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    The sea round calendar 1519, major notebook Ma Lin Ford Navy headquarters confidential archives, a story book page recorded after a lapse of two days less than time, enough to shake the world of sensational events.

    First, in the new world of waters, one of the four emperors, BIG.MOM's Pirates fleet overnight Quanmie, at the same time, the Navy Fleet monitor stuck in a dozen miles outside of the lost two warships.

    Second, a single person Quanmie under the command of an entire fleet of four imperial fleet with two warships from the assailant broke into the deep prison, because Pell Dayton seventh prison held again all died in custody in sixth, of which 1/4 layer prisoners are affected lose their lives.

    Another: the Admiral ordered to destroy enemy generals Akainu, shortly after the perpetrators were again in the Marin de Navy headquarters, in the Ministry of science and the general field test secret kizaru faced.

    Third, generals Akainu, general kizaru also dispatched to chase the perpetrators of water are seven islands island due to the edge of the island, some can not be identified and suddenly disappeared, reappeared after half a month.

    Fourth, on the same day, one of the iron triangle behind the gate of the naval justice, judicial order destroyed by Tu magic island.

    Three days have occurred evil * *, in addition to judicial battle Island, Quanmie four imperial fleet, under the command of the pirate attack deep prison makes the sixth layer seventh layer make the most of death, broke into the Navy headquarters Clifford Marin test field, resulting in underground water are islands of the edge of the island disappeared, and the same series of events personal related.

    Dangerous remarks: Ketai ya. Stark, black hair, gray eyes, suspected ability, ability is unknown.



    Of course, the Navy secret archives major register records of the incident is just added the content for a long time, and after half a month has not yet settled at this moment no connection.


    Kizaru is a headache.

    They were not long ago by aokiji in general, lieutenant general Karp led to the collusion of the warship returned Marin clifford.

    When the sun is in the boundless ocean, warship navigation, high altitude sun golden Pu Chen Zaigan clean on the deck of a ship lift the shallow downs, gentle breeze accompanied by bursts of seagulls are be sleepy straws.

    It is able to temporarily relax time, after all, is returned to the Navy headquarters on the way.

    But! Just review the numerous data, now dizzy from the cabin and went on deck, to change the mood of the trim kizaru, clear look at the scene, only to find the temple jumped:

    Although you can relax, you bastard too without tension!

    (LV LV convex dish) here is not to leave the beach bikinis warships! White folding deck chairs this swiftly placed, and the bastard couch sunbathing...

    He is really eye twitches, just want to remember Kusanagi or light kick the past, either kill or kick to the end of the world to go ah!

    Aokiji cousin, a crumpled suit vest, stand salted fish be lying on the bench rest, oh ~ dark pinstriped goggles also pulled down blindfolded, don't know sleeping or sleeping, in a word, the whole is a decadent uncle.

    The up arrow arrow with a head like a fluffy curly black cauliflower and colleagues military students, twenty years as one day exudes dried vegetables generally its flavor, it is to let kizaru very directly to the race into the ground at /.

    After standing on the edge of the dark Sen at will, kizaru breath, trying to open a few degrees at sight, after a pause, immediately raised with fingertips to rub the forehead.

    There is no single pair, aokiji. Fool. Cousin lying bench next door, is laid with soft cloth to cover the face of the sleeping Ketai ya. Stark, I do not know how, perhaps is so touched by what sort of switch? In short, since the meeting began, Mr. Stark...

    Admiral aokiji every word and action and were similar to the smell exudes subtle, yawning, scratching hair, even if not to sleep sleepy whenever and wherever possible, also open double glazed eyes, a sleepy face.

    Decadent, sloppy, lazy, or lying, or is going to lie down.

    In short, the two regardless of appearance or temperament in disparities in Uncle level men began to meet until now only a few hours, so it can be called a strange bystander:

    "Ah, be careful not to see the phantom is not really aokiji general / body that depending on the sense of that terrible voice".

    Although the arrow up arrow and stark not long ago in a hostile state, but now temporarily bury the hatchet, even in kizaru warm and sincere invitation, (harbour evil designs) by man and imp warships and together they return to Ma Lin ford.

    A second is the enemy after a second friend -- this is not the key, the key is! Kizaru now believe that if I knew ya. Actually, Ketai Stark is a virtue, and cousin guy, he never made the cotton back to linford!

    Even if the other side is to work with the Admiral par super power.

    A cousin aokiji has enough, another of the same type...

    After oh ~ they will understand each other in the Warring States period the Buddha nature, flat palm shoot him the lead back to the initiator of evil? My boss never know their habits of protecting his cousin, kizaru deeply felt that trouble.


    Stood quietly next to a headache, toothache, a long time, kizaru with self mood, slow to walk to the empty chair swiftly lined it on the edge of the body and clothes, and sink.

    Close your eyes, elbows in the eyes, head cover to fall sunlight, exhale a sulk.

    Ship deck bustling -- of course, noisy not stand in the sun and salted fish kizaru beside him two navy soldiers, is responsible for another person in order to carry out their duties, play a.

