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    Late and well

    After the beginning of the extreme fear then, arise spontaneously is extremely ashamed and resentful and angry -- big fire - meteor volcano's own Devil fruit ability immediately launched.

    If you can, at this moment the red tide has flooded all magma... Unfortunately, nothing like the devil fruit ability with heart failure, the original conative elements did not come.

    A moment later, facing the dead darkness cryogenic environment, Sakas Ki stiffly opened his mouth after a few sparks out is sputtering, wisps of black smoke from the mouth overflow curl off.

    "Ah?! Are you okay?"

    Through the Zheng Leng sight, Sakas Ki saw the woman surprised face, as is his reaction to get a little closer than previously she was at a loss, a bit thin, looked at him, eyes seemed worried, "why, what's wrong?"

    She reached for him, slender fingers slowly, slowly the onion in front he shook, and shook, and then, with some hesitation tone, gently muttering, "not again lose consciousness? How can this do?"

    "On the other hand, what is caused by what kind of devil fruit ability?"

    "This is the kind of other mechanical toy boy's love?"

    "The mouth of black smoke how to look like the line fault?"

    Ramble ramble, voice and light and soft, and said she is taking care of him, rather than automatic speaking.

    The fingers in front of him waving to test a few times, she began to check... His body... From the beginning of the forehead, like a touch side move over there, just to get a new toy of clumsy children.

    Sakas Ki stiffly maintained the original posture as she like, it's not that he doesn't want to avoid, it is... The mind temporarily blocked too many things that... Forget how to respond.

    Because of the reason, he... Shrinking many, this petite woman was standing near his head up from the perspective of the past...

    Slightly leaning skirts leaking out of soft fluctuation... He is a bit uneasy.

    In addition, she leaned close and whispered muttering you ears.

    "Mechanical toys, vocal can send the human voice? Can not communicate how to do? Use to write?"

    "But," she suddenly hesitated paused and looked down to the ground, then raised his eyes, "if you can find a way to get the pen and paper, it can not catch the pen... ?"

    After a short silence, a few seconds later to react in her eyes don't have that what is perceived as he could... "Hold the pen" this is now the hands are at his animal limb?!

    Darn! At this moment, Sakas Ki felt already extinguished the fire of anger and a comeback, instantly destroy reason.

    Be at the end of one's forbearance!


    Cough! Perhaps hard to bear on his body slender finger touch and he has no sense of the picture, also perhaps is not willing to continue to look at this moment, in the clear reflecting things, Sakas Ki suddenly coughed and choked out a last smoke in the vocal cords, somewhat angry shouted at her. "Wanton! It is!"

    By doing so, hands on his shoulders, with doping surprise and disappointment looked at him... Even got so close, his nose is unconscious, but not appreciate her temperature...

    How unpleasant!

    He... The devil fruit ability ability... Into a... Tin toy dog... By the look in her eyes...

    How hateful!

    Unexpectedly, than his anger Xiunao, her reaction is very direct, hear the sound of his voice, her eyes would light up, wave flow between coerced is not wrong to see the joy of italy.

    "I'm really sorry. I'm so excited." She fell on him hand, straight up, cheeks to shallow Yan pink, on the surface of the air but not timid but relieved, "you have nothing, what I can do"

    First for his previous misconduct to explain, then he said let him secretly scared that she said, "I don't know what's going on here, I seem unable to start, it is strange."

    The speech will sight off a little, looked around for a moment, you slowly go out, and then said, "are you all right now, I can take it to the outside and see."

    "I come back later, outside there are no questions before we leave here."

    She said, walking speed is the direction of this piece is neither fast nor slow, cleaned up the space, the broken toy to pile up like a mountain hand, she made... Is afraid to leave immediately to go to more distant search.


    Where he looks okay?! Sakas Ki felt gloomy mood index decreased somewhat, secretly stare her eyes, but she found in no sense, thought, whether or pressure in the brain of countless mysteries, first picked up a problem, an exploratory, "do you remember me?"

    The only way to explain it? Her reaction to him without warning, and those who dream of good care, Sakas Ki can only think -- this one... Know him.

    But! The key is this strange place! How could she know him?!

    When she turned, eyes slightly widened, seemed to be asked to be taken by surprise, her answer almost without thinking, "how can you not remember Sakas Ki general ah."

    However, the next second, he saw her look tiny, "hey? Why do you ask?" As is the reaction to come over, she turned back to him. Scurry, narrowed her eyes and looked closely at him for a while, the eyebrows wrinkled, the tone suddenly seemed very upset, "won't you tell me you lost?"


