#193  Suoming

    Jing Mengxi's death was killed in Yi Li, the silver is refined into a corpse, which retains the memory part, let the king Mengxi of Yi Li, it is! See Yi Li, her instinct will be to kill it! So the king Mengxi green hair fluttering, a head, to Yi Li here to kill!


    Green hair dancing in a scene Mengxi step, to inch gripper, sharp nails, cut through the void, is toward the front to Yi li. Silver a corpse catch, suddenly the void is more bizarre tremors, surface fluctuation, the rift quiet black, blowing out the cold wind.


    Yi Li left the wound is not afraid of electricity long grass, silver a corpse that grip.

    His wolf claw is filled with arc, toward the silver a corpse on the gripper grab!

    In the contact moment, the two broke out between the stone sound, such as the electric spark more, break out.

    Jing Mengxi at this time, after all, is the silver is refined into a corpse, although some smart, but this is smart too much difference, in the reaction is far better than Yi li. When the claw is Yi Li withstand live, right hand into a fist of Yi Li, has a fist smashed a corpse on silver chest.


    This is a corpse silver refining is extremely hard, easy to set up a fist on the silver a corpse, as Leigu, within Jing Mengxi's chest, a bang bang to sound! Silver is a corpse Yi Li fist fly, just the silver a corpse no pain sense, King Mengxi just subconsciously looked at his chest, smoke has puzzled, seems to be wondering why I feel no pain.

    A force, let chest of silver and a corpse, is a part of the collapse.

    A corpse on the silver, the silver light transfer, the body suddenly collapsed section is restored.

    And the king Mengxi to see Yi Li's eyes, though it is callous, but more a bit cold.

    "I'll kill you!" Guo Fu a step, in their minds, even the king Mengxi now is dead, the silver is refined into a corpse, never allow the Jing Yi Li up with him in the Mengxi! Perhaps, in the eyes of Guo Fu, at this time Jing Mengxi did not die, even if she looks somewhat stiff, pale complexion.

    Guo Fu SG binocular radiance, the repair, has reached a very terrible situation.

    One stationaryplatform, recite such as lightning, bombard the Yi Li God General sea!

    Even in this phrase, a concept of God as a knife, in which fusion, to kill Yi li.

    Yi Li sneer, now he Liu Li practicing nine tone heart, only in the knowledge of God will be out of the sea, uniting the seven sound, the guardian, and without fear of God consciousness attack Guo fu!

    Now the Guo husband, greatly enhance the repair, the body is refined to exist as the skull, with a look, like climbing out of the coffin in the dry bones. At this time, Guo, a binocular lasing consciousness is the thorn, near the side of Yi Li, a fist to hit.


    God knows a thorn collapse at the same time, a Quan Yi Li Guo Fu at hit the left arm attack.


    Guo Fu Quan, Yi Li is weak, directly qinzhu, suddenly hard, suddenly its wrist bones, like the crispy, crashing by easy vertical fracture! In the wrist, no blood flow.

    "The explosion!" Guo Fu sneer, the wrist is crashing between burst!

    It contains the essence of all, has been refining into pure Guo Fu God consciousness, suddenly collapse in the wrist, knowledge of God as the sword thorn million shooting up.

    "......" Yi Li and Yang eye shrinkage, stature, mouth spray seven sound, slight shock, forming a barrier invisible, suddenly the gods is in the annihilation of the Yan thorn invisible sound.

    It can be said that at this moment, Guo Fu means completely ineffective in front of the Yi li!

    No matter it is for the state, or power, or supernatural powers, are in full by Yi Li pressing degree.

    Before this, Guo is difficult to kill, because the consciousness of attack, it is too strange, few methods can restrain.

    Now the small Liu Yi Li Li nine tone, the perfect solution to the husband Guo God consciousness attack!

    It is not difficult to kill!

    In the process of the body after Yang Yi Li, Yi Li Guo Fu was punched in the fly, crashed into the earth, is suddenly choke Jue, like the burning fire of general electric eyes. His whole body, he is with a choke Jue, suddenly like transparent general. In the dry skull deep sunken eyes, eyes burning like the absolute being to read, leaping two soul flame.

