#121  the opportunity, can!

    All two dogs returned to the place, where the distance of three tower and the shortage of the abyss and a distance cry.

    He slipped, will gains the head, behind the side, then sit cross legged, start breathing practice.

    In this scene, let all people here, all are silent.

    And, all are not willing to close to two dogs.

    As a result, the dog is two misfits and all, but he did not care.

    All his mind, immersed in practice, now distance three shortage tower on not far, he must, before this, the state will own, adjusted to hitherto unknown height.

    After all, his practice, compared with the previous, drop a level.

    Moreover, in order to go blind to Xun blowing force, two dogs and even resorted to their practice all day to evil!!

    Now, in his heart, and some pain.

    In any case, the old man appeared to blow Xun, to the two dog plan, brought many variables!

    Is to let his strength, and slightly better than previous.

    But, fortunately, Kazakhstan two madterd gave him three silver hair, contains three magical Kazakhstan two life, it is extremely valuable, in two dogs, the same is not easily resorted to magic. The three silver hair for him, is very similar to the old blind man to rely on, like great monk, is a kind of awe!!

    To kill two dogs, they have to pay full price.

    This price is too heavy, even, can let them die a way to eliminate.

    So, the three silver hair, two dogs, is the means of life insurance.

    But only the three silver hair, for the two dogs, far less than.

    Perak nine, four type of magical power, enough to deal with the unusual situation, but if you want to kill some high order opponents, afraid is insufficient. Only nine type four PI type to have supernatural powers, as long as there is such power.

    But on the four type of magical power, two dogs did not practice.

    He repaired, there is just the transition in supernatural powers, is the fifth day of Perak nine, and evil!!

    This "evil function of supernatural powers, although the" repair ", but the practice will not to be able to use whenever and wherever possible. And unusual powers different from the "days of evil and the supernatural in Perak nine, on the four type of supernatural powers, need income in cultivation. As the power, with practice, power will be enhanced. On the four day to the same type and the supernatural evil is so, only some insights in practice, in order to get the. So, once again, it must re uniting the sentiment.

    So, on the four days of evil magic and urgent, is to "quantity" situation measure.

    If we can get more insights, easy to set, so strong.

    The two dog's mind, is thinking of yesterday, energy-saving feeling...... The day is a very evil, with the power of evil spirit.

    Although the two dogs, no longer feel in "magic fingers" in the feeling of yesterday, he did not be anxious, but in silence, thinking gradually, gradually realize.

    Yi Li think, in practice there is no way, what talent.

    But he thinks of himself, or talented, are able to endure patiently.

    To death, he will not give up.

    Perhaps this is the "Yi Li" two words, and he is the most important meaning.


    Tens of thousands of years ago, people in the world was the ghost raging, Cangshengtutan, 100 students.

    The triple gem into the northern territory's crackdown, countless ghosts to monk, to the gates of hell tower three shortage crackdown, and this merit certificate, dili!

    Wanzai has ups and downs, since Confucius holy site, the heaven and earth, and the past is totally different.

    In ancient times, including the unique scholar.

    Then, is the spiritual person.

    Now, the repair, contention of a hundred schools of thought, not only is All flowers bloom together., each one has his good points.

    The same is suppressed for a long time, the gates of hell!

    The same, is the repression of the gates of hell for a long time the shortage of tower three!

    Three shortage tower, Jiuhua Dijun treasures, but the ghost evil was born, or to ghost monk in shock tower three crackdown seal shortage, above that between heaven and earth cry abyss, three shortage will appear in the tower.

    The last time, is hundreds of years ago.

    The war god ares family into it, get Dijun heritage, to the north by Jiuhua, Xing quite 100 family, a family of war!!

    It also set off a turkey and north exit of the Han Dynasty hundreds of years of disputes.

    War family now, with Mars in the annihilation of earth together dismembered.

    But was not dead, is the spread of the...... Three shortage tower legend!!

    The three shortage tower, large fortune, walking the world, a world record impressive reputation.

    In a sense, the three tower shortage handed down, the ghost will suppress Jiuhua dijun.

    But this will......

    With the passage of time, due to the supernatural inheritance way and gradually fades.

    Most of the world will gather in the eyes of three waste inside the tower can be obtained by chance and good fortune, but mostly ignored, get a real sense of opportunity and creation in the three tower is so barren, Jiuhua Dijun will also gradually.

    But in any case, the three tower power shortage, and good luck, need more opportunities.

    At this time, a hundred years of silence three shortage tower, finally shaking roar up!!


    Three shortage tower roar, not unexpected.

    The first is become, three shortage on the tower void, streamer hundred, mysterious mans splendor, dim light.

    The world is crazy!!

    Then three shortage tower vibration and roar.

    With the roar of the North Tower, the earth seems to be quite skipbeat.

    Vaguely, even can feel in the north is the depths of the earth, with the roar of the dull sound, like a devil may cry.

    The people of color change, the three passage, shortage of tower, the gates of hell really suppress.

    At the same time, the shortage of three tower, presented a virtual shadow, stalwart misty, own a unspeakablely dust atmosphere. In this breath, more of a symbol of the Quartet, the world overweening tyrant must.

    In the shadow of the head, there are nine Huaguang, shining like the sun, but without the slightest feeling of glare.

    The person's eyes, ripped through the ancient times through the ancient and modern, people look to the north across the border is the abyss cry of.

    Not anger from Granville, pressed people never looked up.

    This is a virtual shadow, tens of thousands of years ago, Jiuhua Dijun grace.

    Although just a ghost, it is difficult to see the great one, but also to enjoy the heroic shine forever.

    They leaned over to visit, visit the Jiuhua lake, the former single handedly, seal suppressed the ghosts, people to save the EMI, the certificate of merit Dili dijun!!

    Visit dijun!!"

    The emperor has passed away, he can not feel the world of admiration and excitement......

    This is not to let people heart sad feeling, such as the Jiuhua God, Confucius so powerful Dijun, sage, are difficult to escape samsara, this world, who can attain immortality?

    Jiuhua Dijun shadow of the time is not long.

    His eyes set, look into the distance, slowly opening: "opportunity, can enter the tower three shortage of nature!"

    Perhaps, then, the virtual shadow, said more than once.

    Yanba, great ghost will completely collapse.

    Leave a sigh, echoed in the world.

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