#95  the challenge!

    The Mohists disciples ink from the up to two, the dog's left eye, really let him be startled at.

    But see the ink from the left eye, two dog hearts of some relieved, and some admire the extremely strange magical extraordinary as if done by the spirits. The ink from the left orbit, is clearly a mosaic of jewel like eyes, gululu rotation, can vaguely hear slight sound mechanical gear running.

    Two dogs want then refused, "no.!"

    The ink from a smile, but reveal a bit awe inspiring meaning, I do not know why, two dog head, suddenly thought of the monkey boy, heart way, this is the ink from the extremely difficult, the generation of deceit!

    "Of course, I am not without any cause or reason for your left eye!" The ink from the smile said, quite strange, let two dogs wary. "I can use my left eye, the left eye for you!!"

    To tell the truth, the ink from the said every word, let the two dogs feel strange.

    Eye for an eye beads? How to listen, do not think that this is a good thing!

    "Don't change!" Two dogs decisively rejected.

    "You don't hurry, you listen to me, you might have heart!" This ink from a smile, with his left hand in his left eye orbital buckle slightly, with hard rub cracking sound, he is the heart of his left eye as the sapphire beads to pull out. Then more is to hold out forward in his left hand, and motioned to two dogs.

    "My left eye, called Forbidden eye! Similar and Legalist self-discipline stuff, just is my teacher by day material treasure this eye and refining. As the name implies, a search of all the eyes to the restraint and mystery method! Of course, this eye need raise temperature and subsequent refining, but I can keep warm and the method of refining, give you! Once the cut big eyes into the day, more stable in this world, it is not impossible!" The ink from the smiles.

    Two dogs sneer, "since the Forbidden Eye as you say is so good, why do you want to swap with me?!"

    The ink from the apparently expected two dogs will ask, solemnly said, "because no eye training, also need a period of time. The penalty for me, but I have used!" While speaking, the ink from the look to the Legalists all exposed Senran smile.

    The eye and the Forbidden Eye, by contrast, the punishment may not be forbidden eye eye effect, but no eye, also need a long time to raise temperature and refining.

    In two dogs, this is obviously not what business sense.

    The horse heart is omitted by the north, cold track, "the wolf God punishment you is my most honourable punishment legalism respect, the penalty is accurate, and the eye in the sky, not a person, but I legalists! You're in a flagrant way in front of my house, many people talk about the penalty method, the eye in the sky, is not, too much?!"

    The ink from the others laughed, "I fear you Legalists, the ink from, is not afraid of!!"

    The ink from the person of the legalist disciples has a very strong deterrent to Italy, at this time, in addition to the grand master horse by the north, actually no one dare to ask the ink from the outlet.

    Because the ink from the person, is for the top three flowers together throughout the gas phase, it is 100 kylin top thirty list of figures!!

    Whether or repair, is the real power, are extremely terrible.

    Plus, the mechanical skills organs, in battle, often impossible to guard against, people are more afraid.

    Hate a horse by the North shuaixiu robe, "since the wolf God punishment respect, have rejected your request, you can leave, if unreasonable, don't blame me one horse, bully junior!!"

    Zheng was holding a folding fan, fan light, with a smile, a joke look.

    The ink from the silent moment, eyes suddenly look to the two dogs, "I want to challenge you from the ink!"

    Two the dog shook his head, "no, I refuse to!!"

    The ink from the cold with a smile, "you are the wolf God punishment respect, but I underestimated the children, I and the ink from the Legalists compared although people say micro light, in order to maintain our dignity and challenge you to school!!"

    Among the hundreds of peers within, learn things often challenge, which is an important basis for kylin ranking list!

    Of course, here all the legalist disciples, can you accept my challenge!!" The ink from the awe inspiring a laugh, "if I lose, will give you the Forbidden Eye, but if you lose, the eye of the penalty...... I do not insist you send the ink from me, but I just want to in a certain time, a certain place, the punishment you borrow your eye in the sky...... Dare you?"

    This challenge had to promise, face, and the people of the world about the Legalists and embarrassed by it.

    Not by people under the watchful eyes of the people.

    Confucian disciple Zhang Ruoyu is an honest person, the heart already are fighting for a long time, in his eyes, the wolf god statue had been very fear of punishment, had two dogs as their benefactor. At this time to see his benefactor, actually is the ink from the person struggling to force, will have to stand up, but he is a very stiff, the words are not complete, this is a slow step, was beside other Confucians pulled, shook his head, "foolish fellow, this is the relationship between ink of the two scores, I should not be included with Confucianism!"

    At this moment, the ink from a word of person, unexpectedly is pressed all the legalist disciples all feel the pressure in perfect silence. In this regard, two dog hearts, what the nature didn't feel shy. Now, he is a wolf God punishment statue of Legalist school, is the representative of the legalist school, in his own words, it is not what can be lost if the Legalists face, it is not very decent. Anyway, not afraid to wear shoes barefoot.

    On weekdays, the arrogant and domineering Ma Liang, was huddled in the side, sneer at in the heart.

    Liu Feiran hesitated for a moment, stand out.

    He is quite weak, "to the thoughts of the ornamental and the combined plain properties, ingenious organs, in already has been known for a long time, have the opportunity to experience today, kylin on the list of the ink from the brother, is a blessing! Look, the ink from the brother, generous with your criticism!"

    The repair, and the ink from the gas phase of the top three flowers together throughout the presumably, some not, just reached the refining stage!

    In the atmosphere of distant extent, absolutely not the ink from the opponent. What's more, the authorities of the puppet master, it is good at tackling persistent, for Liu Feiran, is losing over.

    "You are not my opponent!" The ink from the cold smile.

    Be careless with Liu Feiran, smiled, with each joint muscles of the body, ready for their upcoming.

    Have a moment, they came to the letter in the wolf not far from Xu monument, here is a large open space, enough to let Liu and striking the ink from the two people, each other. Hundreds of disciples accompanied by notes, between hundreds of followers, for all of us, is a can understand other people's opportunities for other areas of knowledge, can promote their own practice......

    In the crowd, a disciple of the legalist school, came to the horse by the north side and whispered a few words.

    The smell of the horse by the north face, it is to show the smile.

    "By the North brother, what a good thing ah? So happy?!" Zheng was smiling, waving a paper fan.

    "Well, have been quite earth experience in North Qiuwu, I know these days in Xu Feng UN wolf monument under rest, has already arrived."

    "Qiuwu? Is ironhand Qiuwu?!" Zheng was tiny one Leng, "Oh, this way, then the next play, I'm afraid it will be a bit more exciting!"
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