    The husband is Guo mouth, murmuring.

    A weak voice, will pass on this piece of earth, is soundless and stirless.

    With his pronouncing words, Guo Fu all, in addition to the two jump burning recite all disappear!!

    Only two jump with strange flame......

    While disappeared with black and white man, also appeared at this time.

    Behind, Yi Li in the soundless and stirless appeared a piece, this piece of the fog, the fog, clouds of yin and Yang, confuse right and wrong.

    "HYAKKI suoming!"

    In the spirit of fog, with chopped white empty voice together out is 100 black link the one hundred link, shining black light, out of the fog in the lasing, not in front of the vortex in the void, then disappeared. But the link is the shuttle from the other end of the void out there, there is also a vortex.

    Link is coming from the other end of the vortex!

    The one hundred link in the moment of Yang Yi Li after the body, can almost be said, electro-optical flint, is easy to stand around and live.

    The one hundred link has ninety-nine winding Yi Li every parts of the body in the.

    Which one is more, directly through Yi Li eyebrows!!

    That is through, in fact it was not.

    This is a link between the eyebrows disappeared in front of Yi Li, and strange appeared in the back of Yi li!

    Through both ends of Yi Li eyebrows in this link, each have a small whirlpool, looks quite strange, like Yi Li eyebrows, being penetrated, but in fact, this link is to penetrate the soul!


    This is a black and white man left shazhao!

    In this link, the blink of an eye "penetration" Yi Li eyebrows moment, Yi Li heart suddenly startled, he had the feeling, just like your own soul, this is the one hundred link front tied general.

    But in fact, it is easy to stand to see clearly, the one hundred so-called link, only one, is the real soul!

    The other ninety-nine "link", is bound to his body, and the last one link is bound to penetrate the soul of Yi li.

    "What is this......" Yi Li looked at his eyebrows, without sticking out of the black chain, the diffuse and chill, let him feel the cold waves.

    "Death!!" In the fog, the diffuse and the black and white man faces the grim smile, a hand in the fog formation, suddenly choke jue!

    Suddenly, from the fog in the diffuse and the soul, finally a real link started!

    The direction of movement, from here to there Dreadmist Yi li.

    Just like, in the fog, what pulled the general link.


    Yi Li clearly felt his body, as if what is pulled out, and was pulled out, it is so easy to stand clear feel once they are completely away, so he then will permanently lose them.

    Is the soul?

    "No!!" In this one link between the eyebrows when pulling, Yi Li's forehead is a cold sweat, his heart felt bursts of heart palpitations, immediately hurried to work for, without demur, against the soul from the strange bursts of tension. A short period of time, that is the formation of a stalemate.

    The ghost of fog, diffuse formation of chopped white eyes closed face empty, also appear dignified look, frowned.

    But this time, has become a two jump - like Guo Fu, this time is easy to appear before the.

    The two jump burning soul fire, it is Fu guo!

    In the two flames, Yi Li eyes even can clearly see the face, Guo Fu sneer.

    Guo Fu sneer, recite the cold out, walk ins!!"

    Suddenly, the two is the soul of the flame, from Yi Li eyes, in an instant, lasing, it is easy to appear in the general sea god!

    Walk in?!

    This is a strange magic, Yi Li unheard of, but want to come, to the current development and Guo Fu, the "possession", wins is the consciousness of Hai Yi li!!

    Once the concept of God is Yi Li Guo Fu occupied, then Yi Li, it is equivalent to the indirect disappear in this world.

    Have to say, "walk in" Guo's supernatural powers, it is too weird!!

    For a time, Yi Li was completely trapped.

    One is black and white man "HYAKKI Kedavra" strange powers, on the other hand, is the "walk in" Guo's magical power, no matter how to say, the two type strange powers, are the two bottom pressure means! Only in any magical power, enough to let Yi Li headache, even under the effect, it is likely that death! But this time, the two, was the "ghost death" in a seamless heavenly robe, to receive Yi Li soul, in "Avatar, want to walk in" Yi Li God general sea completely engulfed.

