#145  talks about the five line, from [two]

    This Gonghu Shen as mouse hiding in the ground does not come out, not to find his exact position, how to avail?

    But now is different!

    Two the dog left a thunder axe awn roar, showing the shape of cutting in the earth.


    The collapse of the ground, cut in the soil, Shen Gonghu road.

    Moreover, with the collapse of the earth, Shen Gonghu figure, also revealed.

    "Shen Daoyou, you can let people find ah!" Two evil dog touching his left paw and the dragon ring, looked at the half in soil, Shen Gonghu, could not help but smirked.

    Shen Gonghu heart bitter, shrouded with the yellow light Lianqu, scowled at two dogs.

    "I" Gonghu is served, but we friends, exactly how you see in the soil to escape the operation?"

    Two dogs playing with the Lingshi gold hands, smiled at Shen Gonghu, shook his head and said nothing, just smile.

    In the gentle and easy vertical strange smile, Shen Gonghu was scared. The wolves, their cut, said a word, is playing with the gold in Lingshi, what is the meaning of this?

    "This is your friend EDAW......"

    Two the dog laughed, "in accordance with the previous agreement, this one in Lingshi, you can take. But since you do not come, then I will send them to you. This road is not easy, even after you have hair in it?"

    Shen Gonghu laughed, pretend forthright Italy, "Yi Road is too friendly, you are welcome, is not a piece of Lingshi? I claim Gonghu although no surplus, but not a stingy person, this piece of Lingshi, originally intended to be donated to the friends of you. Can you or not, alas, EDAW friends, like you, I was really very."

    He smiled, hand to hand from Yi Li, took the gold in Lingshi.

    "Shen out......"

    Shen Gonghu hand lag, sweat, shrink back, laughing.

    While this is Lingshi, although now is mine, but it is you. But, after all, it's still me!!" Yi Li bright eyes, looked at Gonghu shen.

    Shen Gonghu by his words Rao was a bit dizzy, what you and i...... Not just a piece of Lingshi!

    So, this Lingshi, I do not give you, you can't grab! But if you want, you can tell me what you told me, I absolutely will not give you! Besides, you don't really want?"

    Look at the eyes of wolves, Shen Gonghu took a deep breath, hold inside...... Can not say the mood.

    Originally, in this world, there are more than I Gonghu "friends," please stay "more people hated it.

    That is, the wolves that jingle.

    Shen Gonghu bitter smile, did not understand, the wolves was teasing him.

    "It is EDAW friends, you want to do what, say! I Gonghu to open seven feet tall, how hard you so low?" Shen Gonghu calm.

    "You dun." Two dogs like paralysis, say the four words.

    These four words, like thunder, tremor in Shen heart Gonghu.

    "What?" He pretended not to understand.

    "Oh, exactly, should be your soil to escape the law." Two dogs playing with hands in Lingshi, "you know, this was the value of Lingshi, enough to buy your own soil to escape the law!"

    Shen Gonghu took a deep breath and feel filled with choking.

    The wolves play where is what Lingshi is clearly his own life!!

    He did this is clear to their own lives as blackmail, beat and beat, run away......

    Shen Gonghu had no doubt that if they do not put this method to the soil to escape the wolves, wolves he wants, is his life.

    So Shen Gonghu only bitter smile, "Yi friends, your appetite is not too big?"

    "You know, I am the wild wolf God, was a monster. Our appetite, in general, are you better than humans. So...... It's strange?" Two evil dog smiled at Shen Gonghu.

    Shen Gonghu shook his head, "not surprisingly, not surprisingly, a little weird! I almost forget you beastkin identity!" He fufei endless, beastkin memory is cruel, but absolutely no wolves so cunning, but not so shameless. Drop dead, dare to call themselves beastkin!!

    To this, he will not say in any case.

    "Friends of the earth EDAW ah, you know I dun method of repair, its origin?"

    Two the dog shook his head, looked at Gonghu shen.

    Shen Gonghu sighed, but proud face Italy emerge.

    "This is the soil to escape the law, I fix from a fragment, the fragment, is the ancient records of supernatural powers, the five line from the law!! The five line is to escape, Jin Mu water fire and earth escape method, generally speaking, the five line is from five avoid method. If you learn these five lines from the law, that between heaven and earth, not where to go?"

    Yi Li indifferent to watch Shen Gonghu, "so?"

    Shen Gonghu swallowed, continued, "five lines from the fragments of soil to escape the law! This value...... It is hard to imagine!! We take a Lingshi friend, you......"

    "Oh, I understand." Two the dog nodded, as if to be a Lingshi away. "To be honest with you, this is Lingshi since I send out, then this person is certainly dead!!"

    "Making friends!!" Shen Gonghu unchastened have a grasp of Lingshi.

    "I think I to you originally, two people friendship, the five lines from the fragments, give you a view, is not a bad idea!! Can you just give me a ring in Lingshi as the price, this let I shame!! For the way I can, if it is rejected over and over, not to know chalk from cheese. This is the five line, from the fragments of rubbings, you take this one, Lingshi, I received the good!!" Shen Gonghu took out a jade Jane, took out a remnant, let Yi Li control, rushed to Lingshi and received fragments.

    "Making friends, landscape permanent meet, goodbye!" Shen Gonghu like chant, then head back to left here.

    "Yeah!! Actually no parting Xiangxi......" Two the dog shook his head, holding the jade Jane, will be part of the heart inside the five line from the heart, will this jade Jane, direct crush.

    Shen and Gonghu figure, already running to disappear.

    Seeing this, the two dog shook his head, step step, the same figure is gone.

    But at this time, Shen Gonghu heart in the blood!!

    "Wolves!!" Shen Gonghu repressed his roar, echoed in its voice, the voice is not big, but in anger, forehead veins jump, but dare not roar, only suppressed, echoed in my throat, "I never only Shen Gonghu tunnel friends envy, and never, can from me Shen Gonghu body, get so many benefits!! Wolves, you're dead, dead!!"

    "I swear to Gonghu, in this life, I would not take you Gonghu Shen Keng die, I will not call Shen Gonghu!!"
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