#168  is a fart?

    Two dogs and one foot in the bronze mask, creaking.

    Weiwuji eyes blinking, showing a trace of ferocious killing. The wolves, words like swords, was his own kind of solicitation, don't put in the eye. You know, in the bitter cold of the North's land, have the honor to become a member of the Wei family, even if it is a member of the most humble, is a kind of glory! Wolves such acts, is not because of too childish and ignorant? Funny!

    Yi Li did not say a word, he understood the Wei Jia son, Weiwuji mouth in the pride of the meaning. Know which side of the cold red slave, filled with abnormal disdain look ridiculous.

    He knows, oneself and this two people are not the kind of people.

    His pursuit of freedom!!

    If some people in the world should be deprived of their freedom, there is no doubt that it will be easy to make the biggest enemy, die endlessly!

    A children like this, even the good skin, but could not see one eye, kill, also is the!

    Two the dog mouth showing a sneer, Rosen dedicated his big cut, step by step toward Weiwuji walk.

    No speed, no power, no momentum.

    This is a flat, and went.

    As the scene is like carrying a hoe, rocking fan as a scholar, carrying goods the peddler, natural and pure.

    See this scene, Weiwuji exposed dumbfounding appearance, then the face suddenly changed, murderous solemnity.

    Shrouded in the body of the skin cloak, is its high rejection, fly to the sky.

    Weiwuji confidence, this kill wolves, goes back to the origin of their own, is the gold seam gorgeous again fell on his cloak, floating in the air behind the moment.

    The whole process will be...... It should be so.

    As the son of Mowgli, refined temperament without dyeing, elegant thatcher.

    The Weiwuji figure, is already flying to Yi Li, Weiwuji in hand, filled with bursts of arc...... This is the only arc, purple transpiration, brilliant if there is a real momentum.


    Silence ahead of the two dogs, a step slowly lag, if its look dull, because it Weiwuji avatar, and quite horrified, but because the hearts of customers, and the loss of action.

    Seeing this, Weiwuji heart is satisfied.

    He is not seen two dog avatar, good, very good, is mine property too! However, the two dog mine property avatar, in Weiwuji eyes, though strong strong men, but compared with their supernatural powers, far less than. And this is what he has to be magical, instant kill wolves confidence.

    "Before dying, you should remember that not all mine, can be called ziyang!"


    Purple mang Sheng, in Weiwuji palm, it launched a Ziyang, although only the size of fruit, but the purple transpiration domineering meaning and the destruction of all the fierce threats, but in any case, arc condensation are not two dogs in the index finger, which can match the evil days of beauty.

    The mighty thunder roared in Ziyang, in between, the turbulent diffuse purple, like the tide, two dog annihilation.

    "Hum!!" Weiwuji heart cold hum, body return to the origin, exactly, is void, the gorgeous cloak falls on its behind the moment.

    The red color will worship with the slave, to fasten the Weiwuji thin cloak.

    In her eyes, her son, was so outstanding, so extraordinary, so perfect!

    Weiwuji not far away at the mouths of the shiden such as gas, a transpiration, this is also the invisible wolves figure.

    His heart is confused, the wolves actually even a decent resistance force are not, not, he is too strong?

    "Waste, all waste! Such a person, I also only become Weiwuji at the foot of the servant!"

    Weiwuji mouth, showing a trace of pride.

    "I, Weiwuji, born of pride!!"

    Next, is the Han Ru this mean slave girl! But Han Ru is not killed, mean slave girl, not the true Yin Yuan Feng, I Ziyang, how big a......" A chuckle, inadvertently looked at shiden diffuse disappeared, there was a figure, long standing, although the body, anxious state, can the person, but slightly narrowed eyes, seems to be enjoying the general.

    Weiwuji slightly Zheng Zheng, face can not see what too much change, but in his heart, but somewhat puzzled.

    Wolves flesh was tyrannical to this point, he bear the blow of Ziyang, and safe and sound?

    Now the two dogs, one is "safe and sound" four words can describe? Not safe and sound, but if an Yi regard with equanimity!!

    Have a moment, two dog opened his eyes, it hit it hit the mouth, looked at Weiwuji, looked at with a appreciation of his eyes, is nodded slightly, seems to appreciate their children like, "well, I am very satisfied, but this power of the mine, there are?" He clearly, in its mouth, seems to be holding a toothpick, is a ruffian.

    Weiwuji pride and dignity, will be two dogs, so regard with equanimity appearance, lying on the ground, stepped on.

    Only a proud man, can understand others, this looks very ordinary, it is normal behavior, for me, what will be the shame and blow!

    Such a shame and blow, very painful, with pain.

    In the body of the Yi Li and Han Qi three siblings, is from the previous feel alarmed because, Yi Li is not dead, become relaxed and shocked by.

    As in that one Weiwuji fusion of man and heaven supernatural, wolves are safe and sound?

    Even the flesh and powerful snapping turtle beast, fear is unable to withstand such Leiwei?

    Previously too easy to mine property supernatural predecessors, not......

    Brother Han Qi, a daydream!!

    "This is not possible!" Weiwuji blurted out.

    The shape move, step step, figure ponley, the palm of the hand, shiden Rushuang, aerosol transpiration, one Yang, such as fruit size, strong momentum is terrible.


    Rob Ziyang, roared like ponley, walking if the wind suddenly went in two dogs.

    Weiwuji see clearly, purple burst, instantly filled over the wolves.

    He put down his heart, in this magical power, at this moment, indeed, bomb at Wolves on the body.

    The mysterious side of the demon clan and monster, who can not bear his powers of ziyang!!

    Poof ~

    Just like a fart, this should is silent in the shaking heaven and earth, struggling to sound.

    This voice sounds some wretched.

    Weiwuji one Leng, face xiunu abnormal.

    This time change is very clear, the purple dissipate quickly, and thunder, wolves also along the body, to spread away.

    It seems, were wolves swallowed down.

    Swallow the thunder?

    Weiwuji face from shame and anger, become shocked disbelief.

    His eyes don't lie, he saw wolves seem to swallow his Ziyang leiwei!

    Weiwuji saw a jealous slave from his side, he saw the mean slave girl's eyes, the same fear, the heart is angry, it is just a slap in the face.

    "How could you, how is it possible? This is the Ziyang!! This is the Ziyang!!" The footsteps of two steps back, stabilize the body, but listen to the wolves, with a mixture of greed, sound more hints don't meet:

    "Is there?"
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