#42  not said by michinori!

    When the white Yi left, two dogs with heart like stone.

    He could feel his body, still in fear, nervous shudder.

    Despite the fact that, in thunder thunder, thunder in the frog's help, has to be absorbed. Of course, the thunder break the energy contained in bulk, it is swallowed up by absorption of the frog. Frog sleep a night, while the two dog is in the excitement and thrill, spent a night!

    At this time, two dogs feel stomach did not burst, he hung the heart, it is gradually restored calm.

    It can not blame the two dogs on the frog does not trust, is mainly two dogs as a human on earth, spiritual power, five lines of Inner Alchemy such things he had not contacted, suddenly came to this wonderful world, really a bit does not adapt, but it's a lot of good.

    "Oh!!" Thunder frog fallacy, remembered in two dog's mind, "I think Lei Zhentian must be in the fork to see ghost, how have you so savvy, low, timid stupid dog?!"

    Two dogs had unhappy, "well, don't forget who saved you!!"

    "Yo Ho, dare I leizhen day talk back, I believe a thunder killing you?!"

    Two the dog ignored him, 'your name, leizhen day, or am I stupid dog gave you a shout, you a toad!

    "Frog boss, have no heart to repair the demon?" Two the dog thought the matter.

    Frog seems leering, a proud hanging the appearance of the gods, "for me? For me, I will give you!! Don't say the first step is to repair the demon heart, even the third step, fourth step, hum, I have a day of thunder!!"

    Two dogs and Toad was going to say something nice, I would like to, cold hum a, "full of garbage...... Is rubbish!!"

    A frog, then suddenly eyes widened, "what did you say? You are a low order ice dog monster, I dare say frog family repair demon, is garbage?!"

    "Well, that is natural!!"

    Frog hem sneer, "well, I'd like to hear thunder loudly, you have what good method!"

    Two dog hearts sneer, "muscle-bone strengthening exercise, heard of it?"

    The thunder frog was stunned, had said that for a moment, then, "this......"

    Two dogs feel funny, really cute this stupid toad.

    Unexpectedly, just say a monk of the Scriptures, the frog was blown away.

    Listen to the thunder at this time is Wayi look dignified and said, "I felt the thunder frog family hewley, is the best things, but also dare not say the michinori!"

    "What what...... Said the road?" Two dogs look perplexed.

    Frog anger, blowing spit out, "you do not know how to know the classic, muscle-bone strengthening exercise name like Scripture? Say, what is muscle-bone strengthening exercise?"

    The little frog poker-faced when the performance is to let two dogs confused.

    "This...... I made up muscle-bone strengthening exercise, exercise!!"

    A frog, more angry, a tongue to two dogs at a meal.

    "Listen, after the heart, absolutely can not casually say the michinori...... The code, two words, only the sermon, the demon emperor Dijun, mozun et al created the method of self-discipline, can only be called by, can be called!" Frog solemnly said, "otherwise, it is blasphemy Dijun et al!"

    Two of these dogs have no idea, like God, demon emperor, mozun, is the world's top master, this should be respected and pay tribute to the two dog some blood surging, "frog boss, say to me, what are the classics?"

    "Oh......" Lei Watan breath.

    "I want to be met a ghost at the fork in the road!!" Two dogs over, his words breath!! Do not know why, two dogs with the words, my mind was the emergence of a farmer figure, his trousers rolled, stained with mud, smoking a cigarette, frowning, eagle-eyed, like looking at him. Then, the old man by the hands of the tobacco rod, bang bang was knocked on the dog's head two!

    "Why are you talking to me? This is not good!!" Frog frowned, a strange face looked at two dogs.

    "How? You can see that nituizi?" Lei Wayi face Schadenfreude, "when Lei Zhentian is old, but to he sneezed, he was almost dead on the pole with tobacco! Since then, every day, can't help to say such a sentence! This sentence is certainly the nituizi!"

    Two dog palpitations, what this man, saying it was readily, can let him have the illusion, terrible, really terrible!

    "Will...... What is God like?" Two dogs have asked curiously.

    "I don't know, I'm afraid soon." Frog said helpless.

    Two dogs', the frog was a sneeze, I am afraid it is not easy.

    Then solemnly ask him what are the classic, lest I too with very limited knowledge and scanty information.

    "You know the demon code?" Frog road.

    Two the dog shook his head.

    Scum, shame! Monster scum, ice dogs a shame!! As a demon, you don't know the demon?!" Frog looked a little angry, but it is no wonder that the demon clan, is such a classic, called demon code, two dogs for mediocre impmon, even the demon code do not know, this is not the.

    "Well, I leizhen day to introduce you......"

    Two dogs with rapt attention, the demon code, in frog's mouth, is not ah! Also, the code is not only powerful demon, with more magic!! In addition to these, there are good, some fathers, someone jun...... The two dog yearning, but if you can practice "filled with a thousand regrets, Yao Dian, that nice ah!!"

    "Don't daydream!" Frog slanting eyes looked at him, "look at you and I have, as you practice the heart I'm a frog?"

    "Can we?"

    "Of course you can, but...... Hey, it's good to discuss! At the very least, you have to be able to get my heart condition!" Frog said.

    Here he had just finished, suddenly there was a knock on the door, spread a female voice, sounds like the sounds of nature, "dragon brother in?"

    A look of melancholy in Longhua yuan, heard the voice, at the foot of the wind, a step, are turned into a virtual shadow, like the dragon winding, again, unexpectedly appeared in front of a face, graceful bearing appearance, opened the door.

    The door opened, it is white, it is long time dreaming of the white woman yuan.

    Her beautiful face, let the air of lag!

    "Miss, what?" Long end, smile asked.

    But this time, the two dog feeling, hidden in his hair in the frog, the heart, actually as Leigu general.

    Two dog hearts know!!
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