#17  heart!

    Although Jing Mengxi he always smile, can feel empty chopped white, King Mengxi smile, is like a sword, mercilessly tingling in his heart. He would rather, King Mengxi is taunt to him, is the subject of ridicule, and always should be more "son-in-law" two words, on the mouth.

    No, King Mengxi.

    That family arrangements, in front of white cut empty, King Mengxi without even talked about, "and had" two words, the similar pronunciation of the word to him, not the subject of ridicule, no taunt.

    Yes, just like water and considerate and gentle...... Admire!

    But, every time, in view of the beautiful face of smile Mengxi Yan Xi, and chopped white space inside, there is a deep hatred and anger.

    Especially for Jing Mengxi, he will want to kill them.

    Just because of this, a marriage, for it is the empty white cut, a lifetime biggest shame.

    He is the king's son-in-law! Is the king Fu daochamen son-in-law!

    Don't kill Jing Mengxi, not to kill the king palace people, not the White House had beheaded had laughed at him, chopped white empty heart, restless life!

    He hate, hate the White House as people hate as king palace, even...... In the flat world.


    This evening, two dogs were unable to sleep.

    Although he succeeded in killing Jing Rong, presumably due to the death of tomorrow, Jing Rong Guo Fu, he certainly is not exempt, inevitably suspected he was under the hand! With the slightest hint of doubt, even if he is the husband Guo hole Lingjing peak Wu Xiu, in front of the palace king family, is dead!

    However, the two dog heart at this time, consider yourself and your future is.

    A dog is a dog of ice, his heart, ups and downs, as can be imagined.

    He was, just want to form a adult, doing well, even if only twenty years of life!

    After all, who wants to be a dog? Even, adorable stupid Han Han ice dogs by Lady young girls love ice dogs!

    Think of the dog, some people think, perhaps is a man's best friend. Can the dog is not synonymous with the most humble humble, isn't it?

    "The dog and bitch, what the fuck......" The thought of this identity, Yi Li tears, heart pain, he could think of, is full of such vicious isspicy, cursing the words of others. Every word, every dog and so the identity of contact. Yi Li felt that his dog to the identity of each live another day, his heart is not happy! Because he is a man, is a dignified man, is a man of indomitable spirit!

    I used to think, if a dog is not what the big deal, but now it has become a dog, who knows the two dog heart pain?

    These days, his heart "a dog, can repair the demon form," the belief that there is a shake......

    Once, he despair die inside, because the ice dogs mother spoke, repair the demon form, and become renewed hope.

    But this silk hope, but with the ice dogs now dead mother, and these days, let two dog hearts, wavered!

    In particular, he thought to face the extremely brutal murder scene, restlessness and fear. Even so, the moment, the heart is even lost to the ice dogs mother revenge faith, he hated his own "hypocrisy" and the like false! He is self doubt, in the future, can go to the shape of the step...... Because the two dogs of the world, although don't know much, but also some understanding. A few months of his ice dogs, is entirely ant like existence! Even, even the ants are not as good as. After all, the ant is small, is not so much at the moment the wolf Butch residual peep!

    He felt himself, if you can't make the corresponding change, if can not adapt to the terrorist in the world, he is dead, is not far away.

    But the first thing you need to change, is your heart.

    Yi Li was originally an ordinary people, have seen a person's head, swirling, cut flying scenes? Even the bloody scene, he lived for decades, has not been seen several times.

    The world is cruel, and he had not the same.

    The world is cold, ruthless, is strictly in accordance with the law of survival of the fittest......

    Two the dog's mind, depicting the scene constantly flashing:

    Guo Fu deadpan, holding off on the ice from the mother's dog fur!

    Jing Rong scorn, because of their powerful force, laughing, bullying and humiliating their brother sister!

    The monkey was Zi Yin Zhi, sneer and cut down, that looks honest people head!

    Monkey Zi disdain sneer, kick was speak of the head, the head of death!

    The monkey is young, faint, the white face, and full of unwilling and firm eyes!

    ...... This scene, constantly flashed in the two dog's mind, as great scourges impact, the remnants of his moral bottom line and the heart of the "hypocrisy" thought.

    He constantly reflection, also in the process of reflection, to make a change.

    This process is the heart of change!

    Perhaps, he cannot, as a samurai like that practice, but he is also clear in practice.

    He built, is the WTO rules; he tried, is your heart.

    He realized, is the world's most basic path!

    Heart of this process is extremely terrible!

    One moment, into the magic of evil, not false.

    Perhaps a short moment, will decide his future will be how to walk the road.

    Two dogs in the heart, constantly hurt, doubt, pain, hope and perseverance...... All sorts of mixed feelings, his heart is very tired.

    In his mind, since there are these days, every person you meet.

    The king sisters, Guo Fu, Jing Rong, chopped white, white monkey, empty Zhong Aberdeen, and the unknown to people......

    He even, from every person, see their own future.

    This seems to be an illusion, but very real!

    All sorts of phantom, constantly staggered in his mind, he thought, the eyes become a scarlet, he felt the blood in the body as a general boiling, burning the soul like tingling sensation.

    It can be said that the two dog's heart has reached a critical juncture! His heart could not help but want to let oneself become the world, who created the same! In order to survive and abandon everything, or fear of death and death to compromise.

    "No!" Two dogs at the roar!

    Also at this time, a wave came not much, if any, although this fluctuation in the ordinary sounds, two dog is soundless and stirless, feel like a mountain spring water flowing like calm!

    This wave, let two dog heart gradually calm!

    This world is cruel, but I must have their own principles!" Two dog hearts sink whisper.

    At the moment he met in person, give him the deepest impression, is a young monkey!

    He could feel their situation, and the monkey Tsai has some cases are similar, if you, because of the cruelty of the world, become indifferent, because the survival struggle, and betrayed the people's bottom line...... Then, they will look like, and it must be like monkey zi.

    Indifference, worthless life, eventually escaped death in more hands.

    The principle of "? The principle of......"

    "But, what is the principle?" Two a dog, his heart gradually slow down.

    Thought, two dogs asked and answered, "is the principle of my heart. Repair the demon shaped road is bumpy, missing, but I will follow my heart, struggling in the torrent, change in life and death!"

    His heart has changed!

    To become more in line with the cruelty of the world, become more tough!

    Although it is not cold, but not hypocrisy and cowardice, but seek the true self determination and courage.

    Repair the demon form, I can!

    Two dog eyes firm, he decided, since the choice of yourself on the way, you should first practice, not repair, but his heart, the only way is a prerequisite for survival.
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