The 700th chapter: light and dark

    The 700th chapter: light and dark

    Devout Hindus, a bowed kneeling, his hands clasped together, their face is full of faith, for them, the Lord is everything, believe that the Lord, the heart will be calm.

    G Roger finger tap water, several people in the forehead a little voice, with a magnetic, makes me very comfortable: "the Lord bless you."

    When the pilgrims, G Roger this to take my position, slowly spit out a sigh of relief.

    A smile still on his face, as if it is his most natural expression, eyes calm and clear, at a glance, let a person have a very close feeling, will not feel any strange.

    "Father, have arranged down, all the Western church have been ordered, will be in the west to search for the whereabouts of Yehiel." The fat man came in, slightly bowed, very respectful.

    Roger nodded: "I know."

    The fat man did not go.

    The fifth page book still no whereabouts, Barron brothers also find Yehiel in the world, "the man paused and said," your father is not to say that Yehiel was dead...... Why?"

    Roger shook his head, he turned around and looked at the fat man: "because this is the guy's request, he asked us to help find Yehiel, that will help the search."

    In his eyes, the light is somewhat different, see the fat one eye: "something over there?"

    Clearly know what Roger asked the grams of fat, face a slight change, some fear: "no, but their blood demon should shizaibide."

    Roger sighed, waved and said: "I understand, go and try to find the whereabouts of Yehiel also...... Well, I 'll do it."

    The fat man left, gram Roger looked very tired.

    He looked at the empty, somewhat dilapidated church, flashing a helpless: "the fifth book, for we have no use ah."

    No one in the church, Roger some frustration scratched his hair, looked a little frustrated, he had guessed that Yehiel is dead, but the classics also fall into the hands of Ye Ning, but he did not say, there is no need to say.

    Now he hopes Ye Ning and establish a good relationship.

    The fifth page book even for him, it is of no use, and may even lead to greater scourge, Roger took out his wand grams, looking at the inside of the block, but already disappeared by the book, a headache.

    "Light and dark......" G Roger's face, gradually show a more anger, with a strong condemnation, "no matter what you want to do, I was dead, but also to defend the honor of the Church of light!"

    The Western church, have been g Roger will, continue to search for the whereabouts of Yehiel, to see whether Yehiel can be found in the west.

    This is the hope Ye Ning his offer of help, Roger g did not refuse, after all, the future is for yourself, Ye Ning.

    This move is even more direct Jeanban brothers even be at a loss what to do, the light church did not find Yehe?

    They have deliberately disclosed, in order to make use of all gram Roger to the Western church forces, to find traces of Yehiel, but now it seems that the church could not find Yehiel.

    "This bastard, exactly where to hide!" Barry looks pale, have a bit disappointed.

    Yehiel very well hidden, though often reveals some traces, but they often find the past is too late, he is like a shadow, Barron's two brothers, how to catch catch.

    Barron frowned, looked around, it seems to calm down.

    Yehiel got fifth books, it is natural to find a safe place, will hide myself up, to get a thorough understanding of the fifth book, his strength, as a result, no one is his opponent.

    If they can't find Yehiel, later is found to have no use.

    "He is not in the west, it is in the East, but can trace all over the world." Barron heart thought, eyes gradually become sharper, he looked at the Barre, mouth twitching, "we may be played."


    Paris some surprised.

    "My fist, even kill him, also can let him injured, at least in the short term, he did not dare to expose yourself to a tiny bit," Barron now in retrospect, I find some wrong, "and his Chi magic."

    "The tool?" Barry seemed disdain.

    But by refining weapons only, no sense of their own, even more strong and how? Never just another tool!

    "Do you think he really is?" Barron suddenly asked.

    Barry is stupefied.

    Then, two people look at each other, and said: "go to Kunlun!"

    Grew more and more wrong, the more I feel fooled, but to prove their ideas, they only go to Kunlun, or are eager to paris.

    Before Kunlun has not even those who refuse to kill, so he still very unhappy.

    They even doubt now, Yehiel in Kunlun!

    The whole world they have searched, also left Kunlun did not go, the sly guy might be hiding in Kunlun, or...... Dead!

    Just find the leaf Ning, find the Taijiquan magic, they know their guess what is right or wrong.

    Think of this, Barry some excitement, if ye Ning Confucian classics in the body, that they want to, as easy as blowing off dust!

    The Baron brothers, strong rushed to Kunlun.

    At the same time, the Kunlun Mountains, snow has begun to burst trembled, as if to the avalanche, just make people feel strange is that no matter how the snow fall are not always fibrillation.

    A soft light flashed, fleeting, everything was calm again.

    Kunlun mountain, Long Honglin et al, all have been completely shocked.

    They were shocked to see Chapter day, eyes did not conceal admiration.

    "Brother Zhang on the strategies attainments, admirable." Look at that huge iron greatly, matrix arrangement, mind set off just to see the past, tempestuous waves, you can feel this Zhenfa terrible.

    For more than five large array, let them fear.

    Long Honglin frowned slightly and did not speak, but the heart is still shocked to say nothing of iron not incapable of further increase, et al.

    Flying with Su Jiangu, two people stare big eyes, anyway, they also cannot read, just look at it, I feel too much.

    The chapter day, but just shook his head, the layman watches, but insiders can be seen, this is too bad, strategies, more powerful strategies, more should be streamlined, really good master, may be waved, can arrange a very strong method to!

    He looked at the leaf Ning, said: "if the Baron brothers come, as long as the matrix, in this life you don't get out."
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