, in front of the night scene of ignorance like a mirage dispersed, Sakas Ki return to God, look at the hands of a page to outline the body figurines, a moment of silence and with a blank page to begin another sketch portrait.

    The same is the man.

    Pale face, gentle temperament is demon Li glamour replaced, who with crimson Liaoluan etched down, overlooking the endless lonely gossamer thick Zade entangled in the fundus.

    No resemblance to the depiction of temperament, are indeed the same person.

    She is just like some late night legends, double demon / female, make an unforgettable man.

    How absurd, even he is no exception of the deluded.


    For a long time, Sakas Ki will be two pieces of small finish to adjutant, at the same time ordered him to let the orders of intelligence personnel to check it again starting to find Dressel Rosa even do not know the names of people, her appearance is the only clue.

    In addition, he confessed to retrieve... A few sample data.

    It is not yet finished in the office of secret files.

    Well, "explained half of the intelligence forces in the front, collecting a few things at the fastest speed of intelligence."

    That is he... Remember that scene ignorance people appear in the campfire after the sudden mind emerges... Key word。

    Sakas Ki believes that these surface unrelated things, may give him some answers or hints:

    "Island fruit holder."

    "The island is located in Sechel."

    "The Lost Empire of the achaemenids."

    "The queen of dissimilar dragon."


    Give a confidant of his orders carried out separately, and return the adjutant Marshal office to retrieve files.

    For the rest of his room alone, Sakas Ki looked to the side walls of the lower window, for a long time, eyes narrowed slightly.

    Memories of things that never existed, if you can find a clue... The mind suddenly emerge, and some memory are contrary to the place, if you can find the reason of the error, may all be clear.

    Shimashima Kami is now the holder recorded in the files, the navy -- now, ability in akado, a fortified place, controlled by the five star, ensure Tianlong people the land as strong as iron.

    It's a secret, today who know the scanty.

    Oddly, I do not know how, for a moment, Sakas Ki's cognitive deviation, his cognition, island fruit... It should be another person.

    The lost Achaemenian empire -- it is groundless statement, Rao is the control of naval intelligence forces, before the general admiral, sakazuki Sakas Ki never heard of that word.

    Dissimilar -- what is the Dragon Queen?

    These have no idea of the cognition, the only possible to find clues, "if it is located in the island Saishener calm.".

    Of course, before the final feedback information in the army, Sakas Ki was some hope, he is confused...

    Where is the problem?

    The most beautiful queen of dissimilar dragon, ghost... Who see her without exception will be confused, most willing to serve all.

    What is this perception of who?

    But why would he strange certainty, the man, a dream not a dream situation, he saw her, is the dragon?


    ............ Split line............

    A day later, Sakas Ki finished the temporary admission, as he had expected, Rao is in Naval Science Department of the front-end precision instruments and also check out what problem these days, in addition to excessive fatigue, his body no problem.

    In this regard, Sakas Ki had expected, so what is not disappointed -- those are a dream not a dream illusion, also believe that the instrument is not what in reality can be detected results.

    Of course, he did not think the other is using the devil fruit ability... However, with his domineering, Superman series devil fruit ability to work, unless the other power over him, and in today's world, scanty figures such as.

    Moreover, he can cause the current state of the devil's fruit is unheard of.

    So, "the plot" that basically can be excluded.


    After leaving the hospital, Sakas Ki once again in a busy state, the desk always piled up with important documents such as hills in general, the world situation is changing rapidly, need to solve the Admiral affairs will never reduce.

    At night, the situation has not changed much.

    Deep night, the broken dreams still nagging, beginning altitude fall, confined space, quiet deep, dense fog the woman's eyes...

    Sakas Ki forced himself not to care too much about her, but something not reason to decide, he has no memories of her, as he did day in and day out of the dream, gradually restless...

    The man hiding in the depths, because he cannot leave, he dreams of her care across the no movement of animal toy shell, in that horrible place...

    Wake up and read it often, my mind was somewhere needle pricked like thin, dreams happen, the reality is already in the past, she quietly guarding him in, can not reach the place, that kind of feeling for Sakas Ki, incapable of action, it is an intolerable thing.

    Dressel Rosa's Center arena underground, the so-called "discard broken toys", those are caused by the ability of sugar, "broken toy" the wreckage... What is.

    The Donquixote family the destruction of war, the sugar capacity failure of the moment, been overshadowed by the evil The case is entirely cleared.

    All the people turned into toys suddenly restored, Dressel Rosa home suddenly chaos... To the end of everything, the Navy left behind local help keep order at the same time in the Donquixote family related events, the report shows that underground waste within the field, in addition to some alive toy recovery after adding against the pirates, there are countless.

    Dream of thick piles can't see the end of the broken toy is rubbish, was turned into pile up like a mountain hand bones, toys and ultimately death because every kind of reason, before lifting the sugar, "broken toy" like garbage discarded in the depths.

