#50  thunderbolt nine tactic

    "Two dog, you know, you do, but I felt the thunder frog family, is named charlie! Because I'm frog family, had never been attained before preaching peak, therefore, thunderheart, did not dare to call by michinori in the world. This is the common sense! Now, since you can practice to channel throughout the three layer, which shows you how many elements in the radar system, or some of the talent." Frog boss, has swept away these days arrogant, look solemn said.

    Two dogs quietly, waiting for the boss to continue frog.

    "Ray, is composed of five rows, wood elements derived from the heart of your practice, Charlie I thunder frog family, must always bear this in mind! If one day, must repair five rows of wood to trace the origin of the source, perhaps, it may be my law practice to break, with your preaching point!" Frog said with a smile.

    "Here, I will teach you and Charlie leizhen day. Charlie, also known as the thunderbolt nine tactics, nine tactic, respectively by the word of the master. These nine words, you want two dogs tightly in mind: Thunder Thunder Ji Han xiao. You, remember?" Frog smile, like the love of the man.

    Remember the two "dog!"

    Happy frog nodded, jump, came to the two dog eyebrows before pointing out on his brow.

    Suddenly, a vast and complex information, as the tide of two dog annihilation!

    The two dogs feel extremely heavy, his eyelids closed up gradually.

    "Two dog, you are different, the old man in your body, can not see the future! Is this not a variable? You can decide if I have the edge, goodbye!" Frog outstretched fingers, slowly away, two dogs and a soft body, then collapsed on the ground.

    Frog waving slowly in the air, to spend in front of a python, python pointing on flowers between the eyebrows.

    "He thought, you can never die, the two of you, it!"

    After that, the thunder Watan breath, look to the sky, jump, suddenly disappears into nothingness.

    "If you can find the edge of the sea!"


    Two dogs in my mind, there seems to be countless fragments and figure, constantly flashing!

    The more a strange word, arose in his mind, this beautiful and strange changes, let him dizzy, when really intolerable, he suddenly woke up, is a cold sweat on his forehead.

    "The thunder frog boss?" Two the dog screamed, look around, but did not see the shadow of thunder frog boss.

    Only looking at the sky flower python, and its vision in the chill, as it looks to the two dogs, two dogs feel chilly.

    "Go!" Take Python to move the mouth, said the fallacy.

    Two dogs dazed and silent, "go? Just leave?!"

    At this time, the complex information in an instant, two dog mind flooded out, plop, two dog nose spurting, let him stand up, a reel.

    "Ah, you're bleeding!!"

    Two dogs that listen to them, the flower Python sound, like a woman.

    "Anyway, anyway!!"

    Is the frog boss, will break the heart to teach him. In addition, some instructions and warnings more frog boss message.

    Even if the information is not much, but also let the two dogs hold fast enough!

    At this moment, in the eyes of the sinister flower Python haggard, showing a trace.

    It suddenly moves toward the body, two dogs rapidly lunged at the mouth of the fangs, is flashing light and cold.

    The dog looked at it at two.

    Then, in the flower Python between the eyebrows, suddenly appeared a black spot, the black spot, suddenly, diffuse in the body. Then, the void is the emergence of numerous lightning light, crackling violently laced into flowers in Python's body.

    The shrill scream and scream, a flower from Python mouth, it was as long as a cultural body, continue to twist, but of no avail.

    Until three minutes later, the flower Python is dying to see the two dog eyes showed intense hatred.

    "If there is a next time, you will surely die!!" Two dogs slowly exit, looked at the big flower python.

    Then, two dogs will sit cross legged, feelings of thunder frog boss, in his mind the information.

    Thunderbolt nine tactic......

    Frog boss not only taught him thunderheart method, and some instructions.

    These instructions, based on the fuzzy image and sound, in two the dog's mind, he tried to feel a bit, but there are some, look not clear.

    When the two dog saw a scene in my mind, in his mind, the frog boss's voice.

    "If you meet this person, absolutely can not provoke, remember!"

    Draw the scene, it is a piece of sea, the sea is over, the lightning boom penetration of heaven and earth, and in the lightning, there is a figure, out from inside.

    He was in a white shirt, white hair, in random wave, look cold heartless, suddenly looks toward the dog sees two.

    After a moment, the two dog head roaring, thoroughly collapse image.

    The ruthless eyes and his face, but the two was recorded in the mind of the dog.

    "Even the most old frog said not to annoy people, it is not to provoke!!" Two dogs with heart, even bitter smile, looks like himself now, who can make it? After all, only three layers just exit.

    "Flowers, go!! Tonight, to accompany me to practice!" The dog said two light.

    He felt that now his goal, is the flower Python beat!

    After revenge!


    Two dogs will own all the thoughts, completely bet in the practice.

    Every day, large flower Python all ruthlessly mad child with two dogs, each bite and cut in two dogs on the wind, will let the flower heart, very happy!! But if she has any rebellious heart, only two dogs mind move, flower Python's body, will emerge out of the strange runes, the thunder has been around for mans, mercilessly beat!

    The frog boss gave two dog gift, he felt quite love!

    Winter to spring, time rolls on!

    Time as the dog grows two The mighty river flows eastward., and more magnificent, suddenly see go, even with a little fierce li.

    He has a body, M.

    And his practice, has now been honed to psychic exit fifth!

    He and flower Python nocturnal, from many human Wu Xiu, the first half of this year, was not met once Wu Xiu, therefore, two dogs, in addition to their own blood, no contamination to other people's blood.

    Spend the first half of this year, python, was wandering in the channel throughout the six layer peak, for a long time, have not the slightest progress.

    The two dog heart very happy!

    Two dogs happy at the same time, known as the "flower" flower python, her temper, but one day than a day when the dog jumped up, and two blows, will always do everything possible, severely abused two dogs.

    Two dogs, even beaten him stand up head broken and bleeding!!

    This let floret that this stupid dog, there seems to be a tendency to abuse.

    Two animals were cold, in this more than half a year's time, has formed a tacit understanding, just one look, it will strike violently.

    The number of flowers, two mad dog, with two dogs for sharpening to the fifth layer substantially reduced.

    Two dog eyes have increasingly fierce, such as electric cables such as tusks, tail, hooves are stout like wood!

    Let the flowers feel depressed, this stupid dog is always standing, like human like Wu xiu.

    If you look far, thought it was wearing a white dress Wu Xiu, and a large python arena!

    It was getting dark, the moon rises when the two dog suddenly looked to take python.

    And the flower python, half body suspended, breathing the scarlet snake tongue, eyes is haggard sinister, staring at the two dogs. Her fangs sometimes appeared, and had different, but now some blue.

    In this regard, two dog hearts sneer.

    This flower Python seems to awaken your talent prowess, her teeth, in the eyes of two dogs, has undergone a subtle change.

    At first, it was a pair of white poisonous fangs, but now......
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