#191  meet enemy!

    Suinian swamp, overgrown farmland insects can be said to be a disaster, swamp only eternal overlord!

    A number to achieve an extremely terrible degree, and overgrown farmland itself can be the evolution of insects, is a very strange zerg. The weak point is the appearance of the hideous overgrown farmland insects, although, but because of a bug on the fringe, from afar, like autumn grass, yellow with green, green has not completely dissipated. Therefore this insect was named overgrown farmland. In the overgrown farmland in worms, the lucky Zerg, will evolve into the concept of insects, the overgrown farmland insect larvae Wang Nian insects will is not the same, can form a knowledge of God means of attack, but also have a certain soul. Gather a group of tens of thousands of overgrown farmland insect swarm, the formation of combat power, enough to make into the mysterious environment third days for the color master!!

    Don't say more, read in insects is the top are read Chongwang insects!!

    Even to read from insect-eating predators Liu Li bird, insect insect is not fear the king read, can with one of the war!

    Liu Li although it is read from avian predators, but the number is too small.

    But the swamp on earth read bugs point, its true position is unknown.

    This is really the hive, natural insect insect King read where the parent nest. The Yi Li and gray to find the real hive, there is a big reason is because the worm has read an interesting habit: no matter where, once a premonition of his own period approaching, it will return to their own reading insects were born and there will be a mysterious burial ground, after the death of the natural crystal read will come off there.

    There is no doubt that Han Qi had given Yi Li jade Jane, describe the shocking scene, is depicted in the hive case!!

    A general concept of spar yue!

    To go there, don't say the gains even read hundreds of pounds of spar, Jack, why not?!

    But most of all, how to return from the hive, blaze a way out!

    Yi Li is going to, a bird's inner alchemy is Liu Li, relying on his biggest!


    "So, you don't know the location of the hive?" Small ash squinted Yi Li, have a deep sense of powerlessness, just as mustering the strength, a punch in the cotton. "Even the hive do not know where, you're wasting my time, you know?"

    Yi Li helpless to pat a small gray wings, white his one eye, "calm, to be tolerant!"

    "Even if such little gas sink not to live it, how can I travel with three shortage? How to give your parents revenge? How can you let Han Ru sister hell-bent to you?! It is no good!"

    The other is a small gray was rendered speechless, wondering, "why do I have the feeling of being lied to now?"

    Yi Li glanced at him, "there is no doubt that you feel is right!"

    "You?!" The little gray shortness of breath.

    "You are what you? You can return to live happily, under your daddy my wings, and i...... The gains of three thousand pounds to read by the spar, Han Ru hundred pounds, as a result, she and the guy called between Weiwuji engagement can also cancel, I can not say outrageous, cool!" Yi Li sneer.

    A small gray speechless, muffled, "lead the way, I'm going to the hive!"

    "Oh, that's right! Do not you speak less, treat!" Yi Li leisurely training a small grey, aside from her arms out the jade Jane, posted on the forehead to see for a while, identifying the direction, "go to the left!"

    In front of the gray gas transpiration is a flood of dance, Gu Du Du Nur, braved the cold gas, also do not know what will exist.

    Find the hive, not any shigemichi is far away!

    Han Qi to the jade Jane, only marked the hive a vague place, there is no detailed route trend, so Yi Li can spot a direction.

    "Black and white man, have you finished?!"

    In Yi Li and intend to change direction when the little gray, gray water above the bulb in front of aerosol diffuse, spread out a melancholy sound.

    This is not some sound, low and husky, but let Yi Li in the heart, suddenly jump.

    Guo Fu?!

    Small gray circles round and back, see Yi Li was livid, "why, how not to go? In the wrong direction?"

    Yi Li hand sketch small gray does not speak, the vertical ear sounds.

    "Ha ha, the failure of others is my happiness!"

    In the pond, and spread a loud laughter, vaguely heard the buzzing horseshoe tap, sharp bursts of laughter and my, with in this voice.


    A figure into the fog, and the other way out, is a frame.

    "Where are you going, my husband is black and white with the go, until the moment you fail!!"

    The frame, pulled by a horse Pegasus refined ghost, was awe inspiring bones, flashing light and moist, running up, actually is not the slightest delay, but clearly, just a skeleton.

    See the little gray, see also terrified.

    "The phantom carriage? Black and white man!" At this time not see black and white man, the phantom carriage pulled a coffin, casket, the spread of the voice, he was black and white man.

    While the front rushed out, it is like walking zombie!

    His thin, skinny, do not meet any color, whole person seems not muscles, only a skeleton sub...... But from this person, feel the surging vitality and the enormous knowledge of god.

    If people Sambo, vitale. So in the human body, it is very difficult to feel the essence of existence, as if only a...... God, in between heaven and earth. This is almost like recite, in essence, a skeleton lies in the bag.

    Guo Fu, is Guo fu!!

    Nearly a year, the "repair" is actually Zhen to perfection.

    Reportedly, hundreds of years ago, Mars gets from three Jiuhua Jiuhua by a shortage of the tower is divided into three, three people were quite furious of third repair, repair, repair essence! It is not because the complete the repair to the Jiuhua Sambo, therefore the ultimate time became so like Guo fu. Obviously, they have to repair, and is not really the Jiuhua sambo!

    The three race was quite furious zuimrx when God had not found Huo Jianwei, completely by jiuhua. Even, even the shadow of Jiuhua Sambo has not found.

    Who knows, they made one of the treasures, what is that part of the Jiuhua sambo......

    Nonsense not say, Yi Li Guo met when the husband, the husband and the husband chopped white black and white Guo empty, also saw Yi Li and gray.

    "Hey, three big big world shortage, unexpectedly is met......" Chopped white empty strange smile.

    Enemies meet exceptionally jealous, at this moment, there are only empty white cut to speak up, and Guo Fu and Yi Li to a certain extent, character traits are not be scanty of words of generation, said the moment!
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