#540 : Brokeback Mountain

    The 540th chapter: Brokeback Mountain

    Leaf Ningshen however, ignoring Song Qinglian's provocation, fell on her hands? Don't know who who fall into the hands!

    "The end of the end of the end," the Second Artillery shook his head, some sympathetically and flying up, a serious warning, "flying, you want to burst."

    "Why?" Flying curiosity.

    The deep: "touch leaves little woman, no one will come out, you...... The wretched ideal was broken."

    Flying want to ask, the tone becomes more and more serious: "with less leaf grab women guy, I've seen three, now they......"


    The face suddenly a strange smile: "no see."

    Flying gasped, ye Ning, this is too high!

    He glanced at Song Qinglian, she shook his head and sighed: "well, I don't want to be a hammer, ye Ning was hit on the ground, forget it, or the fat man a little more lovely."

    Ye Ning turned to Tang Lin, who returned to the seat and wait, but Song Qinglian did not care to see ye Ning, his heart is some shame, anger, he was so dismissive of yourself?

    "Well, I'll teach you how to see!" Song Qinglian thought, with leaf Ning, also want to challenge yourself? Get over yourself first!

    A sequential soon settled down.

    Some fifty people have been ready, too seriously, for them, this is just the second step, also need to have a round, to determine whether there is qualified to enter the list of ten.

    Every time out half of the people, the more to the back, the more you need to see the strength of the individual, not enough strength, enter the Kunlun qualification, it will only pass.

    First, it is flying with the fat man!

    Flying double-0, not nod: "fat, you are not wearing XXXXL pants?"

    The honest man slightly Yizheng, nodded, like flying guess, let his face suddenly have a hint of shyness.

    The ambiguity of the eyes, let Ye Ning several people is also tiger body shock, even on the platform of the host, can not help but retch up, what the fuck is what people ah!

    "With rules like yesterday, may begin."

    He took two steps backward, do not want to fly too close to this metamorphosis.

    Two people face to face, looking at each other, flying looks thin, the height is not high, looks very wretched, wretched appearance, and in front of him, the honest man, with a red face, like a shy thing how experienced.

    He stared at the flying, slowly open the mouth: "please exhibitions."

    Voice trembling, apparently because of excitement, flying scowled, do not know what is the meaning of this fat guy, his look in her eyes, it seems slightly hot.

    "Shua -!"

    The battle triggered at any moment!

    The fat man is extremely fast, nimble, the flying Apsaras are shocked, his fat face always with a smile, swooped past, open hands to hold flying, flying immediately scared out of his footwork, avoid.

    Two people...... Like hide and seek, honest man chase, flying ran.

    The fat man was not honest in combat, with hands, as if to hold flying, especially the warm eyes, see flying creepy!

    "Your uncle ah, always chasing what I do!"

    Flying dumbfounding, he is seen, the fat man, really is like yourself!

    I said "how strange, the original is the white bear ah, he really love a man!"

    "Yes, his opponent yesterday, where he is defeated, was sick run......"

    Some one helplessly shook his head, think of this simple and honest fat fighting yesterday, his trick is to embrace, once he caught her thick arms, like pythons, strangling you can!

    With his fiery eyes, which man is not afraid of?

    Flying steps can also be smart, the fat man caught two times, a warm hug, flying overnight rice almost vomit.


    Flying Kangbu, fly one foot, and directly kicked in fat body, the thick fat, like shock absorbers, shaking violently, flying legs, simply do nothing to him!

    "This guy practiced sumo."

    Ye Ning took a look, can not help but said, "he just borrowed some moves sumo seems to be a master ah."

    The island of sumo, ye Ning no less contact, even the yokozuna level master, have been killed several.

    This is just a contest, if fighting, ye Ning fist Jin through body attack, can easily kill this simple fat, but look at the flying appearance, ye Ning should think some meaning.

    On the stage of the flying extremely helpless, was again the man clinging to the two person, the ambiguous position, let a person look at that red, especially Song Qinglian and some other woman, but can not help but turned light, denounced the sentence: "dirty!"

    Two people, one after another, and behind the fat man standing at the hands tightly holding the flying, flying, will have his face to looking up red, even breathing has become more rapid.

    "And so on, flying will be strangling." Tang Lin looked at, not to worry about flying up.

    Flying is the advantage of speed, but it was also fat so apt, him ye Ning said, this is from the island's fat sumo, nature in speed and strength, has been greatly improved, especially he was a big man, all of a sudden, almost kill a flying.

    You are flying, "Brokeback Mountain!"

    The screaming, shouting up.

    Flying the gas ah, last night we also together that what, his fierce look, don't give them the impression the second artillery? They say that he is Brokeback mountain!

    He roared loudly, the body seems to instantly burst into a powerful force.

    Flying flung her arms open, directly to the fat man's arm to burst open the mouth, he scolded the sentence, with a whirlwind kick, kick in the fat man's face: "ah, let you ruin the reputation of Lao Tzu!"


    This flying kick shitailichen, directly to the fat man played back again and again.

    He managed to recover the past, raised his fist, fist to hit in the follow up a victory with hot pursuit, and fat on the chest, let him continue to back, chest of the thick meat also shaking up.

    The station below, it is with the flying to voice: "you bad, people Fenquan hit you in the chest......"

    Ye Ning, a few people a black face, really do not want to sit together with the second artillery, and Taiwan on the fly, almost spew out a old blood, now like playing chicken, a fist broke out, directly to the simple and honest fat to fly out to shock.

    He has never want to stay in this arena!

    First, flying wins!

    The host has just announced the results, fly swiftly away, and then stayed on top, Zhibuding Erpao will tell what makes him disgusting words.

    See ye Ning into flying there, Song Qinglian red face, could not help but angrily said: "it is a rogue, birds of a feather!"
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