    For this problem, Sakas Ki did not make any answer, is to see him she will not to say yes or no, just to understand:

    "Ah ~ it is one disaster after another." His shoulders are pulled down, a pair of very annoyed, then raising his hand touched his forehead, and sat down on his side, lightly sighed tone, "you have amnesia, I can't get the ability, there is a mandatory rules?"

    "The devil fruit ability of what happened..."

    She arrived here to silence, he first quietly watching her, her eyes had placed not far from continuous Diego Diego toy mountain of garbage there, I do not know what the mind, the forehead calm shallow thoughtful meaning.

    Sakas Ki looked at her for a moment, then back sight, look a bit low, at the lower visual field in those funny plum shaped iron claw several eyes, heart fiercely Tut sound.

    Tin toy dog.

    Even without the impression that he was obliged to accept "the devil fruit ability to become their toys' reality, although the awakening that moment has faint feeling, the understanding but how also can not let him in the witness will not cause confusion.

    However, compared to hate killing rage, calm down now, Sakas Ki is more surprised by these things happen to him caused deeper strange.

    Human can be turned into toys -- that is the ability of the Donquixote family in the sugar plum cadres.

    Not long ago, Sakas Ki has just seen the Donquixote family's confession to the cadres, Dressel Rosa event is very well aware, so the problem comes:

    The sugar, in addition to the deep Hussein Pelton prison in Grindhouse trial, but also after the test, verify the fruits of children.

    The playful ability of fruit, Superman, a condition for the ability to touch, touch will become like toys, and toys was changed to target related people, will lose all the memory "toys".

    The ability to produce sugar Dressel Rosa known as "the love and passion and toys in domestic" half the country known as the "miracle, living toys', the restriction and guarantee the toy slaves so powerless to resist.

    Because children in the ability of fruit will be from the related memory that is denied, forgotten by the rest of the world, without external support, and how the victims to struggle against the evil pirate family.

    However, Sakas Ki is uncertain, he now looks obvious sugar means, why... The woman beside him remember him, but he lost fragments of memory?

    In addition, he and she now located here, after personally on the scene he soon recognized, it should be mentioned that the data is in the Navy after the investigation confirmed that the country is located in the center of the underground gladiatorial games over the years, discarded "broken toy" abandoned field.

    At this time there are indications that it is still in use, but not after the destruction of the Donquixote family, is the national mining anger cleared completely destroyed and the landfill.

    In this regard, Sakas Ki think, either, is after the events of Dressel Rosa secretly make what move, either... Another incredible accident happened.


    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, soon, Sakas Ki gave up the former scenario, Dressel Rosa's force base III, the king is not afraid to re enable the capital center arena underground confined space... Grim。

    In addition, nor does he think he caused a shock in the Navy Dressel Rosa will not, even in the ability to be denied from memory, Admiral position suddenly there is a vacancy, may not be aware of how kind of strange.

    All kinds of information and in accordance with the recently to have consulted, he has no memory of the 1519 to 1523, during which every day his whereabouts are documented, and without any vague time.

    So... He is at this time in here, there must be something wrong.

    Finally, take the brain rapidly over the numerous clues to divert Sakas Ki quietly, looking again at the side... This is just from the beginning not to utter a single word.

    Many of the Sakas Ki know the gendarmerie trial means, when he had been deliberately selected this person is absent-minded questions...

    She was unprepared when she answered him, calling him "general Sakas Ki", is part of the puzzle to, at least, she and his memories of the time should be consistent, are still as he stopped at the admiral of the period.

    But this can not explain the mysteries, one of the most critical is the ability of sugar deviation, and, even if it is clear the memory before 1519 nor the people.

    However, she was familiar, and he... Have the same emotions, rather than memory, Sakas Ki believes intuition more, so, what must exist between her and him, not her, and indeed his problem.

    The deviation on the ability and confession of sugar... Sakas Ki felt that he seems to have a clue, but the point is vague, to be careful not to simply.


    A moment later, he put in my mind a repeat no quizzes, look at the body side to re focus the man.

    She is sitting quietly, look like trance, but soon noticed his gaze, then take the questioning look on his line of sight, no confusion of the pupil, even in the dark underground confined space, her eyes can not see any pollution.

    Clear calm, like spotlessly clean water.

    He saw vaguely as if, like the flowers bloom in the courtyard, listening to the spring of deer, years of quiet good.

    After a cold, Sakas Ki's eyes softened imperceptibly, it is a very strange feeling, he did not remember her, but she made him feel... A dream into reality, the toy body no touch, he is still there... Fevered illusion.

    If he misses a part of memory, arrived at the moment, he felt... The missing part, the most important is to this woman, it is absolutely regret, because now, even if there is no memory, he is still unable to control for her desire / hope.

    Silence, this man is like he was a bit uneasy, opening tone shone a few strands of embarrassment, "Sakas Ki will now think of what to do?"

