#107  causality! [recommendation! ]

    In the crowd, a look of indifference of the boy, looked at two dogs, frowned.

    The wolf demon monster, give him a very familiar feeling, but not sure where it is seen that the demon clan monk.

    But I do not know why, in his sight of the wolf demon, the hearts of some irritability.

    This upset, so he hung up, hate not to kill a person, by purging petty.

    Just now in the youth, paid the price of blood, is no longer the frivolous grumpy people.

    He, on the face, it is a more mature.

    Perhaps, and his hand on disability.

    Now he has the right hand disability, above wrapped with white cloth, round and round, like mummies, hanging on his chest. In the left wrist, winding with a chain cutter. Flashing knife, branching bloody awn, but the size of the palm, the handle, the chain like material is wound on the left arm.

    This is a knife, let the young people at this time, more fierce Li qi.

    Faint, the place, but there is a bloody smell filled the air, I do not know...... How many people have been killed!!

    But he most wanted to kill, is a woman, and a dog.

    The heart of doubt, youth quietly followed up.


    The crowd disturbance, as market.

    And some people, it is like doing market transactions.

    For example, Wang mazi.

    Of course, this transaction, mostly in practice method and musical instruments, there are some strategies to proscribe the Dan Ling grass, refining...... These things, not mortal earthly in the market, you can see. These things are all sellers, brother.

    At this time, Wang tuomohengfei, in the crowd as the fish swim across the sea.

    He every one, will pull a person, say a pass off the reel. In his mouth, the hands of the baby, whether it is law magic, or by Wang Mazi as a ready-made panacea, the second day of the second artifact. If you don't start, it will be your lifelong regret!!

    If a man shook his head, Wang does not feel the slightest discouraged, still pull you off the reel, if you don't buy it, never mind, Wang is smiling to see you leave, then turned to look for another customer.

    At this moment, Wang caught a monk.

    This monk, looks very old, face handsome handsome appearance, just wearing, some old and broken, is a tattered robe. But the place is broken, has been patched, walk the line is very delicate and fine, the look of this gown, can wear a three years.

    "The way you look, this is my lucky Wang does not pass the occult, called Tathagata palm, and take it with you, not expensive, only three thousand in Lingshi!" Wang Sheng mouth foam, that is more in the hands of talk rapidly, called Tathagata palm Gong, put in the hands of the little monk.

    The little monk shook his head, but his eyes were showing a regret and bitter pain expression.

    This expression, Wang much.

    The little monk Buddha's palm was sent to Wang, is to leave, but was pulled wang.

    "Such a friend, and you have the edge, the Buddha's palm, then one thousand Lingshi cheap gifts you, how do you see?"

    The little monk face still bitter, leaving.

    "Wait a minute!!" Wang Mazi high channel.

    In the little monk surprised look, in Wang face muscle twitches unceasingly, a very sad look, Wang Mazi slowly stretched out a hand, fingers wide open.

    "Five hundred...... Silver!!" When Wang said, "that is, silver, rather than Lingshi!!"

    Between the silver and the value of Lingshi, far from Lingshi, in addition to the value of the currency, more useful, and this is useful, can be directly absorbed in the martial arts master spirit!! Plus Lingshi and the number of articles of gold and silver, or not, therefore it, than the gold and silver coins expensive too much.

    The little monk hesitated, because Wang is the price, by diving to describe too much.

    This one...... What was going?

    Wang seems to have seen small Taoist heart worries, but oh sneers, "this method...... Five hundred silver coins, just because I Wang and your destiny, so basically is for you. Well, you look at it, only one hundred in Lingshi, plus five hundred silver coins, giving Tathagata palm skills!!"

    Before speaking, Wang appeared a big white cocoon.

    "This is a battle, if you can have a lifetime and will raise male silkworm, in which, the day will experience a silkworm, change!! You must know the path of friends, the legend of nine silkworm. After nine Cecropia, that will be very terrible existence! Even the big monk can half step road, in front of it, I'm afraid is not enough!! Of course, the premise is that you must have a Tiancan, so it is for the old, although rare, it is like chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. If not today I watch you have affinity with the old man, such as how to change the day of silkworm, and I will not take out."

    Wang not to breathe the breath of air.

    Then it is mysterious said in a small Taoist ear, "according to the news, the three different space shortage tower, it is silkworm larvae!! Can become stronger, you can let the Tiancan win at the starting line, to prepare early, take precautions!"

    The little monk sparkling eyes, "really?"

    This is the first time the little monk opening, Wang Mazi 'play, look dignified have nodded. "You see, I hide...... Very deep! The three shortage is impossible to enter the old tower, if you enter, find that silkworm eggs or larvae, will be kept in this battle in. Over time, with it, you can't soar!!"

    The little monk heart, Buddha's palm Gong he had not heard of, may be a god like powers, but this is a really, is to make a small Taoist heart, and...... Only one hundred of Lingshi, it is the price of cabbage.

    Wang took a bag, in which the cocoon, smiling and small Taoist completed delivery.

    Looking at the little monk carrying a bag out of the figure, Wang smiled, scattered in the crowd, continue to sell his countless baby, for silver and Lingshi.

    In the eyes of Wang Mazi, silver and Lingshi, are the same, is very charming!!

    But the pain of the little monk, just walk a few steps, with a thud behind the bag burst!

    From the inside is flying out of a figure, he was pale, is behind a pair of long bone wings, suddenly a look, can not help but be terrified.

    The man waving huge bone wings, floats in the void.

    In the body, it is filled with a thick extremely evil spirits!!

    Just at this moment, he is the three shortage tower before the absolute focus.

    Guo fu!!

    A formal rampages Guo fu!!

    At the same time, the void is a sharp whistling pop sound, the detonation sound, many of the monks, the mind is hung up, dizzy.

    They looked up and saw the end of the sky, there is a black spot.

    This black speed is almost in an instant, appeared in three in front of the tower all the shortage of vision.

    "What is this?!" All the shock arresting opening.

    In the face of the people is a frame, floating in the void, filled with bursts of dreadmist!


    But the most shocking is that the seat frame, pull the car...... Horse!

    This horse, like a ghost, not an ordinary horse, but a pegasus...... Complete skeleton!!
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