    Ten years, the Donquixote family's evidence sin can not be forgiven.

    But she also stay closely... For his sake.

    This is how he can not care.


    In addition, with the lucid dreams, what seems to be getting out of control, discharge after Sakas Ki felt mind continued many unreasonable things, the main memory is unchanged, has begun to show error details.

    He did not know what kind of knowledge is true, they are so clear, showing very different results:

    Lieutenant Ronald is he followed his henchmen from under the rear admiral, in the most reassuring Sakas Ki people.

    Ronald has a steady disposition and comprehensive work, no family, had had a fiancee in preparation for marriage when was the woman's temporary Huihun, reason is unable to withstand the pressure as the military, the incident led to his adjutant depressed for a long time, until death did not come out from the shadow of the feelings of failure.

    Strange is a new memory, Ronald's fiancee did not go back, two people married and had a son, but Ronald is killed in battle, Sakas Ki adopted the orphan aide Ronald, in 1519, the young man's rank was.

    As for the two plausible memory bias, resulting in the battle lieutenant Ronald's death was a pirate. He killed the adjutant of the differences.

    The new world's notorious pirate Guem brothers.

    "The ogre". Wendy Guem, ed Guem.

    The two names, Sakas Ki fresh, because whether it is new or old memory memory, he participated in the death of Gein brothers, the ED Gein more he is killed by himself.

    Just different time of death - ed, gayn kill Ronald Sakas Ki arrived late one step before rescued his adjutant, but personally avenged.

    The original memory so.

    The differences are new, the Gein brothers died in advance for many years, which involved the loss of Achaemenid empire -- it is also Sakas Ki's memory "shouldn't have" things.

    While the differences appear, that day, more plausible quietly in the memory of derivatives, Ronald, Silva, and those who follow his loyal generals...

    People around me are a small part of the two kinds of life in Sakas Ki's memory.

    Some "dead" alive, "living" is dead, is often a very small details, ultimately derived from different endings, like a Mino effect, a chain, the beginning of deviation that led to major changes in his after a series of personnel.


    There is a widespread law said, things tend towards more bad direction, if you did not expect the worst, that is because there is worse to wait for you.

    Those new memories are produced, such as virus like spread quickly to all existing impact.

    From the points of disagreement, two memory like two coincidence occasionally each line twists and turns, the first is around people dizzy, and finally it is twisted together to become true or false.

    Life in common life and death on the battlefield, the war has already been quenched harder than steel but also nervous, but also by not so afflicted, is increasingly clear the "new" memory repeatedly washed away after Sakas Ki had some doubts about his own life.

    If he is not mad, so, the world is out of the question.



    From Bolusalinuo kizaru invitation, after admission, that day issued several orders have received a report at the same time, Sakas Ki also made the final decision.

    The day is a festival of navy army, Rao is a workaholic incumbent admiral, Sakas Ki may not comply with the most general soldiers will, in addition to the necessary job, most people are able to rest today.

    Of course, Sakas Ki himself was not a holiday but as in the past to stay busy in the office until ten o'clock in the evening, the end of the work in accordance with the usual time, call before leaving to receive the Yellow monkey.

    His old classmates invited him to go to a new residential area of the pubs, reason ~ they met decades but does not need any reason, Sakas Ki have no reason to refuse.


    When arrived at the agreed place, Sakas Ki saw a man kizaru, the well-known pub festival was a deserted house, I do not know the past a lively weather of the trace, only kizaru Bolusalinuo sat alone in the lobby, saw him, raised a hand to a pair of hands, waiting for the appearance, but also do not speak.

    He walked past, pull the chair seats, on the opposite side of the classmate will be an empty wine gently pushed to the front of him, then put on the table with a rough bamboo, poke lid toward him and his two empty cup in their liquid filled with wine.

    With a thorough liquor dumping, the air gradually starting to clear wine.

    The aroma of the wine is very special, silk thread ripples, steaming room full of strong wanton, deep and long.

    Sakas Ki raised an eyebrow, eyes to the front of the wine in the sweep, and looked up, somewhat surprised, "wild wine? Really, what did you get?"

    "Yeah," kizaru Wensheng smiled, the bamboo easily put aside, to pick up the wine to her lips, sipped just smiled and said, "last month the Ministry of science to a newly discovered island survey, the boys as I say get the story."

    "As we like, tracking wild monkeys found habitat, find wild wine from the stone pit?" Sakas Ki also laughed with kizaru's words, his eyes a few silk miss, good luck."

    This is a very rare wild wine, wine, great channel some uninhabited island existence of a large number of wild monkeys, the demon monkey wine, as to the method for Wucongkaozheng, but must admit that wild wine is very tasty, and rare.