    That kid, and a kid is always better than the noisy grandpa old man, iron fist naval hero Karp, and will become the old man, retired admiral Claude Meyer.

    One old and one large and one small, three people get along very well, it is a very difficult thing called bystander.

    If Claude Meyer, knowing the deep friendship of kizaru, his old colleagues just old friends love children, especially girls of that age.

    Because... Claude Meyer's wife, was her unborn fetus is a girl... With that kid's hair color, just like Josephine Bnnie, shallow green ice, Claude Meyer out of empathy, especially kind of.

    As for Karp, and the kid hit it off, is probably similar to nature? Kizaru thought -- are capricious crude nerve, never see people face, not listening to others...

    Lieutenant general Karp, and that Lili jant imp, except for one eye that tit for tat had a few words, such as from the island to boarded the ship, just between the two of them actually Kung Fu developed strange friendship, * * (fog!) Stick together.

    Now, let Karp will carry a ship from the inside to the outside city, home and the old man to sit at the two warships to the edge of the deck railing, a hand of a fishing rod, that is to catch Neptune class dinner.

    While fishing Jiji quack talk during the side watching the smiling occasionally with Claude Meyer in the one or two sentence inserted / - noon under the scorching sun is quiet on the deck, the little girl clear laughter atmosphere added to a comfortable and peaceful silk.

    = = = kizaru expressed a headache.

    This one looks not too, only he was a headache trouble at the booth.


    The head pain hurts ah ah pain, then, kizaru simply go, the whole people to relax more heavy chair a bit, eyes closed, silently decided to sleep for a while.

    After all, those perplexing events let his mind quite a long time, it will not break down may be overheating.


    After receiving the call to the supreme commander of the Navy, Lieutenant Karp's ship arrived on time, the time is enough kizaru back and know about the event.

    The previously Warring States Marshal communication hung up, after a while, the distribution is responsible for warning on the island of the Navy team have sent a message, the edge of the island are islands water suffused with a panic.

    The recovery of communication with the outside world for the sake of the island, had mysteriously disappeared by most people through phone calls and snail Zhi Xiao, resulting in a panic.

    This situation has been kizaru had expected, he can understand people on the island and even the Navy felt unease after all so strange.

    For the parties, only the past ten minutes, or even less, but to the world, the entire island disappeared half a month -- such a startling fact, will cause confusion is behoove.

    In Karp's ship since seven of water, during the period until the arrival of the island, located in the edge of the islands, kizaru received forces feedback message, said there are many ships set sail, can't wait to leave.

    Most ships fled to come to participate in the fair of the caravan, more also criminals, including naval surveillance to the king seven Wu Hai, Quixote. Duofulangmingge sea rogue ship left the harbor.

    In this regard, kizaru order is: don't stop.

    Even near the sea should have a navy to intercept the fleet, let those ships leave.

    Because any one from their original purpose is not the conquest of the island, or to attend the fair of criminals.

    Kizaru and sakazuki two navy under the command of general troops following the landing of the island, is the setting that person, Anna, although the plans were disrupted, however, the situation did not agree to anything, nor do.


    Next, in Karp's ship has not yet arrived before this time, kizaru contact his confidant, confirmed the first date -- not trust the Warring States marshal, but only himself that he can really trust.

    Heart gave him the same answer, this is indeed a half day after the distance.

    Of course, his whereabouts, the whereabouts of the Admiral even henchmen may not really know, and water are the loss of the edge of the island islands, is spread naval control in a certain range of facts.

    After confirmation of the "disappearance of half a month 'authenticity, one thing, kizaru re contacted the office of Marshal, and soon ordered to marshal the Warring States: what happened in this half a month of the secret dossier.


    Seen to marshal office files, then kizaru looked at him some heart PD intelligence, Silva came with the hatchback, nearly half a month is the headache of perplexing affairs just out one by one:

    The water all islands, half a month to seven islands became six, disappeared in the sea islands as just erase, even the warship sonar system scanning of seabed of the continental shelf can not find the original base on the island chart.

    A whole underwater mountains, originally existing position is like what was the replacement of the like, through the Ministry of science and research group concluded that warships retrieve samples detected the seabed is formed through thousands of years of evolution, there is a complete ecosystem of coral reef seabed.

    That's impossible.

    In addition, the island disappeared time in two the admiral has entered the air soon wiped out is more than just an island, the island of Shanghai in the top two more combat power.

    This news immediately by the Warring States Marshal ordered the blockade, a tiny bit leaked to the outside are not allowed, so as not to cause the situation concussion.

    Originally a whole island may disappear from the past, after all, it is not a naval base is not a world government under the control of the secret, it is a common commercial Island, the island in addition to indigenous people, more recently come to participate in the fair trade.

    Can it is to have a great day the incident shocked the world, temporarily overshadowed the island of the mysterious disappearance of news.

    The island - world government issued a statement afterwards, the Navy launched onto the East China Sea to slaughter the new pirates strawhat Luffy is a pedestrian's head, and the destruction caused by judicial Island, a "pirate attack after being destroyed.

