Cold evil little wife stand


    "From today, you are my wife, someone how cold? Do not want to perform a wife's duties?" Cold eyes staring at the front of the bed huddled in the newly married wife. "You are but I also want to spend money to buy, Shoushenruyu?" He ruthlessly tore her clothes, without her gentle possession. He is afraid of the black and white two Lawrence, indifferent, the population of demons. She is the home of the Qin Dynasty adopted, for a debt, she became a true substitute for a pearl in the palm of home of the Qin dynasty. 一场欢爱,一场缠绵,心渐渐沉沦, 到底能不能守住这份用钱买来的婚姻…… 分享书籍《邪魅冷少的替身妻》作者:汐汐晚晴

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