    At the same time, it looked stiff, among the eyes filled with hatred of silver a corpse king Mengxi, green hair flying, Yi Li came here to fly.

    If she comes, Yi Li must be dead!


    This comes at a crucial moment, a sharp concussion void, neighing sound, silver in a corpse behind roared.

    Is a small grey!!

    He managed to see the situation wrong, if you don't say, easy Liji could fall in this broken read swamp!


    Liu Li nine sound wave, deeply hurt silver a corpse, suddenly Jing Mengxi mouthed, screamed, shrill voice, accompanied by a flying green hair, is very terrorist, like ghosts back to life.

    Small gray had wings and sharp claws, grabbed Jing Mengxi's shoulder, was swept out.


    As the bomber projection bomb, Silver King Mengxi a corpse thrown into a pile of mud.

    "Ha ha!!" Small gray is known, immensely proud, this silver a corpse cannot so easily be killed, but this is something that is dead, although Xu Lingzhi, but far away. A time to be thrown into the mud, the one thirty is not afraid. Just on the surface of the smile, the perceived behind the dark cold, suddenly it is lianqu.


    Green hair such as a gun, directly through a small gray wings, suddenly in the little gray screaming neighing, Silver King a corpse Mengxi, pale face, revealing a chill, green hair swinging, like a kite, in the sky, is shed a lot of blood. As the rain!

    "Ah, ah, ah!!" What time so wretched little gray, is never eaten such bitterness.

    For a time, shame behind is aroused in him arrogant and isspicy, wings of microseism, suddenly it is flying away from the bondage of stature, green hair, his complexion a surly, looking at a silver corpse, revealing a ferocious color.

    "If I don't kill you, Liu Li is not a bird!!"

    On the other side, Guo's concept of God fall into all the Yi Li into the consciousness of the sea.

    In the Yi Li Cong God * * the consciousness of the sea, there is a villain, the villain, is Guo husband, but this is a body of knowledge of god.

    It was with a smile haggard, without demur, a step to the Yi Li general sea god.

    As long as this piece of God will know the sea is refining, then walk in!

    At that time, the world, where there will be what the existence of Yi li!

    Only when in the near Fu Yi Li Guo God know the sea, suddenly on the diffuse out of the seven ancient.

    Such as the ancient bell, Yi Li in the consciousness of the sea rumbling sound, set off a tidal wave, at the same time, it is to let the husband like Guo people taste by the life of unimaginable pain.

    This pain, like the pain into the soul!!

    Previously, usually Guo Cardiff to consciousness of attack, let others feel that pain and suffering, and now, he is finally in the Yi Li God knows in the sea, feel this.

    The villain, suddenly face horror of color, it is screaming out, is just a tiny bit of sound.

    He is not in any case, in the Yi Li God knows in the sea, there was a sound seven!

    The seven ancient shock, it is easy to feel, it is easy to use Lixian before avatar.

    Such as the ancient bell, shock on, let the villain, bloody, the look was increasingly sluggish down, in the end, it is blacked out.

    At the same time, God set off general sea billows, suddenly straight into the sky, will look like a roll of Guo Fu!!

    The sea was calm, gradually calm!!

    Is the husband and Guo, Yi Li thoroughly crackdown on his Sishencong God consciousness at home, waiting for the day to be tightly Yi Li refinery!!


    The Yi Li binocular scarlet and black and white man stalemate.

    Black and white man chopped white space, in any case, between him and the ghost, has a strange connection!

    Especially in the "HYAKKI Kedavra" Avatar, the fog diffuse, the empty chopped white face, was in the fog on the diffuse and.

    This alone is extremely terrible, Zhetianbiri, makes the sky are dark!!


    A stalemate with the Yi Li, suddenly opened his eyes, looked at the ghost fog, chopped white face with empty.
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