    On the island to kill devil, kizaru know that, only in three the Admiral's Gold Bug just have the power to call orders, as one of the three generals, how can he be blind.

    Aokiji cousin is temporarily given commander CP9 power, however, believe that kizaru aokiji did not expect that Tu magic will really start, the order was originally just for just in case deterrent, as a last resort.

    Did not expect... CP9 commander Spann Damm was so stupid and cruel.

    The government and the East China Sea is the new navy thoroughly discredited, the pirate hat line was under siege to slaughter the escape.

    In addition to Tu magic after the navy to clean up the mess, received two navy generals with the island with missing information, immediately ordered the Warring States Marshal into the secret war.

    The three generals are not in Ma Linfude, the Department of defense emptiness, nature also unable to escape the pursuit of a hat for distraction.

    A few days after, secretly gathered in the waters near the water monitoring fleet of islands back to our department of a bulletin: the East China Sea pirates, strawhat.D. Luffy, and pirate group members, a pedestrian ride on the new ship will Karp's defense breakthrough blockade, fled to the sea.

    Another: aokiji cousin and Karp will halt the troops and wait.

    The bottom of the document did not have any response to the Warring States marshal, supreme commander of the no position, the reason for this thing, a few days before the order was signed.

    A few days ago the Warring States Marshal general aokiji ordered Lt. Karp secret stationed seven water, on the one hand, trying to survey the islands disappeared. On the other hand, try to find the other two admiral missing.


    Until half a month later, the island again.

    Sonar system closely monitoring the waters on the island without warning between coordinates, at the same time, the outside world all over the island lost contact communication began to access.

    Marin de Navy headquarters, Ministry of science and the combat forces captain, a researcher of concern, two people nearly half a month in a call every hour and moment the telephone number snail, PRR's voice was finally replaced by...


    Lying on the bench rest this time, kizaru to numerous data read from A to Z carefully thought over.

    Finally, I do not know the first several times with a sound.

    The sun is, the atmosphere is good, and until now, he has a sense of reality.

    The true sense of the missing half a month after all... At the time of the parties on the island, there is no abnormal ~ this... The legend of another event, only the spectator will feel fear.

    Ten minutes of time, the world has been half a month, like a joke be inopportune or inappropriate.

    For experienced kizaru, there is no real sense of what is not necessary in mind, his worry is then returned to the Marin Clifford will face follow-up.

    He brought back Ketai ya. Stark, but once again lost to Navy headquarters, it is more important for the guardian.

    In addition, his disciple, Nana... This time if it is unable to hide?

    For some Er, not willing to that kid is too distracted because many things about Anna, the previous kizaru are telling the kid, because it is not necessary, in Nana, Anna will eventually return, so why worry about her child.

    The original news from the very tight, kizaru to his control efforts be watertight, in addition, the Ministry also high hopes for Nana, nature is not leaked unnecessary message to her.

    Unfortunately, this is the two navy general missing, even if no knowledge of the outside world, it must produce turbulence within the Navy top.

    The chaotic situation in addition to get dishonest people to act, but also prone to omissions, plus... The children have to listen to the voice of all qualifications, already perceived not just kizaru look tight told her to begin this investigation, the missing half month kizaru, to find what is an easy job to do for Nana.


    When the yellow monkey only hope that, after going back, look at him to believe her hand -- and certainly two Zilai Shu to Anna outside things very well aware of the 'family', a disciple of the master, his attitude is not too bad.

    Is a rare. The result is a disciple of the girl child to abandon what bear, but also their own children love bear children... Then, as can be imagined abandon * 2.

    The warship deck three. Airing salted fish was hit was not light. Kizaru: (cross from), and...

    Then, I got heart stopper little comfort, anyway, alone. Stark and Lili Jeanette Ketai, that kid's attitude, Anna will eventually come back safely.

    At the same time as for missing another general sakazuki zarcas base is still missing?

    It's not important, missing their terms admiral is to jump to the half, the boundary of what great waterway is not surprising, the original or general of the Warring States marshal, had a battle not the message for nearly a year to find people, now red dog generals only lost contact half month, xiaoyi.



    The scheduled time, leaving seven warships are sea water before the second climate, sunny ocean, after the second was gray fog.

    Slow currents become fast, together with the current in one direction and galloped away -- there is justice, at the end of the door.

    Kizaru from the couch and put his hands into the pocket at the end / quiet, overlooking the fog that touch the sky fan vaguely outline, once again opened his eyes, eyes restored the usual calm and sharp.

    After settling down, the same quiet and solemn atmosphere, he quickly see the man with his eyes, eyes quietly stood a few meters away. Each other in stark Ketai ya, accelerate the current moment of silent wake, a pair of light gray eyes to the front sight point, is through the fog to find precise the justice of the door.

    A man glanced at the eye immediately withdraw the sight, kizaru downcast eyes, "Yeah ~ to yo ~" means of unknown words, from the mouth gently overflow.

    With his voice down, the distant boundless depths of a light fog down the lights slowly.

    Just this moment the door opened quietly.
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