    "Well." In her tone should sound, after he became happy when she gave a blow, "no." The smooth and clean let her become depressed, he worked with a strange practical joke mood, Waltz continued, "tell me what happened before."

    He told her erratic accounted for / mood, no memory, subconscious reaction of the body is very direct, he thought, she... What should be his people, so the strange place can be ignored, because can finally get to the bottom, isn't it?

    To get back to the memory, there is no clue of the situation, only from nature... The accident into a toy that began.

    She was silent for a moment, then slowly opening, the opening is hesitant given reason:

    "I don't know what happened... I and you are probably unconscious for several minutes."

    "By the time I woke up just in time to watch your changes at that time..." She frowned here, seems to be some uncertain way, "it is like a uh ~ bathroom?"

    "I fall in with you, I fell on the ground, you accidentally fell into the water, it was an accident, the bathroom directly launched, even explain not allowed."

    "The child screams alerted the large number of people nearby, you are like this, I have to take you to leave again."

    "Fled here and found you no reaction, like a real toy like that, you know that I was... Is really spooked."

    "Not sure there... Uh ~ life reaction, I may then have the fugitive ~ because accident cause loss of a Navy generals, that is really..."

    "Originally intended to leave first, and then find the chance to go back to the safety of the ability to restore your results, you have no action here, and strange, I didn't put you alone."


    Before she slowly narrates what words lightly, just how Sakas Ki did not know the hardships -- here said she is a strange place, indeed, if it is Dressel Rosa, the most expensive land under the seven affiliated Wuhai pirates, ruled the island, the navy of the people, not difficult, it is almost is life is on the line.

    The first is from the hands of sugar to take him away, to escape pursuers, and finally hiding here, and because of his status and make her unable to leave a step, only waiting for him to take care of him... Half a month has been closely.

    Here, she stopped, is to calm the mood, he did not bother her, so in the side quietly watching.

    Wait, she breathed, on the surface of shallow unease and fear finally faded, then look sideways at his one eye, a slight smile, and said softly, "you don't think I ~ too hard, after all the accident happened because of me."

    Her eyes that he felt strange, just don't want to ask a sentence "accident is the ability to do" and she was immediately interrupted, "you want to restore the memory of nature, who now say you wake up, of no avail, we can find a way to leave."

    She stood up, slightly up high in the face, a little narrowed eyes looked at the distant high dark, voice down a bit:

    "There --"

    He motioned down her direction overlooking the dark depths of ear height and chaos, heard her voice, she said, "I had explored nearby, also pay special attention to calculation, say not to disturb the guard, only there."

    "Every time something will fall down, in accordance with the object trajectory, should be vertical shaft straight, want to leave, in addition to the specific export, can only think of a way from there."

    Words between brow light pick pale face, gentle temperament unconsciously by a... Instead, the ineffable God / rhyme, "my ability is limited, skill didn't regress, take you out more than sufficient."

    Sakas Ki felt the illusion of ruthless heart jump, instantly turned countless confused fragments in the brain, what was her God / rhyme was triggered in the depths of memory constructs do not exist... Dreamland...

    Like illusion, he saw the eyes of the people into two distinct.

    Through green eyes, gentle tranquil appearance, like those in the town of Marin de dependents, virtuous Shujing, well behaved obedient... Look at the eyes of people like water and moist... No language first smile, polite and estranged.

    Another is tunjin redness of the skin pale to transparent skin, long hair and ankle, because graindocument eyes can see the skin lined with crimson, dark pupil contains boundless loneliness... Cold, desolate, lifeless.

    God is like that half Di and eyes eyelash, condescending overlooking the living beings.

    The same fleeting, suddenly he came back, and she is not like him for a few seconds before the time has been found to recover the gaffe, staring at the high distant sight, he stretched out his hand toward the.

    According to the last time the law should now is a good time to escape."

    "Go out immediately after contact the Department, general Sakas Ki, before the ship arrived at the security can be handed over to me."


    Look a bit low, after staring at her hanging in the air to see the white palm, Sakas Ki, to raise the line of sight, deep voice speak, "this is Dressel Rosa, the king of seven Wuhai territory."

    "You should know that the agreement, without prior notification, the navy may not close to the king seven Wuhai territorial waters."

    "Even without scruples old star questioned, the fastest ships must also be ten days before arriving here."

    The ten days what will happen... She is a person how to fight against the Donquixote family ruled the area.

    He had to consider this.

    Voice down, the people look startled, "Hey?" Seems a bit startled eyes blinked, "Dressel Rosa? It is located in the new world sea rogue Donquixote..."

    "And so on! You think of it?" Her eyes Mouguang slightly tight, the next second, the forehead showed some edge, spoke again became a heavy tone, "you doubt me? General Sakas Ki."