    Over the years, and today, Sakas Ki only to drink three times, the first time that he and Boru Salino in the military or the graduation practice of sailing, two of them are young, that... It is good luck.

    Long wine, kizaru as he opened the chatterbox, this day never elusive classmate relaxed look, while Quanjiu side slowly said those things in the past.

    Sakas Ki is also a rare relaxed, with kizaru narrative, suddenly in the depths of the mind over the past, this evening, even by war and time washed badly, occasionally common memories, today is still visible before the eyes back again.


    A drunk but a great strength, small bamboo capacity, two people a sip, but also makes people drunk.

    Perhaps remembering the common experience of the past, blood and fire Cuilian over time, so de Sakas Ki finally a hostile heart... In the end or disappear.

    Even though the details are different, in the end... The man sitting in the opposite position, but also peer.

    Not a friend, but he has known for decades, or even be able to trust behind someone.

    Sighed, drank his head porcelain lamp last drops of wine, put the cup of the moment, soft sentiment Sakas Ki eyes fade, re ezem gaze across the cold, pursed her lips slightly, sink a track, "so, what time do you find?"

    What time he found... Not "he".

    Sakas Ki had never seen him this small classmate, kizaru Boru Salino, no matter what a memory, this man is not to be underestimated, to say who will be the first found wrong, in addition to the Yellow ape, Sakas Ki did not do second people want to.

    Voice down, man down face to face in the position of the smile on tight tone, the tone is cold Su, "Yeah, not found, you told me."

    When playing with the tip of the opening of casual porcelain lamp, tinted lenses behind the eyes, eyes downcast, vibration will continue to have said, "or you shouldn't say, but he, Sakas Ki."

    "The day I received a phone call you out, Sakas Ki's voice, he said, cain."

    To get here, kizaru silent sight, raise somewhat, continued, "I catch the past but we found that marshal of the coma, just after you wake up soon, even so I have no time to doubt."

    "In fact," paused, kizaru tone becomes somewhat uncertain, just a moment later spoke again: "I think that your call may be a coma before behavioral disorders."

    Sakas Ki then sneered, "no, in fact you have doubts, even earlier than that, or how should so in time for the science department to do a detailed inspection."

    The instrument use the most sophisticated naval science department for examination, not coincidentally, the new term after the inauguration of admiral ordered the relocation of the Department, the new navy headquarters is located in the second half of the route front, and Naval Science Department due to special reasons, the majority of people stranded in the first half, which is why kizaru later time to concentrate on helping marshal.

    The Ministry of science and the vast majority of affairs have been respectively presided over by kizaru's henchmen, expensive and easy to damage the instrument does not use them, here is the first step of kizaru secretly ordered to transport.

    Bolusalinuo had suspected him, now that Sakas Ki is sure he is afraid of this classmate after he lost consciousness that day before he perceived not, after all, there are subtle differences between his acting style and "admiral Sakas Ki".

    Even if those deviations get over the vast majority of people, but hiding from three specific people, the Warring States marshal, kizaru Boru Salino, and cousin aokiji.

    Three, the Warring States has became a big naval Marshal inspection in the long time, the fool aokiji cousin since leaving the navy are elusive, so only kizaru.

    Use the most sophisticated instrument science department, inspection is more than the body is abnormal, it also wonder if there is a reason, Sakas Ki had a hunch -- but he wasn't going to go.

    It is his own, even suspected, only as Admiral kizaru of excessive vigilance.

    But who can expect to now, even Sakas Ki himself cannot be determined, he is not "he".


    Thought, Sakas Ki hums to smile a cold, said, "you seem to be reminded, but looking at the wrong direction, right?"

    Kizaru just said "Cain".

    "Cain" is a malignant / event occurred in the name, Sakas Ki and Boru Salino attended the military academy, the cadet Castor low they will be in accordance with the practice to grade the identity of a chief evil fruit, unfortunately is to identify the identity fraud.

    The real "Kastor 'death, posing as his is his twin brother Pollux, a pair of twins, one into the Naval Academy, was a pirate, Kastor violated military discipline and his brother to keep secret, polluck greed played in that the brothers will be the devil fruit, eventually killing the twin brothers. Take identity into the military.

    Kizaru get tips, is almost hard to determine the authenticity of posing -- this Sakas Ki had not expected, he didn't think his coma at that time, the body has another independent consciousness.

    The so-called check wrong direction, until now, Sakas Ki determined that kizaru like him, are wrong.

    It is not fake... A body lived two consciousness.

    "He", and he is the same person, and not the same person.

    That explains everything, whether it is the deviation differences of memory, or when he was in a coma before the abnormal feeling.

    The impact strength of his consciousness, and occasionally out of the magma fruit, self It is without rhyme or reason. element, if it is another body had consciousness of resistance.


