#155  to my sister? [two]

    Han Qi in the dark in the sneer.

    He was a pair of different with previous eyes, filled with cold and ruthless, is like a beautiful snake, staring at Yi li. In his hands, is a flashing blue light attached, filled with strange patterns of Knife Dagger, pick a piece of meat.

    "My younger sister?"

    To stand in front of it, sit down, frowning.

    I heard Han Qi say, his heart was somewhat puzzled, but not the slightest strange meaning.

    The reason is frowning, because of this problem, it is difficult to answer.


    Bright moon as big as the wheel, suspension altitude, cold night, filled with cold fog looming.

    In the back, such as cliff edge, flat cut neat.

    Under the cliff, is the vast jungled the deep mountains and forests.

    The wind howled, a white man, sit cross legged in the cliff, let the wind cliff face, the face of Xiao Su, in its mouth, a flute, flute whimper. This man, with his eyes closed, his hands have static playing flute.

    "Childe, cold night." Behind a red hair woman walked over, holding a cloak, kneeling behind the man, the gilded gold thread stitch beautiful leather overcoat gently cover on the back of the man's skin overcoat, gently as if it were nothing, but is very good against the cold precious treasure.

    The man put down his flute, slowly opened eyes!

    The handsome appearance is beautiful! As the woman general handsome in the body, can not find the slightest masculinity, either face or facial features, even without make-up, would have been as good and beautiful women.

    Beautiful, beautiful!!

    Seems to use "beauty" to describe such words "son", quite some wrong, but in front of the prince, really can't think of a better word.

    The mouth in its eyes, is the moment, filled with a smile of Yin xie.

    Like green fingers, gently across the red hair woman kneeling on the bottom, is feeling in the fingers, the lingering soft and elastic.

    The "s" man took a deep breath, eyes closed and open, overlooking the front wall of the jungle he.

    The eyes, looked at a bonfire, distant twinkle eyes deep, poured out of the endless hatred.


    PA ~!

    The palm of his hand, heavy beat in the red hair woman rich and pretty Alice ass.

    Clear voice, in the silence of the night, appears to be extremely awkward and sweet.

    The red woman, handsome face, apply a Fendai, but can not conceal its beautiful appearance.

    With the man's hand, heavy beat on her ass, suddenly the woman's face, is to emerge out of crimson shame, but look absolutely no angry, but is a face look like enjoy. It seems...... Such behavior, in between the two, there have been too many times.

    As the sound of beating the man with the hand, can be heard without end!!

    Have a moment, a shadow appears in a man not far behind.

    "Son, Liu Wei was killed!"

    The same son Mowgli look only at the feminine and beautiful face, emerge out of a ferocious.

    Red woman saw the familiar silk ferocious, the heart of a tight, she know, tonight, if there will be a lot of blood!

    "Red slave, you say, the son received her Yuan Feng Yin really, how to deal with the Bitch?"

    Weiwuji mouth grinning, a red Nula came to kneel in front of their own.

    And the son Mowgli white, is slowly open.

    Red slave look revealed a trace of surprise, she was a look at the son of Mowgli, her gaze turns out the temptation Mei, his ears drooping hair is low head, attached to the son of Mowgli's crotch.

    The "s......" The son of Mowgli, to absorbing air conditioner, close your eyes.

    The handsome handsome face, emerge is very enjoy the look.

    In the shadows behind the eyes, seems to dissolute the scene, but in a little out of the sound, slightly bow down.

    A dark cloud, misty, half the bright moonlight tonight.


    "Tranquil and elegant, such as lotus scent." Thought for a long time, Yi Li spoke. "A live off, such as anger burning red."

    The fragrance of lotus, lotus burning anger?" Han Qi's face showing a smile, that smile, but then because of a cold, the concept of God, and become suddenly angry.

    This cold get two dogs also feel.

    The concept of God is extremely powerful and strong, let him moving point!!

    "Childe...... Mowgli!!" Han Qi looked at two dogs, mouth a little bitter smile.

    "A friend, you kill people, but Wei Liu, this is Weiwuji slaves!" Han Qi pointed to the head of the bitter smile.

    "Tell me, I suddenly very interested." Two the dog mouth a little evil, such a powerful concept of God, two dogs not unfamiliar, in Guo husband's body, he had felt the strong knowledge of god!! The concept of God and this person, the same strong, compared, and even about the same Guo Fu...... Stronger!

    Moreover, from the beginning, Yi Li felt, behind the Han brother, have a pair of invisible eyes, in the moment stopped to stare at them.

    He could feel her invisible eyes, and this pair of cold cold and feminine consciousness, is the same one.

    Perhaps he previously, Wei Liu, just because of the man like stealth surveillance, let two dogs extremely drunk fully and delightfully unhappy!

    But this time, the cold but absolutely powerful knowledge of God, is that two dog hearts, rising from a kill.

    Because the knowledge of God, let him think of the Guo fu.

    Two see the dog mouth evil meaning smile, Han Qi's heart a shock!

    In front of his son Mowgli, who also had a similar feeling so strange.

    But two people to his feeling is totally different.

    One is the feminine of evil. The other is the strange overweening!

    In fact, even if Han Qi doesn't say a word, two dog hearts, has been speculation that this burgeoning knowledge of God and when there is surveillance...... Should look at the fire nearby, hugging her knees sat Han Ru.

    Despite her looks, the eyes seem to jump at the flames.

    It is not difficult to feel, when a cold soul came the moment, Han Ru body suddenly stretched straight, in the heart, but there is a deep fear and fear.

    "Easy elder brother, the water is very deep, in the kindly advise you to ask, or stay out as well, when the right is not aware of. Come on, we continue to drink......" Han Qi toast.

    Yi Li still smiled at Han Qi, "you think...... Also, I can stay out?"

    Smile, the two dog grabbed the bleeding head, will suddenly throw.

    Flying head crashing roar, like a running toward the stone forest hit the dark.


    Head crash, blown into a mist of blood, brains more red and white splash.
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