#529 : Rivals

    The 529th chapter: Rivals

    The distance from the Bentley car, walked down a few figure, ye Ning looked up and saw a young man walking to his age, can look at the past, it seems to have traces of the years, light eyes, let people have a kind of want to sink into the impulse.

    On his side, is the two age old man, obviously, the higher the young man's position!

    "Is the Kunlun herald!"

    Tang Lin was slightly changed, a bit nervous, can let the head stand on the side of me, it is undoubtedly the Kunlun Herald, but even he did not think the Kunlun Herald should be so young, can not help heart way: "Grandpa guess wrong ah!"

    A move to iron, Song Gang stood on the side of me, looks like a star, the people around you are just off.

    "Iron angel, please." The song reached just slightly, will go to the VIP seats without iron seated.

    The martial arts hall is divided into several parts, besides the ring, there is no iron bench, they sat on the left is the head position, sitting position, head of the major forces have come here, sit, see iron are up, careless, nodded slightly is respect.

    This is they are older than iron careless, but in the face of a messenger from the Kunlun identity, also must respect some.

    On the other side of the venue, they are ye Ning the players sitting position.

    At the front, this is the cat they can watch the local entourage.

    "To begin, it is what the guy who looked at the breath of strong, really is a master in ah."

    Only seen the bad man, they will know what is called the master cat, they have followed the leaf Ning, have seen the terrible Hades, in their eyes, master the standard of natural has become very high.

    Even such as Tang Lin, are not the master.

    "Su Rui, staring at you, Study hard ah, can not waste this opportunity!"

    Su Rui he is not always still be scanty of words, love words, nodded, watch me, don't want to miss a chance.

    It has no iron, seat, head of those forces also sat down, waiting for Congress to open.

    "Ye brother, my grandfather thought the people who came to an old man, did not expect such young people in Kunlun, it seems that this hidden world family also has changed."

    Tang Lin whispered, Tang Zhendong said to him, it seems wrong, is not an old man to serve as messengers, unexpectedly let such a young man.

    He did not see his see ye Ning, turned to look at the past, see ye Ning's eyes have been staring iron without looking for a long time.


    Ye Ning slowly spit out the word, the iron mood, only higher than their own strength is not low, even a stronger realm than yourself!

    He could feel the rich gas and iron without body, than they have to be much more rich, look at the age, iron also not much larger than their own mood, it seems that Kunlun, master is really a lot, even genius are much.

    "It is the messenger ah, of course." Tang Lin dumbfounding, but he cannot understand Ye Ning in what.

    Ye Ning eyes full of spirits, strong? He was afraid of what! Almost instantly, Ye Ning's goal has changed, the general assembly of the opponent, he is not concerned about, if there is a chance, he will fight with the iron heart!


    This is the drum beating, Budokai to open information!

    "The draw!"

    The ring, the host roared up, such as the sound of thunder, thunder was obviously also a master, this the conference organizers, even the host also found a master, is really big ah.

    The audience is still noisy, argued with each other is who can deus ex, more than 100 people attended, only ten people could qualify, more high ranking, the more can get better resources, who do not want to try to spell?

    Ye Ning they have selected number, he opened a look: "No. 79."

    Obviously, ye Ning also turn to wait for a long time.

    Tang Lin looked somewhat excited: "my number is 9, soon it was my turn!"

    On the other side, Su Jiangu has also opened the number, can not help but bielebiezui: "Okay, No. 34, it was my turn too fast, or looked really nervous."

    They all want to fight, so can also challenge the state, but Ye Ning does not matter, no matter who is his opponent, also don't care what time to play for him, but is one thing.

    The rules of the game "!" The host Langqing shouted, "22 battle, the loser is eliminated, until only the last ten, and 22 against, to determine the final ranking!"

    The rules of the game is very simple, but also very intuitive to see the real strength of each person, no way out of the opportunity, strong is strong, defeating rival promotion, weak will be eliminated, no chance to enter the next round.

    Of course, this also depends on luck, if the beginning of the opponent's weak, able to enter the top ten beat them behind even lose, can also get into Kunlun places, but if you start to face the strongest master, it can only say that life is not good.

    "Brother, you see there!"

    Tang Lin's face suddenly became dignified, two people look at the right corner, even breathing becomes urgent.

    Ye Ning Tang Lin looked down the line of sight to see the past, in a corner, a man and a woman sitting in the all around, no one would dare to close, as if there is an invisible barrier, barrier, people don't dare to close.

    The man is a male and a female, sharp, like knives, so awful, and the woman, aloof, cold like frost, like a green lotus, indifferent temperament.

    "That is the song of the evildoer!" Tang Lin is almost every word is squeezed out, the song Qingshu strength, in his opinion, and ye Ning of a war, while he is not his opponent, "I only hope, don't touch him so early."

    Ye Ning looked at the past, the song Qingshu seemed to feel he is being looked at, the old view, ye Ning moment and eye contact!

    "Interesting." The song Qingshu staring at Ye Ning, suddenly there is a strange feeling, it seems this guy would become one of their opponents, but in his eyes, he is invincible!

    The two tough opponents, from each other in the eyes, you can see whether there are other qualifications to do his opponent.

    Ye Ning smiled, and did not mind, but the eyes moved to Song Qinglian: "if I'm not mistaken, that woman is Song Qinglian, flying objects want to steal underwear?"

    "Xiongcai leaves well, that is the song Qingshu sister, the strength of high strength, but with the song Qingshu up worse than far." Tang Lin was very surprised, I have not told ye Ning this thing, how would he know that song is blue?

    But that ye Ning itself has so many women, the woman is definitely more experience.

    "No wonder, flying the guy's eyes, always staring at her." Ye Ning could not help laughing, Tang Lin also face black, his four head glanced round, saw in the distance, flying in a flagrant way, unbridled, eyes staring straight into Song Qinglian, seemed to want to use eyes, put the song Qinglian out to steal underwear!
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