#169  sacrifice? Chess?

    On the back of the camel can be a straw.

    Because the camel is heavy.

    And let the arrogant person born collapse, can be three words:

    "Is there?"

    Yi Li said, mouth "toothpick" also followed the random motion, carrying the "toothpick" to the rough mad, even ugly ferocious adds three points wolf ruffian.

    The wolf is cruel, ruthless and tyrannical, be it.

    But the wolf mouth with a mouth and a smile, a toothpick, cold, three Piqi more, people really but not to say that the son of Weiwuji born of pride, the heart is already close to the brink of collapse.

    Swallow...... Ziyang swallow!!"

    He really can not imagine, what is the monster...... To swallow in Ziyang?!

    You know, Ziyang thunder, thunder is not the general method of avatar!

    According to legend, the heart is the practice of Ziyang, the repair work not completed before the sermon, and die a way to eliminate the previous sentiment spread down rob thunder.

    Although he Weiwuji Ziyang, practicing Qigong, which is only slightly small.

    But, in that three shortage in monk, actually can withstand the Ziyang avatar, is simply unthinkable!! More people feel collapse, this is where the wolves withstood Ziyang in rob thunder, the thunder is clearly, a mouth to swallow!!

    Swallow the thunder?

    The heart is the collapse of Weiwuji.

    He could not understand, this world is wondering how the hell, what was actually a demon clan beast, was able to swallow the thunder!

    No, is wolves practice is mine property powers?

    The idea of the heart, let me feel a little ridiculous Weiwuji!

    He smiled, his heart can be deep, but it is the first time a dread.

    "Damn!!" Weiwuji looked up at the sky high above a huge mirror, see above the list for the first, Hung Yi Li two words, "how could this be?!" His heart is fear, of two dogs, is facing the shortage of three circles. If the three shortage bounds, with his knowledge of god five asamoto exit peak period to repair, beheaded by wolves!!

    But this time, it is in the three column three world shortage shortage.

    In the realm of wolves, Yi Li caused him a depressed feeling, can Weiwuji is clear, the wolves of the realm of the repair, clear just into the mysterious environment for. However, the wolves into the mysterious territory, some strange, give people a feeling of oppression. This is very likely, is living in three circles because of shortage.

    Weiwuji inside, saw two dogs devour two Ziyang, they played a tuiyi.

    His eyes, look to the side of the red slave, upturned mouth, a faint smile on one's face.

    Red smoke, you."

    Weiwuji sound, quiet in drifting to the red slave in the ears.

    This sound, let the red slave body is one Zhan, eyes, showing surprise, in their eyes, it is slowly out of tears.

    "Childe......" Red slave promised to Qiao livings but its heart, a spring in March, warm, "he...... Call me what? Red smoke!!"

    Red smoke, is her name.

    Renruqiming, beautiful graceful posture, light smoke, smoky makeup has a carved up the smoke woman, why people do not need to say more. Women who have capacity for yue.

    Her charming face, showing a hint of shyness, into Weiwuji.

    Can Weiwuji, don't look at.

    "Childe called me for?"


    Weiwuji feminine mouth a little smile, is a hard to catch the red smoke that delicate white asparagus neck, a whoosh, threw the two dogs in the direction, "for me to resist an incense time!" In the red smoke out, Weiwuji mouth sneer, hesitation backwards, turn away form several jumps, then disappeared in the distance, I do not know when the misty hazy mist rises.

    At this time, the red slave smoke, like ghosts general shriek Li Xiao, flying toward the two dogs.

    In the beautiful eyes, leaving a tear rolled down to earth disappear.

    The Li Xiao, claws, a blue nail dense white fingers, like Gouhun claws, in the misty smoke, it is rapidly to the moment, it is easier to stand.

    See the left Weiwuji, and he was thrown away, but do not hesitate to fight toward their red slave, Yi Li think this scene is very ironic. Just the red claws, seemingly overwhelming momentum of slavery, in front of Yi Li, is not worth mentioning.


    In the front facade with bone claws down, tearing the sky, broken sob scream.

    Easy Liping no light Qide stretched out his hand, just hold her down the index finger, suddenly the whole person's eyes is suddenly shrink, the whole body is as mad as a ghost, suddenly a lag, then is like a prawn, curled up, hard to fall in the ground twitching up.

    The mouth of the spurting, seems to have been far from dead, but the mouth is exposed contemptuous smile.

    Yi Li cold glanced at her, looking at Weiwuji leave direction, are a step forward after.

    In their eyes, the picturesque void volume, rolled up and stretch, just a few moment, its shape, is already filled into the thick fog.

    The wolf light nose shrugged, not difficult to perceive the smell in the air, go along a certain direction.

    This is the smell of fear, Yi Li did not think, chase down!

    A few years after the chase, easy heart feeling bad students, this is a subtle feeling, then stopped, slightly a hesitant, will no longer kill Weiwuji, back to back.

    Only when the return half, in the face of two or three miles away, a loud bang sound, big!!

    Yi Li frowning, "is not it...... The plan!!"

    He felt that he had made a huge mistake, is also a faint, very admire Weiwuji person, was struck, and the red slave play so a play, let the wrong Yi Li believes that Weiwuji alone escape, but he is clearly a diversion.

    The purpose is clear.

    Is Han ru!


    Emergency line folding to the previous fog area, Yi Li is able to hear the other end of fog, is already fighting the fight sound, Li Xiao Zhen che.

    And now the fog, quite interesting, look, is a bar like existence!!

    Inside the thousands of changes.

    Two dogs think, going to run five line from soil to escape magic, into the earth, through the diffuse fog area, but he runs five lines from the operation, with the first step, is to stop running. Yi Li into a hesitation, at this moment, at the other end of the fog, Han Ru like feel easy to stand back, shout loudly, "brother, help me!"

    The shrill voice was tragic, Weiwuji tried to resist the offensive!

    The Weiwuji voice is Senran came, "yuan you really mean slave girl, Feng Yin, the son, take the!!"

    "Ah!! My eyes!!"


    More Han Li a pitiful voice through the fog.

    Two dogs did not hesitate in front of the fog at some strange, will display five lines of the soil to escape from the operation, into the earth.
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