#468 : Attack

    The 468th chapter: Attack

    Su Rui the workaholic appearance, let the hated, he dare not careless, just because of contempt, and was stabbed Su Rui, if a knife, then his life will not!

    But he did not dare to Ye Ning there in the past, black can feel, if he dare to take a step towards that ye Ning, ye Ning will be killed on the spot!

    This feeling is strong, strong to let him have a desperate, even kill Su Rui, ye Ning will let him go?

    Black already know that they will die, since the death, it should also pull a sharedzilla.

    Almost instantly, black like playing chicken, the whole body becomes combatively, in spite of his waist injury, open arms towards the Su Ruichong, it is dead, that is to kill Su Rui, to hate!

    "Bang", two people fight.

    Black blocking Su sharp knife, suddenly kick a leg, towards the Su Rui forehead around, his every move is Shazhao, enough to let Su Rui died from injuries on the spot.

    Wheted years of combat experience, at the moment the outbreak!

    Two people with a fierce fight, exhausted, a potential war, also have a Qihoo.

    Ye Ning stood on the side, motionless, like a statue, but also know, as long as ye Ning stood there, he would not have a chance to escape, this is the gate of hell, and ye Ning in that, he is always not the last step to escape.



    Two people fighting, Su Rui saber has been kicked off to black, bare-handed to fight.

    Su Rui brave, completely tireless, more crazy, he is like a wild leopard, have to kill their prey, and black also fierce, since his death, that you will have to pull a sharedzilla, go to hell!

    The two of them suddenly hit and continued to separate, then again, fighting for a long time, there is no winner.

    Su Rui injured, one arm, down there, but his face is excited, and the black waist wound has become more and more serious, the clothes were soaked, looked very red.

    He gasped, his face is very pale, have been exhausted, even standing are just barely.

    "You're not going to kill me...... Come, come on!" The carrying gas, roar.

    Su Rui without hesitation, instant gallop swept past, his arm dislocated, another arm was also injured at the moment, directly with the head slammed into the past.


    Su Rui like a madman, head directly into the black heart and knocked him to the ground, black mouth with a cry from the blood, body twitching, quickly lost interest.

    Su Rui panting, but the smile was very happy!

    He could feel his strength, than what made him excited, he looked at the leaf Ning, heart grateful, if not ye Ning's instructions, no cat their teachings, he may not have such a big increase.

    "I said, want to improve, only on the battlefield." Ye Ning looked at the Su Rui, the heart also somewhat surprised, Su Rui talent, they have much higher than the cat, if to be training after the absolute is a master.

    He has no peers mature and tolerance, there are essential and bloody!

    Su Rui smile, innocent face, but with a firm and resolute, he wants to improve, he must let oneself become stronger!

    Ye Ning took over the back Su Rui, the game is over, they are in the second, how can these people are rivals?

    Su Tianhao has been a long time without such a fight, at the moment panting, his face full of sweat.

    "Su Rui, are you okay? Black?" See Su Rui injured back, he was a little worried, but see ye Ning also followed, will know that black is dead for sure.

    "Not what happened, black death, let a few people take care of."

    Ye Ning walked past a look, Su Tianhao these people, was filled with surging blood, long battle, now, they all recovered, had the kind of bloody life, as if back to the front.

    "The old Soviet Union, we have to move."

    Ye Ning carefully looked at Su Tianhao, he Su Tianhao was not completely rise, also do not need to completely Su Tianhao rise, has now identified the knife is not dead, but continue to drag on, the tool life is not to say.

    His injury is too heavy.

    Su Tianhao also understand the meaning of Ye Ning, then nodded, black death, Morey will soon find it, time will certainly be launched fierce offensive, they will seize the initiative.

    Will clean up the battlefield, erase all traces, Su Tianhao went and made arrangements immediately, this time, he wanted to get out of the city of angels morley!

    All the preparations are doing, but the city of angels, Morey has not sit.

    He contacted black for a long time, no reply, which makes him very uncomfortable.

    As his right-hand man, the strength is very strong, always assured him, but today it out did not come back for so long, even he go out with people, also has a back.

    So many people are gone?

    "Chief, still no news."

    Morey this is really surprised that so many people have suddenly disappeared?

    In his eye, eyes flashing, suddenly have a bad feeling.

    He stood up and said through clenched teeth, "step up the defense, the people are back immediately, to prevent the city of angels, don't let anyone come in!"

    He immediately ordered, turned out his eyes, is anxious to shout: "zarro? Where is the bastard zarro!"

    "Zarro is missing......"

    "Fast, the people are called back soon!"

    There is a feeling of unease, Morey also dare not careless, it all happened so weird, black is missing, even the zarro stayed in the city of angels are missing?

    Is their goal is to fly?

    Morey mind, immediately recruited people, the men shouted over: "you get a transfer immediately!"

    The dungeon of passage, several people are hurried past the gate, the two security guards to see three or four people hurried to busy, picked up the gun to them: "what do you want?"


    With a direct slap, played the guard are ignorant.

    "Let's move head knife, still standing outside what has been coming in!"

    The guard also listens, panicked, someone is coming in? How is it possible!

    At this time, outside the city of angels, a bomb explosion roar.

    "Boom -!"

    Violent voice shook the underground are slight shaking up, the two guards face big change, really someone in the attack in the city of angels? It has used the shells!

    "Get out of here!"

    The men rushed into direct and also where the two guards has been in a daze.

    Outside the city, Su Tianhao carrying stood in front of the fire to the 40, from the city of angels, big shout: "morey! When you put me out today, Lao Tzu let you also try when the homeless feeling!"
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