#25  to the fate of take up arms!

    A racket, more numerous with firecrackers, the bride is covered with red hijab, out of the moment, suddenly lit, crackling sound of the explosion, let the king palace lively, in an instant, reached a peak.

    Each person's face, with a smile, silently watching, two people walk together, does not even hesitate to send their best wishes.

    This time, no one will care, groom cut empty is not ruzhui son-in-law home.

    He chopped white space, care!

    At this moment the noise and blessing, seemed empty and chopped white.

    "Time has come, the bride and groom baitiande!"

    In the hall, there is a master of ceremonies, screaming and shouting.

    Chopped white space and a covering of Jing Mengxi, kneeling in silent. Although the empty chopped white face lit up, but his heart is excited, the excitement, and will soon become husband excited different, he is excited, he will make big things. For a screaming cries, he would also like a puppet, others let him do what he will do what.

    He cocked his ears in, listening......

    And the white cut empty indifference, King Mengxi face, float is filled with happiness and warmth.

    She gave her love, all bets in this marriage, this process, she also wholeheartedly experience.

    Sitting in the first position of the cloud mother, this is very satisfactory. She could feel his disciple's mind, has been completely immersed in very good, very good!

    In a world of marriage, husband 's sermon!

    In her view, for women, in this life, but around, can not escape, is love. This is love, love all the time, all the time, in the way they tied with them.

    They this vein, repair is ruthless decision, is ruthless way into.

    No need to repair the ruthless, ruthless.

    In the relentless, need love.

    The mother-in-law of Jing Mengxi request cloud is, into a world of marriage, husband 's sermon!

    Unlike cloud mother-in-law face lit up, the big elder looked at her granddaughter, is brow.

    White Zhanjue, is neither sad nor happy.

    "A baitiande fathers"

    This worship, worship is Heaven and Earth, is assurance in front of them; and worship, but also to their ancestral temple, declared.

    Thanks to two parents parents "

    Thanks to three couples said of a couple!" Two people slightly Yi bai.

    Then in an instant, salute suddenly roar, roar loud in an unbroken line then, crackling firecrackers, more light, for a time, a warm festive atmosphere to the extreme.

    People have lost, the bride and groom to send all kinds of words and words of blessing, in an unbroken line.

    But at this time, people are aware of the anomaly.


    Violent buzzing, still reverberating. This may sound different, and salute the roaring sound, but more violent, the air is faint screaming voice, seemed to tear this world.


    The blast suddenly pushed to the banquet hall, even in this blast, a rub cracking noise sound, cup plate have the same between burst, tables and chairs.

    In the blast, the people to protect children, to face this to avoid a sleeve, children, children, were injured due to the impact of the blast.

    To blast the past, people have to look outside the courtyard.

    Not far away, flying dust, straight to the sky, more monstrous flame burning.

    Outside the courtyard, is a low status such as the guests of the banquet, when there came the sound of fighting!

    In the fighting, more miserable voice and crackling, as one falls, another rises, can be heard without end.

    All the family, was nervous, have looked towards the king's elders.

    "Big elder, what happened?"

    The big elder sat, eyes moving slowly, put in chopped white empty body.

    "Are you?"

    Chopped white air smell, face is also very proud, could not help but laugh. Haha.

    He heard from him at that moment, the thunder thunder roaring sound of the heart has been very comfortable!

    They also look to the white cut empty, at this moment, people have to understand about the origin of things.

    "How to say this empty chopped white, the White House is one of the great man, want to marry king palace, heart Xiufen hard, so play such a scene! Make it clear that the White House and the king palace, together with the embarrassing!"

    Chopped white empty is proud of, from the bones are!

    The White House is just a good upbringing, he usually let the bones of pride, concealed under his gentleman. But in any case, he is proud of. Even the family elders as he made the planning, the pride in his heart, are dirt! Perhaps, really let him not proud, is now on the surface of the white Zhanjue his brother impervious to desires and passions.

    However, in the family to let him marry a king palace, his beloved brother, unexpectedly also promised letter.

    Then, chopped white empty heart is breaking.

    He is from small to large, hard to catch up with big brother's footsteps, like this man wants to become a big brother, the White House dainty design. But brother...... Should their king married into a house?!


    Undoubtedly, married things, trampled his heart's pride.

    So, he want to resist!

    He let the White House the old man regret, he let his brother feel fear!

    At the white Zhanjue, without the slightest mood change on the surface, for his brother the doings, white Zhanjue seemed to not put in the eye.

    Chopped white empty still arrogant laugh, at this moment, in front of the big brother, he finally enjoy the limelight. He is the focus of the absolute time!

    Jing Mengxi as the ordinary woman, looked at her husband, a face of madness, on the surface of a clear tears flowing out.

    "Why?" She felt the pain in her heart, she must let his heart, like a pain.

    The pain, to remember! Remember, it is better to forget!

    Some of her mother-in-law said to understand master cloud said, "man, no one is good stuff!"

    Her heart is still in pain!

    Obviously, she did everything, why, this man was making this crazy thing?

    "I'm sorry, Xi son!" Chopped white empty look back to Jing Mengxi, his face is still crazy, he is not too much to explain, the palm of the knife, directly cut in Jing Mengxi's neck, King Mengxi collapsed in a soft body, chopped white empty arms.

    Elders still did not move.

    But the white Zhanjue, is moving, he must stop myself this stupid brother, he will bring order out of chaos! Let everything according to the plan of!

    In the white Zhanjue body slightly from the potential when people stop him, also moved.

    Unexpectedly, stop the white Zhanjue who was cloud mother-in-law!

    Her hand was dust, such as the sword, lie in front of the white Zhanjue.

    White Zhanjue without saying anything, but listen to the cloud mother said with a smile, "I white Jiabao tree, the nine year old cave Lingjing peak, thirteen top three flowers together, now must, if it is to break the air to! The old woman has been, and you want to do today is two strokes, however, might as well......"


    "Hee hee...!" Her mother-in-law cloud of dust suddenly shook hands, is toward the white Zhanjue to kill.

    The cloud from the people, see the cloud mother eyes look wretched licking tongue, eyes deep is Henli color.

    "Do you want to be your disciple ruthless, I did not, from the cloud, I want to help my Joyoung jiuyin!"
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