#208  De Sheng

    Open the ugly in the eyes of insects, Yi Li is not the same!

    The wolf...... And no civilized monkeys, is completely different.

    In the eyes of the ugly, the wolf is a whip, more civilized, because he is aware of AI law, and also know the wormhole. To all this, is who he said through his mouth with silver the strength of the predecessors, can know. Although, Yi Li awareness not much, but for large open Ugly Bugs, the wolf like creature, looks extremely ugly and hideous creatures, now look, is a bit more cordial.

    "It seems that you from the silver saints predecessor body, some of the things we know......" A big bug ugly ferocious a smile. But honestly, in the face of large insects, the so-called grim smile, is actually quite good at large bugs.

    Just open the big bug is really ugly, ugly.

    Yi Li also smile.

    This smile, in the ugly eyes, is also quite ferocious, he also felt, Yi Li Langtou appearance, hideous and ugly.

    The hive cave in the three world shortage broken read swamp, each of the two looks strange and ugly, secretly despise each other.

    "It is natural." Yi Li smiled.

    A big bug with ugly Yi Li came to the altar.

    The altar is by reading spar piled up, with the odd texture pattern.

    A big bug ugly ferocious explained with a smile, "when I was three in the seal to the shortage," worm insect king saved me, after it is built for me such a Shitai, I used to place the aircraft. I thought this was not what, but feel quite strange is that this stone was actually able to store my vehicle number of energy."

    Yi Li nodded, big bug see Yi Li was fully able to understand what he says, a bit more happy.

    "Here is a strange place of banishment, the development of civilization has been disturbed, God, only my great warm God to be able to understand, I experienced what is ugly!!" A big bug ugly, inside the sad voice.

    Although the big worm said much, but Yi Li soon caught the key thing, is reminiscent of some of the license.

    "You are who seal?" Yi Li said, this large bug origin weird, you know, here is the treasure of the three tower Jiuhua Dijun three world shortage shortage. Big bug was sealed in three shortage circles, which in itself is able to explain the problem.

    "I don't know who he is, he is very strong, there are comparable to silver saints strength, to break me a silver saint, hey, but he is eventually broken open on a silver Saint deity!!" A big bug ugly grin, smiling at the memory of the past, only the deep eyes, there is fear of Italy, fleeting! He wanted to say, should is the triple gem Jiuhua dijun. "He is really strong, I even could not see his shadow, only vaguely felt that nine people should be a ghost!"

    Open the ugly continued, Yi Li nodded, yes, it seems big worm said, should be Jiuhua dijun.

    After all, the nine blur and "Nine" Dijun Jiuhua still has great space of lenovo.

    Yi Li is only speculation, with open mouth to look ugly when preaching in two words or three, merit the Supreme Dijun, heroic literature jiuhua!

    But easy to Liyue, the more he felt wrong, my heart could not help but raised chill.

    If the seal open big bug ugly people...... Is it really the Jiuhua dijun!!

    Then according to the bug saying, "there are comparable to silver saints strength"...... Yi Li cannot breath, the big bug open ugly is? The sermon Jiuhua lake, but is also the silver saints should strength further, not more distant and long?

    Suppress your doubts, Yi Li curious, then listen to the big ugly worms open very regrets said, "at that time, I was given a silver Saint a, then to the exile, looking for 66 power and eight or nine power of Xuan Xuan...... Unfortunately, on this planet, accidentally met the man, sealed in here." Big bug bitter smile, "Hey, not a silver saint, I am afraid I would have been killed!"

    It is the 66 power and eight or nine power Xuan xuan...... Yi Li heard big ugly worms open from a remote place to the so-called exile, as, is the eight or nine mysterious power and 66 mysterious power, thus, the one hundred and eight powers, is really good, may as the rumors, uniting the one hundred and eight powers, Wu Changsheng road.

    Big bug grinned a glance of Yi Li, "don't tell me you don't know the eight or nine power and 66 power Xuan xuan......"

    Easy Liyao head, do not know what is the meaning of.

    Insects do not care, then said, "but such a long time, if I do not go, even will be stuck here!!" His bitter smile, "so this is the reason I don't kill you, hope that one day, you can practice to the silver saints, or the elder let your mouth to help me...... In this way, I can get out of this world of illusion, back to my hometown!"

    Yi Li smiled and shook his head, "the ugly old timers, you put the wind back, one thirty while your estimation is not to go out, to find what I said Kazakhstan two person, easier said than done?" As for the practice to the silver saints, Yi Li doesn't mention.

    Now his practice is ancient Xuan environment, can be regarded as a mysterious territory third days into the peak of the existence of infinite.

    But what can they do? It is the ancient mysterious territory. In the Judan exit although it is close at hand, but these days, easy heart feeling bad health...... Different from his realm into the mysterious realm, is the ancient mysterious territory, then how to enter the Judan exit, this is really a big problem. Because of the easy vertical practice, in any case, his practice, would have improved.

    "Oh, this is a dead horse horse medicine! Now, as long as you a promise......" A big bug before drowning, the ugly, Yi Li as the straw.

    Yi Li slightly nodded, thinking, "well, if I were to practice some day in the future, for the silver saints realm, that I will save you and send you away. Of course, if I find two Kazakhstan live veteran, also can help you to ask, but he is willing to sell, I can not guarantee!"

    A big bug ugly helpless have nodded. "Eight or nine mysterious power and 66 mysterious power, Lao Tzu is no matter, just hope, one day, to be able to go home......" Big bug walked into his vehicle, with the closed glass tank, slowly into the green liquid. Large and soak in the worms.

    "I hope you come back, I'm not dead yet!" A big bug ugly, deeply looked at Yi Li, slowly closed his eyes.