    Look this one eye, Sakas Ki deep voice replied, "no, my memory at the end of 1519." He paused for a moment, he quickly re stared at her one eye, hesitated for a moment, the final choice without concealment:

    "And my memory without you." - so, doubt and temptation, instinct, he in the battle of life, be alert and alert already carved into the bone marrow, this time on his side, even the same faction Navy, he too would suspect test.

    This post has explained, is a very rare.

    I do not know why, she will have the subconscious into need special treatment status, patience and tolerance, these past no people especially women can get the prize, he was willing to do for her.


    After a short silence, side this man forehead sharp and displeasure faded, then I do not know how to describe the eyes stared at him, the mouth not observable smoke smoke, "you really don't remember me?"

    Although the interrogative sentences, called Sakas Ki see stab is the man Yang high tone sounds a few degrees, can actually show a means to pleasantly surprised at his heart, let hostility will occur, "what? I don't remember, make you happy?"

    The up arrow arrow is like... The last heard pardon performance... It is very unsightly.

    He just let her hate away? So, why is it good care?

    "Well," she's had a stiff, perhaps to see what comes from his eyes, eyes dancing around the bone, then put a strong self as regret expression, hypocritically sigh, and quickly transfer topic trying to hoodwink clearance, "as you say, I'm afraid I lost is a chain reaction."

    "Dressel Rosa, right, how do you know here is Dressel Rosa?"

    She asked about this, Sakas Ki think he is temporarily not willing to answer, so he also chose to shift the focus of "Superman's ability of fruit, sugar, plum in the Donquixote family cadres, should be the child you have seen."

    Chaos and fragmentary memories, high fall and strange girl screaming, this is precisely what the people have said, is a strange place --

    Pause a few seconds, Sakas Ki took a deep breath and try to keep the rational cold voice said, "however, is the ability to turn humans into sugar and make toys, toys and related people lose their memory."

    Instead, on the contrary, he lost some time and on all her memory, she remembers everything.

    In addition, the time is not right.

    He just saw the collapse of the Donquixote family event, and where the addition of a "sugar", the key is, he and she is only "half a month" the same, just half a month ago began his arrhythmia, and she said that he was a toy time coincidence.

    If he and she are not confused, then half a month of key points...

    Thought, Sakas Ki once again chose to keep her key points, but her brooding appearance, even did not pay attention to his strange?

    The eyebrows shallow folds, looking thoughtfully.

    Sakas Ki bowed his head, looked at his present ridiculous appearance, paused, just take a few seconds ago nearly reached out for her smooth impulse / eyebrows, closed his eyes, re opening, "mandatory rules of devil fruit, sugar abilities reflected in the erase related memory. As for the other..."

    The Navy did not find other special chain reaction -- it also shows that both his natural fruit is magma failure, or her honest "can not use ability, and sugar has nothing to do, but for other reasons.


    When he said this, he looked wrong well staring at her, the lapse of a long time, this talent from our own mind world return to God, blinked, like trance looked around, face a... How to put it? Half is regret, half relieved look.

    Finally, her eyes on his eyes, lips gently opened and closed, a few seem to have figured out what is about to speak, but saying nothing, but I do not know how to express.

    He thought, she must know why -- I do not know, at this moment, Sakas Ki felt so sure, for no reason, he was sure she knows everything.

    A sudden strange feeling, but very familiar, as if a long time ago, he was the same... Determine。

    "Do you know the answer, say, with some." Almost without thinking, his deep voice speak, "if you command me, you to hide this level, will be disposed of."

    At this moment, he obeyed the heart arise spontaneously strange impulse, strangely, voice down but see her eyes rounded, like a huge frightened rabbit, "remember?"

    "What?" While she stammered into chaos when Sakas Ki loud pressed, while unconsciously trying to get up... Close to her, "I remember what?"

    At this moment, this person made him more is pressed in addition to answer... The hunting of desire / hope... Impulse / bad, worse is that he forgot his situation at this time.

    The next moment, taking the pace of the subconscious is out of balance, Sakas Ki Xiufen Yusi found him in her amazement at the... Forward down.

    A touch of his fall on the ground, and then after I remember... A toy dog, it's limbs action, rather than...

    Darn!!! Kill you!!!

    On the ability of his distress situation, sugar kill, with great anger burning up through the senses, for a moment, Sakas Ki found the eyes and are blurred and distorted... In view of the edge of a wisp of red color emerges slowly, inch by inch corrosion, can not control the speed / invasion.

    Come here with previous similar cases, the less impact the consciousness of momentum, and many a strange attraction.

    Struggling to raise eyes, finally he only had time to see... She was surprised and worried face.

    The next moment, clear away.

    Is that the feeling of falling...


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