Sony Ericsson: 1314 times with one glance she upsets a town little emperor


    Gu little childhood has a lot of dreams, the biggest dream is to marry a very love her, very rich, very handsome, very gentle, it is best to have a driving a pumpkin carriage to meet her prince. Then, one day, Liu Sheng summon wind and call for rain, open and cool and cool publicity of the Bentley sports car parked on the roadside, the car cover is also put two big pumpkin. Your smiling eyes said: "Qing Qing, I came to pick you up a pumpkin carriage!" The man was cordial and called her dumping moment, only the feeling of forehead sweat black......... As a rich handsome hair becomes the grass root feeling. [men and women across the mountain Chong Wen]

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