#234  out of the three tower [] the first volume of the final waste

    This is a rare plant, was originally on the totem to Sen. But at the moment, was a strange totem Ning is solid, and jumped out, became a rare plant!! Plant some slightly black, looks unremarkable, in any case can remind us not to waste a tree totem worship as bone...... But this time, the plant branching and leap of this strain, it is easier to make a roar.

    Yi Li listened to Han Ru warning, turned the moment, this is the plant coverage in Yi Li's body.

    Yi Li covered when the arm in the plants, Yi Li can clearly feel, from the root of plant branches, it seems to be growing out of countless tiny tentacles, ruthlessly pierced into the skin of Yi Li, Yi Li seems to be in the body, air plant.

    Indeed, Yi Li wants to turn this line branching plant, grilled in vitro when he is in great trouble!

    The plants, tightly covered on his skin, not a lot of effort, even tore off a piece of skin, it seems impossible to take this line branching down plant. When a stalemate, Yi Li hand strength is loose, and feel his body toward the plant roots. Yi Li did not hesitate, gasped, hands running a mysterious power, the flesh will be covered in plants to pull down.

    Just a tear, even his arm half chixu flesh to tear down badly mutilated!!

    See this scene, Yi Li did not care, Han Ru is frowned.

    But this small injury for today's Yi Li, is really not what.

    "What is this plant? So overbearing?!"

    I saw the plant roots, clutching Yi Li body tearing down the flesh, in the visible speed, the flesh blood is absorbed by plants to clean. This plant is in a little while, the time is a bit.

    "This is a family tree of bone worship a desolate man?" Han Ru asked.

    Yi Li and Han Ru shook his head, at a loss about what to do, "I don't know, who have never seen a shortage of people worship of the totem bone tree."

    Han Ru saw one eye Yi Li, "do you want to go to see a wild tribe?"

    Yi Li quite surprised, slightly pondered, but shook his head, "no, I am going to leave the three waste circles, calculate, enter three shortage limits, is four years old...... I'm going to leave."

    Yi Li heard plans, Han Ru was not without too much surprise, "the three shortage list, the number of shortage of your ranking is ranked in the top three, there is great hope to fight a war, as well as the inheritance of the Jiuhua Jiuhua!!"

    Can be called classic, who does not want to practice the heart?!

    It is easy to just stand by, "Jiu Hua is said to be the most mysterious ancient classics, for uniting the top three flowers together throughout this realm three flowers, Chinese, in my opinion, the three shortage limits, I already have the experience and manner of the target. The virtual territory in the three mirror in the shortage of repair, is the gas, I was with Wang repair powder, mixing is fine, while in the hive, took some read spar, is used to repair the best. That is to say, the essence of God's practice, the three sector is shortage, I experienced, have not been Jiuhua for me, however, is chicken ribs like existence."

    Han Ru bitter smile, "after all is called the Jiuhua classic, how dare called like chicken ribs?"

    Yi Li smiled and shook his head, he walked out of the palace in Jing Shuo Fang, experience all these years...... Although the experience is not much, but the experience is probably a lifetime, the other monks are difficult to experience, for example, the HA two real existence, and worm biological insect nest deep open ugly, both are seen big world. The two ha specific for what is the real realm, Yi Li did not know, but in the worm creature ugly mouth, Yi Li is the bronze saints, the silver saints know...... Divide this repair level.

    In accordance with the worm creature ugly argument, this world for the peak, but also such as Jiuhua lake, the bronze saints!!

    That is to say, the so-called sermon, for insect like creatures on the ugly, but the first step is to practice.

    This also let Yi Li eyes suddenly opened many.

    At the same time, it is the "Jing" and "dian" can not afford much interest, this is certainly not the end of a classic.


    Now Yi Li in the three sector is increasingly shortage of practice, feel the ancient mysterious territory, it is not to say the pros and cons.

    Indeed, the ancient mysterious territory for the repair, in the mysterious side of peak and top three flowers together throughout the peak, it is of the same order are invincible.

    But it is bad here, Yi Li gradually found that he now ancient mysterious territory for the repair, was also unable to upgrade again.

    Although there is no limit is greater than third days into the mysterious territory of the peak, but less than the infinite Judan exit period God dan...... This is a very mysterious realm, say, are unreasonable, but in fact, it is so.

    Yi Li for the repair, for now, is does not rise up!

    "Anyway, I decided to leave the first three waste industry!" Yi Li looked at Han Ru, and her surrender, "if you have leisure time, I will come to visit Han Fu Shuo Fangcheng, at that time, but I hope you don't be a stranger."

    Han Ru look quite complex, "if you dare to say!"

    Yi Li laughed, "Han Fu is not at the bottom of the hell, you go, I will not go?"

    Han Ru did not say what, just a deep look of Yi Li, he solemnly leave, turn away.

    This seems to go between the two scores and feelings, also become a lot of light, like a light ink pen and ink writing.

    This picture, called the parting.

    Yi Li turned away, not too much.

    If the practice is a big goal, so now this period of practice is to find a method of how to break the ancient and mysterious territory...... The shape of dan!!

    Practice hard, but also full of fun, take a different path, there are different scenery, see different friends!

    The Yi Li, on the road, the three word meaning, in fact, than a result, more important.

    Although it sounds easy some, but during the road, while walking, is eager to bear enmity and heart.

    In the three world shortage, and the ink from the Qiuwu two people aroused Yi Li heart, the most primitive desire...... Shape!!

    He never forget who you are, but don't forget, you have ever been as who is.

    This name such as two dogs, wolves, it is not as easy to stand, to spend the next day.

    Yi Li mouth, showing a faint smile, then see a star in the body, I saw the light is dark, but can still hold some day. But we intend to leave, then this represents the shortage and between three tower "margin" star, in his own body to erase, then his body, gradually blurred!!

    When he appeared, is already familiar with the North's earth.

    Behind him, three shortage tower.
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