#152  Nianjing [two]

    "You are not making friends, really want to own the overgrown farmland rearing insects?" Han Ru eyes, shaking his head, "this is not possible! Even if I get a Han family, for the annual amount of pounds is spent reading crystal, it is difficult to imagine the effort, this is a good time for the time. And this overgrown farmland for the environment, rearing insects, forage, drinking water...... Oh, it is extremely difficult to feed, you alone, single-handed to engage their own, it is impossible to succeed!"

    Han Ru directly denied the idea of two dogs.

    Indeed, there is really read crystal, let his heart extremely.

    Practice knowledge of God, and God consciousness, it is innate in an invincible position, even congenital enemy powers. God knows the strength, not only the equivalent of a pair of invisible eyes, to a certain extent, if can be like mad family, like Guo Fu like that, the cultivation of consciousness of supernatural powers, so it is the best.

    All this, we must have a strong knowledge of god.

    Want to practice the knowledge of God, in addition to cudgel thinking there is no better way.

    Like a mad God, its powerful God consciousness, from a bloodline...... Or say, curse of the force!!

    No man is born to have strong knowledge of God, only sitting meditation, alone on a cold light, in the lonely experience in the knowledge of god.

    In addition, what seems to be no better way.

    Can sit in meditation, practicing spirit, time-consuming long and arduous, so a lot of the time, most people will choose to practice, practice! The so-called fish and bear's paw can not have both, not to mention the practice spirit, more difficult.

    But now, it is different, the two dogs know the existence of crystal read!!

    If you have read the crystal, either directly or as a refining Dan medicine of what, in short, can greatly improve the speed of the general practice of god! This crystal read to him, it is very pleasant.

    In fact, even if it is a read out so a bug curdling read but it is a little bit of crystal, its value is high, the terror, is very scary!

    It is such a small read crystal, few people will be willing to take it directly, but some aspects of the consciousness of refining a ready-made panacea.

    Read the crystal, and it was very expensive!!

    So, we intend to own two dogs, insect rearing overgrown farmland.

    Han Ru said audible, rearing insects overgrown farmland alone, for it, is a piece of work, somewhat daunting.

    Can read the crystal, two dogs are shizaibide.

    He suddenly remembered the Han family, there was nearly a hundred pounds of grain to read......

    Can you?

    Two the dog has a look at Han Ru, dismissed the idea.

    "Han Daoyou, you just say, in this three shortage limits, I can also find the bug where overgrown farmland!! To tell you the truth, I am eager to read this crystal, was necessary to get a little!" Two dogs ".

    It does not work, it does not work!

    No, can not read the crystal?"

    Two dogs look to Han Ru this one, with some kind of different, its connotation contains is Henla and deceit, murder, even if he is not a good cover, there are one or two wire air leak, let Han Ru feel suddenly, Han Ru felt, under the eyes of wolves. He seems to have been seen in general, no place to hide.

    She fear in the heart at the same time, it is can't help stepped back, his face flushed.

    From the dim sunlight sprinkled on her cheeks, the villi, was clearly visible.

    Two dogs did not care at this time, Han Qidao heard, "Oh, you don't want to change too anxious, not available, it is not that, read this crystal value? Besides, if you read this crystal rare treasure, available to everyone, it is not like in the Chinese cabbage, as was not uncommon?" Han Qijian of the wolves, one face of anxious anger, in his heart, but is a lot easier. This will not afraid of emotional disclosure rash in the face of people, afraid of what those things hidden in the stomach, secretly like, what is not said, stab in the back ".

    Frankly, even Yi Li do not know, the It is without rhyme or reason. made a Zaohuo, actually let the Han Qi inner guard, dodge a lot.

    "Han Daoyou said, alas, I was impatient!" Two dogs look up at the sky, so impatient, he is urgent to understand the knowledge of God's supernatural powers, as a result, beheaded Guo fu...... "Guo fu!!! He will look into the hatred of Lianqu, took a deep breath and looked at Han Ru, "if frightened Han Rudao friends, so easy to apologize. To say, but let the two laughed!" The woman to apologize, not what is shameful, not to mention this, Han Ru before the woman is a beautiful woman, two dog though not much feeling for what it can be, good things, always will not let him easily broken.

    Han Ru gulped, then smiled and shook his head, "no...... Okay!"

    Han Qi looked at the strange sister, at this time the Han Li, also called an antelope like little beast, grinning to Yi Li said, "to thank the predecessors of the life-saving grace, I will give you something, my Han Li is most proud of Roasted Whole Lamb!"

    The Han Li, smart and honest simple is not lost.

    Talk about a few hours in the forest was gradually dim.

    At this time Han Qi smiled and said, "Yi Daoyou, read this precious crystal, I know you! The trip into the three circles of the shortage, my goal is to read, in order to obtain this crystal. But if you want to find the first to read crystal, find, naturally read insects, look for insects, first of all to find, is the overgrown farmland insect!"

    "To tell you the truth, my four siblings, was previously the overgrown farmland worm Wai killed, is not accidental......" Han Qi look dignified up toward the Yi Li arch arch hand, "you may wish to take a look at this scene jade jane!"

    Talking over a piece of jade Jane Han Qidi.

    Notice the jade Jane, is not strange, two dog God is behind the knowledge of the mind, suddenly, there was a scene.

    He looked at the moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a strong hope of awn, "this is true?"

    "Nature is really!" Han Qi smiled, sure of the way, as if had expected, two dogs will have such a.

    Of course, if it is not so easy to Lixian, deeply worried demanding Miss crystal, even if the two dogs do again, he would take Han Qi, this jade Jane, give him a view.

    "Friends, I will willing to work with the number of siblings who enter here together?" Han Qi put forward the invitation, he thought, the wolves will not hesitate to promise, but did not expect, the wolves...... It is thought up.

    Han Qi eyes, showing surprising color, more appreciation and admiration, but secretly nodded, "Yi Daoyou does not have a promise, after all this one, some are dangerous. May wish to consider, we first discussed in the dinner after dinner, maybe, it's good!"

    Two dogs in nodded thoughtfully.
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