#66  Nitian posture!

    Midnight not Buffy, don't even say, yin and yang to the extreme when.

    It is at this moment, in the dark, spooky thing, attached to the body, and took the body.

    Chen he, as he said, a large migration!

    And so, at his, is not only aware of two secrets of his dog, the darkness and ghosts. At this time, the ghosts and so dare to, at this moment, in front of Chen, and took the body, the supreme achievements of his ghost!

    This is the atmosphere, transport, and guards do not say, even the ghosts are peeping!

    Ghosts of the matter, at this moment, Chen man and that, at this time, the lowest point of the day.

    Two dogs were in mind, on the sidelines.


    A sharp whistle calendar in the void was broken out, a white stick, from the thick fog waving out!

    The stick appear white, but stuck to many of the white paper in the wind in the ear, move, swing out good spirit wave bursts of coercion!

    "As the seven layer top exit channel!" Two dogs lurking in the hearts of indifference, at this time, feel the stick from above lingwei.

    The stick body is dark, then burned the coking state, but very hard, plus above white paper adhesive...... This bar, see two dogs is a dizzy. This bar, called the funeral bar! Is the funeral, three service within each hand a filial filial sun club, about two feet long and about an inch thick, symbolizing family descendants of the sons of the root!

    At this moment, they are really anxious, was actually his own grave "descendants root development achievements, refining, power is impressive.


    A virtual day swing, the sky is dark, this time there is Wuwang blue flashing, looked up, they saw a tattered cloth hanging in the sky, like a big net, and under cover.

    This cloth, filled with pressure, severely suspended in space, the head slowly down under.

    The more terrible is that from the rotten cloth top, filled with bursts of stench......

    This smell, smell, and dizziness, want to vomit, even three soul six soul, like to isolated out.

    "Body gas? The shroud!!"

    Two dogs and a cold heart, breath gaze!!

    The shroud sitting down, swept out the funeral bar, are ghost, extremely evil magic, if hit, not only physical ailments, body and soul is!

    Chen can not be underestimated, and these gods fight, in the Yin and Yang of the morning darkness, and he and the low moment, therefore, in the six layer, hole spirit for the repair, there is not a small pressure.

    He is not an ordinary Wu xiu!

    He dare to call himself, Chen, emperor, and guards, who is even more cherished treasures!


    The head of a thunderbolt, emerge needle, flashing bursts of thunder awn, a thunderbolt, from inside and above the roar, watch the virtual day down under the shroud!

    This is Liu sneer, hands light flash, hands a gold awn flashing iron bar, thick, facing the great sweep of the funeral fishy wind, was smashed out.

    The iron bar, not!

    The pure and shining, swept away, within a radius of several meters in the dark, ghost, ugly and hideous face, one can now!

    Look at these ferocious ghost objects, two dogs was unchanged, but the hearts of horror.

    That is, presumably, see more, at the surface, with a smile that is fully and delightfully.


    Pure iron as smashed on the rocks above, a golden voice, more sparks were flying, dark funeral, and go back.

    This was all Chen, baby?! Two dogs see envy, but the hearts of the helpless.

    Ghost, has not receded, and resorted to treasures, will completely strangling chen!

    On the edge!!

    Suspiria, a ghost fan started slowly, the wind flowing, more bursts, ghost sound, rolled toward.

    In this regard, a sneer, "spirit banner? Or these unpromising means?"

    Chen will be in the hands of gold bars, clunk, inserted into the ground, and then jump, one foot on the bar top, like this, with strange posture sitting crosslegged, he closed his eyes, his mouth is, I began to read up the ancient classics!!!

    Yes, is the ancient classics!!!!

    In this world, three thousand Avenue practicing techniques have not before, preaching, who dare to call the road?

    At this time, but his mouth was read by the voice of the ancient!

    The ancient voice issued from Chen mouth, strange tone, like the law as to go around, Chen, filled out a series of holy light, Jin Guangcheng sphere like, will, in which the protection cover.

    Evocation streamers swing out strange fluctuations, the bursts of evocation of sound, can not move, the three hook soul six soul!

    The ancient sound, it is too horrible, evil invasion!

    So, chant, head shadow appear more face and head, cross legged, bald brain, wearing beads, dressed in Zen clothing.

    Buddhism...... The Great Buddha shadow?

    Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism and Taoism into the world of practice, in front of the world where! Taoism is the most hidden mountains, inaction, Buddhism, is very mysterious! Especially in the north and Middle Earth's top few Buddhist disciples......

    At this moment, the head of the emperor, a Buddhist ghost to manifest, to protect him, the evil invasion!

    This battle, but also how to play?

    Ghost Xiao hum, cold in the dense, evocation streamers suspira, fluttering sound!!

    To Liu helpless!

    Have to say, this, indeed as he said, there is air shipment, there was our patron!

    Two the dog saw this scene, the heart has a blank.

    The chen...... It is the counter position!!

    At this moment, the more strange magical evocation streamers, two dogs feel, my soul, like to be off, and the mind is a queasy feeling of dazzling, hate, will your heart out, so, will feel better.

    Two dogs in the silent, he could!!

    And, compared to what he is not, can only endure!!

    Also, thunder frog boss left Bang nine tactic, although these evil things nemesis, two dogs, is not running in the tendons in. He is afraid of, slight shock wave will make Chen Ling, see. Therefore, the dog can endure two...... Fortunately, this is what he is good at.

    When you are not what you don't take your body to resist, by what?

    Strong soul fan sound, two dog face, is already a livid, binocular is filled with a blood, he is already zhichibuzhu.

    He felt his soul free, will be to break!!


    At this moment, the Yin fog, but could not insist, as the tide receded.

    The blink of an eye, then dissipated in the abyss of darkness.

    And with them the evocation streamers and dissipate, two dogs in my head, it is better than many, many cool mind.

    The sky is also at this time, light, like a sword, piercing the sky!!

    "Well, you treacherous things, dare to peep the artifact?"

    Chen slowly opened his eyes, morning light in his body, as the son of general!

    At this moment, Liu mouth, even with a hint of disdain derision, looking at the fog swept away, back into the black abyss of evil.

    Above the fog, abyss, fog is still blowing, but the fog and fog is obviously different, but the milky white, like the veil in general.

    Chen said, listen to the dog in two ears, let him confused and painful heart suddenly sank!!

    Yes, there is, this person, air shipment, the evening show and supernatural means, is God. Dazzling, dazzling!

    This ghost evil, was he not nai!

    Two dogs how, if they had already been afraid, funeral stick to death?

    In his heart, not only is more bitter, pain and loss...... When the heart is full of confidence, in front of the awful truth, in front of Chen thunder means strength, be reduced to fragments of the bombardment, in addition to the thick unwilling and pain, in addition to patience, two dogs don't know their immediate future...... Will go from here?!

    His heart, fell into the trough.

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