#120  the smell of fear

    Yi Li walk on the ground, he could smell it in the air, filled with a taste of fear.

    Yes, it is the smell of fear.

    Although the two dogs for the repair, but is half into the mysterious territory the first day, the equivalent of the Terran Wu Xiu half step top three flowers together throughout the refining period! But some people, for although a lot higher than two dogs, but still fear. Their eyes can not see, to walk the dog, two. Especially those who kill two dogs in the daytime, monks, their inner fear, still very! Have low head, pretending to look like breathing meditation, did not know the two dog.

    Their complexion, although seemingly ordinary, but in the air smell, cheat two dogs.

    Two dog hearts funny, for these people, two choose to ignore the dog.

    At this time he did not want to, and all the people, for the enemy!

    "The wolves, even came back!!"

    Someone whispered exclaimed, the wolves, is really tough, endless momentum, let the hearts of many people are so timid. After passage, not to provoke the wolves. With this end, many people had a big head.

    Wolves, is really an alien!

    Two dogs now frowned.

    He can't smell the taste of Guo Fu, he can't smell the chopped white empty taste, he can't smell the taste of white yi.

    Only the blowing Xun and Jing Mengyao are still the old man!!

    But it also retained in the air, they had faint breath.

    "I saw EDAW friends, left hand broken day edge to the west!!" Qiuwu Senran smile, cruel opening.

    Ink from a cross legged man slowly opened his eyes, hey hey sneer, "black and white man driving a phantom carriage, headed east!!"

    "Guo husband, then here!" Tender voice, is to see the two king Yao dog, cold opening.

    Two dogs look at Jing Mengyao, mouth a smile.

    Then turned to the West.

    The step step, are suddenly gone strange.

    "Shrink into inch?!"

    This bizarre body, let all the people moving. But this is not the real people moving into inch reduction to ancient powers, but...... The wolves for this magical understanding and practice rate is too fast.

    It is not half day time, the wolves speed was faster than the previous, more than double the!

    All in silence understanding, combat killing, death, is the best practice of the law!! There is no one!!


    The moon like a hook, two dogs running in the vast and quiet earth.

    His body, float a layer of hot sweat, in the cold, it is quite eye-catching.

    The tread of the void, Dangqi a ripple.

    When this ripples immortal, two dog figure, has disappeared.

    Far away in front of it, there is a figure, is also run.

    And just enjoy the easy vertical face look different, his complexion, there is panic, more fear!!

    "How is it possible?! How can the wolves chase me?!" Bai Yi desperate escape, pale, on the way, he has used several Henla blood escapes the surgery, but is still unable to throw off the wolves.

    "Damn, why am I running?!" White Yi huchihuchi gasped, then do not run, a face isspicy, turned to see Yi li.

    Two dogs smell him, the smell of fear.

    The taste, let two dogs are happy, he love the taste and smell the enemy, who was filled with.

    In fact, from the beginning, you don't have to mess with me. Between you and me, not too much. But once you provoke me, then...... Die endlessly!" Two the dog slowly open, in his eyes, the white Yi, is already dead, but also need to be cautious, the death of the last attack.

    And chopped white space, Guo case is different with her husband. Two dogs and chopped white space between, is his wife's hate, and Guo Fu, is the mother's death!!

    The white Yi, because the hearts of the greed of hate, so I chose to stand out easily.

    In two dogs, such provocations and killings, die endlessly!!

    So, choose two dogs to chase, white yi.

    Because he believes that, no matter when and where, there are always met Guo Fu and chopped white that day empty.

    "What have you to say?" Two dogs speak softly, the wolf claw, stretching, moonlight, reflecting the quiet and cold, let the white Yi heart Meilai shudder.

    The white Yi bitter smile, "if I kneel down to beg you, will you let me?"

    Two dogs and one Leng, he did not think the white Yi will say so.

    But the two dog, never want to insult people, by contrast, he is more willing to kill.

    So, he is still very real shake.

    White Yi face bitter deeper, said, "if you could come again, to tell the truth, I would make the same choice!"

    In that time, chest white Yi, presented a blood edge!!

    The blood blade, is the famous sword blade broken days!!

    The blood to awn flash, two dogs to kill.

    "This knife with me, don't kill people, you should be next!!" Bai Yi roar, for their courage.


    Cold cold moonlight, a spray of blood, splashing in the void.

    The first play, white Yi collapsed.

    Just at this time his dark eyes, there is a trace of remorse and apparently unwilling, his heart is not his mouth said like that, do not regret!

    Bai Yi died in a manly way, died.

    Not really, kneel down to beg for mercy to two dogs.

    Perhaps, in his heart, at the moment of death, is grateful to the two dogs.

    The shining blood awn day edge, full of the sound of a whip, whine, will be out to.

    Two dogs, how can let go!

    He jumped the knife body, held in his hands, howling in the electricity long grass break, flying in to soothe the whine.

    Yi Li's eyes filled with strange light.

    So look, since he has made to the evil days, is familiar with it.

    This is called "evil eye".

    Two dogs weighed the hands flashing knife blood awn, then holding the knife, walked toward the white yi.

    The hands of a knife, also seemed to feel the two dog idea, immediately sent a sad cry singing, even in the blade, filled with the blood of the awn, like blood in general.

    "Kill it, cut once!!"

    Two dogs in the cold, seemingly said, on the day the edge. But in fact, this sentence, he said to himself.

    He has a habit of talking to myself, in the lonely.

    Kill her!!

    The dog is two decisions.

    His heart has made up his mind.

    For two days the broken blade, the dog feels sharp but is not cruel enough.

    He's going to be forged into a knife to kill, indifferent, only know the killing and silent ruthless weaponry.

    So, today this knife to kill people, will be the white Yi, the previous owner.

    This knife, in which there is a spirit, but could not bear to start.

    Under the moonlight, two dogs grip this blade, the white Yi head, a knife cut off!!

    The sound of sobbing, the knife from the diffuse and!!

    Two dogs do not see, will, threw big cut in Rosen.

    "The tune!!" Yi Li cold opening.

    Rosen cruel smile, "Hey open, follow the command of the master!!"

    The big dog cut, two return, some gloomy complexion.

    It is myself, into his original, the most reluctant to become.

    But he does not regret!!

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