#130  three list, now!

    Three shortage list was given into the mysterious territory repair, which makes the three circles and understand its meaning shortage.

    Compared to the Qiuwu can increase fifty yuan compared to the toshihisa elixir, the ink from the tower of five Dan, three shortage two dog blessing and giving, it is a bit poor. In the eyes of the people, rather than give it to the "Zhang Ruoyu hung strong"!!

    "Wolves are top, but is this poor gift, which is not a trick?"

    Some people doubt.

    That said, came together and the Yi Li, three shortage circles no attention, because of its presence in the virtual environment in time is too short, only 100 interest. Compared with two of the three hundred dog, is simply not worth mentioning.

    But, even so, he was given a lingbao.

    How to look, everyone felt that some bad wolves!!

    So far, three shortage list out.

    Wolves and Zhang Ruoyu, Qiuwu from three.

    The ink from the fifth place.

    With the one hundred and eighty rate ranked fourth, the name of some strange, called ring. I never came to the hill in three waste sector, this is a nonentity, ranking three shortage list.


    Three as a blood awn, three, Changhong, in the void is over!!

    This scene, in the three shortage limits, even hundreds of miles away, still can see that three flashed like Changhong blood like awn.

    Blood red awn Sheng, too big!

    Place, the whole world, because the three straight cow fighting blood and become a piece of red mango.

    This process lasted three.

    Two dogs did not think themselves from the virtual environment among the dead, came to the three waste world, his arms, the heavy bag, still exist!!

    Three hundred years, the time is life cycle.

    In the virtual environment, he was silent, alone walked forward three hundred years.

    During the period, no pause, just have an epiphany in the last fifty years.

    In this endless road, need great persistence and perseverance, not only in this way, can we try our best, go farther. But in this way, more need to pay attention to the road on the little details, so to go further at the same time, in order to go, more exciting!

    So, he had an epiphany in the last moments of the dead.

    After that, it is given into the mysterious territory for, rather, this mysterious...... Is he, in the heart of great penance, practice achievements.

    Since then, his entry into the mysterious demon, and other family built into the mysterious realm, distinct.

    In his mysterious territory, no predicament!

    And accompanied him three stones, and the last fifty years two two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine sand picking up dog...... This is from the virtual environment, follow him, went to the three world shortage.

    Why is that?

    Two dogs don't understand.

    Before closing the cloth bag, two dog eyes, on the sand slightly swept away, at a glance!!

    Although there is bulging, its weight, compared to in a virtual scene almost, but this time the cloth bag, with only three stones.

    Three pieces of stone as like as two peas.

    These three pieces of stone, each piece of two dogs look familiar!

    Because the three stone, he is in the virtual environment, three hundred years ago, to find the first stone.

    Sharp and abrupt edges.

    How will the three? But also, as like as two peas?!

    But a strong burst of red blood Sheng awn, let two dogs under consciousness on the bag.

    Although the heart surprised, but his complexion, without the slightest change.

    But although he closed the bag, will be closed, but previously appeared in three, as Changhong, through blood like mango, enough to attract a large number of monk's eyes.

    Behind the two dogs, the team looked strange monk, is already fast to.

    "A friend, please!!"

    This group of Terran monks, a total of five. Each person's cultivation, are good, the lowest is a top three flowers together throughout the middle of refining woman, this woman was beautiful, but there is a behavior between KC feeling, their dress is large, open, looming, the chest towering abrupt, and difficult to cover up the clothes the white and straight legs.

    The other four are men.

    At this moment, the talk is led by the people. His clothes clean, smiling highfalutin, eyes, sincere, walking and not be slow, low tone and gentle, listen to the ear, to give people a refreshing feeling. In their hands, more of a fan, pen hoarse, in white origami, like at a few pens, became a wonderful landscape painting artistic conception.

    The words just fell at the same time, the sky high above, the shortage of three mirror, Emmanuel fight, digital form.

    "The treasure, the stone, the!! A number of the top three!"

    In three the shortage of the mirror, there is a huge spirit was livid head, the eyes, in the distant sky, to see Yi li.

    With the spirit and suddenly in the three side far place shortage list, a list form, called the list - "!!

    With the two dog's name surfaced prehistoric list, suddenly three shortage list of two dog's name, light work.

    Two dog tiny one Leng, looked up at the sky above, three shortage two list on the mirror, frowning.

    On the two list, he was ranked first.

    Moreover, the shortage of three list, the name behind, originally is three hundred, with light as the numbers increased to three thousand! Had increased ten times, in three shortage list, under the name of Yi Li, Zhang Ruoyu is ranked second, behind the numbers is two hundred and thirty.

    This happened, people suddenly made three shortage in slightly dazed.

    "This...... What is the situation?"

    "Three shortage list...... Behind the figures, is not represented in the virtual environment, adhere to the time? How the number of wolves, increased to three thousand?"

    "Also, the sudden emergence of the list - for, what is?"

    "The treasure, what is it? What is the stone? Sounds great!!"

    "Although it is not clear, but feel very powerful."

    Three different circles of shortage of monks, have lost in contemplation.

    Just as the list of the time but for a moment, in front of the list, "the emergence of a list.

    But this list is absolutely empty.

    The list above is the list of names, called "Hong Huang list method".

    Then, after "the list -", came to a list, the list called "Hong Dan shortage list".

    The same is absolutely empty.

    Connect three list, at this moment, can be said to make people just entering the three circle near the heart shortage, stare blankly at the same time, also rose to an ambition.

    "Three shortage list...... So that is what it is!!"

    Looking at the four list appears in the sky, the Godsworn see.

    "Looks interesting, three shortage list, but the total list, and in the overall standings, with three to implement Dan list!! The three shortage in the rules, it is really a headache!!"

    The method, device, dan...... I do not know how to list?!"

    Now, in addition to three shortage list, there are thirty numbers. On the magic Dan three list, but on "the list -", one ranking, this person is Yi li!
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