Adorable Princess beast: Black Prince, delicious to eat enough!


    "Oh, don't bite......" She bit her lip, a shy face.
    Said Wang Yi Zhi, determined to kill his highness subtly malicious, wuyuwuqiu!
    But put sharp claws, leaned down and gingerly picked up her home every night for a food addiction!
    Just want to return again, the ink glazed low-key person, quietly abuse slag! But one God wanted her to heaven!
    "The prince, Princess beat the three princes!"
    "Well, give children mistress send medicine, recover, and then pulled to the princess beat play!"
    One day, the king of the three Prince Yi encounter.
    "Mistress, how recently is thin, eat more!"
    Three princes that a move! But listen to Wang Yi said: "too thin, she beat to pain!"

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