#29  of human potential...... War!

    The twenty-ninth chapter of human potential...... War!

    Long yuan, with a team of murderous War soldiers, a face of arrogance and special fault appearance, and go straight to the white house.

    Beside him, there is a walk on two legs of the ice dogs, dog is two!

    Although he is a young dog looks like ice, is lovely, but as the vertical line, plus behind the murderous face war soldiers, but no one dare too much attention.

    Along the way, those who have knowledge of long yuan, whether Wu Xiu, or ordinary common people, are bowed, pretending not to see. Even see the long yuan, also pretended not to know, often

    Is turned away. There are so few, long yuan was caught, then mixed with deep helpless feeling a laughing face, and greeted him.

    Even if there is no understanding of Long Yuan people in to see this team soldier after all is dumb.

    A pedestrian, so they rushed to the White House to put up a pageantry.

    Some people can not help but quietly lamenting, "Alas, who have bad luck, actually provoke such a two generation, It's a family mishap. ah!"

    Previously, the two dog heard long yuan, especially that one, very overbearing, "he Lao Tzu eat the White House, he drank the White House, not only that, but also playing with his white house Lao Tzu......" Hear this word

    Two, the dog hearts, obviously, this is a long yuan was chopped white space to cheat miserable, that falsely on the White House, apparently, he was on his way to the White House a nursery!

    Two dog hearts, really attracted to the Long Yuan's attention, thus, will join him to the White House to kill!

    He was worried about how to find the White House, unexpectedly, it was like a long yuan, dozing off when it is simply liking the pillow!

    "Go to the White House!" Two dogs learn the Long Yuan overbearing domineering, arrogant appearance, screaming said.

    Of course, the two dog is definitely not gouzhangrenshi things, his heart too excited, because he felt that soon to see big demon, the demon form repair has been his dream, unexpectedly, demon, distance

    He is no longer so far!



    A figure is as strong as an ox, a hole spirit layer eight soldier, a suplex, crashed on the white house door.

    He's a white house guard on eight!

    The great bull guard, was posted on the Dallas brass nails, slowly down, his mouth is a unit of blood, not independent to spray out, his face lost eight Lai, a face of anger, staring at the long yuan, it seems

    What do you want to say, but could not say a word.

    Who are you? Do you know, here is the White House?!

    His eyes still fiercely, his heart, perfectly expressed.

    "Bah, even Lao Tzu did not know, deserve to be bashed!" Long yuan and spit to the White House guard, was really blind, the White House a small guard, actually even Lao Tzu yuan long life is really dare to block.

    Impatient! You see that you like the white blind PigHead, a pair of eyes, some people fight pighead!

    "Oh, dare to hide!" Long Yuan surly let out a yelp, walked to the front of the foot, is a step.

    Long Huayuan because of their sworn brothers, chopped white empty, mercilessly cheated on House vote, originally in the heart of people, there is no good, see the hole spirit seven layer repair Wei door, was extremely arrogant not to put him in the

    The eyes, heart suddenly furious, call directly to the guard made a semi disabled.

    Later, more fiercely to their spat.

    How are the dead, the guard subconsciousness to hide it, the more annoyed Longhua yuan.

    Unfortunately, a hole spirit seven layer repair Wu Xiu, is long yuan such a spendthrift, humiliated!


    He spat out a mouthful of blood, directly fainted.

    Long yuan and not gas, in his face was on two feet, this just give up.

    At this time, the white house door opened, one looks thin, eyes was flashing, looks quite a smart little old man came out with a smile on the face, "Oh, actually is the dragon master came quickly, please!"

    Long Hua Yuan cold hum a, from the doorman who cross over, took two steps back, pointing to the guard, to the little old man said, "the less is not love this person, directly cut, feed the dog!"

    The little old man took two moustache, listening to Long Yuan words, hurriedly said, "the Dragon said what is what, just......"

    "What is it?" Long Yuan worry in the hand handle enough, if this thing that he is not satisfied with the treatment. He will have more excuses, hard to correct a white house!

    "Oh, little old children did not dare to deceive you, although this person is my white house guards, but is usually quite straightforward, heavy friendship, it is my white house a martyr! Heard that the dragon is a young man of good emotion Shigeyoshi

    Han, you and Lai Eight meeting for the first time, this should be like brothers again, they did not expect, Na, gee, was a tragedy like this, presumably, the fear is what mistake?"

    The old man saw a long yuan frowned, and said, "according to your status, how can he and this little care? Wouldn't have hurt your reputation? Dragon Master must not movable anger, not because of

    Hurt the hearts of the road, for this little thing so, a finger!"

    Long Hua Yuan frowned, "three!"

    "Good Le, you have a lot of adults, it is a straightforward, three root root three, clinch a deal!" A little old man a happy face, long yuan will be welcomed into the White House, in front of the person behind a wink, a man dragged faint

    Lai eight walked to the corner.

    The knife fell, with Lai Bayi heard screaming voice, his left hand three fingers will drop.

    Have cloth wrapped up, then, on the eight, in the wails, and fell into a state of coma.

    Long yuan with a soldier and two dogs, entering the White House, the little old man walked under the leadership of.

    Not for a moment, then someone took the blood red cloth, walked over to the little man in the past.

    "This is the three finger, you don't know whether the Dragon?"

    Long Huayuan at a glance, nodded.

    The little man to do this thing, is really not picky.

    Long yuan of sorts, cold to hum a, full forward, such as their courtyard, no rules.

    The man sees this, but did not follow up, wiped the sweat, toward the person behind the waved, go together.

    Long Yuan felt rather baffling, man? The White House people? Not CD dead?!

    Trying to shout when suddenly a burst of melodious sound of tinkling, more a mildly pleasant sweet girl, like a yellow bird, curl sounded in the sky.

    It sounds like ethereal sounds.

    In this voice, long yuan to shout heart, actually become quiet up.

    He took a step, what suddenly, waved, a war army captain ran.

    Long yuan to him a confession, he sneered and said, "well, I long yuan, will not walk in the White House!"

    War soldiers left, without the slightest worry and fear, not hesitate to.

    Only Longhua yuan and two dogs.

    Long yuan is still rampant, step three shake, "go, listen to song!"

    He did not know of who said that, after a long time did not reply, looking back, found no one around the myrmidon children, the heart not adapt, then called out to the two said the dog, "the dog, after me

    To answer, answer, do you know?"

    Two dog hearts quite helpless, can only be a screaming sound, promised.

    "Oh well, this is right!"


    The little old man hurried footsteps, came to the white house behind the master of the house white answered, and a week later, he stood aside.

    The master of the house along the look, through a secluded garden, faintly visible, there is a pavilion in the distance around the high transparent, with white curtains, dancing in the wind. White gauze, a faint kneeling in the pavilion covers

    Qin, incense. The ethereal, melodious songs, not curl.

    "The master of the house, let the dragon to entertain the six Miss yuan, if it is wrong?" The White House in the home scene of white Fu, slowly out of heart doubts.

    "This is the son of her own choice...... Stop ah!" After a long time, White asked that sighed.
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