#149  overgrown farmland.

    "Beastkin predecessors carefully, this insect overgrown farmland is the main means of attack, vortex!!" Han Qi in the two dogs not far behind, cried.

    "These vortices, can rapidly gallop in fifteen, after will burst, and then in the void will form a consciousness of thorns! The consciousness of thorns, extremely painful, can rapidly speeding thirty, its speed fast, often can I hit! So, if not timely eradicate this overgrown farmland swarm's insect king, with the passage of time, will eave endless troubles."

    With the swarm of encirclement, gradually overgrown farmland not far from two dogs.

    Not far away in front of it, there is a consciousness of thorns, or finger like thickness, about an inch long, fast, so a sound is broken and empty lasing.

    In the distance, Han Qi saw this scene, could not help but eye jump.

    The consciousness of thorns, he is not strange.

    His younger brother, Han Zhong, is because in this way the soul thorns, so bloody, still not awake coma, it can be said that this is the reason why risk overgrown farmland insects, because these gradually formed the consciousness of thorns.

    In his opinion, the beastkin repair predecessors, even fighting well, but in the knowledge of God before the thorns, afraid to die.

    The next episode is that his life is difficult to forget.

    I saw two dogs.

    In the face of the transparent crystal, and the consciousness of thorns, two dogs did not retreat, but is rushed forward to.

    This is a conscious thorns, although fast, when moving up in two dogs, the consciousness of thorns, is very slow, in their eyes, although not as a snail climb speed, but is not where to go. Because the two dogs, the speed in the real operation of "shrink into inch" Avatar, and is already fast to his ancient mysterious territory, can come to the extreme!

    Therefore, in the eyes of the thorn to the consciousness of thorns, relatively speaking, is slow like flying catkins.

    Even the dog in two, and the wrong body and the moment, his fingers, suddenly in the knowledge of God among thorns, one clip!

    In this clip, the place of tentacle, he can feel between brought hot and tingle.

    This road is more conscious of thorns, he was abruptly caught, is also not thin may see something, this knowledge of God is among the thorns, crashing collapse. Although the contact time, just a moment, but the two dog is also the first to feel the thorns of the divine consciousness real touch! To his feeling, although in the knowledge of God and thorns in contact at the same time, fingers can feel burning and tingling, but this soul thorns the authentic touch, but in reality is extremely hard as angular crystal.

    Although it is a tapered shape, but it isn't.......

    In the consciousness of thorns collapse, two dog wolf claw emerge a myriad of electricity long grass!

    In the eyes of two dogs, the flying insect like vibration of overgrown farmland is still like.

    In the "sea of hate" cleave, as the network burst electricity long grass, through every overgrown farmland insect.

    Although each ordinary worm reached its overgrown farmland, for about eight layers exit channel. But in the eyes of two dogs, so the repair, in his ancient mysterious realm, but in reality is as worthless, it is not worth mentioning.

    So, in the eyes of Han Qi, they formed a very surprising and a scene with hair standing on end:

    I saw a dog, two figure, into a blur, place, the divine consciousness is not only the thorns of collapse and disappear, also avoid from the extremely difficult concept of God with the piercing sound vortex, detonation, place in the shadow, a large overgrown farmland more insects. As the autumn leaves, and splendor, have died.

    With the death of these large insects that had overgrown farmland, there is dissipation of vortex collapse.

    Then the blink of an eye, half of the overgrown farmland dead insects in front of the two dogs!!

    He has come to the swarm wrapped insect king.

    Behind it is the death of the insect like leaves, overgrown farmland, swirling down the scene.

    In this scene, Han Qi was shocked to see in the eye, in his heart at the same time, it is unbearable to breath.

    The sky faded splendor and the insect overgrown farmland scene, deeply engraved in the mind.

    Han Qi just saw a ghost, but did not see the number two dog shot.

    If he can see the number of two dogs shot, I'm afraid will be more shock.

    Each insect overgrown farmland withered, actually with a shot of two dogs!

    The wolf claw waving, is fast to the extreme.

    These insects have overgrown farmland is too weak, not tear, can only be said to be in him a little under four days PI type second type, such as hate VAILLANT, these will be enough to overgrown farmland parasite life, completely cut off.

    Two the dog's arrival, apparently let the insect King feel the threat of death in the hitherto unknown, sharp whistling, the swarm rolled it inverted out, more bursts of vortex formation in the formation of the concept of God, the moment is crashing between collapse. It is easy to set the action to stop.

    Moreover, the concept of God vortex formation speed is obvious, the swarm has paid a considerable price, to do.

    In the vortex formation at the same time, a large number of insects die, life to end.

    As a result, suddenly, the swarm is two and opened a small distance between the dog.

    But the two dog so close to the center of the swarm, and is the only king of the swarm!!

    In its view, this insect overgrown farmland is too weak, but the swarm can play the top three flowers together realm monk are afraid of color strength, simply because of the swarm to the king.

    The king is not the same as some insects.

    Two dogs to catching one, to carefully observe the strange insect.

    Next, Han Qi mouthed, saw that he could hardly imagine a scene in any case!

    The monster was chasing the wolves, a group of thousands of overgrown farmland.

    And that the swarm, especially with Ramond flashing, constantly collapse.

    Han Qi gasped at the same time, the heart, have the same mind.

    "Big brother, big......" At the same time, Han Li also rushed to the scene, saw the scene in the distance, suddenly I breath, "what? He is chasing the overgrown farmland swarm?"

    Han Qi heard, turned his head and saw Han Li, bitter smile, "when you come, how is your brother?"

    "Elder brother took up Dan, now has improved." Han Li is still dull looking at this scene, "big brother...... I see, not in a dream?"

    Han Qi helpless smile, "obviously not. This person...... As a result, hiss, perhaps we really can enter the place, Miss crystal stone!"

    "Big brother, he came!"

    Two people looked, saw Yi Li was frowning slightly, on the left hand wolf claw, dripping green blood, in the right hand, is holding a plum as the insect king, this is watching insects king, while slowly walked toward the two people.




    At the same time, Han Qi heart meditation, two eyes, in the careful observation of the swarm after ten interest, suddenly shrink, burst out of all, just at that moment, the insect king, was suddenly blew up.
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