    "Let's go, leave here!! You are the first one I forgive you ugly immortal!"

    Yi Li at the large metallic bug of the ship open ugly Baoquan worship, is to fly away.

    He left, is a promise.


    The Yi Li figure, from the hive to the bottom, appear in the familiar Suinian swamp, he was in a trance.

    All this, just like a dream.

    He can not believe, oneself is unexpectedly won want read crystal, is from the insect nest out alive.

    He swept away the God consciousness in their storage ring in the dragon ring, read spar, more than 5000 pounds!!

    The big opportunity!

    At the same time, Yi Li ecstasy, God consciousness sweep, around which many flying read only a worm, look bad, stare at Yi Li at the same time, hate not to be easy to stand a swallow the fangs, a little touch of the eyes, is in the black crystal, flashing a strange god read wave.

    Just read these insects, they are not kill us.

    Yi Li gulped, step out of the land where the insects read.

    To the left, Yi Li had to cheer in a fist with a snarl, unbelievable ah, actually won more than 5000 pounds: spar, anyway, a short period of time should be enough!! Which is the most critical, and read a group, and no substantive contact!! This is the key to live up to now the Yi li...... This one, if there is no luck in the killing of Yi Li will not believe in yourself, but is the ancient mysterious territory for the repair, can be read in the depths of the hive spar.

    Yi Li carefully point out zangin fingers, a caress, the middle, for the golden finger point zangin, increasingly feel that in is not easy.

    Only two points in the forehead, and the body will!!

    The body and the consequences, is how to do things, can be very smooth.

    You know, when the original, and the body is talked, even A single word of gold., Jiuhua Dijun treasure three shortage, in front of the tower, also had to shrink three points! This one finger, terribly bossy!

    This kind of thing, people who do not like?

    Even if there is a bite, but compared to income, that a little bite, who cares?

    When it comes to Nitian gold finger point like shape, Yi Li heart, in surprise, still worried color.

    Remember, who won the gold from the hands of the guards before use, with fingers, finger guards, in the Yin and Yang of the occasion, a dark ghost appeared...... And now, in the Yi Li's body, is already a long time, did not appear similar to the situation. As a result, there may be due to the relationship between the frequency of Yi Li use it, after all it is the utility of the guards, to some extent, is more terrible than congenital lingbao. Therefore, Yi Li easily, can not easily use this treasure, for fear of being back. After all, Yi Li is taking advantage of Chen was killed during the bite, Chen, took the gold finger guards root point like shape.

    On the other hand, is always worried about Yi li......

    At first, he is a ghost devil's identity, seize this one finger, at that time, even if he is with a finger, a bite, and reduce itself to the extreme, even a peep between heaven and earth evil ghosts, and how?

    He is a ghost ghost devil, repression, what evil things are not afraid of ghosts!

    Therefore, at that time, Yi Li is seldom considered, bite finger function.

    Now, in two he will live in Kazakhstan city of broken seal, Yi Li is rarely experienced by the evil ghosts and peep things, so it is quite anxious to let his heart.

    Especially these days......

    He previously used the gold finger several times this point like shape, but could not see back effect.

    Will you?

    Yi Li did not know, but Meitou zhou.

    He is a very cautious man, especially after a lot of things.


    Now out of the depths of the hive Suinian swamp, Yi Li heart worries about a little gray, Liu Li immediately to the big bird Qingfeng dunqu.

    If a small gray can blaze, should be back there.

    I hope the little gray dies!

    But when Yi Li met combatively, a giant bird hovering in the sky Liu Li clouds, he felt...... You may be dead!!

    Fly away in the Yi Li, in the clouds the huge bird like Liu Li's eyes, is the eyes of young rabbit run general goshawk.


    Break an empty voice screaming masterpiece, Liu Li bird wings, rumbling sound, the sky seemed suddenly dark.

    At this time Yi Li is also aware of the above, there is a dark shadow swooped down!


    The first is to fly, the wings of the setting, all is the spirit of the yuan force, blade sharp is invisible, let people feel the pain.

    Yi Li in the first time of the reaction, is the body sink and shrink into inch and five lines from operation at the same time, it is to escape from the ground.


    The large cloud like Liu Li bird, sharp neigh.

    Puff blade lasing incessant, ground was opened, dust filled the air, the earth was thrown into the slag, a mess.

    And Yi Li, is deep beneath the ground from hundreds of feet, hiding in the earth below.

    At this time he sweat through the earth, can see the bird circling above Liu li.

    "Is you kidnap me?!" This huge dozens of Zhang Li Liu poultry, spread a concept of god.

    Recite as sea, overwhelming, and swept toward the earth!

    Rumble, land seems to be overturned in general.

    Get into a wave, even hiding in the depths of the earth Yi Li, also hide no hiding, suddenly it is bloody roar, mind.

    Yi Li works magic, mind in Qingming, look, surprised.

    "Think of Liu Li bird family, was also so good at attack consciousness!"

    Yi Li heart bitter smile, this, in a small gray body can not see.

    The concept of God came at the same time, the attendant is a vigorous vicissitudes of the voice, Yi Li listens, to know the identity of the newcomers, but his father is a small grey, grey......

    "Senior, small grey now okay?" Yi Li and sinking hundreds of feet, came to recite.

    To read a nest, let his body strong a bit, for the five line from the operation of the sentiment, is quite deep, deep ground away hundreds of feet, at this moment, not too much pressure.

    "Bastard, roll up!!" Grey dad shortness of breath, screaming'!

    Yi Li ', a small gray should die, narrowly retained a life, but should be seriously injured.

    "Senior, I think we like to talk, no problem!"
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