#102  is full of contradictions!!

    Qiuwu suddenly referred to Meng Dong, really is to make the dog be startled at two.

    The man was killed by Meng Dong, Chen Liu, two, who is from the dog, the little finger guards zangin.

    So, Qiuwu referred to let two dog hearts hipped, slightly alarmed. But then, two dogs will calm the hearts of volatility, staring at the Qiuwu, Dunde said a word, "Qiuwu friend, I can assure you that you call to Meng Dong without the slightest contact with me."

    "Never mind? This is not for you to say!" The Qiuwu smiled, looked like a special.

    Two dogs and a slight frown.

    The ink from this time, but a slight smile, just sit on the sidelines, but the hearts of some curious, between the two, what is the contradiction?

    Qiuwu waved in front of it, there is a pair of chess, he said slowly, the voice is getting cold.

    "Before, between me and Meng Dong young, there is a game of chess has not finished, so I can feel normal, causal and my brother between Meng Dong, in your body, disconnect!"

    "If you and I don't have any relationship between young Meng Dong, Qiuwu, I do not believe, but!"

    Two dogs were silent, the heart is shocked by this mysterious supernatural legalists.

    I heard the ink from the Hill said, the air is also slightly changed, "cause normal?! But he said the causal progenitor law handed down? Unexpectedly, Qiuwu was a friend, be aware of, is a real delight!"

    Qiuwu light way, "was just a fluke, and this way causal law, for me, it is too profound, not worth mentioning. But the firm friends, you have my eye on the legalist penalty, and relation between my brother and the entanglements, Meng Dong, Qiu if you cannot give a good explanation, so even a mound, gave this piece of fulgurate, and you will die endlessly!!"

    "Bold, you Qiuwu in Legalists, but is in the master, what is the courage to dare to my punishment wolf god statue, so to speak?!" Two dogs in the legalist school, was named for the criminal statue, high status is not so, in front of Qiuwukebi.

    In two dogs yelled, Qiuwu was unchanged.

    "Exactly, now is not my friend EDAW legalist penalty statue!! No sire and three overall the Chifeng, even if not count!!"

    "It is?" Two dogs were smiling mouth.

    Since you call me a wolf God so I respect punishment, since it is the wolf god statue Legalist penalty!

    The fact that you can't admit the!

    Between the two dogs and the Qiuwu Lengran momentum, loggerheads trend.

    The ink from the came and pulled two people, ha ha smile, "do not have the thing, not to engage in business!"

    But since the Qiuwu, the hearts of doubt, then two dogs will simply say this with him.

    Two dogs frown, Lengran opening.

    Concerning the penalty "eye in the sky, it is not difficult to understand, somehow, your eye punishment respect, become very weak, then do not know why, the penalty is eye into my left eye! I told you in the name of God wolf statue of this penalty...... Is a coincidence! Because, I don't know exactly when and where the penalty because of what the eye become a part of me! Do not know the answer, can let the Qiuwu master?"

    Qiuwu cold to hum a, although not the letter, but it is unexpected, the wild wolves, but is the peak of the exit channel for what is, how to get the punishment of eye. Not really, as they said, because of a coincidence?

    No, impossible!!

    This one, I couldn't think there must be a secret!!

    Qiuwu look away, he even felt that if I can learn this one, what is a kind of hidden secrets, so his life will completely change.

    The two dog said, "about Meng Dong, I can clearly tell you that I saw, he was killed by a man! The man, named Chen, was only six for top layer hole spirit!"

    With that, the two dog mouth with a sneer.

    Sure enough, the Qiuwu and ink from the opening, also surprised, "this is not possible!!"

    Meng Dong repair is not high, but he was the Secretary guard, extremely rich actual combat experience! Moreover, since the method is that the first month of winter, the most should be the spirit of ten layer peak hole may be about how to kill Dong Lingjing six layer peak brother?

    "This...... Is the truth!!" Two dogs with a faint smile.

    "That Chen?" Qiuwu asked.

    "I have been killed!!" Two dogs with a faint smile, look quite strange.

    The ink from the surprise opening, two to see the dog, "which is what happened?"

    Qiuwu look to the two eyes is a dog.

    Two the dog shook his head, looked at other Qiuwu, "I will not say more, I just want to say, I and your brother Meng Dong, without the slightest contact!! Your letter has not...... And that I have not the slightest relationship."

    You have said this point, Qiuwu heart, full of resentment.

    For the first month of winter's death, he did not care.

    The wolves before...... What is clear to hide!

    He said previously did not know Meng Dong, now said, see Meng Dong's death, if not this one, what reason, in any case, Qiuwu do not believe!

    "No way, like friends do not mind using Qiu Yi Road where the operation?"

    Qiuwu will start after falling, in his heart of greed, at a glance.

    The Qiuwu, two dogs in heart, is already on the list today!

    Two dog mouth hint of sardonic smile.

    "Well, you come on."

    Between these two people, seems to be rolled up a storm.

    The ink from the standing in between the two, "I chuckled the opening, the ink from today, two friends can not do! Or, if two people really want to solve personal grudges, then I might as well over the tomb, in the hands of too late! After all, if two, but one die a way to eliminate it, I will not go to the tomb, etc.! So the two, may wish to listen to my word!"

    Afterwards, two want to how to play, how to play!! I don't dare to leave the ink, blocking things!!" The ink from the opening in the sneer.

    Seemingly discouraged, is actually add fuel to the flames.

    Qiuwu eyes flashing, the heart is also thought of two dog shaped Dan, two per capita is cold to hum export.

    "The ink from, if things like you said, before killing the wolf cub, I will kill you first!!" Qiuwu Lengran export, who filled with a terrible vehemence, and he and the ink from the previous war, quite different.

    Obviously, this person also hides some repair and means.

    The ink from the hey laugh, "Qiuwu friends please rest assured, I said, is true!"

    Two dogs sarcastic smile.

    In the ink from the invitation, three people sat down slowly.

    "Things, from a tomb in the occasional home division, to begin with......" In the night, the ink from the left eye beads suffused with a strange light, slowly open.
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