#140  Sanxiu, repair powder [three]

    Scattered, in the dynamic between.

    Still together, is scattered!

    Static is moving, moving and static. Similarly, it is scattered together, and together, is scattered!

    Two dog walking alone in the depths of the forest, he did not have to do what, but with all my heart to feel and imagine...... A casual feel. Not deliberately go to practice, can the internal operation of the tendons in pubic aura, is rapidly. When the operation speed, reach the acme, but gradually disappear. Finally, his muscles were in the pubic region, do not feel the slightest aura. And he is in power, gradually sank, condensed down, finally his body, actually did not feel the spirit of yuan.

    And his practice, as he was constantly silently forward, and continue to reduce.

    The ancient mysterious territory for the repair, down to half into the mysterious territory, then dropped to ten layer peak exit channel...... Last exit a layer for channeling.

    He will not be able to fix down.

    A fix for the exit channel, looks, and ordinary people are not what kind of two.

    But at this time of the two dogs, will give people a profound feeling like the sea.

    This kind of feeling, is hiding a scary atmosphere.

    This is...... Scattered.

    Also...... Poly.

    The dynamic between all changes, changes, and several.

    This time, he was walking in the woods, but not always forward, stop and go, stop and go, eyes constantly in the surrounding environment, back and forth, with careful observation.

    He saw the forest trees, lush foliage cover, layers of peaks, only when the maximum, in order to have a hazy shade of light, through the holes penetrated down in the forest is quite quiet and mysterious. There are forests under the trees withered, reeking of corruption breath leaves, in the leaves above the earth, is a lush green grass, flowers bloom leaves, in the stretch in bloom!

    He saw, not beyond count call on the name of the plant species.

    Even some, is the spirit of grass, exudes the spirit wave Hao bursts of action.

    There are old medicine, there are four or five lines, exudes a strong smell of medicine.

    None of the two dogs to pick no pick, just smiled, to revel in the smell of medicine fragrance smell lingcao mud fragrance and old drugs, going forward.

    He did not practice, but no time in practice.

    He is repairing...... The same is scattered, poly.

    Because of scattered, so he did not touch the flowers and trees here.

    Because it is built together, so he can see clearly, in all kinds of plants around all over the different insect beasts, some pure beauty, some are ferocious poison, in the eyes of Yi Li, but there is no difference between what. He and they just have to look carefully, for a moment, in the two dogs chuckling, two dogs go.

    His behavior, and even let those poisonous animals, have some doubts.

    They don't understand!!

    The days passed, these days, not trying to bite birds and animals devour two dogs, but when they choose to sell the moment, is already regret.

    It was just the first breath, psychic exit level of wolves, was in an instant, the body of the grand momentum, become vast, like the stars in the sky.

    Two dogs did not kill them, pointing to a, often can be scare.

    Have a premonition of the front, the presence of terrorist, two dogs just smiled, no hard to break, choose bypass.

    This is the three death in the shortage of some forbidden, even five yuan at exit to rush in, fear will die a way to eliminate.

    One month, two months,...... Half a year。

    The blink of an eye, he in this jungle, go forward in the first half of the time, said not long, say short not short.

    At this time the Yi Li, his whole person seemed like in this piece of the woods.

    Some of the old medicine grass around, often some poisonous beast guarding.

    And when the two dog walk, these vermin are choosing to ignore the beast.

    But Yi Li, never to pick an old drug and lingcao.

    His aura of breath, scattered without a trace.

    The body has no the slightest element of spirit force fluctuation.

    His practice, is reduced to zero.

    Look from the outside, the Yi Li, ordinary temperament as nothing but a scholar.

    This is just some strange appearance mediated scholar, it was actually a big tail wolf walk upright......

    But if someone saw the two dog, never put him as a wolf.

    Specifically, they have two dogs, as an ordinary student exam.

    If you do not see him in the eyes of light, it is a walk of wood.

    It is so weird.

    "If it is...... To get out of this piece of the mountain?"

    The mountain peaks, dense forests and numerous, two dogs pondering a moment, feel at the foot of mountain swings, finally tends to be gentle downward, this shows that he has been through a jungle mountains, from the boss, go to another. Alone in this strange three waste circles, through a strange forests, for others, it is impossible to imagine things, and do not say here huangshou aspect, only those troublesome strange plants, it is impossible to guard against.

    Of course, the two dogs also saw a lot of strange plants.

    Some plants have a long face, big mouth, bite down, can swallow a huangshou.

    But easy to stand in their eyes, is nothing but a piece of wood, or air.

    Who will air and wood seriously?

    The first half of the time is fleeting.

    Lim outside of the three waste limits, is already a big change.

    Three shortage mirror three shortage list.

    Ranked first, is no longer easy, but it is called nameless boy.

    The young side is unknown, gold silver angle two Dharma, and three wild circles, have not lost!

    At this time he, the number has nearly 10000 shortage!!

    While other instruments Dan three list, each list appears.

    In addition to the top two list -, or dog, can let a person think of half a year ago the limelight without the two wolves, on the other hand, wolves have become no longer outstanding.

    The wolves, the shortage of three rankings, but also tenth.

    As the two dogs, with past rumors, he repaired the scattered, gone, gone.

    He was walking in the woods, walking on the way down the mountain, in the edge forests, encountered a number of monks.

    Two dogs come, no one noticed.

    "A friend, please!!" A man dressed in a robe of monks, grinning like pulling a person.

    The man wears a tunic, Meiqingmuxiu, give a person a kind of affection.

    Only two dogs saw this robe is frowned slightly.

    Shen Gonghu?

    When this man, to seize the hands of the stone, but hang up their teammates, they fled, two dogs left a very bad impression, then see this Shen Gonghu, repair to spend together top exit third, is a good grindstone.
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