#425 : the mean and having no sense of shame!

    The 425th chapter: the mean and having no sense of shame!

    Butler's body is one Zhan, busy respectful should 1, immediately orders will spin out a monk.

    He knows the meaning of the master of the house, can not help Le Tian family work, there is no existence value, he glanced at the blood monk, not heart quiver, if he has no effect, will not be dragged out to feed the dog?

    Zheng Yunteng sat in his face, he also knows that poor, ye Ning is certainly not a good deal, otherwise they would not even have become such a spin monk.

    A master, it is not good to deal with.

    He was not a young man, not so impulsive, so the master, direct head that is looking for trouble, they are not stupid enough to that extent.

    "Well, to deal with one method is!" He immediately dialed a number, tone cold down, "Kim director, I want you to do something......"

    Back from the hospital, Zheng Zaixi pale, as if only a form of leave, there is no point spirit.

    His leg is a waste, not only can not recover, even to the extent that may be amputation!

    If you don't have a leg that he is still alive, what to do? Become a disabled person, his life will be spent in despise, Zheng Zaixi can not accept.

    "Jae Hee, you can rest assured that I will cure your legs." Zheng Yunteng looked at his son, the heart is very sad.

    No matter how their son is not satisfied, he is always their children, is the heir to his family Le Tian Group in the future, do so many, the future will give his.

    "Cure? How do you treat? I waste! My legs waste!" Zheng Zaixi turned and looked at his father's eyes, there is a glimmer of despair, suddenly roar up, "if not for you, not because you never let me, how can I become!"

    Zheng Yunteng did not speak, he strives for Le Tian Group, grew very mind of his son, Zheng Zaixi grew up, also let him very headache have neither learning nor skill.

    This is ultimately his son.

    "I want those guys! I want them all dead!" Zheng Zaixi a face of ferocious, roaring up.

    "Don't worry, they can't leave Seoul." Zheng Yunteng faint, bowed his head, looking at that has been wound up waste legs, face murderous.

    In order to cure Zheng Zaixi's legs, perhaps only that way, although not very mature, but this is the only way, he is not willing to see his son become waste, he does not need to le Tian family also don't need.


    In the embassy, Zhang Ziqi this just calm down.

    Stay here, has many security, even if the family Le Tian arrogant overbearing, did not dare rushed here.

    Ye Ning has let the cat out of their situation, exploration.

    The peninsula has begun, M National Security Bureau who have entered the peninsula, Le Tian family spent a lot of human resources, and their cooperation.

    "These data is the latest to come, I have a pass to the old general," Xu Xiran pointed to the data on the table, "the old general there are always ready, prepared to meet the challenge, if necessary......"

    He looked at the leaf Ning, apparently not very do not know at this point, the two people, is not the best way.

    If not to irreconcilable proportions, Luo Zheng would not resort to such means.

    "I know, but sometimes we need to be tough." Ye Ning glanced at Xu Xiran, said solemnly.

    Two people will present data sort again, find out a lot of problems.

    Behind this Le Tian family, is a H government support behind, and this field Le family's influence is very large, even the Seoul high-rise, many are also under Jules Tian family.

    A family group strength can develop to this step, about the decision of the state, it has been a very dangerous phenomenon, can the people of Seoul did not seem to wake up.

    Xu Xiran continued to collect information, also want to go to a country with H diplomat lips gun sometimes to diplomatic solution is the best, but if it is irreversible, it is only in the most direct way.

    "Good, not good!"

    A staff hurriedly rushed in, face big change: "ambassador Xu, a big deal!"

    Xu Xiran looked at him, busy shouting: "calm down, don't panic, what happened?"

    The embassy staff are high-quality personnel, will not easily lose the sense of propriety, see the front of the staff so rude, Xu Xiran heart also has a bad feeling.

    The staff at Ye Ning a glance, Adam's Apple moved, busy said: "look at the news, a big deal!"

    He said, as he opened the office of TV, now is the headlines.

    "This reporter has learned that the ongoing investigation, singer Zhang Ziqi has left Le Tian Hotel, but the use of the body, the Ministry of culture to seduce the director of her acting career, we can not accept this, ruining the atmosphere, it is on the H of Chinese culture......"

    Ye Ning did not want to see anymore, the TV reporter in the mouth of the singer Zhang Ziqi, said this is his side, even with the pictures in the hotel were caught in nature's garb, while playing the mosaic, but that half not exposed in the photos, it is to let a person a letter.

    "Who did it?" Ye Ning's face is very ugly.

    He is very clear that the news came out, for Zhang Ziqi, it is a fatal blow!

    She is just an innocent girl, such slander fell on her body, she can stand!

    "Le Tian Group media company!" The staff also knew this thing is too big, clearly is want to destroy Zhang Ziqi.

    "They are again!" Ye Ning gritted his teeth and exudes a strong murderous!

    This rumor, enough to destroy Zhang Ziqi, more likely to let her ruin, so sinister means, can only say that these people mean and having no sense of shame!

    Ye Ning looked around, the door has a face full of tears, Zhang Ziqi, even his lips are white, her eyes a little afraid, even a glimmer of despair.

    "Zi Qi, don't you worry, false is always false, we know it is not you." Ye Ning hurriedly walked past, pulling the already faint chapter Ziqi worry.

    "This beast, it was so mean!" Xu Xiran was furious, was a slap in the face down on a table, "I want to find them with the Minister of culture!"

    This kind of thing at will buckle in a girl, is playing out in Seoul's largest media, is a fatal blow to Zhang Ziqi!

    "Don't go, since it is a family man Le Tian, the natural early buy good." Ye Ning hugged trembling Zhang Ziqi, face is full of killing, "ambassador Xu, literally, you also need to communicate."

    Ye Ning said, he brought Zhang Ziqi out, and Xu Xiran could not help but was a shock.

    The name on the surface of things, ye Ning mean......
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