#686  begins:

    The 686th chapter begins:

    For them, this is not what the big threat matrix, the real threat is in front of Yehiel, Baron brothers know, if Yehiel got second books, the two of them is certainly no longer match for Yehiel.

    Similarly, if they get the book, that Yehiel won't be their opponent!

    The book, determines the strength and position of different future!

    The book has a person in this world, is a vast mountain, if has a second page book, who can stand? Yehiel coveted their book for so many years, even again and again three challenge them, if there is a chance, Yehiel will kill them, without the slightest hesitation!

    "To copy out!" Barry seemed to look sharp, blade, he ignored the five lines of the large array, exudes a strong murderous stare at Yehiel, ready to start.

    Yehiel stared at the eyes of two people, Sen cold, flashing a disdain: "well, get out of here, we will discuss how this book belong?"

    "Do you think we can trust you?" Barron sneer, looking at Yehuda, "this is just a large array of seal, who can not go out, you put the book to us, we will help you break the law!"

    They also do not want to easily begin, they to this level, it is a desperate fight, both sides, but it is a chance to be the five large array isolation, at least outside the Taijiquan magic to come in.

    The strength of Ye Ning, they are not put in the eye, the virtual environment level of strength, they are trying to kill the dream, but ye Ning body too tough, even if they had a much higher strength than ye Ning, but want to break the flesh ye Ning someone is not easy.

    If ye Ning came in, they want to kill Yehiel, away from his hands to Zhenfa classics, is not so easy, but now it is a great opportunity!

    Barron's two brothers looked at Yehiel, words are full of threats: "either surrender or die scriptures!"

    Kill Yehiel's chances, they will not miss, not to mention the killing of Yehiel, but also get the page will not find Zhenfa classics, classics more secrets, the chance to be detached.

    Yehiel was livid, glancing at the leaf, outside the matrix mask Ning, looked at the day of chapter one, face Yin Zhi, eyes full of killing, he suddenly laughed, pointing to his chest with the pocket book, weird tone: "in this book, you have the ability to take ah!"

    "Boom -"

    Almost instantly, the mountains shook like seal, Barron's two brothers!

    Zhang Tianmu found this shocking, is where the exit peak strength?!

    It's horrible!

    He immediately concise mind, dare not to distraction, to not let them have presided over the law, can take advantage of the machine.

    On the side of the leaf Ning, also very surprised, it seems that this balun is really a brother, kill.

    Five for large array, suddenly occurred violent impact, boxing mans sweep, roar loud, let the waves of the large array are rippled, horrific.

    Ye Ning stood motionless, looking at Yehiel, took the opportunity to display Taijiquan movement, the kind of mysterious boxing Italy Yehiel was cast out, and their work is completely different, Yehiel seems to walk the road...... Not quite right.

    He has this feeling, but some can not believe, after all, only in the Taijiquan "Yehe pioneer, is in its own way is right?

    Ye Ning did not dare to show it, just look at each other, Yehiel's boxing road engraved in his heart, and then compared with their own understanding, have a place where the master to do comparison, the natural result.

    If Yehiel knew he becomes a test Ye Ning, he may be mad.

    The mountain is not far away, will face the change, feel the mountain drastic fluctuations, there are some concerns about heart, what it really happened?

    Long Honglin and iron two also looked shocked hades.

    The three of them is the strongest among the Kunlun, fear of this volatility, because they know that this is absolutely super strong fluctuations can cause.

    "Where the exit peak of the strong, in order to have the strength." Hades muttered, he used to break the arcane temporarily all the territory, but it is with life as the price, and they cannot be compared to Yehiel.

    At the moment, the hill such volatility means that in the five line array, at least two of those trapped throughout the existence of the peak!

    "Wait for news." The Dragon Lin Hong two people worried, only patience, has let the cat check them up, should soon have news.

    The five line array, the two sides fight, too terrible, the large array continues to shake, aftermath sweep, let the light colored array are constantly shaking, it looks as if it is to break the general.

    The days are still steady like Taishan, and not to worry too much, my heart bottom a large array of him.

    Ye Ning is the same, without the slightest reaction, like a robot, looking at the large array of fighting!

    "Bang -"

    Very kind of grass such as laser shot burst, has the strength of the outbreak of terrorist Yehiel and Barron two brothers to much that book, but also to the opportunity to kill Yehiel, have already begun to.

    They knew that Yehiel was not a good deal, do not pay, is absolutely no way to kill him, not to mention there is a outside Chi magic, almost invulnerability, now is the best chance to kill Yehiel!

    "Do you want to kill me? Too Big for Her Skin!" Yehiel shouted, waving his fists, Taijiquan broke out, just fierce fierce tyrants to the extreme!

    The Baron brothers also not resigned to playing second fiddle function has been used, you carry out the moment One divides into two. two become four! Clone!

    The situation suddenly became a four!

    "The copy, can give you a dead!" Although the mouth so Barry shouted, but did not mean to close the hand, but more fierce attack.

    Five for large array, not far from the mountains, the cat head slightly et up, look carefully, see chapter also presided over the day, see...... See ye ning!

    "Little leaf!" The Second Artillery started to shout, the cat was a mouth.

    "Shout what shout!"

    The cat stared at the eye: "don't see the wrong eyes little leaves?"

    A few people with the most is to understand the long Ye Ning, Ye Ning, they look at, suddenly see ye Ning eyes towards them with a glance, the eyes twinkle, seems to bring some other means.

    "Don't expose the leaves!" The cat was a clever, busy charge up.

    "You, you will understand this?" The second artillery has amazed. He stood there, he didn't see what ah, leaves less to express what you mean? What did he say?
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