#60  steal grass

    A radius of hundreds of feet of the hill, two hundred or three hundred meters high, looks clear, the top is white, the mountain and the mountain, is the green vegetation.

    Two dog hearts of doubt, breath filled with bloody taste, climbing towards the mountains.

    The distance of the white with a distance of ten meters, two dog vaguely felt wrong, the mountain can be seen everywhere, the white bones in the afar, like a white stone, in the moonlight, is not well resolved.

    The "Snow gleams white." mountain......

    Two dogs dare to think about, but obviously, the fact that a stack, is a picture of white bones, one type, animal type...... The bones of skull bones trash everywhere, everywhere, the lower, is like general powder powder, it seems a long time, has been weathered. The bone above, it is a skeleton!!

    Two the dog was scared, find themselves in at the bottom of the hell!!

    Strong bloody flavor, from these bones above the diffuse and.

    The wild, but in any case has blown away the taste of blood.

    No, this mountain is the beast?

    The beast's appetite, it is too scary?!

    The entire mountain, there is a bone!

    Looking ahead, the bones of some forest, huge debris of bones, two dogs can easily shuttle.

    "What Wang Mazi do, this is what he said to relax?" Two the dog heart goes on, but his hand is heavy, there is a magic weapon to shrink the whip, gave him some confidence. With this baby, blink teleport dozens, absolutely can escape, two dogs in the sight of the white forest, this is to understand why, Wang will give him the root of shrinking Gangbian.

    Two dog straight Leng ears, the shuttle in the bones in the forest, hand is clutching to shrink the whip, but he's going to directly touch the wind sways grass, the shrink whip, leave here.

    The "s!" An odd sound voice, pierce the sky, is a kind of bird, seems to hover at the top of the mountain.

    At the moment there is a sudden wind, a dark shadow and a mountain!

    This shadow, bulky, like a house, tall and agile, turned into a shadow, and jump from the top of!

    Roar!!" With the more jump, a crow sound big, like anger.

    Two dogs are not motionless, fortunately, and white fur, he nestled in the bone forest, are not aware of the shadow is. Two dogs look up quietly and looked, saw the starlight, the shadow is like binocular lanterns, flashing red color, leap, extremely agile, with the roar of mad caw is jump into the void.

    In the figure, two dog eyes, like a dark spree!

    "What is this beast?" Two dog hearts.


    The air came to the sad scream, but also halted!

    The nameless birds, but by the shadow suddenly caught, suddenly a tear, shape into two halves.

    Suddenly, the sky from landing down from the sky, the whole mountain, a masterpiece.

    Let this little splash in his own body, two dogs still motionless.


    The huge beast shadow falls on the mountain, excitedly on moving his chest, bang bang sound, empty tremor, as Leigu general. Is this beast called snort hiss hiss call over, like great winds. I saw the beast, clutching a bloody, into his mouth and chewed two or three, swallow into the belly, like birds, beasts of the inner alchemy is a kind of nourishing.

    Ping! Break an empty voice masterpiece, is the beast shadow, two birds on the cut animal corpses thrown from the two on the dog's head sweep, two dogs look, this bird is natural death is not dead, but the body is big, but it is beyond his imagination. Even if the wings has not yet commenced, this bird beast body is like an elephant!

    Also, this is each half of the volume.

    If the bird spread its wings, it is not crowded?

    It is such a beast, the beast is above the mountain shadow, torn in two!

    Two dogs over the behemoth, but is 30 meters, thanks to the bones of forest trees, otherwise......

    With a bang to two birds, corpses, smashing into the bones, the bone was bursts.

    On the summit, the huge shadow beast, but disappeared in the darkness.


    Waiting for a long time, two dogs that had decided to continue to go.

    The huge beast, as a nightmare to fear.

    But Wang said, to find a cave, there will be what you want...... No, is a breakthrough in the sky traitional lingcao?

    Thought of here, two dogs think, the risk is worth taking.

    Through the heavy bones, two dog is finally on the mountaintop. The bones of the dead forest, more to the mountain, the more bloody, and even some remains of meat, throw in the ground mountain. In this scene, the two dog is thrilling. He want to find some fresh blood, regardless of smell, daub on himself, lest his angry dew.

    A mountain, was actually a radius of dozens of feet in the concave basin, the middle is a dark cave, in which there was air ejected from the hole * *.

    Quite remarkable, not far from the cave, a radius of about one meter above the water such as green jade, lonely too long a grass, exudes a touch of fragrance was quiet. The taste, smell, let two dog heart quite excited, in power, was running in the body of can't help, for more signs with faint breakthrough.

    Baby, this is baby!!

    Two dogs with sharp eyes look to the spirit of grass that was growing in the jade above......

    He did not act rashly, at this moment, the coming out of the snoring sound, apparently the beast has fallen into a deep sleep.

    Two dogs weighed up the pros and cons, decided to take advantage of!!

    But his hand is heavy, a reduction in the two dog whip, don't feel......

    Cave the beast turned over a body, this mountain is a violent shaking, take this occasion, shrink the whip, two dog suddenly pushed the hands of his stature, with ground Dangqi a ripple, the moment will appear in front of the jade.

    But, it is in his hand when the whip shrink hole, * * behemoth, is already aware of!

    To this beast, waiting here, it is not sleep, two dogs pushed to shrink the aura wave whip, was to be awakened!

    Roar!!" A dull roar from the beast's mouth spray a mountain, not far from the two dog stand.

    This beast roar, one pound two dogs, with a reign of terror.

    Two dogs without the slightest hesitation, although the feeling behind the fishy wind, but his hand is caught in lingcao jade above, a good catch, suddenly the lingcao is two dogs off.

    At the same time, he had once again touched the shrink whip, in beast fist worthy, worthy of two dogs head across his body, has been turned into a piece of shadow!

    Two dogs in front of the void twisted, leave the moment, he glanced at the beast in.

    Exactly, the beast is scarlet eyes, staring at the two dogs!!

    Looking at the hill of general monster, two dog heart quite surprised. This is an angry Beast, hand tearing mountain, covered with bones such as iron and steel, Litaiwuqiong, Nukiyama stars, very cruel.

    However, as he left......

    Two dogs mind andao luck, when body appears again, was in front of wang.

    Wang looked at the two paws holding lingcao, nodded, "how are you? Feel relaxed?"

    Two dogs smell a hard lingcao exudes fragrance, "very relaxed!"

    Wang smiled, "you don't worry, wow then there are more relaxed, and I go!!"

    Two the dog looked back and saw the hill above a few miles away, a road dust, more trees will break out, wipe clean the karma karma sound, accompanied by angry Beast roar together toward the two dogs came here.

    "Bad, the Liao chasing him!! Big brother?" Two the dog back, has not seen Wang Mazi figure, was already escape.

    He is not in the delay, emergency escape to the outside!
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