#94  through the night to kill Excalibur [under]

    Zhang Ruoyu and the disciples of Confucianism on the body, the changes did not escape the eyes of zheng!

    "A Confucian scholar xing!!"

    At that time, Zheng haoshouqiongjing, in my mind about a thousand times, did not think of it, who once said, "the ancient sages, saints lonely, only Ninja left its name" lines. Is Confucius? No, impossible!! If Confucius's words, he would not have to remember. The professor Yasheng Meng? No Zheng was from ancient times, from Confucian Kong Shengren, until now. No, today is Daru, Mr. Dong Zhongshu?

    However, in any case, such sentences, must be original!

    Otherwise, may not lead the world a lot of talent, so many disciples of Confucianism and.

    To know a little more, here are the wild earth, can the thin, there is hardly 1000 and prosperous place to teach, par. Even so, still can attract talent behind it!!

    Zheng felt shocked at the same time, the horse is also very surprised by the north.

    Two people at a loss about what to do, I don't really understand, what punishment is how the wolf god statue of identity?

    "Don't...... He is a Confucian scholar?"


    Praise, admiration, suspicion and hatred...... Two dog hearts do not want to completely, he reached a level I said. In his mind, all the silver hook draw handwriting, is the handwriting on the diffuse Ranjian Ling italy.

    He felt that such feelings, which shares only belongs to the sword, the sword idea of God huo!

    This is a kind of feeling?

    A proud heaven? Sword flat arms? Sword world Xing?

    How is this sword? This is the life of God sword!! Two simple words, is to kill god!

    As born in the vast, sword back, gather the world's essence, God will refuse to cut xian!

    Two dogs can clearly feel the son of sword idea terrible, in addition, on the basis of this sword, he even felt the blood. To work hardening to Chi swordsmanship, than the sky people practice, do not seek to Zhen supreme Kendo realm, just kill God the world, just as EMI peace open!

    That is to say, this sword is a self sacrifice, always to work hardening the sword!

    In this slaughter Excalibur law, two dogs feel dead.

    "So that is what it is." He slowly opened his eyes, though through to kill divinesword method, but he did not go to practice.

    Because he dare not!

    The practice is eternal!! And kill sword method, obtained is dead!!

    Although the power to pull off, but once the practice, must be exhausted to death.

    As for why Sima, Huo, will live now, two dogs did not think. But he also knew that in another time in history, Huo Qubing's untimely death, the countless heroes often think of this, sigh, sigh.

    "Kill sword, heart to God obsession, only death!"

    Two dogs through to his heart, silent for a long time, have nothing to say, just for fear of heart Sima Huo, a bit more serious.

    A man open for eternal peace, sacrifice for the nations of men, for such people to worship and admiration, are difficult to reflect his greatness. Two dogs in silence for a long time, three bows, slowly left the letter wolf in the Xu bei.

    An observation of all the hundreds of disciples, feeling in the Xu seal wolf Horse Monument by the north and Zheng at that time, saw two dogs go, no longer feeling, his face looked puzzled.

    The livelong night, how much punishment respect man, no longer feeling for a while, the stone sword?" Zheng was chuckling, asked to come over two dogs.

    At this time, it was already late, the Guards Corps barracks, has built a tent, from afar, fire smoke, in the autumn night water, quite addictive.

    Two dogs did not answer, just heart bitter smile, shook his head.

    Zheng was horse and look at each other by the north.

    Not the same person, from Xu Feng UN wolf monument of God sword sentiment, will have a different experience, I respect your punishment brother, what is the feeling?" The horse by the North frowning. For many people, in Xu Feng UN wolf monument under a feeling, there will be income, or even break state, not necessarily. The two dog sentiment of the short time, is really amazing.

    Or, no income.

    "In fact, not what the sword in Italy, I feel dead!" Two dogs lightly replied.

    Ma Zheng was two by the north and the four eye, eye cream essence awn.

    "How to say it?" Zheng lips had meager, very fast.

    "I believe, you may not know where...... The secret." Two dogs lightly.

    The horse by the north and Zheng when two people, thought for a long time, bitter smile.

    "Yes, kill sword method, obtained is dead! Unexpectedly, the criminal statue of brother, the first time felt this wolf in the Xu monument of the sword, is can feel the decisive death meaning. Not only is a horse, Ganwudao sword obsession!" By the North Ma smiled and shook his head. "The punishment respect brother, I waited to be returned to the Imperial City, if there is a chance, you can enter the brother Ling Yuan Ge, maybe you can get to the magical Excalibur comparable method!"

    "Sima is in the Ling Wenyuan Pavilion, get to the sword?" Two the dog asked.

    By the North horse shook his head, "not. After the origin of law can not test the Excalibur, is Sima as your majesty will command, Ling Wenyuan Pavilion, into the slaughter of Excalibur law guarding the mountains and rivers, the gangsters who dare to peep artifact!"

    Speaking of this dog two yuan Ge Ling, don't know much, but in my mind, was suddenly thought of blemmyes former see anger, wrath of God of wind.

    In the talk, Xu Feng UN wolf monument, hundreds of disciples of God sword sentiment meaning, gradually have the income, one of them, when you open your eyes, Jianmang whistling, pierce the sky! This sword, even some momentum to the sword, and all the charm.

    Wang Zhuo, Xu Feng UN wolf in tablet, the same spoils!!

    He repaired Wang war spear of the law, comparison and slaughter method Excalibur is a two-phase, fixed income.

    But the most mighty momentum, is a 100 in the children!!

    This is a left eye beads, like gems in the dark, shining bright light. At this time his left arm stretched out arm sleeve robe, which is a singular material refining, already no longer is that human flesh colored, quite strange. In this move, Xu Feng UN wolf monument, the carving of the handwriting, flashing a singular luster on the surface of a condensation of the rune, then turned into a ray of light ink, in his left arm on the lasing.

    Suddenly, his left arm, forming a seal as the rune.

    Even when this is surprised to see Zheng, opening, "this is......?"

    The horse by North Road, "this is the meaning of life divinesword thoroughly sketched, seals in his left arm!! I heard of this person, but the apprentice, his half of the body was refined into a puppet, very cunning. The man named ink away, except in a way of refining organs, has very high attainments in alchemy, runes were all on the prohibition strategies, research! In the 100 disciple kylin list, ranked in the top thirty to the person!! Just heard about the mind is nothing hard......"


    At all surprised sound, the ink from the seal a kill sword!!

    This is a killing Excalibur, the feeling and the slaughter of Excalibur, but I do not know, and God will kill him when compared to God sword, can somewhat strength inheritance.

    The ink from the down Xu Feng UN wolf monument, was coming toward the two dogs.

    The two dogs and the ink from the strange left eyes flash, the cold, eyelid jumped, good sense of heart.

    The ink from came to the two in front of the dog, deadpan said in two dogs, "I want your left eye!"

    The person is indifferent, as instruments, let two dogs suspected.

    But his words, is to let the two dogs and one Leng, what, my wild wolf God, I heard the wolf God Statue Square, right? Someone was to my left eye? Please speak, can not so direct it, okay? People will be scared to death!!
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