    The following is a period of silence.

    Kizaru Boru Salino sat there no not to utter a single word, other moves, Sakas Ki also accompanied the students sit, do not worry, but now, he also don't need to worry.

    The lapse of a long time, kizaru to put down the porcelain lamp lens, the rear sight lifts, then take out a piece of paper folded into a square from the suit in front pocket, pushing it out on the table:

    "Island fruit holder."

    "The island is located in Sechel."

    "The Lost Empire of the achaemenids."

    "The queen of dissimilar dragon."

    A number of Sakas Ki a few days ago, a survey of things, after, and said, "these, in addition to Shimashima Kami, the rest have no clue, like imaginary things, Sakas Ki, can you tell me what are you seeking?"

    "Perhaps the truth is." Zarcas based Mi Mi eyes, hide the fundus flashes down, even if I knew the survey results, again from the yellow monkey mouth that they are groundless statement could not help, he also disappointed.

    He believes in kizaru act, he investigated what kizaru must send also inspected, which is equal to the two forces while looking for, is still nothing if only that "they" did not exist in this world.

    So, it is only, the only answer is that, even he could not believe, extremely ridiculous answer.

    He is not "he", this world is not his world.


    "Yeah, well, what are you going to do next?" His answer was plausible, that person on is not very concerned about the appearance, shrugged, intonation casually, I'd say, "there is no evidence that any thing"

    "You stopped me sent to the deep prison people?" Heavy body leaned back in his chair, Sakas Ki slightly lifted her chin, "want to end it all, go to prison put the sugar in front of me."

    To say what is the cause of all this mistake, the answer in the ability of sugar -- this is Sakas Ki in a moment without warning it.

    Sugar is the ability to cause and "toys" of human memory disappeared, but if the "toys" from another world, and here are the same exist?

    He met with sugar, originally the erase memory of the people don't exist -- admiral sakazuki Sakas Ki itself does not come into contact with the childlike ability of fruit.

    This is the "collision rule" and "paradox", which caused all of the mistakes.

    If you want to make everything, only the most likely way -- where to start from where the end.

    Than you do these "bend over backwards to make sugar hands, is permanent."

    Speak to Sakas, Geber looked at the tavern layout, and cold to hum a, "seastone disguise to re create here, arranged in a cage, secret notice and Karp returned in the Warring States marshal."

    In addition, you also through the channels to message to the cousin?"

    "Prior to deployment not complete until you really used to halt the troops and wait, Bolusalinuo is dozens of years as one day."

    "Said to be cautious, himself alone, and now I stay in the same room, seastone pressed more than me, you won't forget myself ability?"


    "Yeah, so I'm very embarrassed ah ~ you actually have the memory of Sakas Ki, the ability to use too familiar, really makes people worry, our captain will not be swallowed you this outsider?"

    Kizaru has restored the past that smiling look open, with the opposite is the endless deep voice hidden in the killing, "even if swallowed memory, you think you can beat me?"

    Blind across the slight lift wrist and palm, with exposed stones / bomb / special hand gun, Sakas Ki lowered his eyes, and said, "the secret notice of Warring States marshal and lieutenant general Karp, because, if we die at the same time, the Navy will not produce turbulence."

    "Through the news channels will be handed to the cousin, because of a crisis, the fool in any case will come back, to become one of the pillars of the navy."

    Aware of kizaru breathing tiny, Sakas Ki again raised eyes, lips slightly crooked, "sugar before the arrival of how you can use the seastone chains locked up, marshal?"

    "I put the body back to you the marshal Sakas Ki."

    His words to the man on the opposite side of pupil suddenly squeeze across the brown glasses, Sakas Ki saw kizaru Boru Salino's eyes is absolutely stunned.

    This is a rare, his classmate shrewed, everything is under control, can show such attention to Sakas, absolutely be a feat.

    He is a serious proposal.

    But it looks like, kizaru didn't seem to believe.

    For a long time, like he is unable to think the surprising advice made kizaru Bolusalinuo had recovered slightly, eyes twinkle, whispered, "why?"

    The problem in Sakas Ki's surprise, and he wants to answer -- whether to kizaru, or to himself, "I must have my cause and killed the generals of the soldiers."

    Not because of the "marshal Sakas Ki", but because he, sakazuki Sakas Ki.

    Enter the army day, dozens of years, countless soldiers follow his generals, led the expedition in his battle to kill, those buried in the sea of people, are condensed in the cloak of justice in general behind him.

    Admiral Sakas Ki is indeed in this position, the goal, however... Only in his own world, get the Marshal's position, is the real ambition to reach.

    Not without hesitation, but in the end he decided to give up.


    In addition to disdain the life of others, for Sakas Ki, there is a crucial point:

    The man waiting for him, that Dressel Rosa is hiding in the depths of the woman.
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