#516 : all the factions

    The 516th chapter: all the factions

    The people around all shocked, Tang Lin is the head coach Tang door, in addition to the Tang family the old men, and now he's the younger generation in the presence of the strongest!

    Can see his attitude to Ye Ning, as ye Ning his predecessor?

    The kind of respect is not put, can clearly see the last leaf rather than Tang Lin also young!

    A group of people are shocked, that money is Hao Xia jaw dropped, how is this going down and beat his coach how that guy...... How could the Tang boss are so polite?

    I must be dreaming is definitely a dream ah!

    He could not help but make yourself a slap in the face, severe pain, so he couldn't help grinning, believe all this is true!

    That guy is a VIP, and now he...... Offend the Tang family?

    Qian Xiahao suddenly felt a shiver, just feel the warmth between his thighs, let him suddenly have a want to find a hole into the impulse, Tang Lin is the head of the Tang family are just at home waiting for ye Ning?


    Be quiet!

    All quiet.

    Tang Lin is still standing in front of Ye Ning, respectful unceasingly, and ye Ning just nodded, like Tang Lin at all, and no heart, it seems that everything is normal.

    "Well, let's go." Ye Ning casually said, don't put Qian Xiahao in the heart, he took two steps, suddenly turned to the female staff, light way, "this is the Sichuan, is the Tang territory, who in this trouble, just do not give Tanggu face, if there are people looking for you you can find the trouble, the Tang coach, he will decide for you."

    Ye Ning said, the people around are shocked, ye Ning the meaning of words is clearly warned Qian Xiahao that if he can find the girl trouble, will be severely Tanggu a lesson.

    "It seems to have changed, the richest man in Sichuan, this grandson offend the wrong person!"

    "Let him arrogant, the ah!"

    "That guy is really too arbitrary!"

    The ugly, only Qian Xiahao's face as he finished, his father back will be killed, offended Tang did not say, also offended a coach to let Tanggu respectful to people, this is what he money may offend!

    ...... Really.

    Qian Xiahao blanched, had almost frightened the bile.

    And ye Ning to him, don't look, this garbage, don't let him worthy of care.

    Tang Lin's car, ye Ning directly to the Tang government office.

    Have to say, in Sichuan, the Tang Dynasty is the superior existence, they do not expand their influence, has the strongest influence in the state, they do not occupy the site, but the entire state of Sichuan belongs to them.

    With the Red Square in Haidong province status, but the pattern is completely different.

    Ye Ning got out of the car, far see a group of even some obvious in Western dress and leather shoes, and wore a superior flavor of the guy, but now only waiting outside.

    "That is to see my grandfather, well, these guys only have eyes for power and status, with us is not a passer-by." Tang Lin's eyes flashed a disdain.

    He is a martial person, is the pursuit of martial pinnacle, become the person most of these money, power and status, and there is not much interest.

    Ye Ning nodded, also very understanding, in the sea there are a lot of people, every day to see her, but they have the qualifications are even worse than those of ordinary customers to drink red square.

    Ye Ning followed Tang Lin to come in, look beyond those guys, one can actually envy, without waiting for, direct in, and is Tang door manager personally please go in?

    The guy in the end is what people, how could so much.

    Ye Ning did not think, just to face Tang Zhendong, to the Tang Fu, even can make so many people envy.

    Tang Palace layout elegant, from the martial arts master seems to suddenly become, along the way, men of literature and writing, water Pavilion, pavilions, terraces and open halls, who looks good to hear or see, on both sides of flowers everywhere, with a kind of extreme beauty, obviously, Tang Zhendong is not a vulgar world.

    "Please leaves here, Grandpa just came out from the room, leaving right now." Tang Lin smiled and explained, "my grandpa also keep the habit of exercising every day must."

    Ye Ning smiled and nodded, martial arts, once you get into the habit, but also into the coffin is still the same, forget the practice.

    In the lounge, Tang Zhendong has changed a light from inside outfit and walked out, see ye Ning, again and again over, laughed: "little leaf coming, have far to meet!"

    "Elder, joke is not so open, you let me dare to speak." Tang Zhendong politely, ye Ning can't be so arrogant.

    Anyway, in front of Tang Zhendong with his master Xi triumph, and the Yang Xiao is a stranger, is a generation of people, nature is his predecessors, he naturally can not too much.

    Ye Ning also arch submissively, not so casually.

    Tang Zhendong laughed: "you came alone, I thought you would put those little brothers together with me, just with the Tang door those disciples think each other have a rival."

    "The chances are some, they now have something to busy."

    Ye Ning nodded, know that Tang Zhendong is trying to help the cat they break through the bottleneck, only experienced people can understand, the bottleneck of time is very painful, this time, some people choose to be quiet, looking for a quiet place to think quietly, some people just need to seek a breakthrough in the growing opponent. Battle.

    They are going to kill the cat of the road, is in need of fighting!

    Ye Ning sat down, and immediately send tea, respectfully at.

    The Tang family servant also curious, they in Tang for a long time people have never seen, what time to head for a young man so polite.

    "Senior, this Budokai will soon open, but I am absolutely ignorant of for these, so this is to want to know more, to prepare in Kunlun."

    Ye Ning is determined to have to go into Kunlun, from the day of the Feng Shui Master Chapter anthroposcopy mouth, ye Ning has guessed his dead two times, certainly with the hidden world of family in the Kunlun.

    Now he is suspected, Hades to do so many things, the purpose is certainly not to deal with Luo zheng.

    In Hades strength, he wanted to kill Luo Zheng do not ah.

    There are too many things are unknown, ye Ning suddenly feel that their past seem to live in fantasy, too many mysteries unsolved.

    "With your strength, like in the Budokai, made the top ten in Kunlun, presumably not what big problem," Tang Zhendong thought, have to Ningding about leaf ranking, but still a slight frown, but each also has a lot of young people are very low-key, just do not show it, you still need to take seriously, don't drain over the ship."

    Ye Ning nodded, know that Tang Zhendong is in the remind yourself.

    "My advice is, in the general assembly, you don't have to show their strength." Tang Zhendong looked at the shiny eyes, ye Ning road.
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