#188  Xueyin!

    Simply speaking, want as much as possible to cultivate a tassel Li nine sound and two way respectively, change yourself, try to cater to the nine heart sound for li Liu body structure, two is the quenching method, extract the essence of the nine tone Liu Li, the derivation. The nine ancient sound can be easily made out. Obviously, in order to refine nine Ancient Lijiang Pennant nine tone, it is too difficult! In accordance with the normal way, only the nine tone Liu Li sentiment reaches a certain level, can be the nine ancient are extracted, and then re structure combination!

    For now, for Yi Li, apparently the first way is the most appropriate.

    Not to say that the second road is not, but said that the second way is not suitable for the actual situation right now.

    The second way is in need of a lot of time, and Yi Li missing, it is time!

    I only take advantage of insect King insect injury healed when healing go into retreat, burrows, it gains most likely read spar.

    Time waits for no one!

    There change myself, Yi Li chose the first road.

    In this regard, he was quite contented, sometimes think that repair or undivided attention of Confucianism, Legalist disciples undivided attention to amend the law, it is not some mind emmanuel. What he Confucianism, which is easy to use, and then choose which! It is not, it is two to learn.

    This is the essence of Yin Yang Confucianism, on the road!

    First, change yourself, not difficult.

    The Yi Li now has repair, is the ancient mysterious territory of the wicked, slightly change his throat and vocal parts of the distance and position, or without too much difficulty. But the Yi Li feel distressed, he is now the lack of a reference model. So in a few days after the little gray to him, when their cultivation realm, Yi Li broke his mouth, careful observation of the structure between the throat of the bird Liu li. Of course, if possible, he is hoping to head off the little gray, have a look carefully between the structure of his throat.

    Put the idea to tell when the little gray, gray see Yi Li eyes are strange.

    He felt that, in front of the wolf demon, is not crazy!

    "Liu Li physiology nine tone only Liu Li bird, can play a maximum of VAILLANT!! I have the heart feeling, but Liu Li avian physiology is not clear. Only understand, practice, to achieve a multiplier effect!"

    "That doesn't make me head off?!" Small gray to roar, spittle spraying Yi Li face.

    Easy to wipe the facade expressionless gray spittle, subtle said, "this is not an analogy? If I put your head off, your parents shall also give me tear!"

    "Good to know, but they are fond of me!" Small gray triumphant.

    "I know, but on the other hand, you do in the end there is no breakthrough into the mysterious territory third days? It is a line, not a few years time, I'm afraid you can't break, hey, don't worry!" Yi Li did not notice the little gray was triumphant expression, it is becoming more and more have been extremely proud, tail have Alice to heaven, and, as he no longer play, look dignified, the body's momentum, a suddenly on the boundary of oppression of momentum, as the tide, to easy to Liyong.

    In this sense, pressure people get breathless.

    Yi Li Yizheng, "Judan, Dan god!!"

    A small gray proud smile, suddenly toward Yi Li bang, "dr.!"

    Wings flick, a storm, like a tornado, swept to toward Yi li.

    Wind whistling overhead has swept across the country, from Yi Li body volume.


    The muffled sound, and the explosion in the Yi Li upon his clothes, unbearable wind thousands of tear, all collapse, just easy vertical body, too strong, for this a hurricane like storm, who, just some messy hair, no other injuries.

    He took some fur sweaters from the dragon ring, and wear in the body, to the little gray Senran smile, "the accuracy is not enough, the intensity of!"

    The little gray depressed at him, Qi Dao: "you do not want to dress my animals, sweater? You look at me......"

    Yi Li smiled and said to him, "you are a beast, you and your family are all animals."

    A small gray monster just think, not to regard it as right, it is wicked, and erect it, but if not to learn the dress, like that, are a bit too, is neither fish nor fowl.

    We must remember what you know!" Yi Li and his long winded disdain.

    "Now, your practice is to reach Judan exit level although God Dan, but now, far from what I expected like that, also should be practical practice breathing for a while, a solid culture realm, combat power is also with the promotion of the realm, and naturally also improved! One can't eat fat, don't worry!" Yi Li said slowly.

    Small gray restrain inside urgent and conflict, "to be honest, I can't wait to get out of their holes!"

    Yi Li smiling without a word, my heart, Liu Li nine tone is not completed and no seven or eight to me, I will accompany you to go? Make fun of!

    "Oh! Liu Li nine tone I was no progress!" Yi Li some marvel at the little gray enhance the repair quickly, but also think about this family, Liu Li bird the good blood, talent is very high, this little thing, if the sense of discipline, the cultivation realm and perhaps not just Judan exit!

    "You are not to observe the physiological structure of our family!" Asked the little gray slanting eyes.

    "Physiology?" Yi Li heart evil, tiny tiny one Leng, "not all the physiological structure, there is your throat muscles and bones!"

    "Oh!" The little gray nodded, thinking of what, then left quickly.

    The former is easy to observe Lixian small grey throat, for the friction condition of vocal parts of avian muscle and Liu Li between bones, probably know a little, then try to simulate the vibration of the vocal cords of avian li Liu, Liu Li nine heart sound operation method, nine to make sound!



    "Well!!" A voice, more or less is somewhat similar, but fortunately with preliminary VAILLANT.

    "Duo!" Yi Li sound strange roar, sonic shock, on a piece of granite, the face of the shock is crashing collapse between several times.

    VAILLANT is there, but not enough!

    Yi Li mind think of previous days, small grey parents roar made a strange sound, and read Chongyi worm King war heroic, crave. He took a deep breath, hold the heart of the fluctuation, intends to continue to dive down to nine tone practice Liu li.

    This time, the little gray returned!

    "How do you come again?" Yi Li look askance at the little gray eyes.

    A small gray with bad smile, "you see this lent!" Speak, throw out a huge foot bones, five or six cubits!

    This is a skeleton, Liu Li bird skeleton!!
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